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Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks To Miss You?

Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks To Miss You?

Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you? No one can blame you for freaking out!

Your relationship came to an end and it doesn’t matter how hard you try; you can’t move on from this guy. Everything seems to remind you of him. 

Right when you thought that you got used to his absence, he comes back! But, when you look back at your past relationships, you start to notice a common thread. 

Every man that chose to break up with you came back after 8 weeks. They tell you that they miss you and that they’re having a hard time. 

This isn’t the first time it’s happening and all you’re doing is wracking your brain for some type of answer. Is there a period that every man needs in order to realize that he lost a good woman? 

You don’t know if you want your ex back right now, even though he broke your heart. The 8-week rule seems like a hoax, but you also want to use it to your advantage. 

Why is he coming back after two months? Or are you just supposed to ignore this weird circumstance and take him back, no questions asked? 

I do believe that there’s more to this story than you may think. Consider his reasons before you make your next move.

Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you?

Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks To Miss You

Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you? What happens during that time? What went through his head after the silent treatment? 

You enforced the no-contact rule because you knew that you didn’t want to suffer more than you had to. 

There’s something that made his head spin in these two months and now all he wants is to have you back in his life. That’s why he’s contacting you again and telling you that he wants you back! 

Relationship experts all around the world have something to say about this situation, so let me explain everything to you. Take my pinky!

1. It takes him ages to get over his ego

His inflated ego is the main reason for all the drama that’s been going on in your relationship and the post-breakup period. That, and his audacity, won’t let him see things clearly.

He’s so proud of himself and how he handled things that he’s on a high horse right now. Your ex is trying hard to show everyone that he’s okay and that he’s not fazed by your breakup.

The truth is that the ego exists in every single one of us. Everyone falls victim to it every once in a while, but some people genuinely go to extremes.

It doesn’t matter if he was the one to break up with you or if you were the person to end your relationship. He’s still hung up on the fact that it didn’t work out, so he’s telling everyone that he’s better off without you.

Because men are unable to admit how they feel immediately after the breakup, he’s trying to convince himself, and everyone around him, that he’s doing fine without you. He’s giving everyone a false perception of him because he’s scared that people will judge him for his emotions. 

His pride won’t let him contact you in the first few weeks of the no-contact period. But even if he seems like he’s the most stuck-up guy out there, his insecurities are obvious. 

2. He was trying to move on

DONE Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks To Miss You 2

Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you when they were heartbroken just as much as you were? There’s an interesting thing to consider once you start to understand that everyone’s going through a similar experience. 

He was trying to move on. He was doing everything in his power to forget about you and to continue his life as if you never existed in the first place. 

This is an awful thing to consider, but it’s the type of mindset that he had. He was partying hard, continuously putting himself in danger, and so much more, just to get some thrill out of it.

You didn’t go through the same experience because you were trying to move on differently. But he spent these 8 weeks being reckless just to feel something other than desperation.

He’s missing you right now because he was trying so hard to move on that he forgot to focus on the actual end of the relationship.

3. He’s completely detached from his feelings

One thing that we can all agree on is that men are completely detached from their emotions. Women have a better way of dealing with these things and they feel much more free when it comes to expressing their emotions. 

Their parents raise them to think that emotions are a girly thing to experience. That’s why they do everything in their power to hide them even if they’re eating them from the inside out.

That’s exactly what happened to your ex. To raise his self-esteem, he has to negate his feelings of doubt. He would never admit that he still loves you.

He can love you without ever being aware of his emotions in the first place. The last time he let his emotions run wild they didn’t bring him anything good, so your ex-boyfriend is doing whatever he can to not miss you.

Once he starts to feel his emotions, he can feel the pain in his chest. He would much rather ignore them for the time being. 

4. He was trying to protect himself

Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks To Miss You

Once a guy starts to feel emotions intensely he also starts trying to protect himself. If he tried to reach out to you he knows that he would break under the pain.

He’s not sending you any text messages nor does he risk a phone call, because he’s scared of what he may feel because of you. He’s going to have a mental breakdown just from seeing your photos on social media!

That could also be the reason why he blocked you, to begin with. Once enough time has passed and a man misses you truly, he’ll unblock you and talk to you.

A man’s mind is an interesting place to investigate, especially in these situations. When a man starts to miss you he’ll try to push those emotions down and he’ll avoid anything that could remind him of you. 

He’s protecting his mental health by ignoring you. Sometimes, all you can do in this situation is respect his decision.

Will he come back once he understands that he’s not going to keep himself safe this way? Perhaps. 

5. He believes that it’s all part of the process

Will a guy miss you after the breakup? Yes, he will.

Will he contact you and try to end his suffering before those two months are over? The chances are slim.

You see, when you start to ask yourself why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you, it’s an eye-opening period. You learn more about your ex than you ever thought you would.

Your ex wants to convince himself that this is a part of the process. He wants to believe that these emotions are normal and that he shouldn’t act on them in any way, shape, or form.

The little things that make him break at night don’t faze him in the morning because he gaslights himself into believing that it’s alright. He doesn’t even think about giving your relationship a second chance.

Sometimes, when those thoughts infiltrate his thoughts, he tries to ignore them and tries to move on. However, they keep coming back.

I guess that he’s right to a certain extent. It’s a fact that breakups are a painful experience and that the heartbreak is a big part of this whole ordeal.

We can’t blame him for taking his time when he thinks that everything will pass together with his memories of you. But what happens when those memories are very persistent? 

6. He’s still angry

DONE Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks To Miss You 4

Anger is one of those emotions that doesn’t just go away because you wish for it to disappear. It stays with us and reminds us of all the things people did that made us uncomfortable or hurt us. 

Anger isn’t a bad emotion. He’s still a good man.

However, anger exists to help us set better boundaries and to always know when we’re being treated with disrespect. It’s one of those emotions that seems scary at first, but actually protects you.

Right now, your ex uses anger to protect himself. Even if it hurts, he still has the right to utilize this emotion to get what he wants from this period.

Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you other than to handle their emotions in peace? He doesn’t want to come into your life while he’s still angry at you (or himself). 

It wouldn’t be productive.

But also, anger tends to blind people completely. They forget that they ever felt any other emotion other than the current anger and hatred.

That’s why it could take him a while longer to contact you again, and 2 months seems like a fair amount of time to focus on calming your nerves.

7. The dating scene didn’t sit right with him

There’s a very good chance that he tried to get into a new relationship. He’s been posting more selfies all over his social platforms and he continues to flirt with everyone he finds remotely attractive.

Of course, you know this because you keep in touch with your mutual friends. The time frame that he needs to contact you is the amount of time he needs to figure out that the dating scene is absolute garbage in today’s day and age.

This is especially true when he realizes that you were his soulmate. He’ll miss you like crazy when he starts to understand that other women aren’t like you, and that you’re the only girl who’ll ever understand him completely. 

If he doesn’t feel like this, then he has no reason to come back to you. However, if he comes back after 8 weeks, you’ll know that he wasn’t able to deal with the girls he kept going out with.

It’s funny to consider it, but maybe he even consulted some online forums, just to see what other people think of his entire situation. When he saw the awful experiences people went through while dating, it repelled him. He only wants you back.

8. His friends are taking his mind off the breakup

Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks To Miss You

Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you? I mean, that’s two months of no contact! That’s not a small amount of time, considering that you were always talking to each other.

I can tell you with complete confidence that his friends are taking his mind off of things. You can probably attest to this theory because your best friend helped you through many rough patches in your life.

When his friends start to play an important role in his life, that’s when he starts to believe that everything’s alright. Especially when they make impulsive decisions, or they continue to do all the things that he “missed out on” during the relationship.

They encourage him to forget about you and they put him through a lot of toxic situations. Sometimes, friends aren’t like that, but in most situations, you can see that they’re doing everything in their power to help someone through the breakup. 

No one knows what his friends are telling him and how they are influencing him to get over you. Friends and family are hugely important in our lives and that’s what’s keeping him afloat right now. 

It’s going to take him around two months to understand that the emotions didn’t disappear, they were just exchanged for all the fun he had with his friends. He still loves you and he misses you, but they were good at their job.

9. He’s confused

Can you expect a man to miss you right after the breakup when he’s still confused as hell? He’s not even sure what’s going on nor does he know how to handle his thoughts and emotions. 

Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you? Well, he’s probably not even aware that he’s missing you. 

He feels okay at times, but then the undeniable pain starts to consume him whole. All the things that are happening around him are confusing.

All he knew was a life with you. Now that you’re not around anymore, he feels like he’s losing his mind at times; but then he’s happy that he can spend more time by himself.

In the mornings he wakes up feeling rejuvenated and happy, but when he has to fall asleep at night all he can think of is the fact that you’re not there to cuddle with him.

All of these conflicting emotions aren’t doing him any good. He needs to process all of these emotions before he decides to reach out to you. This man isn’t even sure if he wants to do that right now!

10. He tries to deny your importance in his life

DONE Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks To Miss You 6

How many times did you hear those lies? He continues to tell everyone that you didn’t mean anything to him!

He makes an extra effort just to convince everyone (and himself) that you’re completely insignificant to him. Those lies have to seem convincing, so he chooses not to contact you at all. 

He needs you and everyone else to know that he’s serious about this statement. If he contacts you, he’ll admit that you mean something to him. 

He wants to seem unfazed by the breakup and he wants to pretend like there’s not a hole in his chest right now. That’s why it takes him two months to admit that he misses you and that he needs you back. 

Eight weeks doesn’t seem like such a long time, since you know how much it hurts to spend a day without him. He’ll completely lose his mind over this entire situation when those 8 weeks are over.

11. He starts to panic

Once he starts to panic, he’ll be back! 

Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you?! Sometimes, you can think of it as a very short period because he’ll try to be brave at the beginning, but then he’ll lose his mind.

After those 2 months, he’ll start to panic that you’re moving on while he’s still thinking about you. During the no-contact period, he thinks that he’s the only one suffering.

He thinks that you’re doing okay without him and that he’s the problem. Once this happens he’ll start to miss you immensely and he’ll run into your arms for confirmation.

12. After 8 weeks he finally feels safe enough to try again

Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks To Miss You

Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you? It’s like they don’t even understand that there’s no reason to hide their emotions.

However, he’s been scared and he didn’t feel safe enough to try contacting you. The no-contact rule says that you need to have at least three months of abstinence from any type of communication.

So when two months pass and he’s confident enough to contact you, he’ll do it without a doubt. Even if he doesn’t understand why he’s so conflicted, he’ll ignore that insecurity, and text you.

You can hope that he’ll reach out to you at this moment. If he doesn’t? – then I’d guess that it’s over. I’m sorry.

How you can react when a guy starts to miss you after 8 weeks

Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you? Now that you know the reasoning behind his behavior you also want to know how you should react.

Should you welcome him with open arms, or should you continue playing a game with him?

I can tell you with certainty that you should react in any way that you see fit. This advice doesn’t help you much, but your gut won’t turn against you in this situation.

There’s a good chance that your relationship was incredibly toxic. Your ex could’ve been an abusive narcissist who didn’t care about your emotions at all! In that case, turn to your support system and kick him to the curb.

Don’t let a man like that back into your life because he’s calculating the amount of time you need to forget the awful things he did to you. He’ll do anything to get his source of narcissistic supply back!

However, if your ex was a sweet guy and your relationship only had small disagreements, then you could easily give him another chance. Take your time figuring out what he wants and if he’s trying to change.

If he doesn’t want to work on himself, but he only wants the benefits of being your boyfriend, then you need to let go of him. This time, you should choose yourself over a guy who’s not going to respect you enough to work on his behavior.

I’m the type of person who’s strictly against second chances, because that’s more than a guy deserves. Nevertheless, I understand that you may want to see where things could go from that point.

You know him better than anyone else, so do whatever you feel serves you best.

Final thoughts

Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you? Once you start to see this pattern you won’t be able to overlook it anymore.

It’ll become obvious to you when your friends say that their ex has contacted them again. At that point, you’ll be a professional on this topic!

Just remember that there’s no reason for anyone to wait this long to resolve the issues that you’re facing in your relationship or friendship.

A lot could’ve happened in two months and I just want you to be aware of that. Keep yourself safe at all times! It doesn’t matter that he’s broken, when your pieces are shattered all over the bottomless pit of your misery.

Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks To Miss You?

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