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14 Unique Traits That Are Common In People With Big Eyes

14 Unique Traits That Are Common In People With Big Eyes

From the moment you meet them, people with big eyes steal all of your attention. They radiate kindness and warmth and you can right away sense they could never hurt you.

As Paulo Coelho said, “The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden.” If that’s the case, then you can only imagine how big of a soul people with big eyes have!

The moment you stare at them, you feel like you’re losing the ground beneath your feet. You fall for them right away because they seem to be the kindest people you’ve ever met.

As you talk to them, you absorb every word they say because they look so calm while they speak. It feels as if their eyes give you comfort and assure you that everything will be alright.

There’s no way you can look away from them – they get all of your attention. A simple glance in the direction of their eyes and you’re theirs, forever.

You can’t hide from their look because no matter how far you move, you still get the feeling they’re caressing you with their eyes.

As you can gather, people with big eyes are special creatures. They look innocent and instantly make you feel like you can rely on them. But what if I told you that people with big eyes have many other special traits as well?

They’re even more unique than you think…

Unique traits that people with big eyes possess

Attractive, kind, and comforting. These are only some of the things that come to mind as you think of people with big eyes.

It’s no secret that their beautiful doe-eyed look is capable of stealing your attention the moment you lay your gaze on them. But what else characterizes this group of people? What are some of the traits they share that make them stand out from the crowd?

1. They have a big soul

14 Unique Traits That Are Common In People With Big Eyes

If it’s true that you can get to know someone’s soul by looking into their eyes then God definitely had their favorites when creating the population. It seems that the bigger the eyes, the bigger the soul.

The moment you meet a doe-eyed person, you instantly get blown away by their kindness. You can tell from the way they look at you that they’re honest and kind.

You can tell that their heart is pure and they’d never want to hurt you. The sparks in their eyes reveal the deepest parts of them and show you that you can always count on them, no matter what.

2. They’re friendly and caring

The reason people with big eyes seem friendlier than others is because of the huge windows into their souls. Naturally, you would always put more trust in a big-eyed person because they’re able to radiate warmth in their stare.

Even if you’re just getting to know them, their innocent look makes you feel comfortable to be around them. You get the impression that they will treat you the best way possible because taking care of others is a part of their personality.

They truly make you feel like their company could never hurt you. That’s how much you trust them.

And as you get to know them better, you realize that your first impression of them was right. People with big eyes truly treat others with respect and always make sure to make them feel at ease in their company.

They are dependable and can’t stand to see someone suffering. If you had to ask them, they’d probably reveal that they’re huge fighters for making the world a better place.

I guess their eyes have seen enough pain in this world and that’s why they’re trying to make a change.

With them by your side, you’ll never feel like you’re alone. You’ll always have someone to rely on because that’s just who they are. It’s an intrinsic part of them.

3. They are devoted

DONE 14 Unique Traits That Are Common In People With Big Eyes 2

Have you ever watched a person with big eyes when they’re focused on a task? Have you noticed the commitment in their stare? Their desire to give their best and fully devote themselves to the assignment?

I’m not sure if it’s just because of their big eyes that give off that impression, but people like that are passionately devoted to everything they do. From their jobs to their hobbies, they always make sure to give it their all.

The same applies to their relationships. Only when you fall in love with a person who has big eyes will you realize what it means to be someone’s priority.

They’re sure to put you first and do whatever they can to show you they won’t give up on you. They’re committed and loyal, and rarely give up.

This also means that you can always trust them because you know that they haven’t come into your life to hurt you. If they chose you, and that means they’re going to stay by your side, come hell or high water.

4. They are highly persuasive

People who have big eyes are highly persuasive since they easily convey their viewpoints through eye contact. They don’t have to say much as they know they can easily convince you of anything by a mere look.

Besides being skilled in arguments, they’re also good at getting out of trouble. Even if they do something wrong, they’re able to easily convince you to forgive them by giving you that innocent eye look.

Because you trust them, they couldn’t possibly be responsible for the mistake, so you simply blame someone else. That’s how powerful their eye contact is.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of an argument with a doe-eyed person or trying to blame them for something. The chances are they’ll win the game as they know how to use their features to their advantage.

5. They’re passionate about everything they do

14 Unique Traits That Are Common In People With Big Eyes

People with big eyes are passionate about every little thing they do. They’re equally as passionate about their job as about their hobbies. They also choose wisely how they want to spend their time because their goal isn’t to waste it.

So, if you have a friend with big eyes and know that they love reading, I can almost guarantee that they’re passionate readers. They probably take their hobby seriously and devote most of their free time to it. They absorb every single detail with their eyes and don’t let anything slip by them.

6. They’re creative

Besides being passionate, big-eyed people are also highly creative. They take their creativity seriously and always make sure to find the time to do things that relax and inspire them.

Maybe they’re not the best writers in the world, but they’ll still keep writing poems because that’s what makes them happy. They’ll keep working on their drawing skills because it helps them relax their mind.

Creativity is something you want to treasure because it helps you move through life easier. People with big eyes know that, so they usually make sure to spend a large chunk of their time doing something creative.

It gives them the energy that they can later on use to tackle the world’s issues.

Also, they’re usually good at finding creative solutions for problems they face. They know how to think outside of the box and no obstacle seems too hard to overcome – they always find a way around it.

The steps they make are nowhere in the books, which is a perfect example of how innovative they can be. No matter the issue, they’re sure to find a solution.

7. New experiences don’t scare them

DONE 14 Unique Traits That Are Common In People With Big Eyes 4

Big-eyed people are ready to tackle every new experience that comes their way. Their open-mindedness allows them to be ready for everything that awaits.

This may sound cheesy, but they’re the true believers of the YOLO slogan. They know that you only get to live your life one time, so that’s why they’re not afraid to seize opportunities.

Maybe it has something with the size of their eyes, but they are always open to facing something new, exciting, and different. They see every new experience as a chapter of their life that they must go through.

They know that every new opportunity teaches a lesson and they don’t want to waste their time sitting and doing nothing. That’s why you’ll always see them learning about new things, exploring the world around them.

Go hiking with a person who has big eyes and you’ll see how much attention they’ll pay to the nature around them. If it’s their first time doing something like that, they will make sure to absorb every moment they’ve been given.

They always take pictures of the world around them and spot all of the lessons that no one else sees. They’re unique and different, and will gladly accept every new experience that comes their way.

That’s part of their personality, a distinct characteristic of their nature.

8. They adapt quickly to new situations

People with big eyes never sit and wait. They don’t waste their time trying to get used to the situation they’re currently in.

Instead, they get up and act. They adapt to their new environment and make sure to get the best out of it.

Also, they’re highly flexible and don’t mind putting other’s people happiness first. Especially if they know that would benefit all of them.

They truly want to understand what everyone’s going through and they’re not fans of waiting for all of the pieces of a puzzle to finally fall into place. Instead, they make it happen.

They adapt to a new environment and make sure to get along with the people in it. They know that’s the best way to reach success and no one’s going to help them unless they help themselves first.

9. They don’t give up easily

14 Unique Traits That Are Common In People With Big Eyes

People with big eyes are bold. They know how to stand up for themselves and hardly give up on their goals and beliefs.

If you assign them a task, they will do whatever they can to complete it. Even if they’re struggling, they won’t throw in the towel before giving it their absolute all.

They’ll push to find a solution that works best and come up with other ways to resolve the issue.

They’re highly persistent and you can’t really convince them to do something different than what they have planned. It’s clear they know what they want and won’t give up on their ideas easily.

Combine this with an inner passion and drive, and you’ve got a person who’ll do whatever they can to make their dreams come true. No matter how hard it seems, withdrawing is just not an option for them.

10. They are curious

When you look them in the eyes, you can spot their curiosity. It’s sparkling from within and making it obvious that these people love to learn.

They love experiencing new things and adore trying and exploring. Their curiosity allows them to go through life with an open mind and try different things on a daily basis. It also allows them to see things from a unique perspective, unlike most others.

So, hanging out with people with big eyes is never boring. You’ll always learn something new from them and notice things you haven’t come across before.

11. They know how to stand up for themselves

DONE 14 Unique Traits That Are Common In People With Big Eyes 6

Big-eyed people are fighters. They fight for their own happiness, for their beliefs and values.

They won’t let you walk over them because they know their worth. While they may give you that innocent, timid look when you stare into their eyes, the truth is that they know how to stand up for themselves.

One of the reasons they passionately do this is because, as mentioned before, they’re always fighting to see a change in the world. And they know that must start from themselves.

They’re advocators for justice and also refuse to suffer for someone else’s actions. That’s why they raise their voice and look you directly in the eyes to show you that they won’t let anyone play with them.

12. They’re youthful

People with big eyes generally maintain their physical youth. That wide-eyed look they give you whenever you’re having a conversation with them gives off the impression they’re a lot younger than they actually are.

When you look into their eyes, you get the idea that they’re just starting to live their life. It feels as if they’re too young to have any wisdom inside of them.

They also mirror this youthfulness of the body onto their soul as well. They keep their spirit younger and more passionate for longer than other people their age do.

Also, just like a child, they always make sure to get the best out of every situation they find themselves in.

But don’t be fooled – their youthfulness should not be mistaken for inexperience. They’re way wiser than you think. That’s because all of the opportunities they happily accepted through their life shaped them into who they are today.

13. They’re trustful

14 Unique Traits That Are Common In People With Big Eyes

People with big eyes know how to keep a secret no matter what. They’re highly understanding and great listeners.

With zero judgment, they listen to what you have to say and your can rest assured that your secret will be safe with them. When they give you that doe-eyed look, it becomes obvious that you can rely on them.

You can trust them completely and what’s more important, they get you. They won’t judge you for whatever you’ve done but will instead give you a look of compassion that says, “I know what you’re going through.”

Even if you’re feeling guilty for something you’ve done, having a conversation with a big-eyed friend will help you ease your conscience. They will try to make you feel better because they hate to see others suffering.

They will help you get rid of the guilt but will also motivate you to pick yourself up and move on. And that’s probably one of the best traits they possess: the ability to be there for others and help them swim when they feel like they’re sinking.

14. They’re also vulnerable and easy to manipulate

Unfortunately, since big-eyed people always put themselves in someone else’s shoes, they also tend to be more vulnerable than the rest. People misuse their kindness and play with their feelings easily.

Since they’re trustworthy and don’t want to see anyone suffering, they’re also easy to manipulate and abuse. Others tend to use this to get things they want from them, which can end up with bad consequences.

By desiring to make everyone else happy, people with big eyes may end up hurting themselves. The naive look in their eyes gives the impression that they’re unable to defend themselves.

That’s why they often end up being victims of bad and unfair behavior. Others treat them like they’re helpless because that’s the vibe their looks are giving.

But thankfully, once they notice the issue, they know how to raise their voice. They stand up for themselves and show others that no one can play games with them.

And that changes everything.

Being in a relationship with a person who has big eyes

DONE 14 Unique Traits That Are Common In People With Big Eyes 8

If you’re considering a relationship with someone who has big eyes or you’re already in one, then you must know what’s coming your way. And the truth is that they will give themselves fully to you.

It’s already obvious that big-eyed people are passionate and their relationships are no different. Once they fall in love, they go to the ends of the earth to make their partner happy.

They’re full of understanding and won’t make you feel like you’re talking in vain. Instead, they will always make sure to listen to your opinion and let you know that they get you.

The same way they know how to defend themselves, they will also defend you. They’ll be there to protect you because you mean the world to them.

A relationship with someone who has big eyes feels like a constant journey in which you’re always learning something new. It won’t feel like a boring old routine that has nothing to offer to you. Instead, every day is different.

Also, what matters the most is that they won’t ever hide their feelings from you. When you stare deep into their eyes, you’ll be able to see their soul. You’ll be able to see what lies deep within.

They will prove to you repeatedly that their intentions are pure and that their goal isn’t to hurt you but to make you feel like the happiest person in the world.

They’ll earn your trust and keep it, and put their best efforts to show you that you can always count on them. No matter the time of the day, they’ll always be there for you because you’re their top priority.

Just be careful never to play mind games with them. They’re highly passionate about their relationships, but once they see you trying to manipulate them into doing something, you’ll instantly break their heart.

People with big eyes are emotional and don’t want to be with someone whose intention is to deceive them. They’re huge fans of honesty. So if you don’t plan on acting that way, then you really shouldn’t even bother getting in a relationship with them.

With their big eyes comes a big heart and soul. The whole package.

So, don’t even try to hurt them because you’ll break them apart completely. But if you treat them the same way they treat you, you’ll then find yourself in the best relationship you’ve ever been.

14 Unique Traits That Are Common In People With Big Eyes

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