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17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

When you ignore her, you’re probably doing it to get her interested…

Men often use that technique, and they still do because they aren’t aware that it doesn’t work anymore.

Long ago, it was thought that you’d make a girl crazy about you if you ignored her and treated her badly.

Playing hard to get was also a popular idea, and these things might have worked in the past.

Now, they don’t work at all, but a lot of men still use them and think that it will get a girl to like them.

You have to understand something… These techniques are a part of time that has passed and they don’t work in the modern dating world.

You simply can’t get a girl to like you by ignoring her anymore because times have changed.

The idea of pretending not to be interested in someone to get them interested in you was effective for a very long time.

Do you know why it was so popular?

People seek approval everywhere, and they’re very stubborn, and this means that when you find a woman with low self-esteem, she’ll try to prove herself when you ignore her.

Therefore, she’ll go crazy about you, and you won’t have to do anything but ignore her to win her heart. At least that’s how things used to be…

These days, you won’t find women who are so easily fooled. Girls figured out these techniques and demand better treatment now more than ever.

Thanks to women’s rights and the wonders of technology, women now easily find out things they couldn’t in the past.

All this means that it won’t work if you ignore a girl to get her to like you. Sure, some of them might become interested, but the right ones will see through you straight away.

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

Either way, even back then when this technique did work, it only did so when a girl was already attracted to you.

Women who weren’t already interested in a man who ignored them never cared about him anyway.

Maybe you still think that you can get her attention by ignoring her.

She’ll think that you don’t even want her because you’re so cool and it’ll make her want you, right?

Wrong. She’s not even going to care whether you ignore her or not if she’s not attracted to you in the first place.

Another thing is that women now know that guys who want to be with them will pretend that they don’t want to.

They’ve gotten used to it and can recognize it from far away.

Let me tell you all the reasons why ignoring a woman doesn’t work any longer.

17 unexpected things that will happen when you ignore her

1. She’ll look at your social media profiles

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

Maybe you ignore a girl, but then update your status on Facebook and post a picture on Instagram… Do you think that it’s going to work?

Think again. This will just push her way because she’ll feel disrespected.

Ignoring her won’t ever work when she sees that you’re active on social media.

All she’ll think is that you have a lot of time but don’t want to make any for her.

It’s something she won’t tolerate, so she’ll just find someone else who’ll make time for her.

2. When you ignore her, it will hurt her self-esteem

This is the main reason why ignoring a woman used to work and still can on some of them.

Girls try hard to get the attention of the man they like as well as keep it…

They put effort into their appearance, learn about the guy’s interests, and try to find out what they have in common with him.

All they want is for the guy they like to finally notice them, so they do all these things and more.

When you repeatedly ignore a woman who tries hard to get your attention, it makes her feel unlovable, unworthy, and inadequate.

This hurts her self-esteem, but luckily, girls have figured out what guys do so they don’t let it happen.

3. It will just irritate her

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

Women now truly know their worth, so they are much more confident than they were in the past.

They found a way to feel great about themselves despite the bad influence that magazines and social media have on them.

When you ignore a woman, it will just irritate her.

She’ll come to the conclusion that you don’t really deserve her and that she’d waste her time with you.

So, she’ll look for someone who deserves her. Instead of winning her over, you’ll only lose her by ignoring her.

4. She’ll assume that you’re not boyfriend material

A woman can be attracted to a man who isn’t honest about his intentions or feelings, but she won’t waste her time with him.

If she clearly can’t trust you from the start, why should she invest her time and energy in dating you?

Girls don’t grow up fantasizing about finding a guy who acts hot and cold.

Despite what the media and other people might have told you, women want reliable men.

5. When you ignore her, you won’t fool her

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

Women know when a man is just playing hard to get, and it’s not just that they know it, they don’t like it.

You can’t just pretend that you’re cool and manipulate a woman into thinking that you’re the right man for her.

After all, you don’t give her what she needs and never make time for her.

How can you think that that would get her to like you? She won’t be fooled so easily, and she just wants someone who doesn’t play games.

6. You’ll make her jealous

You may ignore her by paying attention to some other girl instead.

One of the reasons why this technique used to work is that when you pay attention to anyone and anything except for the girl who likes you, she might feel jealous.

However, this can result in harmful or negative behavior. Women understand this now, and they don’t let it happen.

They might still feel jealous, but it’ll only make them give up on you, not chase you.

7. She’ll find someone who’ll give her all the attention she needs

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

Times have changed and women can easily find someone who’ll give them the attention they need.

After all, there are hundreds of dating apps full of guys and a woman just needs to create a profile and take her pick.

Why would she then sit around and desperately wait for you to notice her when you don’t pay any attention to her?

Of course, she’s not going to do that when there are a lot of guys who’ll freely offer her all their attention.

If you want to get a girl interested by ignoring her, you’ll just end up being lonely.

You have to understand that it’s really easy for a woman to simply forget about you and find someone who’ll notice her.

Yes, women want attention, but these days, they can find plenty of it whenever they want.

8. You won’t get a second chance

When a woman feels that you’re distancing yourself from her, it’ll teach her something.

She’ll learn that you’re not the kind of man who’ll discuss problems and try to solve them.

One of the reasons why ignoring a woman is a big mistake is that you won’t get a second chance.

She wants a man who’ll be able to deal with ordinary relationship difficulties.

By ignoring her, you’re showing her that you’re not that kind of man.

She doesn’t want to get involved with someone who can’t work on making the relationship work and move forward.

9. She’ll get really bored

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

Keeping a person’s interest isn’t so easy these days, since we so easily get bored. We live in a world where everything needs to be available and fast.

Women don’t have time to just sit around and wait for a guy to make up his mind.

If you ignore a girl, she’ll get bored and move on to someone who’ll keep her interested.

10. She’ll feel disrespected

When someone’s addressing you and you refuse to acknowledge them, it’s simply a disrespectful act.

This is especially true if the person is actually your family member, a girlfriend, or a friend.

By ignoring a woman, you’re telling her that you couldn’t care less about what she wants to tell you.

Even if you’re not interested in what she’s doing or saying, there’s a more respectful and better way to make that clear.

11. When you ignore her, it will work, but on the wrong type of woman

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

If you ignore a woman and she becomes super interested and starts chasing you, you haven’t done yourself any favors.

The only reason it worked is because she has very low self-esteem.

Maybe you can still pick up a woman by ignoring her, but only the wrong type of woman.

You might think that low self-esteem isn’t such a big deal, but think again.

Do you know what happens when you get into a relationship with this type of woman? She’ll get possessive and jealous.

I don’t think that’s something you’d like to deal with.

12. She’ll warn all her friends about you

If you and this girl have the same colleagues or friends, rest assured that they’ll hear about you.

When you mistreat her, it’ll have consequences that might ruin your reputation.

She’ll warn everyone that you shouldn’t be trusted. All her friends will know that they should keep away from you.

Once people start thinking that you treat women badly, you’ll have a hard time convincing them otherwise.

Women want to protect each other, and rumors spread fast…

13. She’ll know what you’re doing

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

Women are actually smarter than you might think. They know about all the games guys tend to play.

What’s more, they talk to each other about them and discuss whether a guy is worth pursuing.

If you ignore a girl, she’ll know exactly what you’re doing and her friends will tell her too.

As a result, she’ll forget about you and move on to someone else.

Why would she wait for you and beg for your attention when she can easily get it elsewhere?

14. When you ignore her, you’ll just show her that she doesn’t need you

Maybe you’ve distanced yourself from the girl you like for a few days in the hope of getting her to like you back.

Yes, she will wonder for a few hours whether she did something wrong, but afterward, she’ll keep living her life.

By ignoring her, you’re just showing her that she doesn’t need a man.

Why would she even waste her time trying to figure out why you’re acting like a teenager?

In addition, spending some time with her friends or by herself will remind her of something important.

She’ll come to the conclusion that it’s better to stay single than to settle for a guy who doesn’t treat her right.

When she thinks about it some more, it might even motivate her to search for the right man. It won’t even cross her mind that you could be that man.

15. She’ll realize that she can’t have healthy communication with you

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

Respect, fairness, and communication are crucial for having positive, healthy interactions with others.

Whatever might be your reason for ignoring her, you need to talk to her about it if you’re in a relationship or know each other.

Maybe you’re trying to avoid certain behavior, but she can’t change it unless you let her know about it.

It’s only fair to give her an opportunity to work on what’s bothering you about her.

For instance, if you don’t like to talk on the phone but she constantly calls you, tell her about it.

You can always tell her that you like talking to her but don’t like talking over the phone so much.

Maybe you don’t want to get to know her but she’s trying to get to know you. The respectful and fair thing to do in that case is to let her down gently.

Simply let her know that you’re flattered, but not interested. She’ll get the message and move on.

16. She won’t find it original

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

All women who have been dating for some time have already met men who try to ignore them to get them interested.

The truth is, unless a woman is naive or inexperienced, she’ll find this behavior juvenile and boring.

As I already said, women are smart, and they don’t want to date boys; they want real men and real men don’t play games!

Don’t assume that a girl hasn’t met a man like you before.

She needs a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to show it and go after it with everything he has.

Games are for boys, and relationships are for men. Women are well aware of that and they don’t want to date boys.

17. It dooms a relationship

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

Let me tell you one more important fact if you’re ignoring a girl with whom you’re already in a relationship.

Once you ignore her, she will learn to live without you.

You’ll only teach her to be more independent. She’ll realize that she’s alone in the relationship and that it’s better to really be alone.

Eventually, she’ll leave you and find someone who’ll be equally invested in the relationship as she is.

The silent treatment doesn’t work anymore, and it can only push people away.

So, what can you do to get a girl interested instead of ignoring her?

There are many better ways to make a girl fall for you, especially if you want to attract the right one.

Women actually want you to be confident enough to approach them and have a conversation.

You shouldn’t be hesitant, shy, or nervous when you walk over to a girl.

Don’t seem like you’re actually worried about whether it’s okay to be talking to her.

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

When you like a girl, be brave enough to approach her and show that to her.

If you’re not really confident, it’s much better to work on that than to try ignoring a woman to get her interested.

Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a man can have.

There are ways to know whether she’s interested in you, so pay attention to notice those signs.

Once you do, don’t start ignoring her to make her come to you.

Women want to be pursued, and they don’t like to be the ones who do the chasing. When you ignore her, you’re basically asking her to chase you.

She’s not going to do that, and, as I already said, ignoring her is something that no longer works.

If you’re a woman reading this because a man is using this technique on you, learn what do to when a man ignores you.

You shouldn’t fall for these old tricks.

If you’re a man, here’s what you can do to get a girl interested instead of choosing to ignore her:

1. Just be yourself

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

I know, this sounds like a cliché, but please hear me out. It’s always better to just be yourself than to play games.

For one thing, it’s easier, but more importantly, it will only attract the right girl.

If you pretend that you’re someone you’re not, you might still pick up some girl… but eventually, she’ll realize that you’re not who she thought you were and she’ll walk away.

After all, you can’t pretend forever. If you want to be with the right girl, be yourself and you’ll be doing both of you a favor.

2. Ask her questions about her interests

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

Everyone asks her what she does for a living, where she lived before, and what kind of movies she likes…

These are just some of the boring questions she’s used to.

It’s good to find out the answers to them, but you aren’t going to impress her by asking something like that so ask her some captivating questions instead.

Make sure to ask her about whatever she’s interested in.

You’ll leave a good impression and she’ll be impressed because you want to know about her passions.

3. Make her laugh

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

There’s one technique even older than ignoring a girl, and it’s making her laugh.

It might even be the oldest trick in the book but it works much more efficiently than any other.

Besides confidence, women love it when a man has a good sense of humor.

Use your sense of humor to make a girl laugh and she’ll be more likely to fall for you.

People associate the feeling of happiness with the presence of those who can make them giggle.

Even if you don’t have such a great sense of humor, there’s still something you can do.

Find out what does make her laugh, do it as often as you can, and she’ll be interested in you.

4. Give her a chance to ask you things too

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

Some guys just talk about themselves all the time.

You need to give a girl a chance to become interested in learning more about you and ask you questions.

If she wants to get to know you better, she’ll show it by asking you things about yourself.

Otherwise, if she’s not interested in knowing anything about you, she’s not interested in you.

Keep quiet sometimes so that she can initiate a conversation and show you that she likes you.

5. Stop thinking too much about it

DONE! 17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

If you want to win a girl over, you have to stop thinking too much about the ways to do so.

Dating can seem like a very complicated game, but it really isn’t.

All it actually takes is to be brave enough to walk up to a girl, introduce yourself, and start talking. The rest just somehow happens.

If she’s into you, she’ll show you that. Otherwise, you’ll know right away that you shouldn’t waste your time chasing her.

When you ignore her, you won’t achieve anything. Just show her that you’re interested instead and hopefully, she’ll reciprocate.

Good luck!

17 Unexpected Things That Will Happen When You Ignore Her

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