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How To Make A Guy Blush? 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

How To Make A Guy Blush? 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

Wondering how to make a guy blush? It seems absolutely impossible, right? 

Men are usually either very confident or extremely good at hiding their feelings. They cover up whenever they feel a blush coming on. 

You might have read about different tips and tricks, but nothing seems to be working. You want to get him to go absolutely red because of the things you do or say. 

When you’re thinking about making a guy blush, it’s mostly because you want to gauge if you have the same impact on him as he has on you. You want to see if you’re actually able to make him shy. 

Not everyone can make you blush and you know that. You, yourself, only blush when the person is someone you’re extremely interested in. 

This reaction happens involuntarily. You don’t want to give him a hint of your feelings toward him, but at the same time, you feel like you should be able to show him the impact his words and actions have on you. 

He’s completely and utterly gorgeous, so how can you resist him? 

But you should be able to get this same reaction out of him, right? You should be able to make him blush and show him just how special you actually are to him. 

So is there a secret recipe to making a guy blush? Let’s find out!

What causes a guy to blush? 

How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

When you’ve tried everything in your power to make this man blush and still nothing, you might be wondering what causes guys to blush in the first place. 

The truth is that men and women blush for the same reasons. 

He’ll blush when he feels flattered or nervous. So, just like with women, the more he likes you, the more he’ll blush. 

The nerves that you feel cause adrenaline and your blood flow increases. Your heart starts pumping really fast so the blood comes much faster to your cheeks. 

Of course, every man won’t blush at the same thing. Some might find compliments absolutely unnecessary, while those same compliments can make someone else completely flushed. 

You will have to experiment. Trial and error will probably be the best way for you to figure out what makes this particular man blush. 

How to make a guy blush? 

IF you’ve totally run out of ideas, these tips might help you on your quest to make someone else blush. As stated before, the same thing might not work on two different people – we are individuals, after all. 

But you’re sure to hit jackpot with at least one of these tricks to make that cute guy you’re into blush instantly. 

1. Compliment him 

 How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

This one should come as no surprise to you. The truth is that everyone likes to be complimented. Even those who say that they don’t like it at all. 

People truly appreciate it when someone recognizes their efforts and says something kind about it. 

For example, when he makes sure to style his hair or when he wears a new shirt or a new cologne – these little things are extremely important, especially because people aren’t that prone to complimenting men. 

We compliment women on every single thing, but we forget to compliment men for their efforts. This, of course, means that they should be cute flirty compliments that are also authentic. 

You can’t just recycle compliments that you hear everywhere. Say something that is genuine and that describes him as a person. 

You’ll make him feel flattered and flustered. I can guarantee that it won’t take much before you make this guy blush. 

You might even want to compliment him on something you know he’s insecure about. For example, if he’s insecure about the work he’s doing or about his little belly, make sure to flatter him even more on these things. 

He’ll appreciate it, I can promise you that. 

2. Touch him in public 

How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

If you’ve been trying to make a guy blush, you’ve most likely thought about this tactic, but at the time you hesitated – what if it comes across as inappropriate? 

That’s why I’m here to tell you that if you do it right you’ll make him blush in a matter of seconds. 

This works like a charm when guys want to make a girl blush. Especially when it’s unexpected, it always works. 

So imagine this: When you’re out with this man, and there are people around you, make sure to touch him secretly without anyone noticing. 

Just a subtle touching of his hand, arm, arch of his back, or even his thigh under the table. 

This is an extremely bold move, but nonetheless, super flirtatious. 

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend doing this if it’s merely your first date.

You shouldn’t just go out of your way to touch him the first time you see him. This is only appropriate when you already know each other and you’re confident he likes you. 

If you see that he’s blushing out of discomfort or because he doesn’t like the PDA, then back off immediately. This tactic can quite easily backfire. 

3. Use flirtatious body language

 How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

Flirting with your body is one of the most useful tricks to make a guy blush in no time. 

Your body language reveals everything and nothing at the same time. If you want to make a guy feel flustered, this is probably the best tool. 

You can use your body to convey any message you want. For example, you want to lean into him when you’re talking or you could even imitate his body language

Look at him through your lashes and pucker your lips. Let his eyes wander all over your face. Let him get the message you’re sending him loud and clear. 

When he gets all hot and bothered by your little display, you’ll see him flushed alright! The guy you like won’t be able to stay indifferent when you’re body is telling him that you want him. 

This is best done when you’re out on a date and he can’t just say whatever is on his mind. He will want to react but he’ll know that he can’t because other people are watching. 

4. Hold eye contact with him 

How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

Eye contact is one of the most powerful things on this planet. And it’s just as powerful to evoke a blush in that guy you like. 

​All you really need is a lot of confidence. You need to be able to look into his eyes without blushing yourself. 

If you blush first and you avert your eyes, you’ve given him all of the power now. You’ve given him a moment of pure satisfaction to see you crumble under his stare. 

You can’t let him have that. You need to be the one to make him flustered. He needs to blush involuntarily at the mere intensity of your eyes. 

So when he’s not looking at you, make sure to start your little stare. Don’t make it creepy, but rather turn it into something seductive. 

When he realizes that you’re looking at him, catch his eyes and hold them there. If you want, you can even add a little smile or smirk into the game. 

He may ask you, “What, is there something on my face?” You can reply by saying that everything’s just fine, but still don’t break off eye contact.

If you feel like it’s getting kind of uncomfortable, avert your eyes. But until then, hold his stare and make him blush.

How do you know that it’s working? You’ll see it the very moment he starts looking at everything but you. 

He might even try to hide his blushing face. It’ll make him look even more adorable. 

5. Smile at him

How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

A smile has the power to win over whoever you want. And if you know how to smile to seduce someone, then it’s going to work wonders for you. 

When it comes to smiling, the key is to make sure it’s natural.

Don’t force it because it’ll make you look like a psychopath (especially if you’re showing a lot of teeth while smiling!) You’ll look creepy if you’re forcing yourself and if you aren’t averting your gaze a moment afterward. 

This trick will work its magic if you’ve been eyeing each other for a while now.

When you see that he isn’t looking at you anymore, make sure to look at him. He’ll feel that you’re watching him and that’s the moment you can let your charming smile show. 

Why does this little trick work? Well, you were brave enough to watch him and smile at him to convey your own little message. I can guarantee he’s going to be the one to blush in a matter of seconds. 

It’ll be absolutely obvious the very moment he approaches you (because it will happen). I wish you all the luck in the world, because this when you’ll have to start talking to him. 

6. Use a playful pick-up line

 How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met the guy or if you’ve been dating for a while now. Cheesy little pick-up lines work wonders in either case.

Why? Well, everyone appreciates hearing something like this from time to time, even if they’ve been dating for years. 

You know how much you love hearing your long-time boyfriend flirt with you. So now it’s your time to shine!

You can look up any type of pick-up line online or you just run with a spur-of-the-moment one, then watch how fast he’ll blush! Especially if you’re complimenting him. 

A tip, though: If you haven’t gone out yet, one of the more effective ones is always: “Is this when you’ll invite me out to dinner?”

When want to make a guy blush and smile shyly, this is your perfect little trick to use. It shows that you’re confident and he’ll feel flustered because he didn’t remember to ask you out first. 

Believe me when I tell you that these little pick-up lines always work. Try them out to see for yourself. 

7. Ask him to dance

How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

Why does it always have to be the guy who asks the girl to dance? Take the initiative! Show him that you can take the wheel. 

When you’re at the club or any other social gathering, he’ll be taken aback and flustered if you make this move. 

Shouldn’t he have been the one to ask you for a dance? 

You’ve probably been talking to him for a while and you see how much he’s flirting with you. Now it’s just a matter of time until you both leave without even remembering to swap numbers. 

You don’t want that. You want him to remember you. 

And what better way to remember you than to ask him to dance? This is a bold little act that’ll definitely show him how spontaneous and confident you truly are. 

Actually, any spontaneous act works when you want to make a guy blush. You can be the first one to introduce yourself, the one who starts flirting, or the first to strike up a conversation. 

It’s not that hard once you muster enough courage to do it. And then when you do, you’ll see just how easy it is to make him blush and stumble all over his words. 

8. Leave a lovely note

How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

This one, again, is very effective no matter if you’re in a relationship or if you’ve just met the guy. You can make him blush in just a few words if you leave him a lovely note. 

The downside to this one is that you won’t really be there to see him blush. You can only guess that he got shy and that his heart skipped a beat. 

When you’ve just met the guy, leave your number on a napkin and write something flirty next to it.

Another pretty cute trick is if he gives you his phone to type in your number, then write down your name as an inside joke you two had that night. Or even something more daring, if you’re feeling really confident. 

This goes under the category of cute things you can do, but it’s still very attractive. 

If you want to make a guy blush and you’ve been dating said guy for quite a while now, leave that note on your pillow in the morning. When he wakes up, it’ll be the first thing he sees. 

Let it be an inside joke, something flirty and teasing. It’s much more innovative and charming than a good morning text. 

9. Show him your figure but keep something for the imagination

How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

It’s hard to find the balance between an outfit that is too modest and one too inviting. You’re trying to get the guy to blush, so you want something more provocative, but at the same time, you don’t want him to see everything. 

What you can do is wear a dress that he thinks you don’t even own. A little black dress is always a winner, especially if it hugs your curves properly. 

A long dress can even make him blush if it has a long slit on the side of one of your legs. You will let his imagination run wild, but at the same time, you’re making sure everything is covered. 

The very moment he sees your curves and gets the message you’re sending him, his heart will race and you’ll see the effects of your little plan all over his face.

He will blush profusely and won’t be able to hide it, no matter how hard he might try. 

10. Send him a text message

How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

Text messages have become our little safe haven when it comes to confidence.

Some people are pretty shy and they don’t really like being bold and straightforward, so messaging apps give them the possibility to hide behind a screen and still flirt. 

If you’re one of those people, you might want to go with this little trick to make a guy blush. 

​There’s unfortunately the downside of not being able to see his reaction right away. You’ll have to guess if he’s blushing while reading your text message

​But if you do this right, you’re sure to make this boy blush. You’ll show him just how good you actually can be with your words. 

It’s completely up to you when it comes to what you’ll actually send him, whether it’s a picture of yourself in some fancy outfit, or a text that implies that you’ll see each other again.

Either way, the context is sure to get the guy blushing. 

It could also be a simple compliment about how good he looked the last time you saw each other or the way he made you feel. It’s nothing over the top, but it’s still enough to make him blush. 

11. Whisper into his ear

 How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

Whispering is definitely one of the most intimate forms of communication out there. 

Why? Well, you have to be in very close proximity to him to be able to whisper into his ear. Another reason is that your lips are inches away from his skin and that in itself will get him flustered. 

This will get his adrenaline going wild and make his heart pump faster. His entire body will be taken over by little electric bolts and he won’t be able to resist you. 

The next time you’re close to him and want to tell him something intimate or flirty, then whisper it to him. Even if it’s just sweet nothings, it’ll get the message across. 

He’ll find it difficult to control himself when you’re doing this and the blush will be obvious to you and every single person around you. You’ll see the way you’re impacting him in a matter of seconds – and it’s a reward like no other! 

12. Tell him what you’re thinking 

How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

Sometimes, it’s not that hard to make a guy blush. Sometimes, it’s just about the message that lies in the spoken words, and there doesn’t have to be a game attached to it. 

Just tell him what you’re thinking. 

How many times have you thought about something very romantic yet didn’t tell your man what it was? 

Even when you’re making the first move on a guy, it can still be the best conversation starter. 

All of those sweet things roaming around in your head right now are things that could make any man blush in a matter of seconds. 

So don’t hold back! Don’t just look at him and bite your tongue. 

Tell him that you’re happy you’ve gotten to know him. Tell him that he made your day so much better with your presence. 

The fact that this is so unexpected is one of the reasons it’s so extremely effective at making a guy blush. The key is right there within you. 

13. Play a round of “would you rather”

How To Make A Guy Blush 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

This game can get out of hand quite quickly. Especially if you’re playing with someone who you’re interested in and they’re interested in you as well. 

Make sure to give quick answers that are honest and don’t let him think about his answers either. 

You can ask each other flirty questions until you’re both blushing from ear to ear. 

If you really want to make a guy blush and still have fun with it, playing a game or two can never hurt. 

You don’t have to have a plan behind every single time you’re encountering him. All you need is the confidence to be yourself and show him that you’re not afraid to be authentically you. 

That way you’ll be able to make him blush every single time you talk to this man. He won’t forget about you, that I assure you!

How To Make A Guy Blush? 13 Tricks To Get Him Flustered

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