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The 19 Most Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Like You Back

The 19 Most Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Like You Back

You finally feel like you’ve met the guy of your dreams. He’s everything you’ve ever wanted but right now, you’re Googling signs he doesn’t like you because you don’t think that he feels the same way about you.

Whether it’s a guy you have your eyes on or one you’re already in a relationship with, it’s never easy to accept the fact that he doesn’t like you the same way you like him.

You can see your future together but it doesn’t look like he shares the same vision. Right now, it’s obvious that your feelings don’t match up the way you would like them to.

I know that your heart is tearing apart while you’re reading this. You want this thing between the two of you to succeed but it seems that your dreams will unlikely become your reality.

If you want to be sure that your guy is actually showing signs he doesn’t like you, then keep on reading. It won’t be easy to admit if you can find yourself in these words but it’s better for you to know the truth right away than to end up hurting more than necessary.

Signs he doesn’t like you!

When you fall for a guy, you tend to ignore the harsh reality and focus only on those parts that make you happy. You put your rose-colored glasses on and pretend that things are working.

I know how devastating it can be to admit the truth that’s playing out in front of your eyes. You tend to ignore it for as long as you can but you actually end up hurting yourself more and more.

That’s why you need someone to burst the bubble that you’ve created, which isn’t getting you anywhere. If you can keep a positive attitude and accept the fact that it’s always better to look the truth directly in the eye than to live in delusion, you’ll save yourself from a lot of pain.

Now, let’s dive into the signs he doesn’t like you. They can’t get more real than this.

1. You’re the one to initiate all of the conversations

The 19 Most Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Like You Back

Now, I need you to be honest with yourself. Over the last month, how many times did you call him and how many times did he call you?

Once you figure out the ratio, you’ll realize where you stand.

No matter whether we’re talking about a guy you’ve just started going out with or someone you’re already in a relationship with, if you see that he doesn’t bother to reach out or see how your day has been, you know the reason behind it.

When a guy likes you, he does whatever it takes to get to know you. He dedicates all of his free time to you because he wants to have you close to him.

He calls you regularly and there isn’t a day where the two of you don’t text each other. So, when you don’t see any of these things coming from your man, it’s obvious that he’s showing you one of the signs he doesn’t like you.

I know that these words hurt but they’re the harsh truth.

2. He flirts with other women in front of you

When a guy flirts with other women in front of you, he shows you that he doesn’t care about you. He’s not interested in having a relationship with you and wants you to be aware of that.

If he felt the same way about you as you do about him, he would never even look at other women. He would never even think about hitting on them, especially not in front of you.

He would know that his behavior is disrespectful and that you don’t deserve to be treated that way. But since he doesn’t have any feelings for you, he doesn’t see a problem in it.

He doesn’t see you as a part of his future, so why would he stop himself from flirting with other women when he obviously doesn’t intend on having anything with you?

3. He doesn’t mind you flirting with other men

One of the obvious signs he doesn’t like you is if he doesn’t care when he sees you flirting with other men.

Maybe you tried this out because you thought that he would be jealous. You know that guys are protective and they can’t stand when the woman they like flirts with other guys.

But it looks like this rule doesn’t apply to your guy. It’s either that or he doesn’t feel anything for you, which makes your flirting with others completely irrelevant to him.

It’s almost impossible for a guy to sit still while the woman of his dreams is hitting on other men. He couldn’t stand that if he actually had feelings for you.

4. He doesn’t listen to what you say

Even when you succeed in taking him out, you usually feel like you’re talking to a wall. He doesn’t participate in your conversations and never gives you responses to your questions.

Most of the time, you’re the one who keeps talking and trying to break the silence. In the meantime, he probably scrolls through his phone or stares into the distance.

The only thing you’ll hear him saying is, “Should we go? It’s already late.”

If you can find yourself in these words then know that he’s giving you another sign that he just doesn’t like you.

5. He doesn’t ask you to hang out

The 19 Most Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Like You Back

You’re always the one who initiates hanging out together while he’s the one who keeps avoiding it as if his life depends on it. You could go a month without seeing each other and he wouldn’t even notice.

Even when you confront him about his inability to hang out with you, he doesn’t even bother to find an excuse. He just ignores you like you weren’t talking to him.

Also, instead of changing his behavior and paying more attention to you, he keeps acting the same way, which is also one of the sure-fire signs he doesn’t like you.

If he had feelings for you, he would never make you beg to spend time with you. Instead, he would be the one who would try to spend every minute of his day with you.

But the harsh truth is that your guy doesn’t feel anything for you. No matter how hard you try, the chances are that he doesn’t even notice you.

6. His emotions are all over the place

If you’re already in a relationship and you see that his emotions are all over the place, you may be confused about what’s going on.

In one moment, he’s caring and in the next, he ignores you like you’re not even sitting next to each other in the same room, side by side.

This could be seen as another of the signs he doesn’t like you. He’s aware that his feelings for you have changed but he still wants to give you a chance.

He’s torn between two parts of his personality and he doesn’t know what he should do. Should he break up with you right away or should he give you some more time?

He’s still not sure what the right move is and that’s why you’re experiencing his mood changes.

However, if you keep seeing other listed signs as well, the chances are that the part of him that doesn’t want to stay with you will overpower the one that wants to give you a chance.

I know it’s devastating to read this but unfortunately, it’s the sad truth.

7. You never hang out with his friends

Have you ever met his friends? And if you have, can you say how many times he’s invited you to hang out with them?

Friends are an important part of every guy’s life so whenever he meets a girl who he likes a lot, he feels this urge to introduce her to his friends.

He also keeps inviting her to hang out with them so they can see whether she fits in with the group.

So, when a man keeps avoiding this, or if he only briefly introduced you to them but never asked you to hang out with them, there’s something suspicious going on.

It could be that he doesn’t want to give you false hope that he wants to have something with you by introducing you to his friends.

Or it could be that he’s afraid that they will accidentally reveal the actual truth and everything he’s been doing behind your back.

No matter the reason, this is also one of the signs he doesn’t like you. If he wanted you in his life, he would’ve already introduced you to the people who mean the most to him.

8. He doesn’t put any effort in

When a guy likes you, he puts the effort in. He does whatever it takes to win you over and show you that he’s not going anywhere.

Ask him to come to your house in the middle of the night because you aren’t feeling well and he won’t hesitate; you’ll soon hear his car on the driveway.

Tell him that you need his help with something and he’ll cancel his plans in order to give you a hand.

His effort will reflect his love and you won’t need his words to confirm how much he cares about you. You’ll see that through his actions.

But one of the signs he doesn’t like you is when you don’t see any effort coming from his end. You do everything for him, you always show him that you’re willing to work on your relationship, while he gives you nothing in return.

It’s obvious that he has no feelings for you and that’s not likely to change any time in the future. If he doesn’t care about you right now, don’t expect him to care about you later.

9. He ignores your calls and messages

The 19 Most Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Like You Back

Whenever you call him, he seems too busy to answer. Whenever you text him, your message gets left on read for hours, sometimes even days.

And once you realize that this behavior keeps happening all the time and isn’t just a one-time thing, you’ll know that something’s wrong.

If he cared about you, he would never leave you waiting. Even if he’s busy with something and can’t reply right away, he would use his first free second to give you a call.

But it’s obvious that this guy is bombarding you with signs he doesn’t like you and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

No matter how much you care about him, it’s always better to let go in time than to keep holding on to something that will keep hurting you.

10. He doesn’t make plans for your dates

Even if you do everything in your power to meet up with him on a date, you won’t hear him setting a time for the next one.

At first, you may think that he’s a shy guy who doesn’t feel comfortable taking the lead. Maybe you thought that he likes it more when you say what time suits you best for your next date.

But right now, it’s obvious that he keeps dodging every suggestion you make. Actually, it looks like he went on your last date only because he didn’t know how to reject you.

11. He bails on you all the time

This guy isn’t trustworthy at all. He bails on you all the time and it’s all got to the point where you can’t take it anymore.

Even when he plans a date for you both, he never fails to send you a message an hour before the set time saying that he can’t make it.

At first, you thought that he was actually busy but you regularly stumble upon him out with his friends at the same time he was supposed to be with you. And nothing hurts more than that.

This is also one of the sure-fire signs he doesn’t like you and isn’t thinking of taking your relationship to the next level.

12. He avoids committing to you

The strange thing is that he still sometimes texts you and maybe even drops by your place. Because of that, it’s hard to accept the fact that he doesn’t like you when you keep receiving crumbs of love from time to time.

But every time you try to have a talk with him about committing to you, he runs away like someone’s chasing him. After that, he becomes MIA from your life but you regularly keep seeing him with other women.

This is a clear sign he doesn’t like you and doesn’t think of you as his potential girlfriend.

Maybe he’s keeping you in his life only because he wants to have some options when he gets bored of others. And because he knows that you like him, you seem like a great fit for this purpose.

13. He keeps pointing out your flaws

 The 19 Most Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Like You Back

Every time you hang out with him, he only seems to talk about your flaws, as that’s the only way you can have a conversation with him.

The way you speak, the way you dress, and the way you act around people are all of the things that seem to bother him. No matter what you do, he always finds something to complain about.

It’s obvious that this guy doesn’t like anything about you and he’s desperately trying to make you see that.

If it was different, he wouldn’t try to ruin your self-confidence and make you run away from him. Because it looks like right now, he’s doing exactly that.

Maybe he doesn’t know how to tell you face-to-face that he doesn’t have feelings for you, so he thinks that putting you down will do the trick. You’ll get sick of it and you’ll end things with him.

Trust me, it doesn’t get any more obvious than this. It’s one of the clear signs he doesn’t like you, without question.

14. He doesn’t care about your friends and family

When a guy likes a girl, he’s more than willing to meet her friends and family. He wants to leave the best impression on them and show them that he’s the man made just for her.

However, your guy keeps avoiding every possible contact with the people who mean the most to you.

You’ve been going out for some time and he still hasn’t met your best friend. Every time you mention inviting her out with you, he finds an excuse not to go.

Also, he doesn’t really care who you’re with or how your family is doing. Actually, it looks like he keeps avoiding all of the questions about your personal life.

This is also one of the signs he doesn’t like you. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to change his feelings, as this guy seems to be set on a mission to keep you away from himself.

15. He doesn’t open up to you

Have you ever had a serious conversation with him? One where he opened up to you and showed his real feelings?

A guy will never let you in unless he cares about you and that’s exactly the opposite of what’s happening to you right now.

No, it’s not that he’s shy and doesn’t like to share his feelings with others. No, it’s not that he had bad experiences in the past.

This guy here doesn’t like you and that’s why he doesn’t want to let you in.

Why would he bother sharing his feelings with you when he knows that you’re not in his life for the long haul? Why would he bother sharing his fears and dreams with a woman he can’t see himself with?

It’s obvious that he doesn’t feel the same way about you as you feel about him. And the truth is that this is unlikely to ever change.

16. He never asks you how your life’s going

When was the last time he asked you about your life? Did I hear you saying, “Never!”?

One of the signs a guy doesn’t like you is when he shows no interest in your life.

He doesn’t care how your week was, how you’re feeling, or if you need any help. He genuinely doesn’t care what’s going on in your life because he has no intention of staying in it.

It’s better for you to give up on him before he hurts you a way you’ve never been hurt before. And he’ll certainly do that if you don’t stop being in love with the image of him that you created in your head.

17. He’s mean to you

The 19 Most Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Like You Back

If you notice that he’s actually mean to you and that he keeps treating you badly, then the truth is clear. It looks like he doesn’t know how to politely tell you that he doesn’t like you and that he doesn’t want to have anything with you.

Instead of being honest, he acts like a fool and tries to push you away from him. There’s just no reason why you would stay with him any longer.

Don’t let him put you down just because you have feelings for him. This guy isn’t meant to be yours and you should definitely thank God for that.

18. His body language gives him away

Particular body language can be seen as one of the clear signs he doesn’t like you.

When you spend time together, do you see him standing a few feet away from you? Do you see him crossing his arms and putting up his guard?

Does he avoid eye contact with you and does he fail to smile every time you make a joke? If your body faces one way, he makes sure that his faces the opposite way.

Those are all body language moves that he’ll make if he doesn’t care about you. So, open your eyes and observe what he does, as you can learn a lot from it.

19. You feel it in your gut

The 19 Most Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Like You Back

When a guy likes you, it’s obvious because you can see that with your eyes. But when he doesn’t like you, it’s even more obvious, plus you feel it in your gut.

If your heart keeps telling you that he doesn’t have feelings for you, it’s probably right. You wouldn’t have to question it if it was the other way around.

So, please listen to your gut and don’t waste your time on this guy. You won’t be able to make him love you, no matter how you treat him.

If he hasn’t fallen for you after all of the attention and effort you put in, nothing will make him change his opinion in the future.

Put on your smile and know that it’s not the end of the world. It’s always better to be alone than beg someone to be with you.

The 19 Most Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Like You Back