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A Woman Will Leave You Emotionally Before She Says She’s Done

A Woman Will Leave You Emotionally Before She Says She’s Done

There’s one fact that most men have no idea about: A woman leaves you emotionally before she tells you that she’s done with you.

When she sees that your relationship is struggling, she’ll give her best to salvage it. She’ll put in all of her efforts and focus on everything that can help fix things.

You probably won’t notice it because you’ll be occupied with other things more important than your partner, right? But trust me, she’ll put her heart and soul into it, hoping against all odds to make a difference.

She’ll struggle to make you see how hard she’s trying to save the thing that you have. Sleepless nights and days spent overthinking – she’ll do whatever it takes to save your relationship.

But she’ll be okay with all of it because she truly believes that she can help the two of you. She believes that with some effort, things could get back to how things were at the blissful beginning.

But as time goes by, she’ll realize that nothing seems to be working.

While she’s giving everything she can, you’re neglecting her actions and acting as if nothing’s happened. You won’t give her anything in return.

Your disagreements escalate, and you simply decide to sleep in another room until things get sorted out.

She tries to talk to you, and you tell her that she’s being too sensitive after which you leave the house. You say you’ll come home once she calms down.

When she tells you that you need to do something about your behavior, you give her some space, thinking that she needs it. But trust me, that’s the least she needs right now.

And just like that, piece by piece, you’re losing her emotionally, without even noticing. You’re putting her effort into a trashcan and every time you do it, a piece of her heart cracks.
DONE! A Woman Will Leave You Emotionally Before She Says She's Done

Once you manage to destroy her heart – the place where she’s kept you all this time – you also destroy all of her love for you.

You shatter it into pieces and erase all of the feelings she ever felt for you.

At that moment, she stops making any effort. She crosses you out, and you lose every chance of fixing your relationship ever again.

You still won’t have any idea about all of the thoughts that are going through her head.

On the outside, she’s the same woman you fell in love with, but on the inside, she’s completely different.

At first, you realize that she’s getting distant but you brush it off, convincing yourself that everything’s fine and that she’s acting like that because she’s mad at you for not doing the dishes.

Oh, poor you! You have no idea about all of the things that are running through her mind right now.

You not doing the dishes is the last thing on her list right now.

Instead, she’s thinking about you, trying really hard to find a reason to give you one more chance. One last try before she’s gone.

But she’s unable to find it.

How could she go against herself and give you another chance when you haven’t even noticed all of the chances she’s given you before?

How could she swallow her pride and be the one who fights for you when you’ve never lifted your finger for your relationship?

No, she can’t do that, and she won’t. She’s done with you, and there’s nothing that can make her change her mind.

This is it – the point where she leaves you emotionally. Even though you still have no clue, the woman you share a life with has just left you.
DONE! A Woman Will Leave You Emotionally Before She Says She's Done

Yes, she’ll still live with you for some time, but trust me, that changes nothing. You lost her mentally and emotionally, and that’s the worst way to lose someone.

Once that happens, all of the chances of getting her back are long gone. From now on, you’re all alone.

Don’t think that just because she hasn’t told you that she’s leaving you that things are okay between the two of you.

Because this isn’t the way “okay” feels.

Step by step, she’ll get more distant. At one point, once she solves the puzzle in her head, she’ll tell you that she’s leaving you. She’ll tell you that she’s done and she can’t do this anymore.
DONE! A Woman Will Leave You Emotionally Before She Says She's Done

That’s the moment she decides to leave you physically as well.

But there’s a trick. When she tells you that she wants to leave you, you’ll be afraid of losing her. You’ll beg her to stay, promising her the world.

You’ll tell her that you’ll change and that she’s been right this whole time.

More quality time together, more communication, being there for her – you’ll promise her all of those things, unaware that you can’t make a difference now.

You had your chances.

The moments she’d beg you to do something, you ignored her words. The moment she told you that you needed to change, you acted as if she was crazy.

Those were your chances to fix things so you could go back to being that happy couple you two were at the very beginning.

But now, after she’s told you that she’s done with you, there’s literally nothing you can do.

The woman who’s standing in front of you, telling you that she’s about to leave forever, isn’t the same woman you fell in love with.

That one is long gone because of you. It was you who destroyed her and changed her forever.

This one – the one telling you “I must go” – is a changed version of her.

Because the second she left you emotionally was the second she changed herself for good.

You used to be a part of her DNA, her heartbeat, the air she breathed. Now, you’re just another soul in a world full of strangers.
DONE! A Woman Will Leave You Emotionally Before She Says She's Done

You’re a man she fought for and gave many chances to before she finally decided that enough’s enough.

So, please, don’t even bother asking her to stay. Don’t bother showering her with attention and expensive gifts now. Those things won’t work.

You’ve had your chances and you wasted all of them.

You took her for granted thinking that she’d always be there.

But sometimes, even a woman who loves you unconditionally runs out of energy to fight for you.

After giving you countless chances, she fails to find the strength to give you one more.

Because she’s had enough and she’s now made up her mind that she has to go.

So, don’t forget, a woman will leave you emotionally long before she tells you that she’s done with you.

And at that point, there’s nothing you can do to change her mind.

A Woman Will Leave You Emotionally Before She Says She's Done

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