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If You Don’t Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone

If You Don’t Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone

For some reason, I’ve always been a magnet for men who thought they loved me.

They’d be infatuated to the point where I’d actually believe them when they said they loved me.

I’d fall in love, give them my everything, just for them to change their mind at some point in the relationship.

How many more times will I have to feel my heart aching inside my chest? How many more times will I be betrayed by someone I trust so blindly?

I’m usually very observing. I can see through the masks and the lies, but when I’m in love, it clouds my judgment.

I forget to look for the hidden meaning behind their words or emotions that might be concealed.

Yes, I do overthink their text messages before we start a relationship, but at one point my mind just convinces itself that we’re safe.

I start believing that I’m safe and at that point, I’m already falling down the rabbit hole.

This is why I’m here to ask you to please leave me alone. Don’t just pretend to love me so your ego can thrive on my tears.

DONE! If You Don't Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone

If you don’t love me, just leave me alone. You could be falling in love with another woman while you’re here, wasting your time on me.

She would probably teach you how to love a woman properly.

You’ll understand why it’s so hard for us to trust you and she’ll make sure you stay.

You’ll fall in love with her, I can promise you that.

But if you continue staying with me just to convince yourself that you want this, then you’ll break my heart.

It’ll inevitably happen and I don’t want to live through another heartbreak caused by a confused man.

If you can’t promise me you’ll fight for us, then leave me alone.

DONE! If You Don't Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone

Relationships don’t just happen between people who are perfect for each other.

Relationships happen between people who have to work in order to stay together.

There will be times where we’ll fight and say some very bad words, but I am willing to fight for us.

I understand that modern media is showing us these filtered versions of relationships that simply seem perfect.

With people who look like they never once doubt their relationship.

I don’t expect that of you. I expect you to choose me every day when you wake up and show me with your actions that you love me.

How else are we supposed to live through this life? We need to love each other and be there for each other.

If you’re not able to do that, then please leave and don’t come back.

If you can’t stay loyal, then leave me alone.

DONE! If You Don't Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone

I am so done with men who think that they’re entitled to loyalty from a woman but then decide to cheat.

And yes, cheating is a conscious choice that you make.

You need to show me that you’re loyal to me. Show me that no matter how beautiful another woman is, you still only have eyes for me.

Tell me that you could never hurt me like that. Show me that you’ll stay loyal to me even when things get tough between us.

Because I know I will. I would never cheat on you and make you doubt my love.

I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I gave a piece of myself to someone else.

If you can’t be bothered to make me your biggest priority, then leave me alone.

DONE! If You Don't Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone

I will always be there for you when you need me, can you say the same thing for yourself?

Are you able to tell me that you’ll put everything aside when I need you and show me that I’m your biggest priority?

You may have to put aside things that probably mean the world to you.

You’ll have to make the choice to be there for me and make me your priority.

I’ll do that without a second thought. Even when I’m doing something I love, I know how to put my partner in first place in my life.

I know that prioritizing somebody isn’t easy, but love helps. When you love your partner, it’s always so easy to be there for them.

If you can’t be honest with me, then leave me alone.

DONE! If You Don't Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone

I will never forgive a liar. I wouldn’t look at you if I found out you were lying to me.

In some instances, I might ask for the reasons behind your lies. Maybe I’d like to understand you, but I might also want to run away from you.

There isn’t a reason for me to stay.

You might not trust me enough to tell me the truth. That’s why I wouldn’t trust you enough to stay by your side.

So please don’t lie to me. There’s no reason for you to do so.

If you did something that might jeopardize our relationship, at least be honest with me. That’ll make it less painful for the both of us.

If you want me to change, then leave me.

DONE! If You Don't Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone

I have gone through so much in order to become the strong and independent woman I am today.

There’s a long list of heartbreaks and many more painful encounters that led me to be who I am today.

And besides everything that I might tell you, I really do love myself.

Sure, I’m insecure and anxious sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that I stopped loving myself.

I will doubt myself, more often than I’d like to. I will doubt you, simply because that’s the only way I can keep my fragile heart safe.

Because of that, I want you to understand how important it is for you to love me just the way I am.

I am not going to change for anyone but myself. If you tell me that you don’t like my appearance, then I will break just a little bit.

This body is what gives me energy to love you.

There is someone out there who will love every curve and every bone that pokes out. If you’re not that someone, then please leave me alone.

Leave me alone and let someone else love me. Let someone else show me how I deserve to be loved.

But if you’re that someone, if you’re able to love me for who I am, then please stay.

Stay and let me love you the way you deserve to be loved.

If You Don't Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone

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