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11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

The signs that an Aquarius man is not into you aren’t that subtle, to be honest.

So, you have been dating an Aquarius man and you have heard of their commitment issues.

You have heard from others that an Aquarian is not capable of loving or that every single one of them has ghosted a girl at some point.

To be honest, those people can only talk about their own experiences, and mostly, those things are far from the truth.

It’s just the fact that Aquarians are very picky and they have very high standards for their partner.

Their standards can often get to a point where no one seems good enough for them.

The signs an Aquarius man is not into you are all right there, it’s just a matter of whether you want to acknowledge them.

However, I do understand your confusion. Men have different ways of showing their interest, and sometimes you’ll wonder whether you’ll ever be able to decode their behavior.

On the other hand, Aquarius is an air sign and communication is extremely important to him.

So would he tell you if he really wasn’t that into you? Is he playing with your feelings?

Do you have a way to save yourself from heartbreak? The signs an Aquarius man is not into you will be obvious to you once you know what to look for.

That’s why you need to pay attention to the little things that you might think of as trivial.

Believe me when I tell you that Aquarius men are as weird as people say they are. That’s why you need to keep one eye open at all times.

The traits of an Aquarius man

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

Aquarius is a fixed air sign that is ruled by the planet Saturn. Together with Capricorn, they are the most independent signs in the zodiac.

What makes Aquarius so special is that they are humanitarians who always strive for authenticity and originality.

You will never meet an Aquarian who doesn’t express themselves in a creative way.

Those traits really are the same for Aquarius men and women alike.

However, you need to understand that Aquarians often run from emotional expression and limitations.

That’s why it’s quite hard to define the signs an Aquarius man is not into you, as they all have their own authentic way of living their life and every Aquarian is different.

Because they are an air sign, they will love to hold long conversations with someone they’re interested in.

If you are able to break down the walls an Aquarian has built around their heart, you will also be able to stay in their life for a long period of time.

Aquarians are amazing listeners and they are curious about everything. They are always fighting for a certain cause.

It’s very important that you know these general traits before we start listing the signs an Aquarius man is not into you, as you need to understand his psychology.

They are usually very introverted, intelligent, and emotionally unavailable, but when an Aquarius man falls in love with you and lets his walls down in front of you, he becomes the softest person out there.

He will take care of you and love you the way you deserve to be loved.

Signs an Aquarius man is not into you

So, you’re not sure whether the Aquarius man you like is actually interested in you? You maybe even wanted to ask him directly but you’re too scared of confrontation?

That’s why it’s so important to know what exact signs you’re looking for and I’m here to help you with that.

1. He doesn’t ask you unusual questions

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

One of the common signs an Aquarius man is not into you is when he doesn’t ask you weird or unusual questions.

When an Aquarian has a genuine interest in you, he will ask you these questions to get to know you better and to find out whether the two of you could be compatible.

However, if he doesn’t ask you these questions, then that might be a sign that he’s not as into you as you thought.

If he doesn’t ask you about your perceptions on religion or politics, he doesn’t like you as much as you probably want him to.

He is just keeping things casual, so that he doesn’t get any feelings involved in the process.

One of the biggest red flags you might want to watch out for is when you have frequent moments of uncomfortable silence, which would never happen to you if this Aquarian man was interested in you.

He would always find a topic to talk about, so if these conversations aren’t not there, it’s a clear sign he isn’t interested in you.

2. He doesn’t ask questions about your personal life

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

Another one of the obvious signs an Aquarius man is not into you is when he doesn’t ask you personal questions.

This is different from him asking you unusual questions. Those unusual questions are there to figure out the way you think and what your interests are.

However, Aquarians are curious by nature and that’s why if he’s interested in you, he will ask you things about your personal life.

He will ask about your past relationships and about your family and friends, which is a sign that he is truly interested in you.

Aquarians don’t have boundaries when it comes to conversations and you might find some of the questions inappropriate, but he doesn’t see it that way.

On the other hand, an Aquarius man who doesn’t ask you these types of questions doesn’t care about you.

He tries to emotionally distance himself by knowing as little as possible about you.

You probably only talk about trivial things like work and the weather but that is not how an Aquarian acts around a person they are interested in.

3. He doesn’t answer your questions

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

When an Aquarian isn’t interested in making things serious between you two then he will distance himself as much as possible and you will see this mostly in the way he avoids your questions.

When you ask him about something personal, he will dodge the question right away and he might even change the topic without you realizing it, which is his way of keeping you at arm’s length.

You might also notice this in the way he only asks you questions. It goes both ways so if he asks questions while avoiding answering any of yours, it’s also not a good sign.

He doesn’t want you to get too attached to him. However, this might also be his way of figuring out whether it’s worth making things more serious.

Over time, not getting any of your questions answered can get very frustrating.

An Aquarian man who is into you and wants something more serious won’t hide from you.

If he is interested in you, he will be very transparent about things like his flaws and his intentions with you.

If he acts mysterious, he’s just using you and playing games with your heart.

4. He doesn’t flirt with you

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

Even though people very often perceive Aquarius men as unapproachable or even shy, it’s not like that.

They can be natural flirts if they are truly interested in you. They make it quite clear through their body language and even the words they use.

If he’s interested in you, he will hold eye contact, except when he feels bold enough and scans your body up and down.

However, one of the most obvious signs an Aquarius man is not into you is when he doesn’t flirt with you at all.

It will seem like he is very bland and boring and he doesn’t put much effort into making you feel special.

This would never happen if he was interested in making you his.

5. He doesn’t initiate an actual date

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

Aquarians love spending quality time with someone they are interested in and that’s why one of the signs an Aquarius man is not interested in you is when he doesn’t initiate a date.

He probably avoids going out with you and even if you do see each other, it’s usually at your place or his.

An Aquarian wants to be in control and if he was interested in you, he would have asked you to go out a long time ago.

He doesn’t believe that you can get to know someone just by texting or over social media posts. He will want to meet you in person and get to know you that way.

Quality time spent together is the most important thing to an Aquarius man.

However, if he doesn’t initiate an actual date and just keeps you waiting, he really isn’t as interested in you as you would probably want him to be.

You might have even tried to make the first move and tried to initiate a date yourself and he may have seemed taken back by the idea or even told you that he’d text you when he was free.

Believe me when I tell you that it’s not something an Aquarian who’s interested in you would say.

6. When you do meet him, it’s always on his terms

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

Aquarians are known for being very selfish. They are selfish with the people they love, with their time, and with their personal space.

An Aquarius man won’t want to share these things with you if he’s not into you.

One of the signs an Aquarius man is not interested in you is when he is anything but happy to see you.

He’s probably thinking about how he could be doing better things than hanging out with you.

You will see this in his lack of enthusiasm when you’re talking about something.

However, because of his selfishness, even when you do meet, it’ll only be on his terms.

He will tell you when he’s free and you can take it or leave it. Why would he adjust his schedule just to accommodate a woman he isn’t that into?

When an Aquarius man is not interested in you, he will selfishly ask you to leave everything behind to spend time with him instead of compromising on anything with you.

This will become obvious quite quickly and you’ll be able to see it whenever you make plans with him.

7. He gets mad when he has to sacrifice something for you

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

This is something very common with Aquarians. If they can’t be themselves completely around you, they will leave.

However, this also applies to the fact that they don’t want to give up anything in their life for anyone.

Even in a relationship with someone he’s interested in, he will get frustrated when he has to give up something for his partner.

In your case, you can clearly see his frustration when he has to cancel plans with his friends to see you or skip a movie marathon for you.

Things like this can constantly make him mad. On the other hand, if you are someone he is interested in, he will not mind it as much.

This is really one of the most obvious signs an Aquarius man is not into you.

He will bring up a sacrifice he has made for you, even if it’s something very trivial, just to show you how affected by this he actually is.

Aquarians are known as humanitarians, which makes them non-confrontational.

However, he will be passive-aggressive for the rest of the day and you will see it right away. That is really an Aquarius who isn’t that into you.

8. He doesn’t explore new things with you

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

As mentioned before, Aquarians hate the boring, mundane life and they always try to escape it.

That’s why it’s a huge sign he’s into you if he takes you along to his hobbies.

For example, if he wants you to go with him to a cooking class or maybe even hiking on a new trail, you are extremely important to him.

However, if an Aquarian is always involved in these things but doesn’t think about inviting you then he simply isn’t that into you.

This just means that he’s trying to keep you at arm’s length and he doesn’t allow you to be a part of his world.

You might even come to realize that he avoids telling you about the things he does so that you won’t be the one to propose going with him.

An Aquarius man who is genuinely interested in you will take you along every time he goes off to explore new things.

9. He ghosts you

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

It doesn’t matter who you ask, if they have had an experience with an Aquarian, they will all tell you that they got ghosted at some point.

This usually happens even if you’re just friends with an Aquarian.

They will tell you that they left their phone on silent or they didn’t see your message, even if they didn’t reply for days.

This is a very common thing to happen when you’re friends with an Aquarian.

However, this can become very detrimental to you when he is a man you’re interested in.

If you’re looking for signs an Aquarius man is not interested in you, see if he ghosts you.

Does he not reply to your messages for days? Does he give you lame excuses for why it’s like that?

Is he usually online on social media but your phone calls stay unanswered and your message isn’t even read?

He is ghosting you and that is a really clear sign that he isn’t as interested in you as you might have initially thought.

An Aquarian wouldn’t do that to someone they are attracted to.

10. He straight up tells you

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

It might sound kind of obvious, but when someone straight up says they’re not into us, we very often think that they are just playing hard to get or that we can change their mind.

This doesn’t apply to an Aquarian.

If an Aquarius man tells you that he doesn’t want anything serious with you or that he’s fine with something casual here and there, you have to believe him.

Aquarians aren’t known to be liars. Ever.

They can get so emotionally detached from situations that they won’t even flinch when they see your heartbreak.

When an Aquarius man says that he is not into you, your efforts will just look desperate to him.

Why would you want to try to win him over if he already told you that he’s not interested in you in that way?

In his eyes, that is nothing other than pathetic, as he made himself clear.

That’s why you need to believe him when he tells you that he is not into you and let go.

11. You feel like a burden when you’re with him

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

Whenever you tell him a story, it seems like he’s deep in thought instead of actually listening to you.

There is a huge difference between an Aquarian who listens to you and one who couldn’t care less.

If it’s the latter, it makes you feel like a burden because he sighs so often that you wonder whether he’s out of breath or if he’s just bored out of his mind.

He makes you feel like you are just wasting a huge chunk of his time. Even if you ask him for a favor, he’ll seem irked to do it for you.

One of the signs an Aquarius man is not into you is when he makes you feel like this.

As said before, yes, they do emotionally detach themselves, but they would never hurt someone they are actually interested in.

How do you keep an Aquarius man interested?

What I have noticed is that there is nothing conventional that can make an Aquarian fall for you.

You need to keep him interested long enough for him to realize that you’re the girl that he has been looking for all along.

That’s why I have a few tips for you to help you on your journey.

1. Let him keep his independence

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

You might want to take care of him and spoil him, but don’t overdo it. He needs his independence because it’s extremely valuable to him.

There is nothing you can do for this man that can make him feel better than allowing him to do things on his own.

2. Put your foot down

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

Every single Aquarian that I have ever met bowed down in front of someone who was dominant and knew what they wanted.

If you’re usually someone who doesn’t like to put their foot down, that needs to change.

You have to show him that you have standards and that you are not someone that he can play around with.

Make sure to tell him with confidence what you want and don’t let him wrap you around his little finger.

3. Explore your own interests and tell him about them

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

Don’t just wait around for him to make your life interesting. Instead of that, go out and explore your own interests.

An Aquarius man will adore you if he sees that you are independent and that you have unique hobbies.

He will want to know more about you and he will ask you questions when you do pique his interest.

Don’t just go to him with all this new information, but rather give him crumbs until he sees how attractive you actually are.

4. Ask questions

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

I don’t have to be the one to tell you that Aquarians have a God complex, as you probably already know that.

They think that they know everything most of the time or that they simply can’t do anything wrong.

When you look closely, you will see that this is true. That’s why you need to ask questions about anything and everything when you first meet him.

Show him that he can talk to you about everything and ask questions so that he can talk more.

An Aquarius man will thrive on the attention you give him and he will want to see you again.

DONE! 11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You
What are the most obvious signs an Aquarius man is not into you?

1. He doesn’t initiate an actual date
2. You feel like a burden when you’re with him
3. He ghosts you

Dating an Aquarian isn’t for everyone. You shouldn’t feel bad because of this and you shouldn’t try to convince him of your worth.

There is someone out there who will love you forever. Someone who won’t think twice about giving you the love and affection you deserve.

That is the type of person you are worthy of. If you have to plead with an Aquarius man to give you his love and attention then this isn’t the man for you.

You can try out the little things that I have listed in order to pique his interest, but it’s all up to you with how much you are ready to give to this relationship.

You should be with someone who loves you just the way you are.

11 Clear Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

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