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Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

Ignoring an Aquarius man can go one of two ways. Either he will fall madly in love with you or he’ll completely move on.

The latter doesn’t sound very encouraging, especially not if you really want to be with this man.

Aquarians are fixed air signs that are known for their weird tendencies, their communication skills, but also for their commitment issues. People would argue that it’s because Aquarians are so free-spirited, but it’s mostly because they expect a lot from their partners. If the person they’re seeing isn’t interesting enough, then they don’t really feel the need to stay in contact with them.

You can ignore an Aquarius man, but you have to do it delicately or you may lose him forever. Aquarius isn’t one of those emotional signs that hold on to people for dear life. If anything, one wrong move and you’ll see how easily he can cut people off.

You want to find the perfect balance between ignoring an Aquarius man and giving him just enough attention. He needs that attention. If you ignore him completely, he’ll play your little game better than you ever could.

For now, the biggest issue with falling for an Aquarius man is that there’s a slight possibility that he isn’t in tune with his emotions at all. You’ll feel like you’re talking to an emotionally unavailable man. Although, he’s oh-so charismatic, he’s also extremely aloof.

Before we get deeper into this article, I just want to warn you to be very careful.

When is ignoring an Aquarius man okay?

Let’s start off by saying you have no valid reason to ignore him if he’s a complete sweetheart to you.

I know that people have told you to be wary around an Aquarian. They’re known for breaking hearts and especially ghosting people.

That said, they can also be the biggest cuddle-bears you’ve ever met, who will overload you with compliments and love. So don’t really go all out on this tactic if you know that he’s just been busy.

You need to have actual reasons for your actions, because if you’re not smart about this, it can backfire quite quickly.

1. When he distances himself from you

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

Ignoring an Aquarius man is a dangerous feat. But if he makes the decision to distance himself, you have the full right to draw your weapons.

You can know that he’s distancing himself from you if his behavior has changed. When you first started talking to him, he was open to texting you and calling you on a daily basis. You even saw each other regularly.

For the past few days (or weeks), though, he’s been behaving differently and you can see it clearly. He’s been keeping his distance. He either doesn’t reply to your texts anymore or he takes days to get back to you.

You know that he’s online, because you’re constantly checking! So why does he think he has the right to ignore you?

Ignoring an Aquarius man is a dangerous game. But he’s obviously playing a game himself.

He could be losing interest because he got bored. Whatever the reason may be, you have the full right to ignore him at this point.

If you know for a fact that he’s been busy and told you in advance that he won’t be able to see you or text you as much, then you need to be patient. But if he acts like this without a plausible explanation, then protect yourself.

2. When you feel a power imbalance

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

A power imbalance may come from many things, but it’s most often when you’re putting more effort into the relationship than he is. Nonetheless, he’s the one who asks for more and more every single day.

You can sense the power imbalance by the way you feel around him. Does he make you feel unsafe?

Do you feel anxious whenever you want to tell him about something that happened in your life? Are you afraid to ask him for help even though you’re always there for him?

Aquarians aren’t known for being controlling or jealous, but they are known for their apathy. He may not even realize that there’s a huge gap in the effort you’re each giving to the relationship.

That’s when it’s totally fine to ignore him for a while. He needs to understand that he can’t treat you like that – he needs to be there for you as well.

He can’t hold all the power in your relationship, no matter how dominant he may think he is.

When you’re ignoring an Aquarius man, you’re giving him time to rethink his behavior and get back on track. And once he does, he’ll want to talk to you about it and listen to what you have to say.

3. When you need to remind him of your worth

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

Depending on the rest of his natal chart, an Aquarius man may be a very big player. He could definitely use you and then discard you as if you were nothing.

He’s capable of sending you those middle-of-the-night “You up?” texts to see if you’ll reply.

That’s when your value will decrease in his eyes and he won’t be able to see your worth anymore. And the worst is, you wanted him just as much as he wanted you at that moment, so it’s definitely not your fault!

But you need to remind him of your own worth if he doesn’t see just how absolutely amazing you are. You really do need to ignore him a bit for him to realize that he’s made a mistake.

The next time he texts you and you don’t respond to him, he’ll feel rejected and remember why he needs you in his life in the first place.

Don’t sell yourself short just because you feel like you need that man in your life. If you remember your own worth, you’ll make him work harder for you.

He can’t be the one to decide when he does or doesn’t get to see you and completely ignore your schedule. Because I assume that he doesn’t even bother to see you on your terms.

You’re better than that.

What will happen when you ignore an Aquarius man?

After you’ve figured out in which situations it’s okay to ignore an Aquarian guy, you naturally want to know what will go on in his mind during this time.

You’ll ignore him, but then what? Will he come running to you without any questions whatsoever? Or will he just walk away from you entirely?

If you are an Aquarius or very familiar with their behavioral patterns, you might know what will happen. But if not, you won’t have a clue what he’s thinking or planning.

We’re here to help you see into his mind while you ignore him. So don’t despair.

1. He’ll wonder what’s happening

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

The most common thing that happens in these situations is that the Aquarius man will wonder what’s going on. He won’t know if he’s just imagining things or if you’re truly ignoring him.

He’s naturally curious, so he may reach out to you more than ever before. He will be consumed by his own thoughts and won’t be able to resist the urge to bombard you with questions.

His heart grows fonder with the distance you’re creating between you two. Ignoring an Aquarius man can definitely catch his interest to the point where he won’t be able to let things go before he knows everything.

He’s the master at ghosting people, but he won’t be able to let it slide if you’re the one to ignore him.

Because of his innate curiosity, he’ll feel like he has to communicate with you more and stay closer to you to catch your attention.

He wants to know how much attention is good enough for you and how much is too much. He’ll treat it all like a little experiment.

His mind will be flooded with questions and he won’t be able to get the answers by himself.

2. He’ll reach out to you more

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

As stated before, he’ll definitely reach out to you more. Right now, he’s very used to getting his own way. You showed him that you’re the one to text first and always initiate contact.

Why would he have to think about texting you when he can just as easily sit back and wait for you to make the first move?

Now, that you’re the one to ignore and ghost him, he’ll really start reaching out to you. Sometimes you’ll be able to see the change in a matter of days.

He’ll realize that he’s not getting his usual share of attention and affection and that’s when he’ll actively seek it. He’ll text you before you know it.

Then, if you continue to act as if he’s not important to you, he will text you even more. He’ll ask you questions just to engage you in conversation.

It’s gonna be hard to resist his charm, but you’ll be fine. Just reply to him with simple sentences without asking him anything in return. He’ll feel the weird vibe and try even harder to rope you in.

3. He’ll think about his actions

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

You two obviously need a little break. You’re not completely invested in the relationship and you may even feel like your relationship is falling apart.

That’s everything but good because your relationship should be a stable and safe space.

He doesn’t see it that way and you obviously shouldn’t be the one to sit around and wait for his reply.

Believe me, the moment he realizes that you’ve been avoiding him and ignoring him, he’ll question his actions. Aquarians are overthinkers.

Ignoring an Aquarius man will put him in a state where he will mentally go through all of his actions, trying to figure out what he may have done wrong.

He’ll overanalyze the things he said. He may even go through all the messages he’s sent you just to see what happened.

If he doesn’t find the answer himself, he will text you to ask you what’s going on. He’ll even present you his theory and then ask you if he’s right.

Chances are quite high that he’ll figure things out himself, but he will still ask you for your perspective on the topic.

So if you decide to ignore him, this will inevitably happen.

4. He’ll force “the talk”

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

As calm and collected as Aquarius men are, they also don’t like being played. Especially not if you play their game better than they ever will. You can’t expect him to just take it lying down if you ignore him.

You can bet he’ll show up at your place of work – or, better yet, at your door, where he knows that you’re home. And he’ll demand your attention.

Because that way, you won’t be able to ignore him.

You may know a lot of traits of an Aquarius, but he might surprise you. In your eyes, he was the cool and calm guy, but the minute he feels like he’s being ignored, he’ll go all out.

How can he get your attention in the best way possible? Well, by showing up and forcing a conversation on you. Aquarians believe that you don’t have space to second-guess things if you communicate everything through.

He’ll want to know if things are over between you two or if you’re still trying to figure things out. He’ll expect all of his questions answered. You may want to ignore him further, but he’ll find a way to make you pay attention to him.

Never underestimate an Aquarian who feels rejected. He’s usually the one who does the rejecting, so your behavior is extremely unusual to him. He’ll go crazy over you.

5. It’ll reveal if he actually cares about you

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

It’s a fact that Aquarius men are aloof and weirdly detached from their emotions. That poor man you’re seeing and obsessing over probably doesn’t even understand what he’s feeling for you.

However, when you start to ignore him, he’ll feel the urge to talk to you even more. You can’t ignore him without driving him slightly crazy – and mostly over you.

Nonetheless, if you decide to ignore him, be prepared to get one of two polar opposite reactions from him.

If he cares for you and wants to be with you, he’ll find a way to catch your attention again. The other possibility is that he’ll just walk away.

There isn’t another sign in the zodiac who’s able to cut people off as easily as Aquarius.

You have to be prepared for that to happen as well. I’m not saying that it will, but if he doesn’t care about you enough, he’ll simply let you go and find someone else.

You’ll be able to see whether or not he cares about you in the way he treats you after you start to ignore him, and by his desperate attempts to catch your attention (or lack thereof).

6. He’ll be heartbroken

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

We’ve established that if you decide to ignore him, it may backfire. You may just end up breaking his heart and be left to wonder why he isn’t taking your bait at all.

You’ll break his heart if he’s a good guy who’s just been a little busy. Sometimes it’s hard, even for an Aquarian, to communicate. Especially if he’s a bit apathetic towards others.

He could’ve forgotten that he didn’t tell you he had other commitments. Now you’re ignoring an Aquarius man who genuinely wanted to be with you yet simply didn’t have time for you at that point.

He’s probably also a little confused over what he feels for you. He doesn’t want to play with your feelings or be the one to break your heart if he isn’t fully in this.

That’s one of the reasons Aquarius men distance themselves. So, while he’s figuring out his next move, you decide to ignore him before he’s even had the chance to think things through.

Now he is heartbroken and thinks that you don’t want him anymore. That’s exactly why you need to be extremely careful before choosing to ignore him.

7. If you push it a bit too far, he’ll move on

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

Did you get what you wanted from him? Did he finally start texting you and calling you more often?

Ignoring an Aquarius man is no minor thing, but he obviously got the memo and now he’s all over you.

You may want to continue ignoring him because you feel like you have the right to do that now. You feel like you could play this little cat-and-mouse game forever because you see results – his undivided attention.

But be careful not to push him over the edge. His head switch will flip instantly and all of his emotions will vanish.

And there’s nothing scarier than seeing an Aquarian turn off all of their feelings for you. If that happens, it doesn’t matter what you do, you’re dead to him.

This will definitely happen if you don’t know where your boundaries lie.

What’s better than ignoring an Aquarius man?

Yes, there are better things you could try. Ignoring him might help if he’s really a douchebag who doesn’t care about you and then you want to trigger his attention.

But usually, Aquarians are genuinely good people who just need a little reminder that you care about them.

So if this man doesn’t show you the attention and affection you need, you could try something else that doesn’t include completely cutting off contact with him.

1. Be his best friend

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

Do not ignore this if you want to get an Aquarius man interested in you. Don’t immediately resort to giving him the cold shoulder. Try to be his best friend, because that’s your best option, I guarantee you.

Aquarius men love to surround themselves with people who truly get them. In this sense, your Aquarian isn’t any different from the rest of us.

He wants someone who understands him, someone who will talk about anything and everything with him, and someone who wouldn’t mind directly approaching him if something went wrong.

So be his best friend, first and foremost. If he’s indeed aloof, ask him directly what’s going on. Don’t just assume things and then lose your chance with this man.

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

How many times have we talked about communication in this article? I think at this point you understand that it’s the holy grail when it comes to winning over a Water Bearer.

Instead of ignoring an Aquarius man, talk about everything.

Don’t keep your thoughts and emotions to yourself just because you think that he’s going to brush them aside. If anything, he will appreciate you more for your honesty and openness.

And by ignoring him, you’re doing the exact opposite.

Don’t lose him over miscommunication or complete lack of communication.

It’s better to discuss everything, even the awkward topics, than to realize one day that you don’t know the man because you simply don’t talk to each other at all.

3. Show him your spontaneous side

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

He will always question himself and his emotions for you. He does that because he feels like it’s better to know for a fact that he’s interested in you than to hurt you if he’s not into you.

So, he’ll probably withdraw for a moment while he’s mulling things over. That’s your chance to show him just how spontaneous you actually are.

Be the one to plan your next date and make it something exciting. If he’s more of the quiet type, then you could organize a secluded picnic for the two of you. Or if he’s adventurous, do something that gets his adrenalin going.

He will see just how much fun he can have with you and won’t be able to get enough of you. Why would he want to distance himself from someone who’s so exciting and different?

4. Become an amazing woman

DONE! Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you’re not an amazing woman already, but when we start talking to a man, we tend to forget everything but him.

That could’ve been the issue here as well. Have you lost yourself in your pursuit of him? Have you forgotten about the things you did and enjoyed before you met him?

If the answer is yes, then it’s not surprising that this guy is losing interest in you. Ignoring an Aquarius man is fun and games when he wants you, but not so much when he grows bored of you.

Analyze the difference between who you were before you met him and who you are right now. Are you focussing so much on him that you’ve ignored everything that he actually liked about you?

For example, you were always involved in creative activities, but now you put it all aside.

Get back to all your hobbies and show him that your personality is there. Become the most amazing version of yourself and watch him do anything and everything to keep you!

Everything You Need To Know About Ignoring An Aquarius Man

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