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Will My Ex Miss Me? How Can I Know The Truth?

Will My Ex Miss Me? How Can I Know The Truth?

“We’ve been together through thick and thin and now he’s moving on too quickly! Is it possible that he’ll let go of us just like that? Will my ex miss me at all?”

Any time period after a breakup is a difficult one. Your mind, body, and soul are aching whilst trying to heal from the split.

You’re processing your past relationship and many questions pop up. It’s perfectly fine to ask yourself whether your ex misses you, cares about you, or if he wants to get back together.

You need closure, but things seem to take too long. At this point, it feels like he’s not hurting as much as you are, and you’re angry because of that. Maybe you want him to think about you, or maybe you believe you two can reconcile.

Some people move on quickly, and some take longer. Even though your ex seems to be one of those who don’t need much time to heal after a breakup, it doesn’t mean that he’s not thinking about you. He could be pretending that he’s over you, but maybe that’s his way of dealing with everything that’s going on.

Whether your ex will miss you or not depends hugely on the type of relationship you had, and the reasons for breaking up. There are many things you have to take into consideration when trying to figure out what’s going on through your ex’s mind.

This breakup is a huge thing for him, too, believe it or not. Unless he’s a heartless being, he won’t handle it well and with ease.

You may be tempted to reach out to him, but that’s not a good idea right now. Before taking any steps towards contacting him, you should pay closer attention to the signs that he misses you.

Once you look at these in detail, the decision will be easy to make. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Will my ex miss me or has he already moved on?

Sometimes, a relationship ends for the better and none of the partners miss each other. They realize that their breakup was inevitable and they simply deal with it.

However, there are certain scenarios in which your ex will start to miss you and potentially even reach out to you. You’ll be the only thought on his mind, and no matter how hard he tries to forget about you, his efforts will be in vain.

As you’re going through a breakup, you probably keep wondering if that time will ever come. Will your ex miss you and will you be able to tell? Can you expect him to reach out to you or is it too much to ask for?

Well, here’s how you can tell what’s going to happen after your relationship falls apart. Hopefully, the following explanations will give you peace of mind and will help you do what’s best for you.

Your ex will miss you if…

1. He regrets breaking up

Will My Ex Miss Me? How Can I Know The Truth?

Sometimes couples separate because they don’t have enough patience to work through their issues. Perhaps this was also the case with you two. Difficult problems and misunderstandings were too much to deal with and you decided that it was best to split ways.

These problems occur when we’re inexperienced in terms of relationships. We might run into obstacles and not know how to resolve them.

Different doubts and dilemmas rise up almost out of nowhere. “Does he really love me?”, “Is he serious about me?” There’s a constant fight between the good times and the bad moments in your relationship.

At one point, things fall apart and two of you decide to go separate ways. But even though you’re no longer together, you still share many mutual memories.

Being there for each other, exchanging tenderness and intimacy… Those are some of the things you can’t easily forget. The resulting emotional connection adds a special charm and flair to our lives.

Losing these things is something that’s bothering him the most. He may or may not admit to it, but he knows it’s hard to find something similar to what you two had.

It’s a whole process to build trust and get to know someone. It takes a lot of time and effort. We do have all sorts of gadgets and apps that make things faster, but it still takes a whole lot of time to meet a person you can imagine your future with.

This is precisely what your ex is thinking right now. It took him some time to realize that life without you is hard, and that now, he’s supposed to go through all of the fuss of finding a new partner.

He has a whole new mindset when it comes to you. All of a sudden, you seem more perfect than you’ve ever been, and he’s able to see what an amazing woman you are. He somehow didn’t manage to realize this before, and he hopes that it’s not too late to get you back.

Your ex thinks that breaking up was a bad idea and he regrets it. He thinks he could’ve tried harder to solve your problems and this time, he’s willing to give everything he’s got to make things work.

So, if you’re sure that he regrets breaking up with you then you can also be sure that he misses you. Even though he still hasn’t shown you that, the chances are that you’re all he’s thinking about.

At one point, he’s probably going to reach out to you and ask you to sort your issues out. By then, you should realize if you’re willing to give him a second chance or if it’s better that he stays a part of your past.

Figuring out an answer to that question is going to be an important turning point in your life.

2. You had a long-term relationship

DONE Will My Ex Miss Me How Can I Be Sure 2

If you had a long-term relationship, there’s no doubt that he’ll always be thinking about you. In this case, you don’t even need to ask yourself “Will my ex miss me?”. The answer is more than obvious.

A long-term relationship is a serious business. Not everyone is worthy of such an endeavor. It’s highly important to choose a proper partner when it comes to building a life together.

Since you’ve managed to traverse so much of the way together, it’s not surprising that you miss each other. The level of trust between you two was immense and you’d shared your innermost secrets.

There’s a good chance that you even met his parents and hung out with his friends – people he loves the most. He introduced you to them because he considered you special. He really loved you and he’s probably not handling the breakup very well.

You invested so much time and energy into this relationship, which makes you feel empty without him by your side. So, it’s only natural that he feels the same way.

Long-term relationships are the most intimate ones, and the so-called “cuddle hormone” Oxytocin is released. This hormone creates attachment to your partner. Now that you’re not around anymore, it’s unavoidable for him to miss you.

If the breakup is still fresh, your ex could choose to pretend as if he no longer cares about you. But what’s actually going on is that he’s keeping himself busy.

He doesn’t want anything to remind him of you, although, you’re always somewhere in the back of his mind. This way, he’ll process the breakup easier. At least, that’s what he thinks.

But if you ask his friends how he’s doing and they tell you that he regrets breaking up with you, then there’s your answer. Your ex will start to miss you the moment he realizes that he’s made a mistake.

You’ve been together for a while so it’s not surprising that he’s reconsidering his decision. Even though it’s too early for him to contact you, it won’t be a surprise if he sends you a message after some time.

After all those years together, he won’t be able to resist the temptation.

3. You were best friends

Will My Ex Miss Me? How Can I Know The Truth?

To lose a friend is worse than to lose a lover. So, if you were best friends with your ex, there’s a strong chance that he’ll miss you.

A best friend is someone whom we reach out to in times of need. It is someone we trust and feel safe with. From sharing secrets to hanging out – they’re always there for us.

Many relationships arise from friendships, but it’s not uncommon for them to fall apart. Despite being great friends, some people can’t make it as a couple.

Relationships come with a different set of challenges and responsibilities. Finding common ground on things like sharing finances, a home, marriage, or having kids, is highly important. Unless you agree on these, it’ll be hard for you to save your relationship.

If you didn’t manage to agree on what’s important to you, you realized that it’s best to split and move on. Unfortunately, now you can’t simply go back to just being friends.

Your ex is now confronted with the pain of heartbreak. No doubt that he’ll try to remove himself from this situation.

He might block you on social media to stop being reminded of your existence. Or he’ll stop hanging out with your mutual friends since he can’t stand being close to you now that your relationship is over.

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about you, or that he doesn’t miss you. He just needs some time to process such a great loss.

Your friendship and your relationship meant a lot to him, and he wants to keep a good memory of you. He might seem aloof now, but this is just one way of dealing with sorrow. After some time, he’ll hopefully recover and check up on you.

If a question – “Will my ex miss me if we were best friends?” – pops up, know that he will miss you, for sure. You two had a special bond and it won’t be easy for him to forget about it, no matter what he says.

4. He had a fun time with you

DONE Will My Ex Miss Me How Can I Be Sure 4

Sometimes people enter relationships just because of pure fun. When they have a lot of free time on their hands, they find someone to spend that time with. They might have a lot of friends, but sharing fun moments with a partner is a much greater thrill.

As time went by, both of you fell in love and your relationship grew stronger. You had an awesome time together and truly enjoyed every second of it.

Your relationship was filled with laughter, so no doubt that your ex knew how to charm you. It’s no secret that every woman enjoys the company of a funny man. A good sense of humor opens the gates to a woman’s heart.

But it feels like you’ve successfully charmed him as well. Whenever you were together, he couldn’t stop smiling. That’s actual proof of how much fun he had with you.

At one point, both of you realized that your relationship isn’t working. He knew you had to go your own way, and he wished you all the best in the future.

However, this relationship, even if it was short-term, left a mark on him.

Positive people and positive events create the best memories, and we cherish them forever. You were a positive influence on his life and this relationship was something he wouldn’t easily forget.

It will take him some time to get over it, and he’ll likely miss you during that period. He’ll think of you every time he feels stuck.

The memories you two had shared would be the only cause of his smile. At the same time, they would also be the cause of his sadness as it’s hard to accept that you’d lost someone who used to bring so much joy into your life.

So, you can be sure that your ex still thinks about you and misses your presence. You made him happy and that’s not something you can forget easily.

5. He’s just lonely

Will My Ex Miss Me? How Can I Know The Truth?

When you keep asking yourself, “Will my ex miss me?”, the answer lies in his behavior and the way he feels after the breakup.

If he’s the kind of person who’s not used to being alone, then he won’t know what to do after the split. He’ll feel lost and at that point, he’ll start thinking about his past.

He basically can’t stand the thought of being by himself, and ascribes his value to having or not having a partner. If he has a girlfriend, he feels like his life has a meaning.

He’s used to having someone around at all times, and now you’ve left him on his own. He’s not taking this situation very well, so he might reach out to you soon.

Don’t be surprised to get a message from him saying “I really miss you, can we try again?”. He’s lonely and doesn’t know how to live a life on his own, so that’s why he decided to contact you.

But before you reply to his text, think about what was your relationship like. That’s the only way you’ll be able to figure out his intentions.

If he didn’t show genuine interest in you when you were together, it’s highly unlikely that he’s sincere this time. Did you have to wait for him to answer your messages? Was he too busy all of the time? Did he always have a reason why he couldn’t call you, or visit you?

If so, you might want to think twice before replying.

The truth is that things probably haven’t changed. The only reason why he’s contacting you is that he’s lonely and you still haven’t blocked his number.

In this case, you must realize that you don’t want to get back together with a guy who doesn’t have serious intentions with you. I understand that you miss him, but are you sure that he truly feels the same way about you?

You want someone to want you for you, and not because he’s lonely and has no other options!

6. He’s just bored

DONE Will My Ex Miss Me How Can I Be Sure 6

You’ve maybe heard that boredom is the birthplace of creativity, but your ex obviously didn’t. Unfortunately, his boredom won’t give birth to another genius!

Can you imagine, your ex misses you just because he’s bored? Well, it’s time for you to start believing that the impossible is possible!

You might notice that he’s stalking you on social media. He might like some of your photos from years ago, and this is a clear sign of pure boredom.

Who has the time to stroll through 10-year-old photos on someone’s profile? Well, there your ex goes!

Opening your Insta and Facebook stories is a daily ritual for him. He’s doing this just to check what you’ve been up to lately as he doesn’t have anything else to do.

I would feel sorry for him because he’s obviously wasting his time. You know that he didn’t care this much about you while you were together. All of a sudden, he’s interested in knowing every detail!

This is a situation you didn’t expect and it even bothers you a bit. Seeing his name on the list of people who’ve seen your story or liked your posts is getting on your nerves.

This time, you have the option to apply the extreme version of the no-contact rule – blocking. This is a surefire way to stop him from reaching out to you out of pure boredom.

He’ll get the message to look for other ways to amuse himself. After that, he’ll no longer be able to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong.

You use social media to share genuine moments with your friends and followers, and you don’t want to hide anything from them. However, you may not be want to share those moments with your ex. That’s when blocking comes in handy and is completely justified.

Last but not least

Will My Ex Miss Me? How Can I Know The Truth?

As you can notice, the answer to the question “Will my ex miss me?” lies in the type of relationship you used to have. If the two of you shared some memorable times, then he won’t be able to erase you from his memory just like that.

It’s only natural that he’ll regret breaking up with you after a long-term relationship, where you two were best friends and had a lot of fun. These might also encourage you to consider reconciliation or staying friends with your ex.

However, there’s also a chance that your ex will miss you only because he’s bored or lonely. In this case, you shouldn’t give your ex much thought since he doesn’t deserve your attention.

After all, you should be the most important person to yourself. Worrying about whether your ex will miss you or not, won’t do you any good. Your past is the past for a reason.

Your destiny awaits you around the corner, so don’t forget to take a sneak peek. If your ex is your destiny, he’ll find a way back to your life. It’s up to you to just relax and go with the flow.

Who knows? You might be surprised by what life will bring to you.

Take each relationship as a new set of skills gained and a new lesson learned. First and foremost, you’re a woman worthy of self-love and self-care, so use this knowledge to let no man make you feel helpless or inferior!

Try sharing positivity with the people closest to you and the ones you love the most. The more good you share with others, the better will come around to you.

Know that this period of worrying and thinking about the breakup shall pass, too. You’ll have to be patient to get through it, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

You’ll realize that the most sincere closure you can get is the one you give yourself. You most certainly don’t have to ask your ex to give you one. The ability to let go of the things that bother you is a trait of a strong woman.

Good luck!

Will My Ex Miss Me? How Can I Know The Truth?

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