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17 Alarming Signs Of A Desperate Man You Need To Know How To Spot

17 Alarming Signs Of A Desperate Man You Need To Know How To Spot

Sometimes, it can be easy to mistake the signs of a desperate man and think he’s sending you signals that he’s interested in you. You see him trying his best to win you over and you start to think that he likes you a lot.

But once you start dating this guy, you realize that all this time, he’s simply been hopelessly in need of any woman there is. He’s not particularly interested in you but it’s only that you found your way into his life and he wanted to give you a chance.

A desperate man does whatever it takes to have a woman around. He doesn’t have to like her at all, as long as she can fill the void in his life.

To be honest, sometimes he’s not picky at all and the only qualification you need to have is to be a woman; that’s how low he can fall.

At first, you may like the fact that he’s trying to win you over. You like the idea that someone’s doing his best to impress you.

But once you start seeing all of the signs of a desperate man, you realize that you don’t need that kind of a person in your life.

Alarming signs of a desperate man!

The behavior of a desperate man who’ll do whatever it takes to have any woman in his life is cringeworthy to say the least. At first, he’ll do anything to have you around but once you realize what he’s all about and leave him, he’ll look for comfort in someone else straight away.

Then you’ll be left wondering why you even let this kind of man come close to you, as his feelings were never real. He only wanted to have someone so he wasn’t alone and I’m sure that didn’t fit in with your plans.

So, if you want to be sure that you won’t end up with a desperate man whose only goal is to be with literally anyone, then here are the signs you should know how to spot.

Once you notice these signals, you better run away from him because he won’t make your life better, even if he may seem like a dream guy at first.

1. He’s too available

DONE! 17 Alarming Signs Of A Desperate Man You Need To Know How To Spot

Even though you may not see it at the very beginning, there’s a difference between a guy who’s always there for you and one who’s trying to lure you in by being available 24/7.

I know that you want a man who’ll make you a priority and who’ll be there when you need him but trust me, this kind of person isn’t what you’re looking for.

The only reason why he’s always there for you is that he wants to win you over. He believes that a great way to get your attention is to show you that he’s available to see you whenever you can.

That’s why he’ll cancel other plans and do things that he usually doesn’t do as he’s trying to act like a good guy. In reality, though, he’s simply too desperate and he’ll do whatever it takes just to have someone around.

2. He has low self-esteem

Low self-esteem can be seen as one of the signs of a desperate man. Since he doesn’t believe in himself, he’ll take whatever life gives him.

He’ll do anything to please any of the women he meets because he believes that he can’t ask for more than he deserves. He doesn’t think that he’s capable of winning over the woman of his dreams so he’ll settle for anything he can get.

Also, a desperate man with low self-esteem will allow you to treat him however you want. You can walk all over him and play with his feelings but he still won’t pack up his things and leave.

He’ll choose to stay because he doesn’t think that he can have anything better, so in his mind, it’s preferable to be with anyone than to be completely alone.

3. He has no boundaries

DONE! 17 Alarming Signs Of A Desperate Man You Need To Know How To Spot

A desperate man has no boundaries and he’ll do whatever you say.

At first, he may seem like a caring guy who cares about your feelings and who’ll do anything for you but later on, you’ll realize that he has no boundaries because he’s desperately trying to win you over.

Even if you go against what he believes and push him further than he can take, he’ll still decide to stick with you. He’ll settle for anything that’s on the table.

Despite being treated poorly in a relationship in any way, he’ll probably agree with it as long as he knows he’ll get himself a girl.

You’ll never be able to build a healthy relationship with a guy who ignores his boundaries and does whatever you want him to as.

At some point, you’ll most likely use this behavior to your advantage and that’s when your relationship will fall apart.

4. He texts you all the time

We all want attention but do you really want him to keep texting you all day and night because he can’t stand a moment without hearing from you?

Can you tolerate his angry mood just because you haven’t replied to him for twenty minutes?

If you decide to date a desperate guy, that’s what you’re signing up for. Since he has low self-esteem and he wants to be sure that he won’t lose you, a hopeless guy will try to always be in touch with you.

Even when you’re busy or need some time for yourself, he’ll make sure to keep checking on how you’re doing. He’s desperate to have literally anyone in his life so he does whatever it takes to keep that person around.

However, he probably has no idea that his behavior will only make him lose the one he’s been fighting hard to get.

Anyone will get irritated by the behavior of a desperate person. The moment he starts suffocating you with his presence, you’ll be out and you won’t have any intention of going back.

So, if you notice that this guy is doing his best to always be in touch with you, texting you even when you tell him you’re busy, you’re probably faced with one of the signs of a desperate man.

As time goes by, he’ll be even more pushy about it and at some point, you’ll feel like you can’t do anything on your own as he’s always right next to you.

5. He begs you to give him a chance

DONE! 17 Alarming Signs Of A Desperate Man You Need To Know How To Spot

Another of the signs of a desperate man is his readiness to beg. You may reject him on multiple occasions but he still won’t take no for an answer.

Instead, he’ll get more persistent in his wish to try his luck with you so don’t even be surprised if you see him begging on his knees to give him a chance, as he’ll be willing to do that.

This guy may even think that you’re his last chance to have someone amazing by his side, which is why he doesn’t want to risk losing you.

Nothing can make him feel embarrassed as he doesn’t have any boundaries set for himself. No matter how many times you reject his invitation to go out for a drink, he’ll always make sure to try again at least one more time.

6. He’s needy

One of the signs of a desperate man is his neediness. He’ll want to be around you all the time and he’ll do whatever it takes to make his wish come true.

Besides texting you all the time, don’t be surprised if he keeps calling you every hour just to make sure you’re doing okay. He’ll also keep making plans with you, even when you let him know you’re busy.

He’ll then keep calling to check whether anything has changed or if you’re still unavailable to meet up with him.

People often say that needy girlfriends are horrible to experience and that you should run away from them but they rarely talk about clingy guys who desperately try to win a woman over.

They deserve a category of their own on the list of people who are terrible to deal with, since their behavior crosses the limits.

7. He moves through the relationship too fast

DONE! 17 Alarming Signs Of A Desperate Man You Need To Know How To Spot

If this kind of man succeeds at winning you over and you agree to date him, then you’re up for a fast-paced ride.

Guys are usually known for taking things slowly and not rushing anything, which is why you can easily spot a desperate guy by the pace he’s moving through the relationship.

From moving in together to getting married, he won’t be afraid to talk about these topics from the very beginning of your relationship. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he mentions them on your very first date.

A desperate man probably thinks that he must rush things if he doesn’t want to lose you and that’s why he takes a whole different pace than other guys tend to.

He doesn’t move through a relationship normally and instead, he sprints through it, trying to get you to the stage where you won’t leave him.

At first, you may see this as a good thing. You may think that he’s not afraid of commitment.

But as time goes by, you’ll realize that his eagerness will bring you more harm than good. You’ll figure out that you were never ready for his tempo and you’ll regret the decision to go out with him.

So, if you see him moving too fast through the relationship then you need to watch out, as it can be a sign of a desperate man who’ll do whatever it takes just to not be alone.

8. He showers you with gifts from the very beginning

We all love caring guys who pay attention to us. And when you see him buying gifts from the very beginning, you may think of him as a nice guy who treats his woman right.

But as time goes by, you’ll realize that your assumption was a mistake. The only reason why he’s showering you with presents is that he’s buying his way into your heart.

He’s trying to win you over and he knows that no girl can remain indifferent to a guy who treats her well.

As he has low self-esteem, he probably believes that the only way for him to do so is through being generous with gifts.

So, the reason why you’ve been getting all those flowers and chocolates is that he’s been trying to buy your interest in him.

It’s obvious why constant gifts are one of the signs of a desperate man. He thinks he can bribe you with his generosity but in reality, he’ll lose you big time once you figure out what his real intention is.

9. He has no standards

DONE! 17 Alarming Signs Of A Desperate Man You Need To Know How To Spot

This one may hurt your ego but you need to know that a desperate man will never chase after you just because he thinks you’re special. He doesn’t really see you as one of a kind.

Instead, he needs you in his life because you were right there in front of him while he was looking for a woman.

There’s nothing in particular that attracted him to you except for the fact that you were there at the right time in the right place.

He doesn’t want to be alone and he likes women. You’re single and you’re obviously female and those are the two standards he has.

If you decide to push him away from you, you’ll see that he’ll treat the next one who comes along the same way he treated you.

And that’s a clear sign you stumbled upon a desperate man who would be with anyone, just so he fills the void of loneliness in his heart.

10. He emotionally blackmails you

One of the obvious signs of a desperate man is emotional blackmail. The moment he starts playing the pity card, you can be sure that you’re with a guy who’ll make your life a mess.

He’ll give you all those stories about the terrible pain other women before you made him feel, how his heart was broken on multiple occasions, and how he was always the good guy.

He never did anything bad to any of the women from his past but they still decided to hurt him.

Well, if a desperate wish to win just anyone over doesn’t count as a bad thing, then I guess that he’s not lying about anything.

Be careful when he puts on a sad face and pulls out the sympathy card. His performance can make you stay with him for longer than you want as you’ll feel that you shouldn’t leave him, even if he’s not making you happy.

11. He treats women like they’re trophies

DONE! 17 Alarming Signs Of A Desperate Man You Need To Know How To Spot

Another sign you’re dealing with a desperate guy is if you notice him collecting women around him as if they’re trophies. Even if they’re only his friends, he still feels proud of himself for succeeding at having them close to him.

Sometimes, he won’t even know a certain woman well but he’ll still tell you she’s his good friend.

The truth is that if you approached her and asked her his name, she would have no idea as she never had an actual conversation with him.

This only shows how obsessed a desperate man can get. Being surrounded by women feeds his ego and helps others see him in a better light.

But deep down, he’s still a sad guy with low self-esteem who’s desperate to be with literally anyone. He just wants to fill the emptiness in his heart and he’ll do whatever it takes to succeed at that.

12. He wants you around all the time

A sign of a desperate guy is his constant wish to be around you all the time. Even when you don’t have any plans with him, he’ll still call to check whether you’ve changed your mind, as I mentioned earlier.

He feels the need to have you close and sometimes, he’ll even get mad when you decide to see someone else rather than go out with him.

He’ll ask you to cancel your plans and meet up with him or he’ll even invite himself to hang out with you and your friends.

This guy doesn’t want to lose you, as he desperately needs to have a woman in his life. And he thinks that he’s risking losing you every time you decide to spend time with someone else.

He’s jealous and possessive and he doesn’t care how but he’ll find a way to be around you all the time. That’s how desperate he is.

13. He talks highly of himself

DONE! 17 Alarming Signs Of A Desperate Man You Need To Know How To Spot

If he’s desperate, he’ll try to impress you with all of his achievements. Like a broken record, he’ll keep repeating all of the great things he’s capable of doing.

Even though you can already tell that he has a lot of flaws like everyone else does, he’ll still keep talking highly of himself.

If you were to judge him by his own opinion, he’d be a perfect guy in every sense of the word. From his business accomplishments to his personality, there’s not a stain on his record.

Well, how then could a guy like that end up all alone, trying to impress you with all of his sweet words? How could he still be single if he’s such a great catch, as he states?

It’s obvious that he’s trying to make himself seem perfect so he can trick you into falling for him. But in reality, he’s just a desperate man who’s doing his best to impress at least one woman but that’s something he won’t ever tell you.

14. He’s always checking out other women

Even when he’s out with you, he’ll still keep checking out every woman who walks past him, which is a clear sign that he’s a desperate man who’s always ready to move on to his next victim.

If by any chance you decide that he’s not good enough for you, he already has a backup plan. He spotted a few women whom he can approach and see if they would reject him too.

And even if all of them say no to him, he still has few numbers he can call so he can try his luck with them.

15. He’s a serial dater

DONE! 17 Alarming Signs Of A Desperate Man You Need To Know How To Spot

A great sign that he’s a desperate man is if you know that he’s always dating someone and the moment his current relationship falls apart, he moves on to the next woman.

This guy hasn’t been single for a long time and he moves through relationships as if they mean nothing to him.

Truth be told, his feelings clearly aren’t real since he never pauses once a previous relationship ends badly. Instead, he looks for the next woman as if it’s the only way to fix an allegedly broken heart.

The truth is that he’s desperately trying to win over anyone who’s willing to participate in his game.

His feelings may be fake but his wish to not be alone is as real as it can get and it makes it impossible for him to be in a serious relationship.

16. He does whatever it takes to keep you around

Desperate times call for desperate measures and this guy is proof of that. He’ll do whatever it takes just to keep you around.

Sometimes, he’ll go to extremes, obsessing over you and trying to impress you as hard as he can.

If you give him a hint that you’re leaving him, he’ll try extra hard to keep you around for a bit longer – at least until he finds a new victim. That’s when you’ll be free, as he’ll shift all of his focus on to another woman and try to impress her.

17. When you reject him, he asks whether your friends are single

DONE! 17 Alarming Signs Of A Desperate Man You Need To Know How To Spot

One of the obvious signs of a desperate man is the fact that he’ll ask you about your friends the moment you reject him. This is as low as his desperation can get.

He doesn’t really care that they’re your good friends and that he should stay away from them. Since they’re women, they are on his list of the ones he’ll try to attract.

Even if you tell him that all of your friends are taken and that he shouldn’t be hitting on them, you’ll see him approaching other girls.

One by one, he’ll try to get as many numbers as he can because all of them look like his potential girlfriend.

It’s clear that a guy such as this is in serious need of a woman and the only important thing is their relationship status and their gender. He can deal with anything else.

If you’ve been approached by a guy who’s showing any of these signs then you should reject him right away before he shows you the toxicity of being in a relationship with a desperate man. You don’t need to go through that pain!

17 Alarming Signs Of A Desperate Man You Need To Know How To Spot

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