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12 Signs He Won’t Leave His Wife For You No Matter What He Tells You

12 Signs He Won’t Leave His Wife For You No Matter What He Tells You

These signs he won’t leave his wife will let you know if he’ll never really be with you.

No matter how hard he tries to make you think that he will, you’re about to learn the truth.

Will he leave his wife for me? If you are asking yourself that question, it means that you’re in a secret relationship with someone’s unfaithful husband.

He probably keeps promising you that he’ll eventually leave his wife and be with you, but delays this for a long time.

This is making you worry that he’s more likely to end up leaving you instead of his wife.

The ugly truth is that you could be right. A lot of married men cheat on their wife, and that’s a fact.

However, it’s also a fact that most of them don’t ever leave their wife for their mistress.

They keep promising their mistress that they will eventually leave their wife… The mistress believes them, but it almost never happens.

In fact, most men who cheat on their wife have no intention of ever leaving them, no matter what they tell their mistress.

Will he leave her? He says he will…

You need to pay more attention to what he does than what he says. Actions always speak louder than words.

Here are all the signs he won’t leave his wife for you:

1. He tries hard to keep your relationship a secret

Most of his friends don’t even know about you, let alone had the chance to meet you.

He is never there for you when you need him because the two of you get together only when he sneaks out.

When he is at home, he can’t talk to you, so he doesn’t want you to call or text him.

He even seems embarrassed about anyone ever finding out about the two of you.

You rarely ever see him in public because you only meet indoors where no one can see you.

Now, you’d think that this is how it simply has to be since you are having an affair…

But if he wants to leave his wife, why would he care so much about keeping your relationship a secret?

What’s the worst thing that could happen if she found out about you if he doesn’t want to be with her anymore anyway?

Why does he seem afraid of losing her if he says that he wants to leave her? This is just one of the signs he won’t leave his wife, no matter what he says.

2. He told you that he doesn’t want to leave his wife

DONE! 12 Signs He Won’t Leave His Wife For You No Matter What He Tells You

I have to mention this obvious sign because you could be making yourself believe that he will leave her even if he said that he won’t.

Most unfaithful husbands will try to convince their mistress that they want to be with them and so will leave their wife.

So, when a man tells you honestly that he has no intention of doing that, you need to believe him.

Just because he’s honest about this doesn’t mean that he’s the man you should be with.

The only reason he’s one of the rare honest unfaithful husbands is that he doesn’t want to feel guilty about leading you on.

This means that he’s not being honest with you for your sake, but for his. He clearly doesn’t intend to stay with you forever, so why are you even together?

Unless you simply enjoy being a side chick and don’t want anything more either, you should definitely leave him.

If you want this to go on, you will need to be aware of the side chick rules.

3. He doesn’t make plans for the future with you

Will he leave her? Well, if he will, he will have a future with you.

Does he talk about the future with you, and do those plans for the future include you?

If you are not a part of his plans for the future, he doesn’t plan to have a future with you.

Clearly, he would talk to you about the future if he was planning to leave his wife.

If he doesn’t, he’s only wasting your time, and you should find the strength to leave him.

Why would you waste your time with someone who doesn’t intend to be with you much longer when you can be with someone who does?

4. He likes talking about his family

DONE! 12 Signs He Won’t Leave His Wife For You No Matter What He Tells You

Men talk to the girl they’re with about the things that interest them the most and about the things that they most often think about.

What does the man you’re having an affair with talk about most?

If he likes talking about his family and mentions them a lot, they mean more to him than you realize.

You will never be a priority to him because they are, and you deserve to be with someone who’ll put you first.

Maybe he’s feeling burdened and complains a lot about his wife, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll leave her.

When almost all he talks about is his family, it’s one of the signs he won’t leave his wife.

If you are asking yourself, “Will he leave his wife for me?” you probably have a lot of things you would say to her.

Why don’t you write her a letter and explain how you feel?

Of course, you should never send that letter, but putting your feelings and thoughts in it will help you feel better.

You should also think about what kind of husband this man would be to you if he ever left his wife.

Do you think that he would be faithful to you even though he’s not to her?

5. He doesn’t truly care about you

Your married man doesn’t do things to make you happy, because he only cares about his own happiness.

You don’t get to experience the beautiful parts of being in a relationship because he doesn’t act the way a partner should.

Whenever he needs you, you are there for him, to give him love and support… But when you need him to be there for you, he always has an excuse ready.

The truth is, he always chooses his wife over you.

Maybe you are hurt because of something bad that happened, and you need him, but his wife needs him to go grocery shopping with her.

He would rather choose to carry groceries for her than to wipe away your tears.

You deserve someone who will always be there for you, and who’ll always choose you. That is what a person who truly cares about you would do.

If he is going to leave his wife, why does he choose to be with her rather than with you when you need him?

The truth is that he cares more about her than you, even though he cheats on her with you.

6. He keeps acting like a married man

DONE! 12 Signs He Won’t Leave His Wife For You No Matter What He Tells You

This man still goes on vacation with his family and acts like a regular married man who attends all family gatherings.

Maybe he spends some time with you, but then he goes home, tucks his kids in bed every night, and sleeps next to his wife.

On the outside, he seems just like any other happily married man, even though he has told you that he’s not happy in his marriage.

If this is what the unfaithful husband you’re with is like, he has no intention of leaving his wife.

He clearly still wants to be an important member of his little family, and this means more to him than you do.

That is why he shows no signs of trying to leave them for you.

If the two of you never go out in public and don’t act like a real couple, you’re just his mistress.

When a man isn’t willing to make you a priority, it’s time for you to look for someone who will.

7. He only has negative things to say about his wife

At first, you would think that a man who only talks negatively about his wife is a man ready to leave her, but think again.

Mistresses who got their men to leave their wives for them all agree that those men had nice things to say about their wives.

They remember that quite well because they didn’t enjoy hearing about it.

When a man has nothing nice to say about his wife, it actually shows that he’s trying to make you think that he’ll leave her even though he won’t.

If he was honest with you, he would tell you nice things about her as well. He just tells you bad things because he tells you what you want to hear.

He’s probably afraid that if he talked to you honestly about his wife, you would realize that he will not leave her for you.

8. He never keeps his promises

DONE! 12 Signs He Won’t Leave His Wife For You No Matter What He Tells You

If he has been promising you for a while now that he’ll leave his wife, and yet he still goes home to her every night, he’s lying.

He probably promised you that he’s going to file for a divorce, yet he has never even mentioned the word ‘divorce’ to his wife.

These are not the only promises he doesn’t keep. He promised you a fancy date, and you never got to go on that date.

Men are aware of how we women love fairy tales. We want to hear men promise us the moon on a string, and we always believe them.

They string us along with these fake promises so that we will keep hanging on.

He doesn’t want to leave his wife, but he doesn’t want you to leave him either, so he promises he will leave her for you.

When are you going to get tired enough of his promises to leave him and find someone who always keeps them?

9. He doesn’t know the real answer to why he wants to leave her

Okay, he told you that he’s leaving his wife, but what happens when you ask him why? Why is he leaving her?

Ask him this and listen carefully to what he tells you.

He will probably give a very vague answer. Maybe he’ll say that he isn’t happy with her anymore, or that he always wanted to leave her.

He could tell you that she’s not the right person for him or that she mistreats him.

The point is that whatever he says will be about her, and he’ll never blame himself for anything.

It’s all her fault and her fault alone. Do you really believe that he’s just a sweet innocent man and his wife is an evil witch?

Ask him why he is cheating on her too.

The fact that he doesn’t know the real answer to why he wants to leave her is one of the signs he won’t leave his wife.

10. He makes excuses for why he can’t leave his wife

DONE! 12 Signs He Won’t Leave His Wife For You No Matter What He Tells You

There always seems to be a reason why he couldn’t possibly leave his wife right now…

Maybe his wife is sick, maybe she’s unstable, or she got fired from her job.

The next time, someone in the family passed away or got very sick…

Whatever the excuse is, there’s always an excuse.

He could be finding excuses by himself, or his wife is giving them to him, but either way, there will always be an excuse.

When I say that his wife could be giving him excuses, it’s because a lot of wives want to stay with their husbands even when they’re cheaters.

If he isn’t coming up with excuses by himself, she knows which of them will work best on him.

How long will you listen to excuse after excuse? Maybe he won’t ever leave his wife but will still stay with you.

Will you really be happy being an unmarried woman who’s having an affair with someone else’s husband?

You can’t choose who you fall in love with, and that’s true, but it’s also true that you can choose who you’ll end up with.

Do you want to spend the rest of your life as just a mistress waiting for a man who’ll never leave his wife?

11. He only likes you for your looks

The way he communicates with you will tell you a lot about what he’s really interested in.

If he truly likes you for who you are, he will want to know all about your feelings, thoughts, and days.

He will ask you about how things are at work, what you’ve been up to when he wasn’t with you, and other details about your life.

The point is that the two of you will be able to have meaningful conversations.

If he’s only interested in your looks, not in your personality, he won’t act that way.

He will instead mostly flirt with you and talk about how pretty you are.

While this is always nice to hear, it means that his interest in you is based on something shallow.

He likes the way you look, and he is attracted to you, but that is pretty much it.

You can’t have a serious relationship with someone who only likes you for your looks.

He won’t leave his wife just because you look better than her.

12. He always tells you that he is unhappy in his marriage

DONE! 12 Signs He Won’t Leave His Wife For You No Matter What He Tells You

A man who is unhappy in his marriage would leave his wife, and wouldn’t even cheat on her before doing so.

Suppose he keeps telling you how unhappy he is with his wife but never does anything about it.

In that case, it’s just one of the lies an unfaithful husband tells his mistress.

Married men talk to their mistress about how unhappy they are in their marriage because they know how it makes that girl feel.

You feel like you are saving him and helping him. When he tells you about his unhappiness, you feel like you are the source of his happiness.

He is very well aware of that, and that is why he is telling you all that in the first place.

If these signs he won’t leave his wife for you seem awfully familiar to you, it’s time to end that relationship.

Use the no contact rule and cut off all communication.

Why do they almost never leave their wife for their mistress? Well, there are three common reasons.

1. When a man has both a wife and a mistress, he has everything he wants

DONE! 12 Signs He Won’t Leave His Wife For You No Matter What He Tells You

He has a wife and kids at home, and a mistress waiting for him in a hotel, and he couldn’t be happier.

The ideal situation for all men who cheat is getting to have their cake and eat it too.

When he’s with you, he gets to enjoy a great time with no responsibility or commitment whatsoever.

Afterward, he goes home to his wife and enjoys spending time with her and their kids.

His wife cooks for him, cleans up everything after him, and takes care of his children…

He also has you, who takes care of him in all the other ways his wife doesn’t, by providing carefree fun and excitement.

An unfaithful husband gets to have two women in his life, both trying hard to make him happy, and he couldn’t be happier.

Will he leave his wife? Why would he when he can have both of you taking care of him?

2. Getting a divorce is too stressful

Do you know how expensive and painful getting divorced can be?

Just think about all the lawyers, fights, the problems it will cause the kids, the amount of money it costs, and all the other issues.

Putting himself, as well as his family, through all that is not his intention, especially since he doesn’t even have to do it.

Will he leave his wife? Why would he when you’re glad to see him whenever he gets the chance to sneak out?

That sneaking around is much easier and simpler than getting a divorce.

3. If he wanted to leave his wife, he would have already done so

DONE! 12 Signs He Won’t Leave His Wife For You No Matter What He Tells You

Even the stress of divorce and the pain he’d cause his family wouldn’t stop him from leaving his wife if he truly loved you.

He would have already left his wife if he loved you as much as he says he does.

Really think about it. Why hasn’t he left her already? If he wanted to, he would.

Don’t blame yourself for believing his lies. Every woman who dates another woman’s unfaithful husband wants to believe everything he tells her.

Give yourself some time to grieve and cry as much as you need to, but be aware that you’ll find someone better.

You don’t need to be with a married man when you can end up with a man who’ll marry you.

Focus on yourself right now, and try to make yourself happy.

What could you possibly have with a married man? Even if he did leave his wife for you, he would probably end up cheating on you with someone else.

There are plenty of good men out there, and you will find the one who’s right for you.

He will make you a priority, shower you with love and affection, and proudly introduce you to everyone as his girlfriend.

That man will enjoy planning the future with you, and he’ll always be there for you when you need him.

You will find that man, but you have to stop wasting your time with a man who will never give you what you deserve.

If you really don’t want to give up on this married man, try giving him an ultimatum.

Tell him that he has a certain amount of time to leave his wife; otherwise, you’ll leave him.

Don’t give him too much time, because you don’t want to waste any more of yours.

After the time has passed, if he hasn’t left his wife, stick to what you said, and leave him.

It will hurt for a while, but you’ll soon feel a lot better and find someone right for you who’ll make you forget about this unfaithful husband.

Good luck!

12 Signs He Won’t Leave His Wife For You No Matter What He Tells You