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9 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

9 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

If you are involved in a triangular relationship, the biggest question on your mind is probably whether you are just something on the side or the married man you are involved with genuinely cares for you and wants to commit. It’s easy for him to say the words, “I love you,” but does he really mean it?

To be fair, a married man is, after all, only a man, and just because you see a wedding ring on his finger doesn’t mean he is happy in his marriage. And if one thing is sure, it’s that men are terrible at keeping secrets, so if he really cares for you, you will see in his body language the signs a married man is in love with you. They might be subtle, but when a married man falls in love with you, you will notice it if you just pay attention to his behavior.

Whether he is stuck in an unhappy marriage or is going through a midlife crisis, he will do anything he can just to get you in bed with him, and when he gets what he wants, he will probably leave as if nothing happened between you two. And that is exactly the reason why you need to be smarter than him and show him that you aren’t as easy as he might think, and the married man that’s into you will have to put effort into winning you over.

No one wants to be someone’s second choice, so you don’t need to accept that either. If he really cares for you, he will need to prove it, and you need to tell him that words are simply not enough if he wants to win your heart, and he needs to prove his love with actions.

Research shows that there is infidelity in every fourth or fifth marriage, which is not a surprise since not every marriage works out, and sometimes we are stuck with someone we don’t really love and maybe never really did. It is possible to be attracted to someone who is married because love is blind. Our urges are stronger than our rationality.

So what if a married man falls in love with you? Maybe you will be the rare couple who will actually make it work, and he will leave his wife for you. But still, his marital status could be a reason for you two to break up. The decision is up to you, but before you decide, you should check out the signs a married man is in love with you to see whether you are just something on the side to him, or he really loves you.

If you are still wondering if a married man is in love with you, read on to discover the signs a married man is in love with you and finally find out the truth.

9 Signs a married man is in love with you

There are many signs a married man has fallen in love with you, but what gives him away the most is his body language that he can’t keep a secret. It will show in the way he acts around you whether he really does care about having you as an important part of his love life or he just wants to get into your pants. So read on to discover how his body will reveal the truth.

The First Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You: Body Language

9 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

His body language will reveal to you if he truly is in love with you because he won’t be able to hide the attraction his body is feeling. His body will send you all sorts of signs, and you will see how he is practically throwing himself at you.

A married man will always turn himself toward you when he is talking. He will also use any chance he gets to touch you and be close to you, even if it only means sitting near you when you are in a crowd. He will do anything to make physical contact with you because his whole body is yearning for you. He will use his mouth, eyes, and hands to give you signs he cares for you.

Touching and stroking in public places are obvious signs a married man is in love with you. You also won’t be able to escape the intense eye contact the married guy is giving you. Whether it’s your co-worker or some other married man, you will see how his body reacts to being close to you.

When you are in a group of people, he will make sure that he is sitting or standing next to you because he wants to be as close to you as possible. When a married man falls in love with you, he will always try to touch your hand or shoulder when he is talking to you. And when the two of you greet, he will try to hug you or kiss you on the cheek.

You will also notice how he mimics your moves. Pay attention to the way he stands as well because his feet will be directed toward you.

All in all, the signs a married man is in love with you can be noticed just by paying attention to his body, and you will suddenly realize that all those times he did his best to get close to you are actually his attempts to hook up with you but he is worried about his marital status and isn’t sure if he has a shot with you.

How to tell if a married man likes you

9 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

You will also see other signs a married man is in love with you, which will show in how he decides to spend his time and the contact between you two.

The way he spends his time shows what is important to him. If he is spending all his free time with you instead of with his wife, he might really care for you. Maybe he is constantly trying to get in contact with you or trying to come over and he treats you extremely well. Or it is a co-worker who tries to spend time with you outside of work. Whatever it is, these are the hidden signs a married man is in love with you.

When a married man falls in love with you, he will always try to stay in touch with you. Maybe he is always calling you or asking questions about your love life. The married man in your life wants to get to know you better and sees if he has a chance with you even though he is married.

And just because he is married doesn’t mean that he will be subtle about wanting you. You will be able to feel how much he wants you and how he wishes to be in bed with you because of the undeniable attraction between you two.

You will hear him complain to you about his marriage because he wants you to know that he is not happy with his wife and thinks he could be happy with you. And he will show a desire to keep you happy.

But if that’s not enough to determine if he really loves you, here are 9 signs a married man is in love with you:

1. He texts you when there is an important occasion

9 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

If a married man always contacts you on dates or occasions which are important to you, he definitely has his eyes set on you, especially if those messages come at moments when you know that he is occupied elsewhere because he is clearly thinking of you instead of his wife and family.

He clearly can’t stop thinking about you if he is busy with his family but your phone keeps beeping because he is sending you texts. But that could just be a sign of desire and not true love.

But if he is spending significant time with his children and is still texting you, this is a more clear sign, because it’s one thing if he is neglecting his wife for you, but if he is even prepared to neglect his children because of you, it’s clearly more than just infatuation.

He might not be texting you, but if he is liking your pictures on social media instead of focusing on his family, he is clearly mad about you and can’t stand being away from you.

You have to understand one thing, and it is that real feelings that aren’t just lust make men feel insecure, and he will keep wondering what you are doing and who you are doing it with if he is far away from you. Read between the lines when he sends you a message when he is with his wife because it’s obvious that he would rather be with you instead.

When a married man is in love with you, you will be his priority, and he will try to stay in touch with you on a regular basis, whether it’s with text messages or calls. He is constantly contacting you because he wants to keep the connection he has with you in order to get to know you better as well as make his presence known in your life.

2. He misses important events to be with you

The next logical step after texting you while he should be focusing on his family is him missing key life events just to be near you. He probably can’t bear the idea of being away from you, so he is prepared to miss key events just to be with you instead of his wife.

You have to understand that important family occasions can be very hard to avoid, so if he is finding a way to be with you even though he should be at a wedding or a family celebration then he really cares for you. This means that you are a priority to him, and he is willing to do anything just to spend some time with you, even though it could be harder to accomplish than simply saying he has to work late.

What he will need in order to avoid an important family occasion is a bulletproof reason and a brilliant acting performance worthy of an Oscar, so keep that in mind because if he is prepared to go through all that trouble just to be with you, you don’t have to wonder anymore if he does love you.

He will miss many birthdays because of you, including those of his wife and children. Are you aware of what a huge risk that is and how hard he has to try to come up with valid reasons for his absence? He wouldn’t be going through all that trouble if he didn’t genuinely care for you.

And what’s more, besides having to deceive his family and come up with plausible stories, this also indicates a weakening of his family ties. You have become more important to him than his wife and children, and he has to lead a double life which he wouldn’t be doing if he didn’t love you.

3. He gives you expensive gifts that he would never give his wife

9 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

Every married man is the same when it comes to gifts, and throughout history, mistresses have always gotten more expensive gifts than wives. When a married man is in love with you, he will not be cheap and will buy you expensive, luxury gifts that he would never buy for his wife. Wives usually get practical gifts as they become more distant from their men.

But it’s not just about the expense, because gifts need to be thoughtful and considerate as well. So, a married man will take time to plan a special gift for the woman he is in love with, who is not his wife. If he is not just relying on jewelry, chocolates, and flowers but puts in more effort into really give you something special he has put thought into, he really cares for you.

4. He creates fake stories to make it possible to lead a double life

A one-time excuse is easy to come up with, but in order to create more permanent availability for an affair, he has to come up with a job development or a sick relative far away in order to free himself for all the times he needs to be with you.

Believable fiction needs time, care, and nurturing to keep it plausible and alive, so he really has to put in an effort in order to free himself so he could spend more time with you. And since men are usually less cunning and manipulative than women, this isn’t an easy task for him.

If you want proof that your married man has long-lasting intentions and is serious about you, just consider how much he has to work on creating a believable cover story. And he is willing to go through all that trouble just to spend time with you.

5. He tries to be charming and look good for you

9 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

What if a married man falls in love with you? He will go out of his way just to make you smile. He wants you to think of him as witty and charming, so he will use any chance he gets to make you laugh.

When you are in a group of people, he will keep his eyes on you when he is telling a joke because he only cares about your reaction. A married man doesn’t want to be perceived as just someone who is taken but as an interesting and amusing guy with whom you would like to be involved with.

And that is why he will try to present himself in the best possible light and look as good as possible. Whether he is wearing cologne or an expensive watch, he will try his best to look good for you.

You might even notice that he is constantly adjusting his hair or tie when he is around you, without him noticing he is doing it.

6. He acts too friendly

If you mean something to him, he will go out of his way to meet your needs. He will try to take care of you and will be wondering if you are okay. He will want to know if you are tired, if you have been sleeping enough or if there is something that is bothering you. What is behind this is his need to protect you and show you support.

There is a difference between being friendly and polite and putting in extra effort to show you what you mean to him. He wants you to know that he is reliable and will always be there for you.

Maybe he will start with simple things like offering you a ride home, but he will continue to show interest in helping you with serious life issues. What he is trying to do is become your friend and the first person you call when you have problems.

He also wants to spend as much time with you as possible, and since he is married, he can’t simply ask you out, so he has to come up with ways to get close to you, even if only as a friend at first.

You will notice him coming up with excuses just to make contact with you because he will use any chance he gets to be near you and talk to you. He wants to get to know you, and he also wants you to get to know him better and stop seeing him only as a married man because his marriage doesn’t define him, nor can it stop him from falling head over heels for you. He will always call with an excuse to see you.

7. He wants to know about your love life

9 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

If you are just a friend to him, he won’t be the one to mention your love life until you talk about it first, but if you mean more to him, he will want to find out all there is about your love life and especially if you are involved with someone at the moment.

The amount of his interest in your love life is equal to the amount of his interest in you. He will want to know what kind of guys you like and the details of your relationship if you are currently seeing someone. What he actually wants is for you to complain about your relationship so he could get the chance to show you how he feels about you.

Even though he is a married man and therefore has no right to act jealous around you, he will most certainly be jealous since he is, after all, a man in love. And it will be harder for him to hide his jealousy the more he cares for you.

He will probably feel threatened by every guy who hangs around you, as if you were in a relationship. This jealousy is a clear sign he loves you.

8. He is open with you

He will probably open up to you and talk honestly about his marriage and the problems he has had with his wife for years. He will most likely tell you that they don’t share common goals and interests, but he will lie to you that they haven’t been intimate for a long time.

According to him, he might as well be single since he feels that way, and his marriage was over a long time ago; they just haven’t admitted it to each other yet. He will even call his marriage a worthless piece of paper that’s stopping him from finally being happy.

But he will open up about other things as well and will talk to you about his past, as well as his hopes and dreams. But be careful because most of the things he says, especially about his marriage, aren’t really the way he says they are, and he is ready to lie to your face just to win your heart.

9. He says he loves you

9 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

The final proof that he loves you is him actually saying the words, “I love you.” But be aware that he might have loved you for ages before he got the courage to finally come out and say it.

But still, he might not have any intention of leaving his wife even though he might be telling the truth and really loves you, so it’s up to you whether you want to get involved with him with the risk that he never actually leaves his wife for you, because men rarely do.

His body language is a huge indicator of his love

But let’s get back to his body language because it’s a huge indicator of his love.

He will probably get nervous when he is around you and will always lean toward you while talking. He will also make continuous eye contact with you and will always have a smile on his face when you are near him. He will also use any chance he gets to touch you.

Also, a big indicator that he loves you is that he will play with his wedding ring when he is with you, like it’s bothering him that he has it. Eventually, he will stop wearing it when he is with you.

9 Signs A Married Man Is In Love With You

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