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18 Not-So-Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You Over Text

18 Not-So-Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You Over Text

Let’s face it. It’s not always easy to spot signs a guy likes you over text.

When you see a guy in real life, you know how to read his body language. You can recognize the signs and know how to interpret them the right way. That’s why it’s so confusing when all you have are little blocks of text.

It’s no cakewalk, because you want to make sure that he’s genuinely interested in you before you get your hopes up. You don’t want to believe that he’s just playing with you, but you don’t want to exclude the possibility entirely.

You’ve had your heart broken more times than you can count. So why would you trust someone entirely based on a gut feeling? You need actual proof!

With texting, it’s easy to misinterpret a joke as something serious and just as easy to miss when someone is flirting with you.

Because of that, it’s so important for you to understand the obvious signs a guy shows over text when he likes you. You’re waiting for a big confession, but all you need is to pay closer attention to certain details.

His texting behaviors will definitely change once he starts catching feelings, because men, just like women, will invariably show affection even at times when they’re trying really hard to hide it.

Everything will be much clearer once you continue reading and realize that he’s been showing actual signs of interest.

18 signs a guy likes you that you can spot over text

1. He initiates the conversation

DONE! 18 Not-So-Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You Over Text

People usually text you first only when they need something from you. He doesn’t seem to do that with you! When he texts you, he does so to have an actual conversation with you.

And he texts you first at different times during the day. Whether it’s to tell you a story, because he wants to check in on you, or to initiate a chat with some random conversation starter.

When you’re looking for signs a guy likes you that you can spot over text, then you need to note how often he’s the one to initiate conversation. If you’re the one to always text him first, then he doesn’t really want to talk to you.

This sign is a pretty straightforward and easy one to recognize. He texts you because he’s thinking of you at that moment. That in itself is significant enough to prove that he’s caught feelings for you.

2. He texts back quickly

Don’t you just hate it when a man takes ages to reply to you? You completely lose the will to text him again.

You have other things to do, too! Why should you just wait for him to text you back for the entire day?

Most of the time, guys like this plan when to text you and how to respond to you, because they’re too insecure about themselves. They believe you’ll think that they’re too desperate if they text you right back.

But a guy who’s truly excited to talk to you will definitely text you back right away. And when you’re talking to him, you can see that he’s actively engaged in the conversation, not just giving short one-liner replies.

If he doesn’t take long to reply to you, even at times when you know that he has other things to do, he’s there to have an actual conversation with you.

3. He sends you good morning and good night texts

DONE! 18 Not-So-Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You Over Text

Do you wake up in the morning with a text from him already waiting for you? Then you were definitely the first thing on his mind this morning and you can bet that he likes you at least a little bit.

You don’t text these kinds of things to just anyone, only to someone who’s special to you.

A guy usually wouldn’t bother to go through the effort of these texts if he’s just messing with you. But you can know for sure that he’s a good guy when he does these things to make sure you understand you’re important in his life.

The same thing goes for good night texts. You were probably already texting when one of you decided to go to sleep, and because of that, he sent you a text saying he wishes you sweet dreams.

Texts like these definitely imply that there’s more to this guy than you think.

4. He asks questions

It’s so easy to let a conversation die out. When you feel like you have nothing to talk about and the other person isn’t making an effort to continue the conversation, it can be extremely tiresome.

If it seems as if you’re the only one trying to keep the conversation going, then he definitely doesn’t like you.

If you’re looking for a definite sign a guy likes you over text, then pay attention to how many questions he asks.

Asking questions is a great way to get to know each other as well as to continue chatting with each other. It shows that he’s interested and that he doesn’t want to stop talking to you.

Asking questions will help him see deeper into what makes you, you. Plus, you then have the opportunity to ask him questions in return.

If he’s interested in getting to know you and finding out more about you, it’s obvious that he’s into you.

5. He never ghosts you

DONE! 18 Not-So-Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You Over Text

Ghosting has become such a casual thing these days that I’m afraid that we’re getting used to people just pretending like we don’t exist.

One day you’re texting the person and a couple of days later you’re still waiting for their text, even though you can see they’ve been online.

One of the signs a guy likes you that you can immediately spot over text is that he actually doesn’t ghost you! He doesn’t just spend hours online without replying to you.

He doesn’t spend days not talking to you and leaving your messages unseen.

And if on the rare occasion he doesn’t reply, this man will always give a reasonable explanation. It won’t be a half-truth, but something that’s actually authentic and you know it’s true.

People think that ghosting is cool and that it’s definitely a way to keep a girl hooked, but a guy who wants something serious with you won’t risk this.

6. He let’s you know when he won’t be available

It’s so frustrating when someone doesn’t reply to your text messages and you don’t know what’s going on.

That’s just like ghosting. Then the person just comes back into your life pretending like nothing ever happened, when in actuality, you would’ve loved an explanation!

Does your guy always tell you when he won’t be available to text you? Does he always make sure to tell you that he’ll be in a meeting, out of town, or loaded with work?

If that’s truly the case, then you’re seeing the signs that this guy likes you and it’s obvious even over text.

Someone who isn’t playing games will always make sure to tell you what’s going on and where they’re going to be so that you don’t have to overanalyze things.

It’s too easy to go down a rabbit hole by overthinking, which can ruin his chances with you. That’s why he’ll always make sure you know where he’s at and what he’s up to.

This is also an amazing way to build trust for the future of your relationship.

7. He’s always trying to make you laugh

DONE! 18 Not-So-Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You Over Text

Making someone laugh or smile is an easy way to build a connection. Especially if it’s one that you hope will turn into something more serious.

You know that when you meet a guy and he immediately tries to make you laugh, it’s a sign that he likes you. And the same principle applies to online communication.

He’ll go out of his way to tell you a joke or simply tell you about something funny that happened in his day. He’ll send you hysterical memes and funny cat videos, just to get a reaction out of you.

When you text a smiling or laughing emoji, it reassures him that he’s doing something right. Your laugh definitely makes him feel good about himself.

8. He compliments you a lot

“Hey, I saw you today in town, but I was in a rush so I couldn’t say hi. Anyway, just wanted to say that new haircut looks great on you!”

“I saw that new pic you posted on Instagram, you look absolutely stunning!”

Most of the time, men won’t be very poetic when they compliment you. They’ll be very straightforward. But the compliment itself will depend on how much they like you.

So, for example, if he compliments you just generally and he says you’re beautiful, it probably means that he likes you, but that the feelings aren’t really there yet.

However, when he starts telling you that you’re stunning and he hypes you up a lot, it’s because he’s really catching feelings.

Another thing you may want to pay attention to is if he notices minor changes in your appearance. For example, when he sees that you’ve cut your hair and immediately compliments you on it.

Men usually don’t really pay attention to those small details unless they’re really interested in you.

9. He updates you on his life

DONE! 18 Not-So-Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You Over Text

The best way to show someone that you’re interested in them and also build trust is to update them about your life.

Does he make sure to let you in on his plans for the day? Does he tell you how his day went at night? If that’s the case, then he really wants you to be a part of his life.

You know everything that’s going on with him right now. You know he’s waiting for that job promotion, that he doesn’t know what to buy his sister for her birthday, and so on.

Things like that are obviously small details, but he doesn’t mind sharing them with you.

When he lands that promotion and goes to buy his sister a gift, you’ll be the first one he informs about it. You may even get pictures along with it.

Someone who doesn’t like you wouldn’t bother with these things. If he didn’t care about you romantically, then he wouldn’t feel the need to make you a part of his life. He’d just tell you the bare minimum to keep you hooked.

But this man does the complete opposite.

10. He says he’d rather be with you than text you

One of the signs a guy really likes you that you can identify over text is when he says that he’d prefer seeing you rather than texting you at that moment.

For whatever reason, you’re bound to text each other each day. You can’t really see him as often as you’d like to, so you have to type your emotions instead of talking about them.

But he makes sure to tell you that he’d much rather see you in person than settle for texting. That he doesn’t really have much of a choice right now and texting will have to do.

It’s really obvious that he likes you because he would much rather spend time with you face-to-face, but right now he’ll take what he can get.

11. He tells you what you’d be doing if you were together right now

DONE! 18 Not-So-Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You Over Text

“If I could be there right now, I’d give you a massage for that painful back of yours.”

“I’m so sorry your friends blew you off! If I was there with you, I’d definitely take you out right now.”

He really does like you and you shouldn’t even question his intentions if he says things like these. I know that things like this can sound a bit cheesy and unreal.

Nonetheless, he made the conscious decision to click the “send” button and tell you what he’d love to do right now.

He definitely means it. He would love to spend time with you. And if he can’t do that, then he’ll imagine it and put the idea into your head as well.

12. He makes actual plans to see you

At the end of the day, the easiest thing is to imagine you two being together. But he doesn’t want it to just stay at that.

It’s obvious that he likes you. He wants to see you and makes actual plans to do that!

This is especially important if you don’t live anywhere near each other. When you have to guess how often you’ll be able to see each other, you get consumed by it very easily.

That’s why it so important to talk to a man who won’t just text you for days and months without it ever going anywhere. He’ll actually make it his mission to see you!

This is one of the obvious signs a guy likes you over a text because he wants to have more than just this. He doesn’t want to leave it at texting, only to ignore you one day.

When he makes these plans, he makes sure to take you and your own plans into consideration, and he won’t leave you hanging.

13. He uses emojis

DONE! 18 Not-So-Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You Over Text

You and I both know that men usually don’t use emojis as much as we do. It’s more likely that you’re the one to end every single sentence with one.

But a guy who likes you will want to be more playful around you. Also, emojis give you the opportunity to bring a little lightheartedness and emotion into the conversation.

This is especially important because you can’t see his actual facial expressions.

A guy will often use emojis when he’s flirting with you. He’ll send you heart-eyes, blowing kisses, and blushing faces. He takes his time to find the right emoji and use it in your text messages.

This man is a goner, all you have to do right now is finally admit it.

14. He shows genuine concern

We all know that people can fake concern very easily. They pretend to care so that we’ll think of them highly, where actually, they couldn’t care less about us or the things we’re going through.

A guy who likes you will show you true concern, though.

For instance, when you tell him that you’re not feeling well, he’ll text you throughout the day to check in on you. He’ll ask about your temperature, if you’re taking your meds, and so on.

His concern feels so genuine that it’s like he’s bound to show up at your doorstep any moment with chicken soup.

Another example is when you don’t reply to him and he doesn’t know where you’re at. He wants to know if you’re doing alright, so he won’t hesitate to light up your phone with texts or even phone calls.

He wants to know if you’re doing alright because if you’re not, then he has to rush to your side! Only a guy who truly care about you will react this way.

15. He’s copying your texting style

DONE! 18 Not-So-Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You Over Text

Have you ever heard that we tend to mirror the way people talk and act when we like them? It’s true that we tend to mimic the person we’re interested in – and that also goes for our texting style too.

After a while, you may realize that you’ve accommodated yourself to his writing style for easier communication but also to appeal to him. And this same thing happens to men when they like someone.

So pay attention to the way he texts you and how similar it is to your texting style. Compare the way he texted you at the beginning when you first started talking, to the way he talks to you right now.

He’s probably copying your texting style at this point and it’s getting obvious.

You can see this because he uses the same emojis that you do. He now uses stickers or GIFs where he didn’t before.

It’s something that’ll happen only when someone likes you.

16. He shares random things with you

It doesn’t matter if it’s an article about something that he finds interesting or if it’s nothing more than a funny meme.

He always shares these things with you because he knows that you’d enjoy seeing them and talking to him about them.

Sometimes, he even uses them as a conversation starter, but usually there’s no timing to them.

You may be wondering why this is one of the signs a guy likes you that you can see over text?

Well, a guy who doesn’t like you wouldn’t bother with these things. If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t share things that are interesting to him with you.

He wants to see your reaction and hear your opinion. Why would he care about these things if he didn’t care about you? You’re important to him and he wants to talk about this with you.

17. He texts you when he’s under the influence

DONE! 18 Not-So-Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You Over Text

You know just as well as I do that when you’ve had one too many, that’s when you’re most prone to texting the person who’s been on your mind and who you want to talk to.

Does he drunk-text or dial you? You know that he’s been out with his friends and he obviously doesn’t care that it’s late at night. He’s triple texting you things that you can’t even decipher.

If he texts you when he’s drunk, then he’s definitely interested in you as more than friends. It may even slip out when he texts you at this hour.

A guy who doesn’t like you won’t ever text a girl he’s not into, and even less so if he’s under the influence.

So if he’s texting you from the club, and you can definitely see other signs in his behavior as well, then you’ve got nothing to worry about: He’s really into you.

18. He asks you if you have a boyfriend

Definitely one of the most obvious signs a guy likes you is when he finds a way to ask you over text if you have a boyfriend. He’ll do it probably during a conversation about your past relationships or something like that.

If you’re not seeing each other, but just casually texting, then count this as a monumental moment.

He wants to know if you’re single. If you are, then that means that he has a chance with you and he can step up his game to win you over.

18 Not-So-Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You Over Text

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