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Signs She Is Testing You: 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

Signs She Is Testing You: 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

In the early stages of a relationship, you might want to keep an eye out for signs she is testing you.

Why? Well, women test men to see if they’re boyfriend material.

Even if we don’t like to admit it, we still test men when we meet them to see how serious they are about making the relationship official.

Women simply want to figure out the true intentions of the men we’re dating.

Keep in mind that ladies always look for long-term relationships that will bring them happiness.

Very few women actually find happiness in short-lived flings.

The lady in your life doesn’t test you out of any weird intentions. She just want to keep herself, her heart, and her happiness safe.

No one wants to jump into a relationship that will leave them broken and bruised. We want to feel safe and sound.

Today’s dating scene is everything but a walk in the park. Especially for women!

I know that men have it hard too.

Don’t get me wrong, you guys almost always end up having to make the first move and that can be anxiety-inducing.

On the other hand, let’s look around and be honest with ourselves.

Whenever a woman falls in love, there is a big chance that the man is just using her for something.

So, we can’t really blame girls for the fact that they test the men they want to date.

13 Signs She Is Testing You

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

When a woman likes you, she will test you. Do you want to pass with flying colors?

These situations are so easy to spot.

Her little tests are extremely good opportunities for you to sweep her off her feet, so watch out for all these signs she is testing you.

These little tests she has in store for you are there to make sure that she isn’t wasting her time.

This should actually consider it a compliment because it means she’s falling for you.

She’s falling hard and now she’s just testing to see if being with you is actually a good idea.

She’s giving you a chance to show how amazing of a person you actually are.

This is your time to shine and prove to her that you’re truly worthy of her time and effort.

Don’t ignore the signs she is testing you if you want to make her yours. If you’re truly interested in being with her, don’t waste your chance!

1. She watches your interaction with strangers

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

We can tell a lot about a guy by the way he interacts with strangers.

Are you polite to the waiter? Do you help that poor old lady? How do you talk to the bartender?

These things are very important to us, because they show just how much you can care about people who serve you and those you don’t know.

If you want to keep an eye open to signs she is testing you, always be aware that your interactions with other people are tests.

She watches the way you deal with others with a hawk’s eye. This is not because she wants you to be of service.

She wants you to be there for other people. Care about them, even though you don’t know them.

Believe me when I tell you that the moment you stand up to let an elderly person or pregnant woman sit down, our heart swells.

We’d probably marry you right then and there.

If you’re rude to the waiter and don’t leave him a tip, that’s a huge red flag for every woman.

These small moments are a sign that you are actually very stuck up and rude underneath that smile.

2. She goes out without any makeup on

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

When this happens for the first time, know that it’s one of the signs she is testing you.

She wants to see your reaction to her bare face.

We as women are taught that our natural appearance is something we should hide.

Freckles, marks, acne, and wrinkles aren’t things we should be proud of.

That’s why she’s testing you to see how you’ll react to her unfiltered face.

In the early stages of the relationship, she will put a lot of effort into her appearance.

But after a while, like any other woman, she will get tired of always spending hours on her makeup.

The first time she lets you see you without makeup on is a unique chance for you to show that you’re boyfriend material.

You can ignore the fact that she looks different, and just compliment her appearance like she isn’t any less beautiful without the makeup on.

3. She asks about your past relationships

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

This is just another one of the signs she is testing you because she is considering something serious with you.

She probably doesn’t want to know who your exes actually were. She doesn’t need to know their name, birth date, where they’re from, and so on.

But what’s quite important is why and how you two broke up.

Did you cheat on any of them? How long were you together with them? Did any of them leave you?

I know that it must seem like a lot, but you probably want to know these things about her, too. It’s more than just curiosity.

If you cheated on any of them, she knows that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.

If you’re not able to create a long-lasting relationship, then why would she waste her time (even if she is falling for you)?

It’s also extremely important for her to hear how you refer to your exes.

There are men out there who will call their exes crazy even though it was mostly their fault.

When you are met with this test, your best bet is to tell the truth about relationship history.

Know where your responsibility lies when it comes to your previous relationships.

4. She asks you to split the bill

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

If you were looking for signs she is testing you, this one should be a very well-known one.

Let’s cut to the chase: If you ever hear a girl tell you she wants to split the bill, do NOT let her do that.

I know that it’s an outdated concept, the belief that men need to provide, but this is your moment to shine.

It might not be the end of the world if you two do split the bill, but it will evaporate every chance you might’ve thought you had with her.

Because of that, opt to take her out for some coffee or ice-cream. It’s much cheaper and you can easily pay for the both of you. It won’t break the bank.

If you want to take her out for a fancy dinner, do not let her pay her half or expect her to pay for you either.

Your chances of ever being with that woman will decrease immediately if you do let her pay.

So pay for your dates at the early stages of your relationship if you want it to move on to something much more serious.

Don’t lose her because of a couple of dollars.

5. She gets sick

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

No person out there would get sick on purpose just to get your reaction and test out how much you care about them.

But the first time either of you does get sick, the reaction of the other person can say a lot about the future you might share.

If you play your cards right at this particular moment, you will have all of her love and attention.

Because of that, you need to take care of her until she gets better!

Go bring her soup, make her tea, get her the meds she needs. You can even take it a step further and take her to the doctor’s appointment.

Of course, anyone who cares about another person would do something thoughtful like this, so do that for her.

At this moment, she is extremely vulnerable.

So if you’re someone who couldn’t care less about her and doesn’t even want to put effort into the relationship, she’ll be able to tell right away.

6. She mentions a lot of details about herself

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

Did you notice how often she mentions little details about herself? Well, that right there is one of the signs she is testing you.

You might be wondering what something that looks like oversharing has to do anything with you, but it does.

She is throwing these little details about herself into conversations simply so she can see if you’ll remember them.

Something that makes every girl’s heart flutter is when the guy she is involved with knows the little insignificant things about her.

These could be anything from her favorite flavor of ice-cream to favorite color. You can’t fight me on this one – every girl really does think so.

It shows that you care about her enough to remember these things. It shows that you are actually listening to her when she’s talking about herself.

You might think that this is something silly to appreciate, but you’d be surprised at how much men don’t listen to what we say.

Even if it seems exhausting to remember every little thing she mentions about herself, just remind yourself that this is the girl you want to be with.

She’s totally worth the extra trouble.

7. She says that it’s okay if you date other girls

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

It’s not. Let’s not spend too much time debating on this, but it’s really not okay with her. It’s just another one of the signs she is testing you.

You two might have a very casual and open relationship right now. You haven’t put a label on it, you both need more time and so on.

That doesn’t mean that she is okay with the fact that you’re thinking about dating other women.

Why would you even want that when you have such an amazing woman right there in front of you?

Every woman who has been stuck in a casual relationship has experienced this and can confirm.

Whenever we tell you that we’re fine with you dating other women, we’re lying.

It’s a test to see how you’ll react. If you believe that it’s fine for you to go out and see other women, then she knows that this relationship won’t last long.

On the other hand, if you do decide to tell her that she’s the only woman out there for you and that you don’t need or want anyone else, you win.

Not only are you winning her trust, but her entire heart and soul too.

It might sound a bit dramatic to you right now, but it’s important to every single one of us to feel like we’re not easily replaceable.

8. She never texts you first

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

You might think of this as rude or it even might make you believe that she isn’t interested in you.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

How is she acting when you do text her? She’s probably very talkative, she texts you right back, and asks questions to engage you in the conversation.

Why does that make you believe that she isn’t interested in you? This is just another one of the signs she is testing you.

She’s putting you to the test to see if you’re thinking of her and how much you care about her.

Yes, even if she’s thinking about texting you first, she’s probably just going through your texts to see who initiated the conversation the last time.

She doesn’t do it as a way to anger or spite you. It’s just her way of making sure that what you have is real.

We can’t escape texting in this day and age. Even if we don’t want it to be that important or a big part of our relationships, it still is.

Text her first. She’s probably sitting at home, looking at her phone, and waiting for you.

Believe me when I tell you that her heart will skip a beat when you decide to make that move.

9. She says she’ll meet you there

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

It’s a trap. Don’t fall for it.

Especially in the early days of your relationship, don’t ever let her convince you that it’s okay for her to meet you there. It isn’t.

She wants you to come and pick her up. This is just one of the signs she is testing you.

These little tests are ridiculous to many, but every girl has done this (even if we don’t want to admit it right away).

She’ll say this so you don’t feel obligated to come and pick her up. She’s probably extremely scared to be perceived as a burden.

But think of it this way: It gives you the chance to be her knight in shining armor.

Whenever she says that she’ll meet you there, don’t let her believe that it’s something you will allow to happen.

Go and pick her up. Show her that you care enough about her and that you’ll be there.

Don’t forget to drop her off as well. This might seem like a hustle to you, but her heart will jump right out of her ribcage from the love she’ll feel.

If you want this woman to fall in love with you and actually start a serious relationship with you, don’t fail this test!

10. She mentions random things she wants to do

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

This might include buying something or going somewhere.

She mentions these things in the hopes of sending you a message or an idea of what you could do for her.

If she says that she’s always wanted to go to see a play or try out that new restaurant, she does that with a certain intent.

Will you remember to take her there?

The best thing you can do with this sort of information is to surprise her and fulfill her wish.

She’ll be so happy that you remembered and you’re able to experience it together.

Another one of the signs she is testing you is when she mentions that she always wanted to buy something but never got around to doing so.

Let’s be honest. The thing that she mentions isn’t even that expensive. So why not surprise her?

Of course, you can take this advice only if you’re financially able to do so.

The problem with this test is that she will most probably drop this information on you when you least expect it.

This means that you always have to be alert and listen to her little hints if you want to pass this test.

11. She asks for your help

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

Okay, we know that women can do everything by themselves.

The fact that she asked you for help with something doesn’t make her a damsel in distress.

This is another one of the signs she is testing you.

Asking someone for help puts you in a very vulnerable position because you are telling someone that you can’t do things by yourself.

When she does ask you for help, it’s because she wants to test how much you care about her.

She wants to know if you care enough to be there for her, no questions asked.

She’s trying to test if you can make her feel safe and secure. Are you leaving her alone to deal with this? Or are you going to insist on helping her?

When you do help her, she won’t just see that as one less task to take care of. No. She will conclude a long list of much more important things.

She will know that she can trust you and count on you.

This doesn’t mean that you should be at her beck and call whenever she calls on you. Women can exploit that type of generosity.

Find a balance that shows her you care, while also staying within your boundaries.

12. She mentions that her family or friends are in town

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

This probably won’t be something she will test you on in the early dating stages.

One of the signs she is testing you is when she mentions her close friends or relatives are visiting.

She wants to see how you’ll respond. She wants to know if you’re eager to meet them, if you’ll work on finding a way to set aside time to meet them.

Of course, you can do this without having to set aside things just for her.

If you don’t feel comfortable with this, you absolutely don’t have to meet them.

We all feel a bit anxious about meeting the close ones of someone we’re dating.

It’s extremely intimidating and you know that they’ll be judging your every move.

If she brings this up before you’re ready to meet them, you can talk things through with her.

Of course, it’s easier to text her first every time than it is to meet people who mean the world to her. What if they don’t like you?

You don’t need this anxiety before you’ve even made things official. But this still doesn’t mean that it isn’t a test.

13. She mentions her exes casually

DONE! Signs She Is Testing You 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

If you want to be sure that you’re actually seeing signs she is testing you, this is a clear teller.

You are well aware that you’re going out with a woman who has a past. She dated before you just like you’ve dated before her.

That’s why this shouldn’t bother you. So why is she mentioning this to you right now?

Keep in mind that you two are still getting to know each other and she wants to familiarize you with her romantic past.

It’s actually good that you didn’t have to ask much about it.

She is willingly giving you all of this info, but with reason: She wants to check your reaction.

This girl is watching every single one of your reactions very intently.

When she mentions that her ex did something unforgivable (like manipulate her or abuse her), she wants to make sure you’re not okay with that behavior and you’ll never do the same thing to her.

The best reaction is to tell her that you’re sorry for what had happened to her and assure her that you won’t be the one to ever inflict such pain on her.

Stay calm, collected, and caring. It’s in the past and you two are working your way toward a beautiful future.

Signs She Is Testing You: 13 Tests Every Girl Will Put You Through

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