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Cut Him Off, He Will Miss You: Does It Truly Work?

Cut Him Off, He Will Miss You: Does It Truly Work?

Cut him off and he will miss you, I can promise you that. 

When a relationship ends, be it a committed one or a complicated situationship, you may still end up wondering what you should do in order to make them miss you. 

I believe that this is a natural human desire. You can’t just move on and then never look back after you’ve spent so much time with that person. If anything, you’re going to miss him. 

It doesn’t matter how much he hurt you, you’ll still think about the few good memories you made with him. Or maybe even there were so many good moments that you can’t even bring yourself to be angry at him for hurting you. 

Your heart feels like it’s shattered into tiny little pieces that you won’t be able to put back together once he’s gone. His absence is like torture. But you know that you can’t and you shouldn’t want your ex back. 

That’s exactly why you want him to miss you. You want to see him suffer just as much as you so that he knows what he’s putting you through. 

However, he seems to be living his best life. Whenever you see a post of his on social media, you feel like you’re missing out on things because you’re not a part of his life anymore. 

Want to make him miss you miserably so that he can’t move on from you? Then continue reading and let’s figure this out together. 

Why does cutting him off make him miss you?

Cut Him Off, He Will Miss You Does It Truly Work

Let’s first figure out why you need to do this. You may not realize just how important it is to cut your ex off after you’ve broken up. 

We all want to stay in contact with our exes simply to keep tabs on what they’re doing. Sometimes, you don’t even have to stalk him, because his posts are right there.

Also, having that continuous access to his social media accounts gives you the freedom to message him whenever you feel like it. 

When you miss him like crazy, you really do want to talk to him. You’ll probably regret it the next day, but at that very moment, you feel like you’re doing the best possible thing for yourself. 

That’s why you have to understand why it’s so important to cut him off so that he will miss you. You could also try other ways, but this one is definitely the most effective solution to your problem. 

1. You’re taking away his significance

DONE Cut Him Off He Will Miss You Does It Truly Work 2

He probably thought that he was more important to you, so you’ll shock him with this action for sure. He’ll feel like you moved on before he even knew that it was possible. 

This man actually thought you would want to snoop around his profiles and wouldn’t have time for your own life. But when he realizes that you’ve cut him off, blocked him, or that you’re not begging him to come back to you, then he’ll know that you’re really over him. 

That will frustrate him to no end. When you cut him off, he will all of a sudden miss you because he wasn’t ready for this. 

He thought he was more significant in your life and that you wouldn’t be able to just throw him out this easily. What he doesn’t know is that you’re doing this strategically – he has no idea what you’re up to. 

I guess you could say that he’ll be desperate to figure out why and how you moved on so quickly.

2. You won’t seem jealous

When you decide to block your ex, that’s when he’ll realize that you don’t want to be a part of his life anymore. This also means that you won’t stalk him to see who he’s spending his time with. 

When you continue to follow your ex and you keep in touch with him, you’ll always look for the girls he’s with. You’ll end up stalking those girls as well, even if it wasn’t their fault you two broke up. 

That’s when you’ll even start asking him questions about it and he’ll know for certain that you’re not over him. He’ll also be extremely happy for leaving you and breaking up with you. When he sees that you’re super jealous, he’ll be is proud of himself. 

Jealousy is a lousy thing to show your ex when he seems like he’s over you. He won’t miss you when he sees that you’re obsessed with everyone he hangs out with. 

You should definitely cut him off to show him that you don’t care who he spends his time with. 

3. You won’t give him an ego boost

Cut Him Off, He Will Miss You Does It Truly Work

If you decide not to cut him off, he will not miss you. He’ll think of his involvement in your life as a victory. He’ll believe he’s got you wrapped around his little finger and you could never find anyone better than him. 

When you cut him off, he can’t even know if you met someone new. It may be quite some time before he realizes you made this move in order to diminish his ego, or he may never even find out what’s going on. 

If you were in a long-term relationship, there’s no way he won’t believe that he’s the best thing to have ever happened to you. So you don’t have to be a relationship expert to know that his ego will be extremely bruised when he finds out that he doesn’t hold that place in your heart anymore. 

He’ll constantly think of you so he’ll end up missing you before you know it. When you break a man’s ego, that’s when you break his heart and bruise his self-esteem. 

4. You’ll seem very confident

You’ve finally put yourself above him. When a woman takes her ex off of the pedestal and puts herself there, she comes across as the most confident woman alive. 

It’s important that you seem confident right now because he’ll look for the smallest signs that you’re desperate for him and his attention. He’ll even search for the misery and heartbreak in every single one of your posts. 

Don’t let him get that satisfaction. Show him that you love yourself and that you’re confident in yourself. 

He’ll miss that confidence and your unapologetic behavior. He’ll miss the girl you were before he started to break your spirit. The girl who he fell in love with will come to the surface once again and he will come back crawling to you before you know it. 

5. He won’t have closure

DONE Cut Him Off He Will Miss You Does It Truly Work 4

You know how hard it is to move on from someone when you don’t have closure at all. You’re left with more questions than answers and you just want to know what truly went down so you can move on. 

Of course, this can only happen if you recently broke up and you haven’t talked to him for a while. That’s when he’ll feel like you jumped out of his life like nothing ever happened between you two. 

It doesn’t matter if it was a five-year relationship or if you were together for just a few months, this guy will want his closure. Even if he’s the one who broke things off.

So don’t diminish the importance of cutting him off; it’ll definitely mess with his head. 

6. You’ll save face

Your ex probably already lost all of his respect for you for some reason. After all, he had to have a good enough reason to walk away from you and to hurt you.

In his eyes, you lost your value, so you’re not important to him anymore. 

I know that this is extremely hard to hear. Since I don’t know the actual reason for your breakup, I can’t even fathom what’s actually going on in his head. 

But when a man decides to leave you, it’s probably because he doesn’t see you as someone worthy of his time anymore. And that doesn’t mean that it had to be a committed relationship to mean something. 

Even in situationships, you’re left to wonder what’s going on when someone decides to simply walk away from you. You spent a lot of time together, saw your future together, and wanted everything to come true. 

When you beg him and plead with him for his attention, he definitely won’t miss you. You must wonder if silence can really make a man miss you. Although you feel like that’s not possible, I can promise you that he will miss you when you decide to cut him off

​When is it okay to cut your ex off?

There are a few instances when cutting your ex off is completely okay. To be totally honest with you, I believe that cutting your ex off is always a great idea. However, sometimes your ex reaches out and you simply want to reconnect with him. 

You’re not even thinking about a new guy in these situations, because your ex is forever clouding your mind. But it doesn’t matter how amazing he was while you two were together, if he did any of these things, then you should definitely cut him off: 

1. If he cheated on you

Cut Him Off, He Will Miss You Does It Truly Work

This is a no-brainer. You shouldn’t have anything remotely close to a friendship with an ex who decided to cheat on you. He threw your love and trust down the drain because he was too selfish to actually consider your feelings. 

There’s no plausible explanation as to why someone would think that cheating is okay. Especially if he convinced you that he loves you and truly wants to be with you. 

No matter what you say, everyone deserves someone better than a cheater. No karma in this world makes you deserving of such an awful experience. 

So if your ex truly did cheat on you, then cut him off, and trust me, the guy is going to miss you. He’ll spend hours upon hours thinking about you and what he did wrong.

He may even come to regret his decision because he’ll feel like he lost you forever. Of course, you can decide if you want to trust him again or not, but for now, make sure to enforce the no-contact rule and let him suffer in radio silence. 

2. If he gaslighted you

When you’re with a gaslighter, you may feel like you’re going crazy. You don’t trust your own emotions and you’re weirded out when you eventually try to take control over your life again. 

He was the one who controlled everything and he never made an attempt to validate your feelings or your decisions. 

This is what happened to me when I experienced my last breakup. I had to cut my ex off because I felt like I was going insane just by having him constantly check up on me after we split up. I saw he was thriving on my misery and loved to see me cry for his affirmation. 

That’s when I decided that it was enough. Of course, I cut him off months later because at the time I didn’t know what was actually going on. I never intended to be the girl who ran after the guy, but I also never intended to cut him off. 

But I had to do it for the sake of my own sanity. I can promise you that I had an extremely hard time doing this and I understand how you’re feeling right now, but you have to do this for yourself. 

I asked myself multiple times “will he come back?” But at one point or another, you simply stop caring. 

3. If he abused you in any sense

DONE Cut Him Off He Will Miss You Does It Truly Work 6

It should be common sense that you should cut your ex off for good if he abused you. If this is the case, you shouldn’t for a second consider getting back together with him. 

Your ex wants to see you traumatized and utterly broken. So don’t let him see you like that! You thought that you saw him fall in love with you, but all he actually found was a victim. 

You should just cut him off and sure he’ll miss you – he’ll miss being able to hurt and manipulate you. So don’t ever think of falling back into his arms. 

His words and actions hurt you. The hands that were started out as your haven were the same hands that inflicting so much pain. 

Don’t do this to yourself again. 

4. If he walked out on you without even considering your feelings

Sometimes, men make irrational decisions that lead to breakups even if you weren’t even aware of any problems prior to this. 

When you cut him off, he will miss you because he obviously didn’t think his decision through. 

If you didn’t see any issue in your relationship, then he probably tried to find problems where there were none. He tried to make up issues just so he could walk away from you. 

Does this mean that he never loved you in the first place? Not necessarily. 

Chances are that he actually felt too much and that things got a bit too real for him. Now, does your ex miss you because you were the perfect match? I don’t know. But he will definitely feel a sense of loss. 

You should cut him off in this situation because he didn’t even have the decency to talk with you and work things through. He just made a run for it. How juvenile can a grown man get? 

How do you cut him off? 

Cut Him Off, He Will Miss You Does It Truly Work

We’ve been talking about how it’s a good idea to cut your ex off, but we haven’t really addressed how you should go about doing it. And the easiest way is to simply stop every kind of contact you may have with him.

The first time you receive a message from him, you’ll feel an insatiable need to reply. You’ll feel like you’ll cry if you don’t.

But hang in there. Because days later, you’ll actually be very happy that you didn’t. 

Cutting him off includes things like blocking him on all social media platforms or simply unfollowing him. You don’t have to go the extra mile to block his phone number, but you definitely shouldn’t maintain contact with him. 

I know that you feel like you’ve lost your best friend, but you can’t reply to the text messages of your ex-boyfriend without showing him that you still care for him. 

Rather than that, be strong and simply ignore anything and everything that he may send your way. You’re better than him and you shouldn’t fall for his little pathetic attempts to get you back.

When you cut him off, he will miss you because he won’t have that access to you anymore. 

Another thing you can do is to stop going to places where you know that you’ll bump into him. This way you’re making sure not to fall into the hands of temptation and he won’t be able to corner you. 

How long will you have to cut him off for?

DONE Cut Him Off He Will Miss You Does It Truly Work 8

It depends. Each relationship ends on different terms, so you have to decide if you want to give him a second chance or keep him out of your life. 

If you broke up because he cheated on you or did something that’s so absolutely unforgiving and awful that you’d rather cry alone than have him in your life, then so be it. 

You’re the one who’s removing him from your life. When you cut him off, he’ll realize you’re out of his life, that he lost an amazing woman, and that’s when he’ll start to miss you.

But that doesn’t mean that he’ll change after he returns to you. 

Just because he misses you doesn’t mean that he’ll automatically want to become the perfect boyfriend who treats you the way you deserved. If he does promise you something like that, it only means that he’s lying to you to get you back in his life.

If he simply walked out of your life because of something trivial, then you could reconsider getting back together with him. 

When he starts to miss you, he’ll realize he needs you and you were the love of his life. He’ll probably feel like he’s made a huge mistake, so he’ll want to redeem himself and ask for your forgiveness. 

Will he miss you and contact you? 

Cut Him Off, He Will Miss You Does It Truly Work

I’ve heard of people in long-distance relationships get back together because the girl cut the guy off and he missed her so much that he booked a flight just to see her. 

I guess that should set the bar high. Don’t lower your standards just so you’re not alone. If anything, he’ll miss you and he’ll try to contact you.

When he sees that he can’t reach you, he’ll try to find another way. At the end of the day, you may even open the door one day to see him standing right there and begging you to get back together with him. 

This will happen if he cares about you, of course. He won’t do this if he left you because he feels like your entire relationship was a huge mistake. There’s no need for him to go back to the girl he doesn’t love. 

Even though this might sound extremely harsh, heed what I’m telling you. You can’t just make someone love you – you’re not the deciding factor in those situations. 

He’s the one who has to be able to see all of your qualities and love them, as well as see all of your flaws and decide to help you work through them. You can’t make someone love you just by doing everything for them. 

Unfortunately, that’s not how love works. 

The chances of him coming back to you after you cut him off are bigger because he will miss you and want to see what happened to make you change your mind.

That only works if he thinks that the breakup was a mistake. If he feels like his life is better without you, then he will simply be grateful to have you out of his life for good.

Cut Him Off, He Will Miss You: Does It Truly Work?

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