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13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

Do you want to know the signs an Aquarius man is interested? You’ll have to look very closely because you may miss them if you just as much as blink at the wrong moment.

Aquarius is an air sign and even though they’re known for their amazing communication skills, they’re still very bad at expressing their true feelings. Sometimes, you’ll see an Aquarius being very flirty, while other times they seem to lack emotions in general.

So is this man truly interested in you? He’s a mysterious creature, that’s for sure.

Aquarius is the quirkiest sign of them all and everyone knows that. When you think that you know him well enough, believe me when I tell you that you don’t.

One thing you’ll realize is that you he doesn’t fall in love overnight. When an Aquarius man is interested in you, he’s most probably thought long and hard about the pros and cons of liking you.

They’re overthinkers, that’s a fact, so he’s likely thought things through to a great degree. However, if you want a traditional relationship that’ll lead to a traditional marriage then an Aquarius isn’t the person you should want.

They’re bored of tradition and everything that’s considered to be normal. So if you see that an Aquarius man is interested in you, make sure you’re ready for a wild ride, as he won’t be your usual cup of tea.

Either way, when you’re trying to figure out whether he’s really interested in you or if he’s just being very kind to you, you need to look at the signs he gives you.

Signs an Aquarius man is interested in you

1. He texts you quite often

13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

If you know anything about people born under the sign of Aquarius, you know that they’re experts at ghosting people and pretending like they don’t exist.

Usually, he’ll value his alone time and because of that, he doesn’t want to be disturbed.

He also hates confrontation, which is why it’s easier for him to ghost someone than to actually have a genuine conversation. He doesn’t want to deal with others’ hurt feelings, so he simply pretends as if they’re not there.

So if you want to know one of the signs an Aquarius man is interested, just watch how often he texts you.

Does he message you back immediately? Do you have to wait for days for him to reply?

He won’t leave you waiting for him and his text messages if he likes you.

If anything, he’ll be the one to always text you first and send you weird memes. He does this to show you that he cares.

He’ll be the type of person to send you a strange question in the middle of the night about something you’ve never thought of.

This is when he’s having one of his thinking sessions. So he’ll ask you something like: “Do you think aliens have fingernails?”

An Aquarius will never value the opinions of people if they don’t respect them or care enough about them so if he asks you for yours, he likes you.

You can probably see this in how many texts he sends you a day. It may seem normal to you but to an Aquarius, he thinks that texting you often is the peak of flirting.

2. He spends a lot of time with you

 13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

People born under the sign of Aquarius are usually very introverted. They love to spend time alone because that’s when they have the most freedom to do whatever they want.

You can see whether an Aquarius man is interested in you when you look at just how much time he spends with you.

He’s always there and he doesn’t mind going out a few times a day just to see you and he’s there when you need him the most.

Do you truly believe he’d sacrifice his precious alone time for someone he’s not interested in? He would never do that, which is why you need to ask yourself whether he really spends a lot of time with you.

He’s probably never too tired to go out and meet up with you. This man makes it clear that he’ll always wait for you to give him a call.

You can look closely but you’ll see that you’re the only person he does this for. Whenever someone else tries to get a hold of him, he usually refuses to go out.

All he wants to do is sit in his room and wait for you to contact him. You need to pay close attention, and you’ll see that this man has feelings for you.

3. He explores new things with you

13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

You know that an Aquarius is everything but ordinary. Why would he be like everyone else if he has the possibility to be unique?

This is also why he’s always on the lookout for a new adventure. He doesn’t want a boring nine-to-five job where he has to wait for the weekend to experience something but even if he does, he’ll find a way to make things more fun.

What does he do with you? Do you go on new experiences every once in a while?

You probably also go to new cafes and restaurants quite often. You can see one of the signs an Aquarius man is interested in you just by watching where he takes you and what you do when you’re together.

He’s probably organized many unusual things for you two to experience, like strawberry picking or trying out a new theater downtown.

Maybe he simply told you to create a fort in your living room so that you could watch your favorite movies together.

All of these things show you he’s interested and you’ll be able to see this without even trying. Just remember how many times he’s done something extraordinary for you.

You may perhaps even have a secret handshake or some type of specific candy you always buy for each other. Make sure to pay close attention to this and you’ll see what I mean.

4. You have deep conversations with him

13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

An Aquarius like him won’t just be attracted to you because you’re pretty. Of course he thinks you are but your outer beauty isn’t what’s most interesting about you.

However, what you need to look out for is when he starts a deep conversation with you, so he may say something about the universe and then he’ll wait for you to reply.

He probably has an opinion on everything and that’s what he’s looking for in a partner as well. If an Aquarius man is interested in you, he’ll yearn for more than just physical affection.

He needs mental stimulation more than anything. You can be as boring as you want but he won’t spend more than a minute on you.

To him, you’re interesting and you’re the girl he goes to when he needs someone to discuss certain ideas with. He’ll always knock on your door and ask you the most bizarre questions.

He’ll probably spend an entire night thinking about something you’ve said. The next day, when he sees you, he’ll be ready to tell you his opinion.

He won’t do this for everyone because he doesn’t think that other people are worthy of his time. You, however, are worthy of all the time in the world to him.

5. He’s very affectionate

13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

Because of his cold nature, an Aquarius man won’t be affectionate unless he’s interested in you. He’ll show you this with very long hugs and he’ll find any reason at all just to touch you for a moment.

You’ll probably think that it’s just him being friendly but in his mind, he’s taken a huge step.

He can also show you affection with little gestures, so he’ll get you your favorite ice cream and he’ll remember everything you tell him, which is why you don’t need to mention things twice.

Did you ever tell him about a book you wanted to buy? Well, now he’s got it for you.

He’s not the type of person who will immediately introduce you to his friends and family but he’ll definitely make sure you know he likes you.

It’s clear that this Aquarius man is interested in you, as the signs are all there. You can rest assured that he’s truly interested in you the very moment you realize that he’s been showering you with a lot of love and affection.

He doesn’t do things just to get you to like him and then leave. Instead, he’ll do everything he can to show you his interest and stay.

6. He’ll become your best friend first

 13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

Because of the fact that he values mental stimulation and emotional intelligence over physical affection, he’ll become your best friend first.

You might have noticed that he doesn’t have many ‘best friends, especially because he has a tendency to disappear on them when he sees fit. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with you.

He makes it known that you’re important to him and he even calls you his best friend! Those are big words when they come out of the mouth of an Aquarius.

He looks for a best friend in a partner. Anyone can give him physical pleasure but being his friend means that he feels comfortable around you.

With you, he can be himself completely. Why would he want anyone else but you?

The very moment he says that he feels comfortable talking to you or when he says that he considers you his best friend, just know that he’s making a move on you.

7. He doesn’t flirt with anyone else

13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

You’ll notice right away that an Aquarius man is interested in you once he stops flirting with other people.

Why do I say this? Well, Aquarius is known to be very casual about flirting, so he won’t shy away from complimenting someone or genuinely flirting with them.

Sometimes, he’ll flirt with anyone just to see their reaction. Even though he won’t really admit this, he probably loves being adored by others.

However, when an Aquarius is interested in one person, they usually stop flirting with anyone else. That’s why you’ll immediately see a change in his demeanor.

He doesn’t feel a need to flirt with others anymore. When someone goes up to him, he’ll completely ignore them or he may try to politely tell them to go away but that’s about it.

When you were truly just friends, he would tell you about his endeavors, so he’d tell you about the girls he was talking to. Right now, even when you’re the one who mentions it, he seems completely unimpressed with other girls.

If anything, that should be your sign.

8. He shows you his vulnerable side

13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

It shouldn’t surprise you that he’s usually a very cold human being who isn’t really in touch with his emotions, so even when you think that he’s emotional, he probably doesn’t know how to express them.

The reason for that is the fact that he needs to trust someone before he tries to talk about his feelings. It’s not easy for him to be vulnerable when he believes that he may lose that person.

You’ll see the moment it’s like a switch in his head has been flicked on. Until then, he’ll have been very awkward with his emotions but he’ll feel more comfortable when he talks to you now.

Being vulnerable is an issue for him; not because he thinks that you’ll laugh at his vulnerability but because he doesn’t think that you even care enough to listen to him.

So instead of talking, he just acts as if he’s completely emotionless. But the time he starts opening up to you, you’ll see the sign that this Aquarius man is interested and it’s definitely a strong one.

9. He genuinely listens to you

13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

Everyone knows that Aquarius are overthinkers. He spends most of his time inside his own mind and that’s why he always seems in and out of it.

One moment, he’s there with you and the next, he’s somewhere far away.

However, if he likes you, he’ll listen to you. He’ll listen to everything you have to say and he’ll hold on to those words as if they were holy.

You can easily tell when someone is listening to you. They nod their head to everything you say and ask genuine questions – and not just questions that everyone asks but authentic and very thought-out ones.

Does this happen with this guy? Have you seen the way he attentively listens to you?

When you ask him a question, he always takes some time to think things through before he gives you an answer.

He knows that you need him to be honest but also empathetic, so he makes sure to remember the little details of your conversations.

You’ll really be able to figure out that he likes you with this sign, as this Aquarius man is interested in you enough to give you all of his attention.

10. He always compliments you

 13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

You see, this guy won’t give you the usual compliments. You won’t hear him say something basic like: “You look pretty today.”

He likely does think that you’re gorgeous but that’s beside the point. He’ll actually compliment you in a way that lets you know he pays attention to you.

He’ll always make sure to highlight the things he finds most attractive about you and not just your looks.

His compliments may include: “You’re so introspective. I love the way you analyze yourself and your actions,” or, “I always learn something new from you, which is so attractive.”

Your physical appearance is a plus point, of course, but he’s more focused on you as a person. You’ll never have to worry about his opinions because he’ll tell you straight away what he thinks about certain parts of your life.

He compliments you because he wants you to know how he feels and he needs you to know that he sees your improvements. He doesn’t do this just because he wants you to compliment him back; this man does it genuinely.

That’s how you know an Aquarius man is interested.

11. You know all of his favorites

13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

People usually believe that Aquarius try really hard to be different and because of that, not many people appreciate it when someone born under this sign tells them about their interests.

He’s probably one of those people who tends to question others on their interests but he never goes too deeply into his own. However, he tells you everything about them and you remember it all.

Why do you remember it? Because he doesn’t shy away from telling you multiple times!

It seems like you’re the only one who knows about his favorites, though. When people ask you what to get him for his birthday, you’re surprised to find out that they don’t know what to buy and you have to remind them how special he is.

You tell them what he would actually like and you can’t really blame them for not knowing when this man never told them anything in the first place.

You always talk about his interests and his favorite movies, books, and so on, you don’t judge him. That’s exactly the reason why he trusts you with all that information in the first place.

Even though an Aquarius man can be very hard to read, you can clearly see that he’s interested in you and he wants you to know that he trusts you with everything there is to know.

Why else would he tell you all of these things?

12. He takes you out for a breakfast or coffee date

13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

If your Aquarius man has asked you to go out with him, then you shouldn’t be wondering whether he’s interested in you.

However, I know that things may be a little bit confusing from time to time. You doubt him because you think that if he liked you, he’d take you out to dinner somewhere more romantic but it’s easy to forget that Aquarius doesn’t like that.

When you go out to a fancy dinner, you have to dress up and pretend like you’re something you’re not. You have to put make-up on and wear high heels and he doesn’t want that; he wants you, completely unfiltered and honest.

When you go out for a coffee date early in the morning, you’re still very sleepy and cute and that’s what he finds to be the most romantic date.

You feel comfortable enough to be around him when you’re this vulnerable and he cherishes that.

You’ll never have to ask yourself whether he likes you when he takes you out on a date during the day, where he wants to talk to you and spend time with you.

He’ll probably intentionally flirt with you and he’ll try to make you blush but that won’t be the focus of the date. The focus will be on you.

13. He brings you into his personal life

13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

As stated already in this article, Aquarius doesn’t like to share his personal life with anyone. He doesn’t like to be vulnerable, admit his emotions, or tell just anyone about the things he likes.

More things an Aquarius man wouldn’t share with you unless he was interested are his personal space and his friends and family.

The very moment you go over to his place to hang out in his room, just know that he has a massive crush on you.

You’re a trustworthy person in his eyes and he wants to give you another test. He wants to see how you act when you’re part of his most personal space.

Another one of the signs an Aquarius man is interested is when he introduces you to his friends and family, as those people are sacred to him.

Because of the fact that he doesn’t get attached to people easily, he surrounds himself with the people he holds dear and you’re one of those people now.

He won’t even try to bring you into this unless he has true intentions with you. You will become a constant in his life after this and you should truly be happy that he let you into his heart in this way.

He would never do this for someone who’s just passing through his life, especially if you meet his parents before he actually admits his emotions for you.

He takes you home to meet them because he wants them to approve of you and he wants to see how you’ll fit into this picture.

You’re interesting to him and he’s falling for you slowly but surely. Now the ball’s in your court, so what are you going to do?

13 Genuine Signs An Aquarius Man Is Interested In You

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