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Stating The Obvious: 10 Giveaway Signs Of A Virgo Man Player

Stating The Obvious: 10 Giveaway Signs Of A Virgo Man Player

You think you’ve found someone special but there’s a strange feeling dangling in the air. Perhaps you never thought that you’d ever come across a Virgo man player, but here you are.

There’s just something that feels off about him, but it doesn’t seem enough to turn you away from him. What is it that a Virgo man player has that you find hard to resist?

Being with a Virgo is certainly a rollercoaster of emotions. He seems full of promises and yet you can somehow see right through it.

How do you know if a Virgo man is a player who’s trying to play games with you? Well, it’s actually quite simple – if you know what you’re looking for.

10 signs of a Virgo man player

1. He’s reticent

Stating The Obvious 10 Giveaway Signs Of A Virgo Man Player

When you meet a Virgo man at the bar and start talking to him, he may seem shy at first. You may be trying hard to get the words out of his mouth, but you don’t mind.

The thing about a Virgo man player is that he can pull off that mysterious aura. You’d think this is only a Scorpio thing, but you’d be surprised once you engage in a conversation with this earth sign.

This trait can be tempting and women often find it hard to resist. There’s something about keeping stuff to yourself that’s so captivating.

If your Virgo man is a player, he will most likely be one of those who don’t speak much. That way, you’re eager to find more about him, which he uses to his advantage.

2. He keeps you out of the loop

If he goes on with his secret ways, it could drive you mad. You just want to find out everything about him but he keeps his lips sealed.

If he keeps to himself most of the time, your Virgo man is almost definitely a player. He plays the leading role in his little game and wants it to stay that way. He doesn’t like anyone interfering with his life or changing the course of his wind.

If he turns out to be a player, your Virgo man will most likely try to dodge the possibility of any kind of commitment.

This may include taking too much time to answer your texts or just avoiding your calls altogether. You may get the feeling he’s distancing himself from you and getting in touch only when he needs something.

A Virgo man player likes to keep to himself and can come off as selfish. If you have suspicions that your partner is playing you, then you’re probably right. After all, instincts are rarely wrong.

3. He gives you the silent treatment

This is another sign your Virgo man is a player and you should steer clear of him. You may notice a bit of defensive or angry behavior peeking behind those sweet eyes.

He can make you feel like you’re the one being rude when asking him seemingly harmless questions. Every time you want to find out more about him, he’ll start acting watchful and probably retreat into his own bubble.

If your partner is giving you the silent treatment just because he took offense to something you said, it’s likely that your Virgo man isn’t keen on committing to you. This can mean one thing – he’s not interested in investing his time in the relationship.

You probably feel that he’s treating you like a child. He may not answer your texts or calls. Perhaps he’s trying to avoid you altogether.

You may not notice this at first, but as time progresses, you’ll start to pick up on his weird, distant behavior. You just have to know that sometimes, no response is a response, and a powerful one at that.

4. He hasn’t introduced you to his friends or family

Getting to know each other’s friends when dating for a while is normal. However, if your Virgo man keeps you a secret from the important people in his life, you can be sure know something’s up.

If he rarely mentions his family and avoids any possibilities of you meeting them, that’s a red flag right there. When you meet his friends and family, it means you’ve entered his safe zone and he’s comfortable showing you around.

Your friends are constantly asking to meet him, but he refuses to do that as well. So, if he seems to delay your friend meetups because of some minor inconvenience that could be easily overcome, there’s a strong chance your Virgo man is a player.

5. He doesn’t care what you have to say

Stating The Obvious 10 Giveaway Signs Of A Virgo Man Player

Just when you think you’re having a meaningful and deep conversation with him, he all of a sudden changes the subject. You’re baffled, yet he doesn’t seem to give it a second thought.

A Virgo man player frequently comes off as rude or blunt, speaking his mind whenever he likes to. He doesn’t seem to care if he interrupts you mid-sentence because, according to him, what he has to say is more important.

When you talk about your personal interests, he doesn’t listen to what you have to say, which shows that he doesn’t care about your feelings. He seems to be the only person that matters and he’s totally fine with it.

6. You’re his backup plan

The thing about Virgo men is that they’re very straightforward when it comes to something they like. However, if he’s not so sure about whether you two should be an item, it’s possible he’s keeping you as a backup plan.

That way, he can decide what to do when he finally figures out how he feels about you. Until then, he’ll play mind games with you to keep you entertained and make sure you don’t leave until he tells you so.

If he decides you aren’t a right fit for him, he’ll make things easier for both of you. A Virgo man player knows when he’s had enough of the game, and he can easily change your mind about him.

7. He doesn’t plan his future with you

If he’s constantly making plans for the future and they don’t include you, it’s a clear sign your Virgo man is a player and only plans to stick around for a short time.

He thinks of the relationship you have as something trivial, something temporary. So he probably won’t mention any bigger plans or reveal his bucket list to you.

It’s a clear sign he’s only here for fun and it’s up to you whether you want to stay for a while and play along. If you’ve been dating for a while and it’s time for a serious talk, you probably won’t get it out of him.

In this case, “a little fun never hurt anybody” may apply to him, but I’m not so sure about how you’re going to face the consequences.

8. He doesn’t take you out on dates

Does your partner not shower you with love and affection to show you how much you mean to him? Does he not take you out on dates?

A player won’t be interested in wasting his time on taking you out on dates. Instead, he’ll call you when he feels lonely or just wants some company.

Other than that, it appears that you haven’t gone on a proper date in a while. Moreover, he doesn’t even seem keen on taking you out on one, meaning he only cares about his feelings.

9. He keeps his phone away from you

Stating The Obvious 10 Giveaway Signs Of A Virgo Man Player

If you’re still in the early stages of a relationship, it’s normal to not have developed that trust just yet. However, you have this feeling that you should be more worried than usual.

You may want to take some pictures of the two of you with his phone but he doesn’t allow it. He’ll make up some excuse that his camera is bad even though he recently bought his phone.

These are some of the situations where he’s being weird, yet you brush it off, thinking that’s just how he is. But when he leans away from you when texting or has a sly smile on his face, you know something’s up.

10. He avoids “the talk” like his life depends on it

It’s only natural that your friends want to know all about this new person you’re dating. Also, they like to know if you’re getting serious or it’s just something to kill your time with.

You’re sad because you can’t give them the answer and the sudden realization hits you: You’ve never had the talk because he always seems to have something more important to talk about.

You’ve been dating for quite some time now, but you’re not really sure what terms you’re on. Of course, this puts some question marks all up in your head and it’s only natural to seek answers.

Yet when you try to talk to him about it, he goes all out to make you drop it. If your Virgo man is a player, you’ll struggle to draw a final conclusion as he just leaves you hanging.

Stating The Obvious: 10 Giveaway Signs Of A Virgo Man Player