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How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You? 6 Proven Tips You Need To Follow

How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You? 6 Proven Tips You Need To Follow

If you’re a fan of the earth signs, you might be blown away by a Virgo man in particular. This curious persona is why you’re wondering how to make a Virgo man chase you.

You don’t want to go after him because it’s a dead giveaway you like someone. Instead, you’re searching for all the ways to get him intrigued.

I know it’s not an easy task to appeal to someone, especially when it comes to this determined zodiac sign. But you also have to admit, there’s something about a man being hot on your heels. It makes you feel wanted and appreciated. Moreover, it raises your confidence, which in turn boosts your self-esteem.

But here are the real questions that need answering: Is a Virgo man really keen on chasing you? Is this sign down for this type of game? What can you expect of him and will it even work?

There are millions of questions like these flooding your mind right now. You might feel overwhelmed, but it’s only normal getting a bit of stage fright around guys.

Your concerns are justified because a Virgo man isn’t easy to win over. This sign is very pedantic, and he’s no different when choosing his partner.

If you wish to make a Virgo man chase you but don’t know how, you’ll have to take it up a notch. This earth sign doesn’t cave in that easily and often, they require a lot of work.

So, let me be honest from the outset – if you’re not able to commit to this plan fully, you should probably skip it. I’m not trying to discourage you, but a Virgo man can be a handful for some.

Things you have to know about a Virgo man

Before you dive in deep and get involved in any kind of relationship with this sign, there are things you have to beware of.

Each sign has their characteristic personality traits which make them unique in their own way. If you want to find out how to chase a Virgo man, you first have to know what Virgos are like.

If you don’t do your research, it’s like setting yourself up for failure. You must know him by heart for your plan to go accordingly.

1. A perfectionist

How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You? 6 Proven Tips You Need To Follow

If you didn’t already know this, it’s time I tell you all about their perfectionism. A Virgo man likes when things are in their place, in every way possible.

He likes his clothes neat and tidy and wants everything to be in order. The plus side of this is you don’t have to worry about a Virgo man leaving his stuff all over the place.

Also, he’ll be the first to arrive at the place of the meeting. He doesn’t like being late, so he expects you to be punctual as well.

The downside is he may criticize you sometimes for doing things that differ from his way. This can make him come off as a bit annoying because people don’t really like being told what to do.

He could also be perceived as controlling, which really isn’t the case. Virgos just like it when things go smoothly and as planned.

2. Patience is a virtue

One of the desirable traits of a Virgo man is patience. He has lots of it. But keep in mind that this doesn’t mean he’ll let you use that to your advantage.

If you want to know how to make a Virgo man chase you, you must be aware of this fact. His tolerance and calmness might dishearten you.

You could think how your plan isn’t working and that you’ll never get him to take interest in you. But you may be wrong because his forbearance is confusing.

He won’t rush into anything until he deems it worthy. To him, a meaningless relationship isn’t so attractive. But if he sees the potential in you, you won’t be able to get rid of the guy!

A Virgo man appreciates a woman who gives the same in return. If you show him that you can also hold your horses, you have a high chance of winning him over.

3. A workaholic

DONE How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You 6 Ways Proven To Work 2

Well, it seems only logical for someone who doesn’t like running late to be a workaholic, right? It isn’t always necessarily the case, but it’s true when it comes to Virgos.

A Virgo man likes having a job to do. He can’t sit around all day and wait for things to happen, no. Instead, he goes out there and makes things happen!

He’s usually the initiator of family vacations, projects, or outdoor activities. This is where his patience might be tested, but he won’t lose his cool that easily.

This sign follows the rules, even with his adventurous spirit. Also, he respects deadlines and holds to his promises. You could say he’s a geek, but an attractive one at that!

4. A romantic

Work isn’t the only thing a Virgo man looks forward to. He likes to be able to come back from a busy, chaotic day to his safe zone – someone who can help him relax.

He tends to sometimes bring his work home with him, so it’s necessary to have someone able to ease his mind. He’ll also put his hard-working ethic into constantly improving his relationship.

He isn’t a hopeless romantic like Cancer, for instance. He values his partner, but he also knows when he has to break things off.

A Virgo man doesn’t let people use his patience and love against him. He can be tolerant, but he also has a line – once crossed, you can never go back.

5. Laid back

How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You? 6 Proven Tips You Need To Follow

When you meet a Virgo man, you’ll instantly be attracted to his carefree spirit. However, his perfectionist side might fight his easygoing one.

Virgo values when things are in order and follow a specific protocol. However, when they’re not stressing over that, this sign is pretty chill. Sometimes, you may not even notice their obsession with cleaning things or keeping them in a straight line.

A Virgo man is typically laid back, unless something gets on his nerves. That’s where he might lose his cool, but he’s not as explosive as Taurus, for instance.

How to make a Virgo man chase you?

If you want to get a Virgo man to chase you, you have to acknowledge all of his characteristic traits.

It probably won’t be easy, but you want to make things work with this handsome man. If you take the right approach, I’m sure you’ll win him over in no time.

You might have to change or adapt some of your habits. But if you really have eyes for a Virgo man, this shouldn’t be a problem because they don’t ask for a lot.

Whatever you decide, these tips and tricks are bound to help you out a ton. You might think about how you’ve got this all figured out already, but trust me, you don’t.

This sign seems easy to tackle, but it’s the complete opposite. Just when you think things are going smoothly, they change their tactics and behavior.

For a lot of people, a Virgo can be a confusing person. It’s especially true if it’s your first time getting involved in any kind of relationship with this sign.

But don’t drag yourself down because they’re also a joy to be around. If they see you’re the right fit for them, you have nothing to worry about.

1. Planning is half the battle

DONE How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You 6 Ways Proven To Work 4

You can see a Virgo man putting in all the work and being successful in many things. However, you never see him sweating over something or breaking his deadline. Strange, right?

Well, the key to Virgo’s success is organization. If you’re able to plan things, that’s half the work done. This sign will appreciate a partner with good organizational skills and responsibility.

If you want to make him chase you, you have to know how to impress a Virgo man. You’ll do so by letting him know you’re up to the task.

He likes it when a woman is able to be in charge of things, but also not be too proud to admit her mistakes from time to time. If you’re exuding this type of self-confidence and discipline, it will be hard for him to resist you.

I think we’ve already established that he doesn’t like wasting his time, so the sooner you go for it the better. This way he’ll see your independent side, and your self-reliance will be a huge bonus to him.

2. Show empathy

You don’t have to be bawling your eyes out in front of him, but a Virgo man likes women who are empathetic. He likes caring for others, so he expects the same in return.

Most of the time, he’ll be the one paying extra attention to you and your needs while putting himself in the last place. However, this doesn’t mean that everything should revolve around you. Show him that he matters as well and try to sympathize with him when no one else does.

You’ll be under his skin in the blink of an eye. Virgos seek people who are like them: compassionate, nurturing, and caring.

Complete opposites probably aren’t the best choice for them. The contrast is just too big for the relationship to work out.

3. A Virgo man will chase your creativity

How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You? 6 Proven Tips You Need To Follow

This earth sign connects with nature on a deep level. They’re artistic and appreciate life in its raw form. A Virgo man will be drawn to a woman with innovative ideas and aspirations, and the courage to fulfill them.

He’s adventurous and creative. However, he needs a partner in crime to go on all of these amazing trips together.

If you’re a nature lover, I’m sure you two will hit it off. So pick up a blanket and picnic basket, and the sunset is sure to do its magic.

You can also try painting each other. If you’re into that, a portrait of him would be a great gift for a Virgo man.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a talented artist. You can be creative and innovative in other ways. Find what entices him and use that to your advantage!

4. Flaunt your skills

When wondering “how to make a Virgo man chase you”, you should know that there’s nothing more attractive to him than a woman who shows off her skills. That way you show him how independent you can be.

If you can always work your way around different problems and know how to get out of a particular situation, you’ll throw him off his feet. Virgos like determined women who aren’t afraid to show off every once in a while.

Therefore, don’t try to hide any of your natural talents. Instead, embrace them and embrace yourself for who you are. A Virgo is truly happy with someone who can be their authentic self.

5. Be realistic

DONE How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You 6 Ways Proven To Work 6

You can dream together all you want, but know when is the right time for that. When he’s not daydreaming, a Virgo man is thinking rationally.

He won’t let himself get too involved in the imaginary world. Of course, creativity will probably take him away for some time, but he’ll be back to reality sooner than later.

If you want a Virgo man to chase you, just keep it simple. Don’t set overly high expectations that you know can’t be fulfilled. Your over-eagerness may deter him and your capacity for imagination might scare him off.

6. Flirt

Virgos are big flirts. And trust me when I say they like teasing you and making you all squirmy. And for a Virgo man, flirting doesn’t always need to have a specific outcome.

It can be an act of kindness, a way to kill boredom, or simply just having a good time. This can come off wrong to many women because they’ll see him as a player.

This isn’t true because Virgo isn’t set on winning over many girls in one night. He’s more of a family guy, so that’s not his intention.

It’s also super easy to flirt with him as it comes naturally to this earth sign. He’ll make you swoon so effortlessly, you won’t even notice him sweeping you off your feet.

What to avoid when wanting to make a Virgo man chase you

Just like with every zodiac sign, there are things that Virgos find attractive and things they don’t. Every person has a personal preference and something that might deter them from others.

This may not be that evident in this earth sign because they’re very subtle about that. They don’t go around shouting at the top of their lungs what they like and don’t like.

This is why this article is here, to help you decide whether to continue with your original plan or to change it up a bit. Whatever you decide, remember that Virgo doesn’t like to hold grudges – he easily forgives people. This might work in your favor a lot.

That said, this doesn’t mean that you should take advantage. Don’t play his trust because that’s where he draws the line.

1. Don’t ignore him

How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You? 6 Proven Tips You Need To Follow

Whatever you do, don’t try to undermine his self-worth. I think it goes without saying that nobody likes being underappreciated.

There’s a thin line between being mysterious and ignoring people. Make sure not to cross it because you risk derailing your whole plan.

Playing ignorant will just turn a Virgo man off you, much less make him chase you. He likes to engage in deep conversations with you, so make sure to remember that.

When you’re flirting with him, it’s okay to leave him waiting for a text back. Just don’t make him wait for too long as it can make him lose his interest.

2. Don’t get impatient

As I mentioned earlier, a Virgo man values patience. They don’t like rushing into things.

The same goes for women. They don’t rush to get into a relationship with someone no matter how much he likes them.

Instead, they take their time to comprehend and weigh out the pros and cons. Whatever you do, don’t try to rush him and persuade him into anything.

Let the relationship go with the flow and enjoy it. You won’t make him chase you if you’re chasing him. On the contrary, it will only result in the complete opposite outcome.

3. Don’t be cold

DONE How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You 6 Ways Proven To Work 8

At times, a Virgo man may appear cold and calculated. However, this is so not the case.

Virgos love like no one else. They’re passionate and care for their partners. However, they desire that same love and devotion in return.

You may think it would be fun to play a little hard-to-get. Well, don’t get carried away too much and become cold toward him.

A Virgo man will likely turn around and head for the door. He’s drawn to passion, not coldness.

If you’re looking for ways to make a Virgo man chase you, trust me, this isn’t it.

4. Don’t push him

As we previously mentioned, your Virgo isn’t looking for a fling or short-term relationship. It’s not something they find joy in, so they’ll usually skip that part.

But that doesn’t imply you should pester him about commitment. It’s not that this sign is afraid to commit or anything like that.

It’s just that Virgos don’t like when people push them and force them to do things. They can decide for their selves whether it’s the right choice.

They don’t mind getting support, but nagging isn’t how to make a Virgo man chase you. As I already said in the text above, you have to exercise patience.

5. Don’t set your expectations too high

How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You? 6 Proven Tips You Need To Follow

I’m sure a Virgo man will meet all of your expectations before you know it. However, they don’t like to work under pressure, so it’s best to not raise your bar so high in the beginning.

They’re not the competitive type like Leos, for instance. Therefore, it’s likely he will just drop out if he seems it’s not worth the trouble.

A Virgo won’t feel hurt to let go of you if it seems you’re not totally compatible. Don’t get me wrong, he likes challenges, but he loves playing by his own rules more.

Don’t let this scare you away from approaching him. Instead, work smarter and not harder. Make yourself available to him, but not completely within his reach.

6. Don’t play any games!

Sure, everyone likes to play mind games every now and again. But what about a Virgo man? Is he the type of person to play the chasing game like Tom and Jerry?

This will likely deter him from you. Virgos like to have fun every once in a while, but they don’t like playing with someone’s feelings.

Instead, they’re caring and nurturing, so they wouldn’t want to end up hurting someone. On the other hand, they also don’t want to get hurt themselves.

You could say that they’re playing it safe rather than sorry. If you want to make him chase you, tell your Virgo man your intentions and be open about it.

Bottom line

DONE How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You 6 Ways Proven To Work 10

When you find a guy you like, you can’t help but look to the horoscope to find out more about him. Who knows if guys aren’t doing the same with women?

Either way, it gives you some comfort knowing how his zodiac sign behaves at certain times. As a woman, you don’t want to chase him around and beg him to give you some of his love.

No! You’re trying to figure out how to make a Virgo man chase you. That’s your final goal.

Well, all you have to do is study this earth sign a bit, and you’ll be ready to go. Don’t let some of his personality traits scare you away as Virgos can be determined signs.

It’s important not to let him know of your plan, so don’t be too obvious with it. Some things can turn back to bite you in the face.

How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You? 6 Proven Tips You Need To Follow

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