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When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

You haven’t heard from him for a while now and you feel bad about it and don’t know what to do… When a man ignores you, ignore him back because it’s the only right thing to do in that situation.

I know that it’s not easy and that’s why I’m here to help you get through it. When a man ignores us, we sometimes want him even more because of it but you have to stay strong and keep in mind that you deserve better.

You deserve a man who would give you all of his attention, so don’t let anyone ignore you!

He may even be doing it to get you to like him more but don’t fall for it. You don’t need a man who’ll try to manipulate you and toy with your heart.

Whether this is someone you’ve just been casually dating or your boyfriend, stay strong and ignore him back.

Keep in mind that you’re not doing it to get him to come running back to you. He may but it’s not about playing hard to get, since that’s just another game.

It’s about knowing that you deserve better and getting back the power you need to have over your love life.

Do you really even need someone who’s immature enough to think that it’s cool to ignore a girl who likes him? This guy may not even be worthy of your time but you still wait by the phone for his texts…

I get that because you’re not the only one who’s fallen into that trap. We’ve all been there but it’s time to put a stop to all those dumb games.

Ignore a guy back and keep reading to learn how.

When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

1. Keep yourself busy

+When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

When a man ignores you, ignore him back and make it easy for yourself to do so by staying busy! Your goal isn’t to pretend like you don’t even care, it’s to not even care for real.

He obviously isn’t bothered by your lack of communication, so why should you be? Don’t let his behavior bother you and try not to think about him at all.

Instead, focus on what you’re passionate about. Read a good book, cook your favorite meal, do your chores, go out with your friends…

The more things you have on your schedule, the less time you’ll have to even think about this guy. Once he finally stops ignoring you, you won’t have to pretend and you’ll show him that he hasn’t gotten to you.

2. When a man ignores you, ignore him back by playing hot and cold

When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

If you keep ignoring him, he’ll eventually tire of it. He’ll see that he’s not achieving anything and that he’s losing his chance with you.

When this happens, you should give him a hint that there may still be hope after all. After pretending to be an ice queen for some time, you need to show him that you still have a warm heart.

When you get the chance, talk to him and show interest in what he says. Make him feel like you find every word he says captivating, so you don’t want to miss any of them.

You could even text him and ask about something he can help you with, something he knows about more than you do. Be careful not to make your real intentions too obvious, though.

The point is to keep a balance between giving him attention and ignoring him. You don’t want to seem too needy but you don’t want him to think that you’re entirely cool toward him either.

Play hot and cold and keep him hooked without giving him too much hope. Balance is crucial here and if you do this right, he’ll go crazy about you.

3. Talk to other people

 When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

When a man ignores you, ignore him back, even if you desperately want to talk to him. Speak to other people you know instead!

When you have some time on your hands and can’t stop thinking about him, call your friends. Meet them for coffee and vent about this guy or discuss some other topics.

Talking to other people will help you stop thinking about him so much and your friends will be there for you to cheer you up. It may seem that you can’t get him out of your head but with a little help from friends, you can.

Maybe you can visit a new restaurant with them or go shopping for new clothes. The important thing is to have fun and think about something other than this rude man.

If your friends aren’t available, spend some time with family. Maybe you have a close family member who you can confide in or simply talk about what they’ve been up to.

You can even go out there and try to meet someone new. When a man ignores you, ignore him back and give your attention to someone worthy of it!

4. Demand to be treated better

 When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

Sometimes, it may be best to end the whole ignoring process by letting him know how you feel. Whether you’re dating and he’s ignored you for weeks or you were just chatting and then he ignored you for a couple of days, stop the cycle.

Demand to be treated better and let him know that you won’t tolerate being ignored. It may make you look stuck-up but isn’t it true that you deserve better?

Ask for what you need and if this guy can’t give you that, there are plenty of men who can. He should know that you deserve better, especially if you’re in a relationship.

It may be best to first ask him what happened and find out the reason for his behavior. If you don’t know why he’s acting this way, don’t attack him right away.

It’s best not to jump to conclusions because something may have happened.

You can even sound casual and funny by mentioning that you’re not used to being ignored, so you don’t know what to think. Let him know that he should at least let you know if he’s not interested anymore.

If you don’t feel like playing games and guessing what’s on his mind, there’s nothing wrong with being direct.

5. Put down your phone

When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

When a man ignores you, ignore him back and whatever you do, don’t send him several desperate texts.

Trust me, I know how hard it can be to put down your phone when you miss a guy. Leaving your phone alone for a while is the best thing you can do for yourself at this point, though.

Even if it’s hard for you to ignore him, you can basically make yourself do it by ditching your phone. Leave it in another room and make sure there are no pathetic texts or calls that you’ll later regret.

You have better things to do than to wait by the phone for his call.

Watch TV, work, spend time with your loved ones, dedicate your time to your hobbies and interests, and keep your phone in a safe place where you won’t be tempted to call this guy and lose your dignity.

If you’ve been constantly checking your phone to see whether he called yet, you have to stop it. Don’t drive yourself crazy just because some guy can’t make up his mind about you.

Do yourself a favor and keep away from your phone. These days, people are too attached to their smartphones anyway.

Getting some rest from calls and texts will be good for you in many ways. If you want to take it further, you can even have a short vacation somewhere where there’s no reception.

That way, even if he calls, he’ll have to wait for you to come back refreshed and relaxed to hear from you again.

6. When a man ignores you, ignore him back by not being too accommodating

When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

Even when he stops ignoring you, don’t jump right back into his arms. He has to understand that you have a life even when he’s not a part of it.

Don’t be too accommodating because otherwise, he’ll get used to that and take you for granted. He won’t respect your time if he assumes that you always have time for him.

As long as you always adjust to his plans and his schedule, he’ll take your time for granted, and being too available is always a bad idea when you want a guy to be interested in you.

Keep him guessing about what’s so important in your life that you can’t talk to him. Don’t always bend over backward just to fit into his schedule when you have your own plans.

You have a life without him, so don’t drop everything as soon as he decides to stop ignoring you. When a man ignores you, ignore him back even when he doesn’t feel like playing that game anymore.

A man wants an independent woman who can make time for him even though she has a busy schedule. Don’t hurry to make time for him, though, because he kept you waiting and has to learn his lesson.

7. Flirt with other guys

 When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

If this guy chooses to ignore you, you can always find someone who’ll choose not to let you out of his sight!

When we fall for a guy, we tend to forget just how many of them are actually out there. All our focus is on that one guy who doesn’t even notice us, while there are men waiting for us to acknowledge their existence.

Go ahead and remind yourself that there are other men who’d love to be with you and flirt a little! You don’t have to take it further but a smile from a stranger could brighten your day.

In addition, flirting with some other guy will give you that ego boost you need now that you’re fragile. Don’t just wait for the guy you like to call you and see that someone else wouldn’t keep you waiting.

Meet someone new on a dating site and chat with them to pass the time. You may realize that the guy you liked entirely slipped your mind in the process!

If you think that you’re ready for it, you can try dating someone else too. When you don’t hear from a guy in a week or longer, you don’t owe him any explanations.

If you want, you can even have a rebound relationship. Even though that’s not always a good idea, no one’s stopping you from seeing what’s out there.

When a guy ignores you, he has no right to dictate what you can and cannot do. If he’s not willing to see you, see someone who is!

8. Don’t look at his social media profiles

When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

When a man ignores you, ignore him back but make sure to ignore his social media profiles as well.

You probably already know the scenario where you get him out of your head just to have his post pop up on your news feed. And there he is, looking happy while you haven’t heard from him in ages and you get stressed about it.

Ignoring his social media is something you have to do for your own peace of mind. You probably constantly check his profiles and it just gets you to obsess about him all over again, so stop!

Don’t let yourself stalk his social media profiles even if it means that you have to block him and keep in mind that there’s a mute option if you’re not ready to block him.

Muting him may even be a better idea because he won’t know about it. You won’t see his posts and he won’t be aware of it, so it’s a win-win situation.

When you hear from him again, you can simply pretend that you didn’t care enough to look at his profiles.

9. Turn off the notifications for conversations with him

 When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

Ignoring his social media isn’t enough because you should also ignore his texts.

Guys who ignore girls often randomly reach out again when they feel like it because it’s convenient for them. You’re happy about it but after a short conversation, they ignore you again, just as it gets interesting.

I’m assuming that you already know that it’s not a great idea to answer his texts right away after he has ignored you. You need to keep him waiting – but how, when you’ve been looking forward to his messages this entire time?

Turn off the notifications for conversations with him! That way, when he texts you again, you’ll only see his messages when you use your phone.

You won’t get a notification right away, which will ensure that you don’t respond right away either. You’ll instead ignore him without even being aware of it, which makes things easier for you.

Keep him waiting every time he reaches out again after ignoring you. You can’t let him think that you’ve been waiting by the phone hoping to see his name pop up on your screen.

Don’t answer right away when he calls either. You may even want to not answer at all and just wait for him to call again.

10. Take things slowly and don’t show too much emotion

 When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

To be honest, women often have exaggerated displays of emotions. We can’t help it, we just have so many feelings.

The problem is that guys don’t experience feelings the same way we do. We often fall into the trap of showing all of our emotions too soon and it scares them away.

They need much more time to figure out their emotions before openly showing them. When we do show ours too soon, it just freaks them out and they run away.

If you’ve been upfront with how you feel or exaggerated with emotional displays, it may be why he’s ignoring you. Too much honesty scared him because he hasn’t figured out how he feels about you yet.

Take things slowly now and know that timing is everything. Follow his pace and start showing emotions when he’s ready to show his too.

Showing your feelings too soon can make him think that you’re desperate or insecure. Giving him some time and space to think instead makes you look much more independent.

It’ll make him interested again because he’ll want to know why you’ve changed. If you used to give him attention and now you’ve stopped, he won’t help but wonder what happened.

When a man ignores you, ignore him back and he’ll go after you! It may sound strange but a lot of the time, ignoring a guy gets him to come running back.

11. Work through your emotions in a healthy, calm way

When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

It’s perfectly normal to get frustrated when a guy ignores you. Can it even be true love when he does this?

You just want to give him a taste of his own medicine or vent to a close friend. Of course, you can do that but there is a healthier way to work through those feelings.

Release your frustration and confusion by engaging in physical activity or doing something creative. Go for a jog or a run, sing, write, draw or paint.

Don’t hesitate to try any of these things, even if you’re not that good at them, as doing something active or creative will help you release your emotions in a healthy, calm way.

Put on your favorite music, turn up the volume, and just dance! Take dancing classes or hit the gym and get in shape in the process.

A new interesting hobby may be exactly what you need to get your mind off him. It’s just one more thing to add to your to-do list and keep yourself busy.

You may even meet someone new who’s much more interesting than this guy who ignores you. So, when a man ignores you, ignore him back and stay active in the process.

Do any of these things that appeal to you and you’ll feel better. In addition, you won’t have much time to think about this ill-mannered guy.

12. Focus on yourself and go out with your friends

When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

You’re probably focused on him, tormenting yourself with thoughts about what he may be doing… Instead, you need to focus on yourself and try to make yourself happy.

When a man ignores you, ignore him back and reward yourself for doing so! Relax, eat chocolate, draw a bubble bath, pour some wine, and have a spa day!

You most definitely deserve to show yourself some self-love. Don’t worry about him because you’ll soon know what to say to him when he ignores you.

Once you feel like yourself again, call your friends and have a night out with the girls. Make sure to have a great time and you won’t even think about this man.

Enjoying your time with your friends will lift your spirits and keep you busy and you may even meet someone new who would never let you out of their sight!

13. When a man ignores you, ignore him back and end things with him

When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

If he doesn’t reach out to you eventually, you may want to send him one final message. Instead of writing, “Hey,” for the seventh time, give yourself some closure.

Send him a message like, “It’s been fun talking to you but you’re clearly very busy, so I’ll just move on. Bye and good luck with whatever you’ve been doing lately.”

Writing something like that clearly points out that he hasn’t given you the attention that he should have. You deserve better and he should know that.

Once you send him the text, just forget about him and consider it as breaking up. Do whatever you would do in the case of any other break-up.

Don’t be surprised if you get a response, though. He may not know what to say but he’ll surely feel bad about losing you, so he may try to justify his behavior.

Don’t take him back right away if he does, however, because you can’t let him do the same thing to you again. Be careful and take your time before trusting him again.

Good luck!

When A Man Ignores You, Ignore Him Back By Doing These 13 Things

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