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12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

Like every other woman in this world, you want to know how to make a guy miss you. It’s a strange need but at the same time, it’s completely understandable.

When we’re in love, women are strange. We want our partner to constantly think of us when we’re not around, so we want him to miss us and crave us.

You want him to text you to tell you that he can’t wait to see you. Whenever he doesn’t text or call you, you feel like he doesn’t even miss you at all, which doesn’t give you security, nor does it make you feel safe in your relationship.

They say that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder‘ and when he’s not around you, you can’t stop thinking about the next time you’ll see him. You want to constantly talk to him because you can’t really fathom how to stay apart for a while longer.

However, you know that it’s not really the best way into his mind. You know that you can’t bother him constantly just to see how he’s doing or to remind him that you exist.

If you’re clingy, he won’t be able to get away from you fast enough. He will never miss you if you’re overly needy and if anything, he may run away from you very quickly.

You don’t want that. You want him to see your absence as an issue so that he can fix it and reach out to you.

How to make a guy miss you?

DONE! 12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

You can use psychology to your advantage in this situation and when you want to make a man miss you, there are many ways how. The thing is that in most of these cases, you’ll have to stay on the down-low for a while.

One thing that I will truly stress is that you have to be a little bit more absent. You can’t just follow your natural urge to always reach out to him and talk to him.

You definitely have to do this strategically. Be smart about the way you approach this situation.

The end goal is to make him feel your absence, genuinely crave your presence, and fall in love with you even more than he already is.

That’s why we’re here to help you figure out a way to get to that end goal and feel the satisfaction when he admits how much your lack of presence pains him.

1. Just stop texting him

DONE! 12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

Before we even get into the rest of the things you need to do, you really have to stop texting him. I know that you’re itching to unlock your phone and search his name in your contacts but for goodness sake’, stop yourself.

He can’t even realize that you’re not around him when you’re always sending him memes and asking where he is. You want to know what he’s doing and who he’s with, I do understand that, but you need to chill for a minute.

It makes it seem as if you don’t have a life of your own and as if you’re desperate for attention and everyone knows what guys think of girls who behave like that.

For now, it doesn’t even matter whether you’re in a relationship with this man or if you’ve just been dating for a while now. In both of those cases, when you ask yourself how to make a guy miss you, you have to give him space to.

There’s no way you can do that by making his phone blow up. Give the man space and he’ll come to you.

Another thing you may want to try is to give yourself a little bit of time before you respond to him. I know that your heart skips a beat when he texts you and you want to reply as soon as possible so he knows you’re there but stop that.

You don’t need to do that right now. Once you start taking a little while longer to reply to him, he’ll think about why you’re not responding.

He’ll want to talk to you and that’s what’ll make him realize that you’re not there. He’ll miss you.

2. Always hang up first

DONE! 12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

Don’t let yourself stay up until early morning hours just to talk to a man. Always be the first one to hang up or send a goodnight text.

He’ll think of you as enigmatic and because of the simple fact that you took the initiative to end the conversation, it’ll definitely leave him speechless.

You know how you feel when he hangs up first; he leaves you yearning for more. You want him more and you definitely want him to be there with you a little while longer.

That’s exactly why you stay awake for a while longer, even if you have to get up early – you want to talk to him!

However, ignoring someone you’re interested in isn’t an easy thing to do. You just have to realize that you have the advantage this way.

If you’re the one to always hang up first, that leaves him wondering where you went off to and what you’re doing. He’ll feel a sense of emptiness without you and that’ll only add to his sense of longing.

3. Be a little bit mysterious

DONE! 12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

To be a bit more mysterious means that you can’t let him know everything about you. If you’re wondering how to make a guy miss you, then this is one of the most important weapons you have.

Don’t always tell him where you’re going and don’t tell him every little thing about you. You need to leave him craving more.

He needs to think about you when you’re not around and he can’t do that if you serve everything up on a silver platter.

You have to be able to leave him with more questions than answers so make it appear as if there’s still so much he doesn’t know about you.

For example, when you talk about a topic over messages, tell him that you’ll finish the story when you see him.

This will not only make him initiate a date because he’s so interested in you but also he’ll think about what you may say when you do meet up.

You may find it hard to hide things from him because you’re excited to let him know about your life and about the things you’re doing.

However, keep them to yourself for now because if you give him all the information he wants, he won’t think of you as much as if you decide to withhold things from him.

Trust me on this one. Every man wants to solve a complicated mystery that you put right there under their nose.

4. Strategically leave things at his place

DONE! 12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

The answer to the question, “How to make a guy miss you?” isn’t that hard to figure out at all.

He just has to always be reminded that you exist but that you’re not with him at that time and what better way to do that than to always leave a few of your things at his place?

Don’t just leave your toothbrush or something that will let him know you did this on purpose. Rather than that, you should leave things that genuinely do make it seem as if you forgot them.

For example, an earring or a hair tie would be perfect, especially if you leave it on his bed or on his bedside table. He will definitely see it if you leave it there.

Can you just imagine the moment he realizes that you left something of yours at his place? When he takes it into his hand and smiles because he remembered what an amazing time you had together?

You may also want to leave something of yours in his car. For example, you can take your little mirror out of your purse to check your make-up and casually leave it on the seat of the car.

When he gets back in his car, he’ll see the mirror and he’ll remember you and he’ll definitely miss you.

5. Have a special signature

DONE! 12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

Do you have a favorite color or a favorite movie? A favorite flower or a favorite scent?

Imagine you telling him about your obsession with roses, so whenever he sees the flower or even smells it anywhere, he’ll definitely remember you and how enthusiastically you talked about it.

The same effect can be achieved if you tell him about your love of pancakes. So when he’s enjoying breakfast with his friends or co-workers and he sees someone order them, he’s immediately going to think of you.

You can use this little psychological trick on him with anything you want, like with a specific perfume; don’t change it up and instead always use the same one.

I can guarantee you that you’re going to get a text message saying that he smelled your smell somewhere and that he thought of you right away.

It doesn’t really have to be anything unique or something that no one else likes. It can be something common but when you talk about it, make sure to put sentiment into it.

Make sure he understands that this is something you specifically like.

6. Don’t go out with him every time he asks you to

DONE! 12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

When you want to know how to make a guy miss you, you have to understand that you genuinely have to be absent for a while in order for him to miss you.

Just because he’s free and asks you out, it doesn’t mean that you should go out with him every single time he calls you.

You can’t put everything aside for him because at some point or another, he’ll think that you’re a bit too easy for him and that you’re always available.

That way, you’re not giving him enough time to miss you at all. You’re always around him and he won’t be able to realize that he craves you at all.

Also, it makes you seem as if you’re always free for him no matter what else you may have planned. So even if you don’t have anything else going on, stay at home sometimes rather than go out with him.

It can seem brutal if you don’t think of your end goal so you need to remember why you’re doing this! You want him to miss your presence, your voice, and your scent.

He can’t really do that if you’re just going to agree to all of his terms and be there for him whenever he calls you. You need to distance yourself from him for a while just to make sure that your little plan is working.

Tell him that you’re busy, that you already have plans. Be polite about it and tell him that you’ll see each other another time.

7. Have a life without him

DONE! 12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

The worst thing you can do right now is depend on him and not let him live his own life at all. You can’t expect him to miss you, want you around, or text you even when he’s busy simply because you don’t have a life besides him.

You won’t be happy with yourself or your life if you’re not able to have a life outside of the relationship.

Everyone needs different types of relationships in life; for example, you need to keep your family close by just as much as your friends and your romantic partner.

You can’t just ignore everyone else because of a man and the one person you definitely shouldn’t ignore is yourself.

Almost all of us ignore our own wants and needs in favor of being there for our romantic partner but you shouldn’t do that.

The next time you feel like you need to text him or see him (even if you’re already doing that too much), decide that you’re going to do something by yourself. Have a spa day with yourself or go out with your friends for a few drinks.

You have the right to do that and it will definitely leave him wondering.

By this point, he’s gotten used to seeing you whenever he pleases so now, when you turn him down because of your other plans, he’ll stay at home and have all the time to miss you.

8. Treat him like your best friend

DONE! 12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

This one sounds weird, doesn’t it? How do you make a guy miss you if you decide to treat him like your best friend?

Well, let me tell you that it’s definitely possible.

How does your best friend treat you? They’re always there for you, they listen to your problems and help you find solutions.

Your best friend is someone whom you can trust beyond anything and anyone in this world. They’re also the person with whom you can talk about anything and everything.

You exchange movie recommendations and so many other things, which is why you have such a special connection with them.

You build that connection through the experiences that you share, which is exactly why you certainly miss your best friend when they’re not around.

This is why you need to treat him exactly like that if you want to get a reaction out of him. You need to show him that no one understands him as well as you do.

Show him that you’re the only person who will sit next to him and listen to his rant about last night’s football game (but don’t ignore your own boundaries and patience of course).

When you’re his best friend, he’ll know that he will always feel comfortable and loved around you. He’ll miss you on a daily basis when you’re not there because no one will be able to take your place.

9. Make him feel like a hero

DONE! 12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

Nowadays, everyone’s talking about the hero instinct in men. When you know how to unlock his natural instinct to take care of you, you’ll be surprised about just how much you can achieve with it.

You’ll even be surprised how it can be used as one of the tools that’ll help you to make a guy miss you. For example, call him when you need help with something.

It doesn’t matter what it is, just make sure that it’s one of those ‘manly’ jobs and tell him that you’re so happy you have him. Another thing you can say is that you wouldn’t know what to do without him.

This will definitely make him feel as if he’s the only man in this world who can actually help you out when you have a problem. Once you activate his hero instinct, he’ll remember that moment for days.

It can be a euphoric experience for him and he’ll want to feel needed and wanted again. He’ll want to feel as if he can provide something for you.

If you ever have the opportunity to test this psychological trick, you’ll see just how easy it is to make a guy miss you and crave your presence.

You may even get a text or two from him where he asks you whether you need any help with anything. He will be the one to long for that feeling again and he’ll know that he can have that when he’s around you.

10. Dress to impress

DONE! 12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been seeing this guy for a couple of days now or if he’s your actual boyfriend whom you’ve been with for years; it’s never too late to dress to impress, especially now that you want to know how to make a guy miss you.

Put on your best outfit when you’re going out to see him. Don’t just throw something on but rather dress the best you can for the occasion.

However, make it seem casual enough. You don’t have to put a gallon of glitter on your face when you’re about to meet him, as that will seem a little bit forced.

This way, you’ll make his heart skip a beat when he sees you and you’ll become extremely irresistible to him. He won’t be able to get enough of you and he won’t even know how to take his eyes off of you.

That’s exactly how you’ll make him miss you! When he gets home and remembers just how beautiful you looked, he’ll want to see you again and you can even expect him to plan the next date before the current one is over.

Make sure to show him that you’re confident enough in your body to show it off. Accentuate your curves and be proud of the feminine power that exudes out of every pore of your body.

11. Make an effort with the little things

DONE! 12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

They say that a good relationship thrives on the little things.

It’s never about the big gestures where you go all out; it’s about the things that you do for each other on a daily basis and you can do these things for him whenever you feel like it.

You shouldn’t be aggressive about anything and you should be a little bit more relaxed. Simply pay attention to the things he says he likes and make sure to remember them.

For example, do you know how he likes to drink his coffee? The next time he comes over, prepare his drink just the way he likes it, or if you’re about to go and visit him, take him his favorite cup of joe.

These little things can also include the food he likes to eat most for breakfast or the music he likes to listen to when he’s stressed.

Nowadays, people don’t bother to remember the little details about others but we genuinely should because they can mean the world to someone.

Because of that, he will miss you like crazy. You won’t even have to wonder how to make a guy miss you because he’ll know that you’re the only one who cares to remember and the only one who makes an effort.

Who else would put this much effort into the small stuff?

12. Let him do his own thing

DONE! 12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

We’re back on the topic of clingy girlfriends and how much men hate them. Don’t be clingy and don’t be so needy when it comes to attention or validation.

Let him live his own life and do his own thing. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should let him run off and never see you again; it means that you have to understand that he needs to see his friends every once in a while.

He has to be able to go on a trip with them and not feel like he betrayed you for it. He has to have that space in order to miss you.

You can’t expect him to crave your presence when you’re always around him.

When you want to know how to make a guy miss you, this is definitely a safe bet. He will miss you like mad if you give him space.

12 Effective Tips To Make A Guy Miss You And Crave Your Presence

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