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15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You

15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You

Spotting the signs a Taurus man likes you isn’t the easiest task out there.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign that is ruled by the planet Venus. Because of the fact that earth signs are very subtle with their emotions, you won’t be able to spot the signs right away.

You’ve probably tried flirting with a Taurus man, but he seems so disinterested. However, at times he reciprocates your flirtatious behavior.

He makes you question everything he does because it doesn’t seem like he likes you at all. Sometimes he makes it seem like he’s trying really hard to hide his emotions.

The truth is that he’s probably trying to figure out if you’re honest about your intentions with him.

Signs a Taurus man likes you will be subtle until he realizes that you’re genuine and not trying to play with his feelings.

He’ll be extremely cautious when it comes to revealing his emotions to you because he doesn’t want anything to disturb his peace. He doesn’t want you to think that he’s desperate and then break his heart.

On the other hand, Taurus men are surprisingly hopeless romantics. You’ll be able to see every one of the signs a Taurus man likes you when you start to understand this fact.

15 signs a Taurus man likes you

15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You

A Taurus man won’t let you know he’s into you by coming right out and saying it.

That’s why you need to keep your eyes open to these signs that point to the fact that he likes you as more than a friend.

We will help you by presenting you all the possible signs a Taurus man likes you based on what his zodiac suggests.

You can figure out a lot just by looking at the patterns of people born under the sign of Taurus.

Get ready to discover the telltale signs and make sure that you land your Taurus man who you’ve been crushing on for a while now!

1. He’s a little awkward around you

DONE 15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You 2

Usually, he’s the epitome of confidence. Taurus men are known for the way they hold their heads very high.

When you watch him from afar, you see the way he absolutely owns every conversation. The people around him hang on to his every word.

Everyone listens to him and he looks like he’s on stage. He’s really comfortable in social situations.

But that isn’t really the case when he’s with you.

He looks uncomfortable and awkward. You might have even asked him if everything’s alright, only for him to say that he’s totally fine.

But he fidgets with his fingers, he’s constantly shifting his weight from one foot to another, and he’s even stuttering a bit.

Even his cool-as-a-cucumber exterior can’t hide the truth. He likes you!

A Taurus man is kind and soft, yet still confident. His caring, loving nature makes him want to reach out to you, but he knows he can’t just yet.

So he gets very nervous and awkward around you.

2. All his focus is on you

15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You

When you’re looking for signs a Taurus man likes you, this one is rather easy to spot.

Does he keep scanning his surroundings when you’re together? Or is his entire focus on you?

Does he check out other women or does he completely ignore them?

When all of his focus is on you, just know that you’re extremely special.

Usually Taurus men have a very short attention span when they’re not interested in someone.

They’ll scroll through their phone and laugh at memes while ignoring the person who’s sitting at the table with them.

But you can say that he definitely likes you if he’s completely focused on you.

He nods along to your story, he asks questions for you to explain things better to him, and he even chips in when he feels like he can.

A Taurus man will pay no attention to what’s going on around him when he’s immersed in a conversation with someone he likes.

So are you that person to him? Are you that someone he totally ignores everything else for?

If yes, then you don’t have to look any further. A Taurus man will only do this if he’s really interested in you romantically.

He wants to get to know you better, so he won’t take his eyes off of you.

3. He opens up to you

DONE 15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You 4

Earth signs are usually very reserved. You might see that you can’t really make a Virgo or Capricorn talk to you openly until they know that they can truly trust you.

This little rule is only broken when an earth sign has actual feelings for you.

One of the signs a Taurus man likes you is him opening up to you more.

Have you ever seen him talk about any emotional topics with others?

Unless we’re talking about very close friends, a Taurus won’t let anyone see his deepest, darkest secrets.

Men of this zodiac sign are extremely sensual, emotional, and smart human beings.

Being ruled by the planet Venus makes them very susceptible to their emotions, while also trying to rationalize everything.

This is why he has a lot of inner turmoil. So how can a person like that not open up to anyone but the people he trusts the most?

He wants you to get to know him.

A Taurus man will want you to love him for who he really is, and he’ll show you all the sides of him so that you’ll love him completely one day.

You wouldn’t see a Taurus man act like this unless he really likes you.

4. He asks questions about you

15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You

Another sign that a Taurus man likes you is when he asks questions to get to know you.

He wants to know who you are when no one’s looking.

A Taurus man will try to figure out who you are beneath the social standards and expectations of others.

From your favorite color to the life philosophy you live by, he’ll ask you about anything and everything.

Because a Taurus man is looking for a partner who’ll stay by his side in the long-run.

He usually isn’t looking for something temporary, so he’ll have to get to know you before he pursues you further.

A Taurus man will show the signs that he likes you simply through caring about who you are as a person.

So when he asks you very personal questions and tries to get the most out of you, then he’s definitely into you.

5. He gets physically affectionate

DONE 15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You 6

A Taurus man is usually very uncomfortable with physical affection if it comes from someone he’s not interested in.

For example, he might hug his friend, but it’ll only be brief and probably no kisses exchanged. He won’t hold hands with them or anything like that.

So when a Taurus man shows signs he likes you, he’ll probably start to be more physically affectionate with you.

He’ll touch your hand whenever he can, he’ll gently hold your waist when you’re passing by people and you’re trying to avoid bumping into them.

There are many ways a Taurus man will try to be more physically intimate.

He’ll never cross the line, though, because he respects you and your boundaries.

But as long as you’re comfortable with it, he’ll continue. And over time, he’ll get bolder.

In the beginning, he used to tuck your hair behind your ear sometimes or hug you for a moment longer, but that was about it.

Now he’s become much more comfortable around you and you don’t mind it either.

He usually touches your lower back or rests his hand on your thigh.

He’s still trying to be discreet about it, but it doesn’t change the fact that he likes you very much and can’t keep his hands off you.

6. He isn’t talking to anyone else

15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You

Loyalty is the most important thing to every Taurus. Men and women born under this sign value a person’s loyalty to them above all else.

So when you try to suss out if he’s talking to or seeing anyone else, you always come up empty-handed.

Everyone says that you’re the only girl he’s talking to. And even he doesn’t let you think otherwise, because all his attention is on you.

When a Taurus man likes you, he’ll make sure you know that you’re the only one for him.

If he wanted to spend his time with someone else, he would’ve, but then you wouldn’t be this important to him.

When a Taurus man in interested in a woman, he doesn’t even think about another woman. Ever.

You’re more than enough for him.

7. He asks you about your love life

DONE 15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You 8

As stated before, Taurus men are usually extremely loyal and they look for a partner who’ll stay by their side in the long-run.

If he’s asking about your love life, take it as a pretty solid sign this Taurus man likes you.

He’ll try to find out if you’re seeing anyone else currently and he’ll want to know about your exes.

Look at it like research. This is something many other zodiac signs are known for too, like the water and fire signs.

They are trying to figure out if there’s anyone in your life who would be competition.

Not like they would fight for your attention or anything. If there’s someone else in your life, a Taurus will simply leave.

They cherish loyalty above anything else, so if he realizes that you’re dating or interested in someone other than him, he’ll put an abrupt stop to his efforts.

He might not even ask you directly, but the people who are closest to you.

You might think that this is an invasion of privacy, but he only wants to keep his heart safe. Wouldn’t you do the same thing if you doubted him?

8. He surprises you with gifts

15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You

It’s a well-known fact that people born under this zodiac sign love the finer things in life.

They love to spoil themselves and the people around them whenever possible.

But they have a special place in their wallet for someone they’re interested in romantically.

If you go out with a Taurus man, the most obvious sign he likes you is when he orders the finest wine and buys you roses almost every time you go out.

You need to know that he’s not doing that to show off his wealth, no. He’s doing that because he wants to spoil you rotten.

He’ll take you out to the most luxurious restaurants, he’ll always insist on paying, and he’ll shower you with gifts.

Whenever he’s in the mood, you’ll get a new gift. Often, he’ll just happen to see something that reminded him of you and buy it.

You might have mentioned once that you don’t own any Tiffany jewelry and now he’s handing you a box with gorgeous earrings inside.

It doesn’t matter what you might need, he’ll run to buy you something nice.

9. He invites you over so he can cook for you

DONE 15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You 10

Cooking is another expression of love very often found in people born under the sign of Taurus.

A Taurus woman will show you how interested she is in you by cooking you a nice meal first, before anything else.

This sign thinks of food as a universal love language, so when he cooks for you, it’s one of the clear signs this Taurus man likes you.

It ties in with the fact that he loves to spoil himself the people he loves. Especially if that includes someone he’s romantically involved with.

Yes, there might be instances when a Taurus man will invite you over to his place after a long night of clubbing. That type of invitation has some other context.

But if he’s actually inviting you on a date at his place where he’ll spoil you, then his intentions are definitely pure.

10. He introduces you to his friends

15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You

This is something that’s a universal sign of affection. When you’re dating a guy and he introduces you to his friends, it’s obviously because he likes you.

You see, platonic relationships are holy in a Taurus’ world.

All the Tauruses you’ll ever meet have a very strong relationship with their friends. They cherish knowing that they have a strong support system.

So they wouldn’t want to disturb that peace they’ve created for anyone.

If he introduces you to his friends, that means that he truly likes you. Maybe even more than you’ve anticipated.

This sign that a Taurus man likes you might also be some sort of test.

The opinion of his friends means a lot to him, so he wants to see what they think of you.

11. He pays you thoughtful compliments

DONE 15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You 12

Everyone can give you a halfhearted compliment.

The usual, stereotypical compliments roll off of our tongue so easily that we don’t even realize we’ve said them.

However, when a compliment is authentic, your entire body can feel its impact.

People born under this sign are sensitive because they are ruled by the planet Venus.

One of the signs a Taurus man likes you is when he’s really thoughtful when it comes to giving compliments.

He pays close attention to everything you do and say.

If you change something about your hair, a Taurus man will realize the difference before anyone else.

He doesn’t do generic compliments.

He knows that you’ve heard all-too-many times how pretty you are, so he’ll find something special to compliment about you.

12. He gets extremely protective over you

15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You

A Taurus man thinks of himself as a provider and protector. No one can mess with a woman he’s interested in without meeting the consequences.

So when he shows his protective side, just know that it’s one of the signs a Taurus man likes you – a lot.

Have you found yourself in a situation when you were in danger?

For example, a man made you feel uncomfortable and tried to lay his hands on you without your consent?

Your Taurus guy was right there beside you and you had to beg him not to touch the poor fool who tried to touch you.

Who knows what he would’ve done if you weren’t there to stop him.

He gets worked up like that whenever you tell him about how someone made you feel bad about yourself.

If you ever told him about a coworker who gets off on bullying you, you’d know what I mean.

His instinct kicks in to protect you at all costs.

Now, let’s not lie to ourselves – that’s extremely hot.

13. He shows you when he’s jealous

DONE 15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You 14

Before you start dating or he even starts to pursue you, he won’t bat an eye if he sees you talking to another guy.

But a Taurus man is very protective of what he believes is his. So if you’re trying to make him jealous, you won’t have to try too hard.

You’re not his obsession, but it’s obvious that he wants you all for himself.

When he sees you talking to another guy, he’ll make himself known by approaching you and letting the man know that he’s there, too.

Another thing he’ll do is show you even more affection when he gets jealous.

It can get ugly if you’re really testing his patience.

He won’t try to explain his anger, he’ll just walk away from you.

He knows his worth and if you try to make him jealous, he’ll know that you’re just playing games with him.

14. He’s concerned about your financial well-being

15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You

This zodiac sign is usually associated with finances and money. They’re often either extremely wealthy or working toward that wealth.

He’ll ask about your financial situation and help you out if he sees that you’re struggling.

Yes, Taurus men think of themselves as providers and would do anything to provide you with the things you need in order to achieve your dreams.

Of course, he won’t give you huge sums of money that’ll make you think you can misuse his trust.

He’ll assess what you need in order to work toward achieving your own little fortune.

For example, if you need to pay your college tuition, he won’t hesitate to help you out.

He wouldn’t do it for just anyone, but he would do it for the girl he likes.

15. He worships you like a goddess

DONE 15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You 16

A Taurus man doesn’t play games with the woman he’s interested in. He won’t just seduce you and then walk away from you.

He’s also scared to disappoint you. He doesn’t want you to settle for him just because he’s convenient.

No, a Taurus man wants to show you how you deserve to be treated.

He’ll worship you like the goddess you are and not let you question his feelings for you – ever!

It’s not just about the gifts. It’s not about him spoiling you with lavish things.

The signs a Taurus man likes you are much more evident when he’s sure that you’re worth the effort.

He’ll always be there for you when you need him, he’ll take care of you when you’re sick, and he’ll never let anything happen to you.

This man will do whatever’s in his power to make you realize how special you are to him.

There’s nothing as special as being loved by a Taurus man.

He’ll be the one you’ve been waiting for your entire life. He’ll be the prince you always wanted to make your fairy tale come true.

So keep an eye out for these signs your Taurus man likes you.

And if you spot them, know that he’ll give his 100% to make you feel happy, loved, and wanted.

15 Subtle Signs A Taurus Man Likes You And Wants To Be With You

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