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11 Signs You Are A Woman With A Gypsy Soul

11 Signs You Are A Woman With A Gypsy Soul

Are you someone who can’t stay in the same place for long? It might be because you have a gypsy soul.

I don’t mean the band that plays roots rock, but you might like that too. There is a band called Gypsy Soul that plays jazz and roots rock type of music, and you might like it if you have a gypsy soul.

Their most popular song is called Wicked Game, and it is a cover of the song by Chris Isaak and another great hit of theirs is the song True Love (Scarborough Fair).

If you have a gypsy soul, you love music, especially old hits like the song Wicked Game. Every one of us is on our own path to find our own happiness, but if you have a gypsy soul, your path is more like a road trip. So, what is a gypsy soul?

If you are someone who isn’t scared of life and accepts that silent tears are a natural part of it, you might have a gypsy soul. It is someone who knows that heartache can only make you stronger.

If in addition, you dress in a boho style, there is no doubt that you have a gypsy soul. The inspirations for boho style are the hippies and free spirits of the 60s and 70s.

I’m listening to Gypsy Soul and their song True Love (Scarborough Fair) as I imagine the road trip a life of such a woman can be. The vibes of beautiful places are calling her, and she is on her own path to finding her own happiness.

Such a woman doesn’t need much, so you’d think that a tiny house would be enough. Still, she would feel trapped in a tiny house since these people aren’t meant to be surrounded by walls.

They can’t stay in one place for a long time so a tiny house would be great for her if it was a tiny house on wheels. A woman with a gypsy soul radiates good vibes and wants to discover beautiful new places.

Such a person is an old soul in a modern world. You will find her in second-hand shops as she picks an outfit that answers the question of what it means to have a gypsy soul.

Still, you can’t always easily notice when someone has a gypsy soul so keep reading because I’m going to tell you what a gypsy soul is, and if you have one.

However, first, let me tell you something if you are looking for gypsy dating rules. These people hate rules, so there aren’t really any gypsy dating rules.

Still, you have to understand who this person is and accept her the way she is. So, read on and find out what it means to have a gypsy soul and you will then know what awaits you if you decide to date a girl like this.

11 signs you are a woman with a gypsy soul

1. You aren’t scared of life

11 Signs You Are a Woman With a Gypsy Soul

You know that whatever will be will be. Heartache and problems in life make you stronger. Silent tears will sometimes roll down your cheeks.

Still, it won’t bother you as much as it bothers others because you know that it has to happen so you hold on and push through it all. You are someone who will always say what’s on your mind.

Maybe you aren’t religious, but you have beliefs and are very protective of them so you aren’t afraid to stand up for your own ideals. That might also be the answer to what it means to have a gypsy soul.

You never worry about what others will think of you, and you always say what you mean. Your opinions matter, and you aren’t afraid to say them.

What’s more, you enjoy your freedom. That might be one of the reasons why life doesn’t scare you. You don’t want to be tied down, and as a free-spirited person, you don’t like anything that could burden you.

Whether it’s your relationship or your career, it has to give you your sense of freedom. You will run away from anything that restricts or pressures you.

You’re simply not meant to be tied down, and that is why life is an adventure to you. You aren’t scared of anything, as long as you have your freedom and are able to say what’s on your mind.

2. You are an old soul in a modern world

11 Signs You Are a Woman With a Gypsy Soul

You have a thing for vintage things as if you were born in a different time. I already mentioned the bohemian style of your clothes, and you are great at combining old with new.

You are most likely to buy your clothes at second-hand shops because you believe that old things have greater meaning since they have a history.

I love to shop at second-hand shops, there’s something unique about the clothes you can find there and it really makes you stand out from the crowd with such an original style. However, your fascination with old things doesn’t end with clothes.

You will find old movies that are considered outdated and enjoy them as if they were brand new. There’s something about the past that speaks to you.

You often feel like you belong in a time that has long passed. But what about music? Clothes and movies are great, but what really moves you is the music.

You love bands like the one I mentioned in the beginning and whether it’s jazz, blues, pop, or Latino beats, they make you move and their music runs through your veins. You love everything about music, the way it makes you feel, and the way it makes you dance. The words and the rhythm fill your heart with positive energy.

3. You let your emotions and intuition guide you

11 Signs You Are a Woman With a Gypsy Soul

You are someone who thinks and feels too much and that makes you empathetic so you are considerate of the needs of others, without neglecting your own. But being so emotional also makes it easy for you to get hurt.

You take everything others do close to heart so naturally, it sometimes gets you hurt badly. The thing about your emotions is that they aren’t tamed; it’s easy for you to get very happy or very sad.

A good thing about that is that you quickly let go of emotions that are negative. I don’t know about you, but I love extremely emotional people since I am one of them. In my opinion, feeling your emotions to the fullest is what makes you experience life to the fullest.

However, you don’t rely solely on your emotions. You have a strong intuition as well, and you let it guide you. People with a soul like yours always follow their soul.

You aren’t afraid of living in uncertainty or taking chances. Others might consider you to be thoughtless sometimes, but you are actually very brave. You know who you are and trust yourself, so you let your intuition guide you through life.

What’s said about gypsies is that they are fortune tellers, like they have a sixth sense so it’s not a surprise that your emotions and intuition serve you well. Keep listening to your heart before making a decision, and you will never make a wrong one.

4. You are an adventurous bohemian

11 Signs You Are a Woman With a Gypsy Soul

What you love most in the world is traveling. Your bags are probably always packed because you want to be ready to go at any moment and this is because you really know how to live life to the fullest.

Someone like this could never be trapped in the house or in an office routine, or any other routine for that matter. Your heart yearns for new experiences, and you are always ready for a change.

Diversity is your thing, and you enjoy discovering new things but you also enjoy meeting new friends in strange places and finding out about their life stories. Anything else would just get you bored.

So, if you are someone interested in dating a girl like this, be sure that you keep new things coming. Otherwise, she will feel trapped in a routine, and that is the worst thing that can happen to a person like this.

Don’t try to tell her how she should live her life because her spirit is free and wild. She is someone who will never allow conventions to tie her down. Society rules don’t matter to her, because she is someone who doesn’t live by the rules.

This kind of person is unique and has her own way of living. She won’t let anyone tell her how she should live her life. What others think doesn’t matter to her that much as it is much more important to her how she feels about herself.

5. You love nature and art

11 Signs You Are a Woman With a Gypsy Soul

This is a person who knows how important it is for humans to be one with nature. She loves art, but what art is more magnificent than the amazing places nature has created?

You probably hate being surrounded by walls, so staying inside is not really your thing. You love outdoor adventures, and that is what you live for. Discovering new strange places is a passion of yours, but you always return to the old ones as well.

You consider animals to be your best friends and if you don’t yet have a pet, you are certainly considering it. Beautiful sights of nature such as snow-covered trees, oceans in the rain, and the sunshine over mountains are what inspire you.

Wherever you live, you will always find time to be in nature and breathe fresh air.

When you aren’t traveling or enjoying nature, you will most likely be found enjoying art. You are passionate about art, and your eyes shine while you speak about it.

Another person may get the feeling that you’re exaggerating, but you actually deeply understand and feel art. It wouldn’t surprise me if you are an artist yourself.

Even if you’re not, your life is so vivid and colorful that it is a piece of art on its own. You create art with the way you live.

Without nature, traveling, and art, life wouldn’t be worth living in your opinion. That is what makes you such an interesting person to talk to.

6. You are self-sufficient and unpredictable

11 Signs You Are a Woman With a Gypsy Soul

If you are interested in dating a girl like this, you better realize that such women are self-sufficient and unpredictable. It is very important to her that she has her alone time.

If you have a gypsy spirit, you enjoy your own company and you simply feel comfortable in your own skin; that is why you enjoy spending some time alone, away from all the noise of the world.

You are a girl who doesn’t need others to create her happiness because you create it on your own.

Being so self-sufficient is what makes you special, but it can be tough for your partner. It sometimes feels like you don’t need anyone in your life, and that could hurt a person who cares for you.

Another thing about these girls that can be a challenge is that they are unpredictable. I already mentioned that you are an extremely emotional person, which makes you go from being extremely happy to being extremely sad in just a few minutes.

One minute, you could be ready to have fun with your friends and the next minute, you’ll cancel your plans. That can be tough for your partner who might not be able to keep up with your wild spirit.

You are actually constantly in search of that balance that you need in your life.

7. You are a passionate person who asks deep questions

What is a gypsy soul? It is a soul that is filled with fire. You either do things with great passion, or you don’t do them at all. All of your choices are based on passion, including your relationships and your career.

It could be said that passion is your lifestyle. In your opinion, if you can’t do something with passion, you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place; that is what your passionate soul tells you.

It is amazing when someone is passionate about everything, and such a life must be exciting but you are not only someone who is passionate about everything; you are also someone who is always in search of a deeper meaning of everything.

That is why you don’t ask things like, “What is your name? Where do you come from? What kind of music do you like?” Instead, you will ask people things like, “What is the philosophy by which you choose to live your life? What do you regret most? When did you feel most alive?”

This is because you are curious and care only about the deeper meanings of things. Don’t try to hide things from a girl like this. She will keep looking for a deeper meaning that’s hidden behind your words. This is someone who wants to know what you really meant when you said what you said.

8. You don’t care about material things

11 Signs You Are a Woman With a Gypsy Soul

Material things don’t mean much to these types of people. You can probably imagine yourself living anywhere in the world as long as it’s decent and clean.

You’re not the type of girl who gets crazy over designer outfits, and fancy clothes aren’t your thing.

As I said, you will more likely do your shopping in a second-hand store where you can find unique clothes that have a history. Collecting material things might not be your thing, but collecting experiences definitely is.

You have great memories with the people you love… and you collect such memorable experiences. After all, the most priceless possessions are exactly those loving memories with the people you care about. No amount of designer outfits could replace that.

If you are looking to date a girl like this, be sure that she won’t be interested in your money.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a good or bad place at the moment; she won’t judge you, no matter how you behave because she accepts you the way you are.

This girl is someone who knows how to love unconditionally. Her love is undeniable and unquestionable. You can rely on her love because she sees your true colors, and that’s why she loves you.

9. You are a wanderer

11 Signs You Are a Woman With a Gypsy Soul

It feels like you are constantly searching for yourself. You wander around and try to figure out what it is that you want from yourself and your life. That doesn’t scare you because you are a free and wild spirit, always ready for change.

Being lost doesn’t scare you; if anything, it gives you a sense of direction. You might not have a clear picture of your destination but you are willing to take all sorts of different paths to reach it.

You’re someone who is constantly searching for ways to improve. You know that you’ll never really get lost as long as you follow the road your heart tells you to go on. But above all else, you are an optimist.

Sometimes, people might tell you that you live in the romantic movies that you watch. Life isn’t always that peachy but you stay on the lookout for miracles that will change everything. You believe that everything will get better.

Being a wanderer isn’t hard for you because you are an optimist who knows that everything will be okay in the end.

You might not be religious but you are most likely spiritual so you believe that what’s meant to be yours will always come to you and that is why you are so brave.

You are confident that things will work out for the best, even when everything seems to be falling apart. That’s what makes you such an amazing person to be around.

10. You are afraid to fall in love

11 Signs You Are a Woman With a Gypsy Soul

You have a big heart that leads you through life and that is why you are so afraid to give it away. After all, it’s all you really have. What’s more, being in a relationship might demand you to give up your freedom and that is not something you’re ready for.

As I said before, when you love someone, you love them unconditionally with all of your heart but it takes time for that to happen since you first have to trust that person.

You need to first be certain that that person will never demand you to give up your nomadic lifestyle or sense of wonder. If you are reading this because you are hoping to be with a girl like this, you have to let her be herself.

Asking this person to give up their freedom or wild spirit is just too much to ask for so you have to be prepared for that.

If you are a girl like this, don’t be afraid of giving your heart away, but carefully choose who you’re going to give it to. A man who loves you has to understand and respect who you are.

Don’t be with someone who would ask you to give up your purpose for him. You are a free, wild spirit, and you deserve to live your life as one. You will find a man who will accept you for who you are and who will enjoy that kind of life with you.

11. You embrace chaos

11 Signs You Are a Woman With a Gypsy Soul

While other people avoid chaos, you embrace it. Whether it’s the chaos of life itself or one that you create, you find beauty in it. You are able to find order in chaos and beauty in imperfection and this is because you understand that life has to get messy from time to time.

After all, your heart is messy just the same so why wouldn’t life reflect what you are going through? You will never put on a mask and act like everything is all right when it isn’t.

You are an honest person who believes in magic and knows that it will come to everyone who is ready to embrace the chaos that comes with it.

11 Signs You Are a Woman With a Gypsy Soul

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  1. Adrianne says:

    I can relate..Very insightful. Pointed out a number of true scenarios in my own life. It’s what it is. But I know it can be so much more. Thank you. ❤