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14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You

14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You

Do you have a hunch that this one guy has been showing you some signs he finds you adorable? This makes you happy but you first need to be sure that it’s not all in your head.

Maybe you like him a lot and the idea that he may feel the same way about you puts you in high spirits on so many levels but you don’t want to rush things. You need some evidence that the hints he’s giving you are real and that you haven’t made them up.

However, you don’t feel that you can do that on your own. Since you want him to find you adorable, you can’t be straightforward and honest about the signals he’s sending you.

Even when he asks how you’re doing, you seem to see signs that he can’t resist you but you think you need a second opinion. You need someone to list the signs that show he finds you adorable and explain them to you objectively.

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you several signs that can help you figure out whether your guy truly can’t resist you.

If you happen to see many of them, then congratulations – you’re a winner!

Signs he finds you adorable!

14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You

Maybe you met this new guy and every time you hang out alone or in a group of friends, he acts differently from any of the other guys.

You feel a connection with him but it looks like there’s something more. One of your friends told you that it’s more than obvious that he finds you charming but you’re not really sure whether that’s true.

Maybe he’s simply being polite to you or perhaps he’s trying to be friendly. But then again, if you think about it, there are other women in your group of friends and he doesn’t treat any of them the way he treats you.

Could it be true that he can’t resist you? Does he truly see something in you that he can’t see in any of the other females?

You’re about to find that out! If your special guy shows you any of these signs, the chances are that he finds you adorable.

He thinks that someone like you is rare to find and he can’t resist the thought of having you by his side.

1. He can’t look away

DONE 14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You 2

One of the first signs he finds you adorable is if he can’t look away. It’s obvious that he tries to force himself to look in another direction but his eyes won’t let him do that.

They’re glued to you and he can’t move them away, no matter how hard he tries. It feels like he gets lost in your eyes and he can’t seem to shake himself back to reality.

He’s stuck the moment when his glance finally intertwines with yours. You become the only thing he can focus on.

It really makes no difference whether you hang out all alone or with a group of friends. What matters most is that he loses the ability to focus on anything else except for you.

To be honest, he could probably stare at you for several minutes and he wouldn’t even notice. It doesn’t make him uncomfortable and he feels utterly happy that he’s in the company of such an adorable person.

2. He always compliments you

14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You

This is also one of the signs he finds you adorable.

Every time you meet for a coffee, he finds something to compliment you on. Even when he stumbles upon you in the middle of the crowded town, he still notices how beautiful you look that day.

He compliments your hair, your dress, or the way your eyes shine in the sunlight. Every detail about you mesmerizes him and he can’t keep quiet about it.

He has to let you know how adorable you are, even if it’s the third compliment he’s giving you in a row.

When a guy is impressed by the way you look or the way you act, it’s obvious that he sees you as more than just a friend, especially when you realize that he pays detailed attention to everything you do.

Even your achievements at work, your weird quirks, and the tiny little gestures you make when you smile make him compliment you. Everything you do makes him happy and he simply has to let you know that.

He doesn’t want you to change any of the things you do and he needs you to know how adorable you are. These little things definitely make you feel special, as you’ve never met a guy who treated you this way.

Guys have always wanted something from you but this one seems different. He keeps showing you that you’re one of a kind and there’s no better feeling than that.

3. He wants to get to know you better

DONE 14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You 4

This isn’t one of those guys who’ll take you out and then spend hours talking about his life accomplishments and how amazing he is. Instead, he barely talks about himself unless you ask him to.

In that case, he won’t have an issue telling you a few words about his humble self. But what he really wants is to get to know you better and you can notice that through the way he’s highly engaged in the conversation.

He listens to every word you say and he makes sure not to interrupt you. He gets lost in the sound of your voice and he happily listens to everything you say.

It’s obvious that he wants to get to know you better and you can tell that by the fact that he remembers everything you already told him.

He remembers how you learned to ride your bike and how it’s the most valuable memory from your childhood.

He knows how proud you were of yourself on the day you graduated and he hasn’t forgotten how you always eat something sweet with your coffee.

Those things could easily slip his memory if he wasn’t into you but since he pays attention when you talk, all of the words you say get engraved into his mind. His wish to get to know you better is one of the signs he finds you adorable.

4. He wants to spend time with you

14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You

Besides making a genuine effort to get to know you better, this guy will also show the initiative to hang out more. Every opportunity he sees, he’ll invite you to spend time together.

And even if you tell him that you have something else to finish, he’ll make sure to help you do the job faster so you can hang out afterward, which is also one of the signs he finds you adorable.

There’s something about you that keeps pulling him in. Your presence is magnetic and he feels the need to spend as much time as possible with you.

Every moment he spends with you means a lot to him. Even if you spend hours together, he’ll still wish to see you the second after he’s walked you home.

He finds you irresistible and he can’t stop thinking about you. Spending even fifteen minutes of his time with you will still make his day better.

It’s simple. Being around you makes him happy and as a result, he’s always looking for ways to spend as much time as possible with you.

5. He helps you whenever you need it

DONE 14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You 6

Most of the time, you don’t even have to ask for his help. You’ll tell him about something you have to do and he’ll make sure to show you that he’s there for you.

Even if it means that he’ll go and shop for groceries with you, if he can make your day easier, he’ll be more than happy to do that.

If he finds you adorable, then he’ll want to impress you and make you fall for him. And guys usually do that by helping a girl in need.

That’s exactly what he’s trying to do every time he makes an offer to drop by your house and help you with something he knows you’re struggling with.

You can put him through a test and see how much you mean to him. Call him in the middle of the day, out of the blue, and ask him to give you a hand with something.

If he’s attracted to you, he’ll leave what he’s doing and come to help you as soon as he can. This only goes to show that you’re special and he sees you as more than a friend.

6. He’s up for all of your spontaneous ideas

14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You

You know that he had a busy day and that the only thing he feels like doing is watching TV in cozy sweats, having a rest from a chaotic day. But if you invite him to have a drink with you, he’ll say YES right away.

He’ll be up for all of the things that make you happy, even if he feels tired from work. It doesn’t matter at all since he wants to be with you, no matter how exhausted he is.

To be honest, you could be drinking coffee in a local cafe when you decide that you want to immediately go on a road trip. And even if he doesn’t have anything like that planned, he’ll still agree to go because he can’t miss out on the opportunity to spend some time with you.

If you see that he’s up for everything you say then it’s a clear sign he finds you adorable. He wants to be around you no matter what and he shows you that through his behavior.

7. He never points out your imperfections

DONE 14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You 8

The fact that he doesn’t want to mention your imperfections is also one of the signs he finds you adorable.

Even though we all have our flaws and we’re aware of them, a guy who finds you attractive won’t point any of them out. To be honest, he probably doesn’t even see them since he thinks you’re perfect and finds you irresistible.

Even if it bothers you that you make a weird sound when you laugh, he’s never pointed it out even though he’s heard you giggle many times.

Maybe you get angry easily and in a matter of seconds, it feels as if steam is coming out of your ears. But he’s never made you feel bad for that because he knows that it’s a part of your personality.

He knows that in moments, you’ll turn into your old self and he doesn’t feel the need to put pressure on you by pointing it out. He knows that no matter what, you’ll still be the most beautiful person he’s ever met.

Your uniqueness makes you special and there’s nothing he doesn’t like about you. Even though he knows that you see many flaws when you look at yourself in the mirror, he still can’t seem to notice any of them.

To him, you’re prefect and what more could you ask from a guy.

8. He appreciates you for who you are

14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You

This guy cherishes every single detail that makes you who you are and he makes sure you know that. He appreciates everything about you because it’s your personality that he fell for.

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a shy and reserved person who needs some time before opening up or if you’re a very talkative and confident one who makes friends everywhere you go. He won’t try to change you.

Your adorable sense of humor, your will to work on yourself and grow as a person, and your need to help others are all what attracted him in the first place.

You would never hear him saying that you have to change something about yourself. If you were to ask him, he would choose for you to stay the same for the rest of your life.

When a guy doesn’t want you to change, it only goes to show that he finds you adorable and that his heart doesn’t need anyone except you. Your presence makes him happy and who could wish for more than that.

9. He always laughs at your jokes

DONE 14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You 10

It’s a well-known fact that if a guy likes you, he will laugh at your jokes. Even if the joke sucks and you told it badly, he’ll still think that it’s hilarious.

This shows what a man is capable of when he likes a woman. So, if you notice that your special guy keeps laughing at your jokes, even when everyone else is quiet, you should see that as a sign that he finds you adorable.

Sometimes, he may decide to laugh because he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.

In that case, he knows that your joke isn’t the best quality but he doesn’t want you to feel embarrassed because of it, so he laughs together with you and makes you feel better about it.

He may instead feel so attracted to you that everything you say seems funny. All of your deep thoughts become the most impressive ideas and all of your lame jokes turn into award-winning humor and that’s because he likes you.

10. He listens carefully whenever you speak

14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You

This is also one of the clear signs he finds you adorable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a group of people or hanging out alone; the point is that he’ll always pay close attention to what you’re talking about.

The moment you start speaking, he changes his whole posture. He leans in closer so he can hear you better and it feels as if he’s absorbing every word you utter.

As I mentioned before, he stores everything you say in his memory and remembers it for the purposes of future conversations. And then, in a week’s time, he’ll ask you about something you shared with him even if you yourself don’t remember telling him that.

He stares at you while you’re speaking, carefully picking up every word you say. Your voice sounds like a melody to him and the rest of the world disappears at that moment.

It’s only you and him, even if there are twenty other people around you. In his mind, it’s only the two of you.

11. He values your opinion

DONE 14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You 12

Your opinion matters to him and he’s shown you that multiple times. It could be that one day, you told him how you didn’t like his shirt and you’ve never seen him wearing it since.

To be honest, you probably didn’t notice that he stopped wearing it but he cares a lot about your thoughts.

From trivial things, such as his choice of clothes, to important life decisions, he trusts what you say and he always seeks out your advice.

Maybe you don’t think that there’s anything odd about that but guys don’t usually ask for advice from those they don’t like. They ask for help only from those who mean the most to them.

And it’s obvious that you have a special place in his heart. Even though you haven’t really discussed it, he clearly likes you a lot.

He finds you adorable since he can’t resist wanting to have you by his side, even when it comes to decision-making.

12. He texts you all the time

14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You

It’s easy to stay connected in a world where you’re one click away from contact with another person but it’s also way too easy to ignore someone if you don’t really feel like talking to them.

Because of that, you can easily spot whether a guy’s interested in you or not.

If he keeps texting you all the time, then you have yourself a sign he finds you adorable. The more he texts you, the more special you are.

Maybe you thought that the fact that he’s been texting you regularly is nothing special. It’s common courtesy to reply to a text and keep the conversation going.

But if he didn’t want to waste his time sending you messages, do you really think that he would force himself to do so? Do you really think that he would fall asleep with his phone in his hand while chatting to you?

At any moment, he could’ve easily stopped replying if he wasn’t attracted to you. But your adorable personality, your sense of humor, and your beauty have kept him interested in you.

This guy probably secretly likes you but he’s afraid to admit it because he thinks that he may get rejected. And that’s definitely not what he wants right now.

13. He acts defensive about you

DONE 14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You 14

Every time you hang out with a group of people and someone criticizes your opinion, he’s there to have your back. He stands up for you because he can’t let people talk trash about the ideas you believe in.

It’s part of his instinct to protect the woman he’s fallen for and that’s exactly what he does every time he stands up for you.

Maybe you’re not a fan of this behavior and you told him that you can defend yourself without anyone’s help. Still, he can’t let you be in any kind of fight while he’s just a passive bystander.

It’s obvious that he finds you adorable and this is also one of those signs. He wants to be your hero, your protector, and guardian angel.

If he fails at that, he’ll probably feel as if he’s failed as a man.

14. He flirts with you

14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You

Last but not least, flirting is also one of the signs he finds you adorable. If you notice that he’s been hitting on you then there’s a strong chance that he likes you more than you think.

At first, he may start teasing you just so he can see your reaction. He’ll give you a fun nickname and try to create a bond between the two of you.

Once he knows that you’re not rejecting him, he’ll step up his game and start flirting like a pro. His body language will be a story in itself, with his arm always close to yours and his eyes locked with yours.

The chair where he sits will always be located right beside yours because he wants to be next to you in case you need him. Also, he may start making remarks about the two of you as a couple.

However, that will come up later, once he’s sure that he can take your relationship a step further. This guy thinks that you’re adorable and he can’t get this thought out of his head.

He’s a bit obsessed with you and whenever he sees you, he realizes that he can’t resist you, no matter how hard he tries.

14 Sure Signs He Finds You Adorable And Is Interested In You

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