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10 Signs She Is Testing Your Patience And How You Need To Deal With It

10 Signs She Is Testing Your Patience And How You Need To Deal With It

Whether she likes to admit it or not, she’s testing your patience and all the signs will be more than obvious.

Women test men on many different things. We test them to see whether they’re boyfriend material, whether they’re patient enough, whether they’re able to hold their ground next to us, and many other things.

However, testing your patience is a whole other level, where what she does annoys you to the core.

This can be how she’s trying to figure out how deep your love for her is and whether you’re able to withstand her attitude.

A woman would never go into a relationship without testing the waters first. However, a woman who’s testing your patience is a woman whose love isn’t deep enough for you.

She may do this in order to light a fire under you, to force you into action. A woman like her doesn’t really know how to act differently.

She’s probably been through a lot. She may not know right from wrong, but to her, the thought of safety is paramount.

Her heart has been broken one too many times and that has led her to be this cruel by constantly testing your patience.

She trusted someone in her past who abused her and set everything aside just to taunt her. When she thinks of love, she thinks of pain.

Because of that, you shouldn’t be mad at her for testing your patience. She’s just trying to see the extent of the things you’d do for her.

You’re probably curious as to why you feel on edge when you’re with her. Your intuition’s telling you to stay away from her because she makes you feel awful about yourself.

She’s testing your patience by annoying you to the point where you can’t think straight around her.

The difference between the signs she’s testing your patience and the signs she’s testing you to see whether you’re boyfriend material

10 Signs She Is Testing Your Patience And How You Need To Deal With It

Many have been confused by this difference.

Men have thought that just because a woman is putting them through tests to see whether they’re worthy of their love that they’re also testing their patience.

It isn’t that easy to test whether someone’s boyfriend material because we have to make sure that you’re not just acting it out.

Of course, every woman in this world would test to see whether the man they’re interested in is worthy of them.

Those tests are subtle and sometimes even sweet. You’ll just fall in love with her more when she tests to see whether you’re boyfriend material.

Those signs aren’t always that obvious and they don’t make you wonder about her intentions.

However, when you instead see the signs she’s testing your patience, you’ll feel like you’re losing your mind.

You want to believe that her intentions are pure, but she really makes it hard for you.

She does everything in her power to show you that she’s the more dominant one and that doesn’t make you feel comfortable.

She always does it in a way that’ll make you doubt that she likes you.

One moment, she seems sweet and caring, and the next, she makes a scene, while you’re left biting your tongue so you don’t fall victim to her teasing.

Is it even worth suffering through the signs she’s testing your patience? Is it worth all the rage that’s boiling inside of you?

It seems like she’s not testing you to see whether you’re worthy of her, she’s just doing so to annoy you.

10 signs she’s testing your patience

They’re not subtle at all so you don’t have to try hard to keep your eyes open to see all the signs she’s testing your patience. Actually, they’ll hit you right in the gut.

Even if you’re still doubting your own instincts, we’re here to clarify things and help you fight your own doubts.

1. She enjoys your attention but also gets irritated by it

This can be extremely toxic and abusive behavior if your girlfriend or the girl you’re talking to does this.

Sometimes, girls do this without even realizing, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still extremely harmful to their partner, and this is something that confuses men a lot.

Some women respond extremely positively when they’re being given attention.

We know that women seek a lot of attention from men and that we actually thrive on it.

However, there are many women who get extremely irritated by the abundance of attention you give them.

For example, you see her out in public and you approach her, thinking that she’d want you to talk to her.

You even go so far as to offer her a hug, but the only thing you get in return is a roll of her eyes and her scorn.

She dismisses you completely and doesn’t even bother to look at the signs she’s hurting you with her actions.

If she’s with her friends at that moment, she does that for their approval.

This is an extremely obvious sign that she’s testing your patience and doesn’t care about your feelings.

When you decide to ignore her, she actually gets even more irritated by that and then gives you the silent treatment.

This woman is really testing your patience.

2. She flirts with you and then acts uninterested

10 Signs She Is Testing Your Patience And How You Need To Deal With It

Have you ever met a girl like this? She’s all over you one moment and then the next, she acts like she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.

Perhaps you saw her before and she was definitely flirting with you.

Her eyes were wandering all over your body, she was leaning into you, and her entire body language said that she wanted you.

She brushed her hands against you and didn’t seem to shy away from your flirty comments. You thought that she wanted you just as much as you wanted her.

However, when you asked her out on a proper date, she actually laughed in your face.

Isn’t that just rude? She’s testing your patience and doesn’t even try to hide it.

You’re confused because she’s sending you mixed signals and doesn’t even bother to look even as remotely sorry as she should be.

3. She says she likes you, but that she doesn’t want to be with you

Why would anyone do this to you, you might be asking yourself?

Well, she’s probably extremely insecure about her own wants and needs, which leads to you being completely confused.

She’s testing your patience by telling you that she likes you one moment, but when you try to talk to her about a serious relationship, she looks at you like you’re crazy.

You want to start an actual relationship with her. You want to take care of her, love her, and treat her right, but she’s running away from commitment.

Could it be that she has commitment issues or is she actually just being extremely rude? She’s likely just playing with your emotions at this point.

You’re someone who doesn’t like to date just for fun.

Even though she gives you enough reason to believe that she wants you, she still doesn’t want a relationship.

How patient can a man be when this happens?

4. She says she’s over her ex, but continues to talk to him

10 Signs She Is Testing Your Patience And How You Need To Deal With It

She’s testing your patience whenever she says that she’s over her ex, but at the same time, she can’t keep away from him.

Their relationship was probably extremely problematic and ended when her heart was completely broken by him.

Yes, many people out there stay friends with their exes, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.

You told her multiple times that it makes you feel uncomfortable whenever she talks to her ex or about him.

She makes it seem like you’re her rebound because she doesn’t care how much it hurts you when she talks about him that much.

She might even meet up with him while you’re still doing your best to obtain her heart.

You want her to be your girlfriend, but you don’t know what to think of her intentions when she acts like this.

She’s testing your patience. At this point, she’s really walking on thin ice.

5. You see her flirting with other men while you’re watching

This isn’t funny in the slightest. You thought that things between you were going just fine, but she continues to flirt with other men.

When she knows that you’re watching, she goes out of her way to make sure you know that she’s desired by other men as well.

Has this happened before? Even when you didn’t know that that was exactly what you were seeing?

Maybe you saw her checking out the bartender with just as much enthusiasm as he was by checking her out.

You saw him offer her a free drink, which she accepted a little bit too happily.

When you asked her what was happening, she brushed it off and told you that you’re overly protective.

A woman who’s interested in only one man doesn’t just do this without having a hidden agenda.

You may know that she’s been faithful, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t one of the signs she’s testing your patience.

6. She cancels plans with you that she knows are important

10 Signs She Is Testing Your Patience And How You Need To Deal With It

You made plans to see a new movie that you were excited about or you invited her to spend time with you and your family.

However, she had other plans.

Another one of the signs she’s testing your patience is when you ask her to be there with you during these important events, but she simply can’t be bothered.

A woman like that doesn’t care about your emotions, nor does she care about such important occasions.

Even though she knows you want her to experience these things with you, she doesn’t care.

She cancels on you when you need her and she doesn’t try to look even a little bit remorseful as she probably should be.

You feel like your patience with her is starting to run out. It doesn’t help that she seems to do anything in her power to make you feel miserable.

Should you be enduring this at all? Whenever you try to talk to her about it, she makes lame excuses, telling you that you’re the problem.

This is extremely abusive and toxic behavior from her.

7. She belittles you in front of your friends

A girl who’s interested in winning your heart would do anything to make you like her more.

She would do anything in her power to make you love her and be with her.

Even when a woman is testing to see whether you’re boyfriend material, she still doesn’t do anything that could make you love her less.

However, when you see the signs she’s testing your patience, you’ll only feel rage.

For example, you’re out with your friends and you invite her along. If you want her to be a part of your life, she needs to get along with them.

The moment she feels a little bit relaxed around them, you see the signs she’s testing your patience.

She constantly throws insults your way and doesn’t even seem sorry.

Your friends probably exchange looks, but she doesn’t get the memo. She makes you seem like the worst man alive, while also insulting your friends.

You feel like you’re going to explode with rage and anger, but you just about keep it together. You hope that she just needs more time to adjust.

But let’s be honest, she’s testing your patience.

8. She says multiple times that she doesn’t need you

10 Signs She Is Testing Your Patience And How You Need To Deal With It

We all know that men have the need to help women, which is normal and natural.

But when you try really hard to be there for her, she flips out, yells at you, and doesn’t seem to even bother with pleasantries.

She finds every occasion to tell you that she doesn’t need you in her life, which makes you feel awful about yourself.

You want to be of service, you want to be there for her.

You want to love and cherish her, but she makes it seem like an insult whenever you try to do that.

When a woman acts like this, it’s usually because she’s hurt. She doesn’t know another way to handle her broken heart, so she makes wrong choices.

This is one of the signs she’s testing your patience and it takes everything in you not to just walk away from her.

You want to bail and show her that she does need you, but you grin and bear it.

She’s just hurt and you want to help her out but she makes it quite a challenge for you.

9. She says awful things about the important people in your life

It’s normal that we don’t always get along with the people our partner finds to be important.

Sometimes we simply don’t have the courage to tell our partner how bad someone in their life is and we do that to ensure our partner doesn’t get hurt.

You probably don’t like all her friends or you may think that her mother is extremely awkward to be around but you would never tell her that!

However, she thinks differently. Another one of the signs she’s testing your patience is when she doesn’t even try to hide her opinions on your friends.

She tells you how stupid or boring they are, and how bad it is for her to have to endure that.

This woman doesn’t think twice about testing your patience.

Those people are in your life because they made an effort. They care about you, so why does she insist on making you believe otherwise?

Even if it’s someone as important as a family member, she may still disrespect them right to their face, or despite being able to stay calm in front of them, she’ll get home with you and complain for hours.

You’re not really sure why she acts like that, but my bet is the fact that she’s insecure.

She sees all those people in your life, while she probably doesn’t have as many loved ones.

Those people are so important to you that she’s scared she might never live up to your expectations and that they’ll always be more important than she is.

It doesn’t matter how much you try to convince her that she’s your priority, she’ll still find a way to test your patience with this.

10. She ignores you to scroll through her phone

10 Signs She Is Testing Your Patience And How You Need To Deal With It

We’re all pretty aware of the fact that social media has become a very crucial part of our life.

We go out of our way to post pictures, like posts, and always be up to date with everything that’s happening to the people we follow.

But you know to scroll through social media on your own time. You would never do it while you’re with your friends.

Out of respect for them, you put your phone away.

You want to engage in conversation, and you know you can scroll through those messages once you get home.

She has other ideas, though. When you see the signs she’s testing your patience, this one just might be the most obvious one.

She doesn’t seem to mind the fact that you’re talking to her about something or that the entire friend group is engaged in a conversation.

She doesn’t care that you’ve had this conversation more times than you can count. The only thing she obviously cares about is testing your patience.

You get annoyed to the point where you want to yank the phone from her hand, but you don’t do that, because you’re better than that.

You may think that she’ll regret her decision to be so rude soon enough, but she obviously doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

When you get home, you might try to talk about it with her, but your patience is hanging on a thread.

How to act when you see the signs she’s testing your patience

Because of all the positive signs she’s been sending your way, you got attached to her.

You know from her negative behavior that the best option you have is to simply leave her and never look back.

Everyone’s telling you to get away from her, but it’s not always that easy.

So are there ways you can deal with this or do you just ignore the signs she’s testing your patience?

1. Confront her

You probably already tried doing this, but nothing came of it.

The one thing that happened was that she got upset with you again and you let the issue go.

How did that work out for you? You only made yourself more miserable.

However, this time, take things into your own hands and show her that she can’t mess with you anymore.

When you confront her, tell her every time you caught her testing your patience.

Tell her how it makes you feel and that this is the last time she’ll get away with it.

Tell her that if she does it again, you’re going to leave, as you don’t need someone who doesn’t respect you.

2. Create boundaries

10 Signs She Is Testing Your Patience And How You Need To Deal With It

Everyone’s always talking about boundaries and their importance, but it truly is that crucial for you to create healthy ones.

She’s been able to show you signs she’s testing your patience because she doesn’t care about your boundaries at all.

When you are able to identify and create boundaries, you won’t let anyone annoy you like this.

For example, you can decide that the two of you won’t use your phones when you spend time together.

So when she does do that, you’ll know that she doesn’t care about you at all.

3. Leave

You tried to find another way out of this situation, but she won’t leave you with another option.

You tried everything you could, but when she tests your patience like this, you’re really this close to losing your mind.

If you lash out at her, you’ll be perceived as a bad guy, but no one has asked you how it’s been having to endure her abuse all this time.

Because yes, that is mental and emotional abuse she has put you through.

Do yourself a favor and walk away from her. Walk away and try to heal from this experience as best as you can.

You’ll be so much better off without her. There’s someone better out there who’ll love you the way you deserve to be loved.

So don’t pay attention to those signs she’s testing your patience and choose yourself over an abusive girlfriend.

10 Signs She Is Testing Your Patience And How You Need To Deal With It

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