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11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

Chemistry between two people seems like one of the most important parts of their attraction. You just know when you click with someone on a while different level and it doesn’t always have to be because of the conversation.

When people talk about love and romance, somehow it always comes back to chemistry.

The way romance is represented in media seems like a dream. How can two people actually fall in love with each other that quickly? Is that even possible?

You’d want to think that Hollywood is making things up for us to live in this fairytale, but it certainly can be more than just wishful thinking.

Let me ask you this. Have you ever met someone where you felt like you were burning from the inside out just because of the intense feeling that was drawing you to him?

You might be thinking it’s nothing more than physical attraction, as they probably aren’t even the usual type you go for. But you see something special in that person.

This man you’re thinking of right now isn’t someone you’d fall in love with or want to get to know that well, but the feeling of being drawn to him is undeniable. When you lock eyes with him, you feel like you’re floating midair.

And the best part about it? You just know that he’s feeling it, too.

You know that he’s thinking about you – you’re not imagining things. He’s sending you signs of instant attraction, but he’s trying really hard not to show just how much you’re affecting him.

Is chemistry between two people really important?

DONE! 11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

We’ve all heard over and over again that patience and healthy communication are what make every relationship work. It’s true, of course, but those qualities are across the board – be it for platonic or romantic relationships.

When it comes to romance, though, chemistry is crucial. That’s when you realize that someone is a potential partner and not just a friend you’ll get coffee with.

If there is compatibility between two people, chemistry is just another thing that is needed to create an amazing partnership.

You don’t just want to be with a man who’s able to communicate his feelings, but doesn’t know how to interpret yours because there’s no chemistry.

No doubt about it: Passion and desire are a big part of the equation.

Can you imagine being with someone and then after a while realizing that there’s absolutely no spark between you two? That can be a big red flag for many men and women alike.

Signs of chemistry between two people

There are glaringly obvious signs that there’s chemistry between you and a certain someone, but you might think that you’re imagining them. A feeling this strong simply can’t be real, right?

Well, you may be wrong. So instead of confusing these emotions for anything less than they actually are, let’s figure out if you’re experiencing chemistry with someone.

1. You’re captivated by him

11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

You can’t seem to keep your eyes off of him. You may have only exchanged a few glances here and there and you haven’t even talked to him much, but he has your full attention.

At times you might even wonder if you’ve met him before somewhere. You feel like he looks too familiar to be a new person in your life and you could even say that you know each other much more intimately.

You can just sense that you’re in his thoughts just as much as he is in yours. There’s no doubt, especially when you can’t take your eyes off of him and then he catches your stare.

He was probably talking to someone else when he felt your eyes on him, and when he looked at you, your eyes met. At this point, you know that he’s smiling because he’s feeling sparks fly too.

We might not be able to sense these things in the average person, but when there’s chemistry between two people, you just know that you’re on the same wavelength.

2. You’re infatuated by each other

11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

You have never talked to someone this much. Especially not someone you’ve just met.

There’s a specific vibe to you both that makes you realize just how thankful you are for meeting this person.

Regardless of what’s happening around you, you’re not taking the chance of looking away and then realizing that this was all a dream.

The two of you are a perfect pair. And logically speaking, you know that you can’t be in love with him at this point. This feels like you’re falling down, head first, into a spiral of infatuation.

The emotions are so strong that they don’t feel like the tender love you were told was the real type of love. What you do feel is an emotion so strong that it’s taking your breath away.

That right there is extreme infatuation, which you can feel only when there’s chemistry between two people.

3. You can see it in his eyes

11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

I would genuinely love to tell you that it’s more complicated than this, but it’s really not. They say that the eyes never lie and there’s no lie in his when you look into them. All you see is burning desire.

You’re constantly checking each other out. You can see the way his eyes roam your body and take in every curve he finds fascinating.

You’re probably not far off yourself. You enjoy being the center of his attention just as much as you love giving him all of yours.

At times, when your eyes meet, you share a little smile. It’s more like a smirk that makes its way onto your lips when your eyes are half-closed.

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep eye contact with someone this handsome and charming. Of course, he’s all of these things to you even though someone else might not see it.

Your shyness might make you break eye contact every once in a while because the staring contest can get pretty intense. That’s when you look away and pretend as if you didn’t feel the fire. As if nothing unusual is happening.

This is nothing like the times two people share eye contact and it’s creepy. Sometimes people don’t get the hint and they continue to make you uncomfortable. With this guy, though, you know it’s pure chemistry.

It’ll feel as if he can see through you, right into your soul. You might even realize halfway through that it’s not just physical attraction but that you want to ask each other every question under the sun.

You have this insatiable need to get to know him and he’s obviously making an effort to get to know you.

4. You feel like you’re the only two people in the room

 11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

It doesn’t matter if you’re meeting this man for the first time or if you’ve met him a while back and now you’re seeing him again. Everyone else seems so insignificant compared to him.

When someone comes up to you when the two of you are talking, you just brush them off. You might even want to give others some attention, but you can’t seem to get yourself to do it, as you’re just magnetically pulled back to him.

When there is chemistry between two people, this feeling won’t disappear over time. If anything, it can only get stronger the more time you spend together.

The more attention you give him, the more attention he will give you. There’s no way you can stay away from each other even if you wanted to.

You want to talk to your friends, but just the thought of him being somewhere in the same room as you are is absolutely frustrating.

You don’t even hear your friends at this point because all you’re focused on is his voice that’s making its way to your ears from across the room.

He might not even be trying to get your attention, but he still has it. Just like you have his.

Try looking over your shoulder, I can guarantee you that he’ll lock eyes with you right away.

5. You can’t stop smiling when you’re around him

11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to bite down on your lip or the inside of your cheek to get yourself to stop grinning, it’s not helping.

When there’s chemistry between two people, they simply can’t stop smiling around each other. You will make each other laugh a lot, you’ll be very flirty and funny, but even if that’s not the case you’ll keep smiling.

The best part about it is that you don’t even have to do much to make each other smile.

Just being in the presence of this person brings a smile to your face so easily. He doesn’t have to say a word, his energy is enough to make you grin from ear to ear.

You know that you’re not just faking a smile to seem more attractive to him. You’re genuinely smiling with your entire being. Your heart and soul are smiling with you and you can feel it from deep within.

It can be alarming that someone you considered to be a stranger a short while back can get this type of reaction out of you. But you’re also able to see the impact of your own words and your presence on him as well.

It’s not just you who’s falling down the rabbit hole. He’s falling right alongside you. His smile says it loud and clear.

6. You get each other

11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

There are many people in your life that you’ll meet and then, through conversation, figure out that you have quite a lot in common. But how often does it happen that someone completely understands you from the get-go?

When there’s chemistry between two people, you’ll both feel like you’ve just met your best friend. You’ll feel so absolutely happy that someone genuinely gets you.

It’s as if you’re speaking a language that no one else around you understands.

Besides sharing this undeniable attraction, you both also feel a connection on a soul level. He gets irritated by the same things you do and you get excited by the same things he does.

Nothing in this world can go wrong now that you have each other. You can see yourself completely trusting this man to the point where he’ll one day become the only person you confide in.

Everyone else will seem completely irrelevant compared to how much you adore him.

You’re even sure that if you went to see a dating coach, they’d tell you to pursue this man because he’s the totally perfect match for you.

It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, you simply understand each other on another level.

Even when a lengthy explanation would be needed, it’s really not. He understands what you want to say without you having to go into much detail.

When you compare the way you talk to your best friends to the way you talk to this man, there are worlds between them.

You share physical chemistry as well as an intellectual bond at this point. Even though you might have just met, one look is enough for you to know what they’re thinking and vice versa.

7. You love to pick on each other

 11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

You know when you want to make a joke and how fast people just get offended by them? There are so many people in this world you have to choose your words carefully with.

When there’s chemistry between two people, you don’t really have to do that. You can jokingly pick on each other and it’ll even be seen as flirty. You have this little banter game going on and it doesn’t offend anyone.

It’s interesting to the people around you how you’re able to talk to him like this and still be so close to him. Sometimes other may believe that you’ve crossed the line, but he reassures you that it’s fine by coming back even stronger.

You laugh these things off. You both know that you’re not actually being mean to each other, but rather just being playful.

It makes your conversations even better. It’s a little game to keep things rolling and to make everything just a bit more interesting. It’s nothing more than teasing and you get that when you’re talking to each other.

At this point, you might not even notice how much chemistry you have, but others around you find you so annoyingly sweet that they can’t help but see just how much you’re into each other.

Your friends already picked up on it and they’re exchanging knowing glances.

8. You’re casually flirtatious with each other

 11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

The reason I’m saying that it’s casual is that you don’t want to cross any lines or boundaries. You don’t want to seem too straightforward with each other, so you’re flirty in other ways.

When you meet up, your hugs last just a little while longer. No one’s hugs feel as wonderful as when you hug each other. You melt in his arms, even though he might squeeze you a little tighter than necessary.

The peck on the cheek seems so innocent, but you can feel that spot tingling even hours afterward. The same goes for when he kisses you on your head or the hand.

It’s not even a real kiss, but that small peck ignites something deep within you.

Even the way you flirt with each other is very casual and innocent. You have your own way of flirting that only you two understand.

To the people around you, it seems insignificant, but you know that when he compliments you, it’s more than just a compliment.

When you’re texting with this man, you know what it means when there’s chemistry between two people.

You send a risky text and then wait for the response, but even though you expect him to brush it aside, he sends you something flirty in return.

9. You’re able to spend hours together

 11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

Time is nothing more than a concept and it obviously doesn’t exist when you’re with this man. It doesn’t matter if you’ve found yourself together at a party late at night or if you’re seeing each other during the day.

The conversations never seem to stop. Even when you don’t have anything to add to a certain topic, you still find another thing to chat about for hours on end.

You go and get coffee, then you get something to eat and then you end up walking together for hours after that. When you have to part ways and you look at the clock, it seems as if time flew without you noticing.

It’s scary because you’re usually so aware of how much time you spend with one person. But with him, you don’t even feel the need to look at your phone and check the time.

You don’t even have the urge to reply to your text messages. Time flies by and when you get home, it feels like it still wasn’t enough.

Usually you have to separate because of other plans, but if it was up to you two, you’d never part ways.

That’s what happens when there’s chemistry between two people. You’re able to enjoy each other’s presence and it never seems forced.

You don’t try to keep him around, he just genuinely doesn’t care about the time either. Can you imagine how much you have to enjoy spending time with someone to the point where time doesn’t even exist for you both?

That’s some next level chemistry right there.

10. Your own body is pulling you toward him

 11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

You probably always watch your body language around someone you’re talking to. When you like someone, you don’t want to come off as too strong or overly interested. Because of that, you tend to pull back a bit.

But with him, it doesn’t really work that well. You can promise yourself that you’re not going to touch him when you see him, but your hands have a mind of their own.

After a long conversation with this man, you completely forget that you made a promise to yourself and your body just seems to mold itself into his.

It’s strange because one moment you’re at the other side of the table and the next thing you know, you’re right there in front of him, your toes touching.

It doesn’t matter how much you want to take control of your body, it’s undeniably drawn to his. He doesn’t seem to be far off, because his hand goes intuitively to your waist or your shoulder.

11. You notice minor details

11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

You know how annoying it is when you’re dating someone and you get a new haircut and they don’t even notice it. Your partner should be able to see these little changes in your behavior and appearance, but they don’t.

With him, it’s never like that. When you change something about yourself, he’ll ask you when you did it and why.

The “why” is very important because he’ll notice that you did it as a way to inform the world of an inner transformation you’re going through.

You also notice every time he shaves, wears a new shirt, or tries out a new cologne. You see the minor details when there’s chemistry between two people and you don’t mind pointing it out or even complimenting him on it.

People around you probably don’t even see those things, but you’re able to recognize them because you’re so into each other. What are the chances that you’re doing it to impress each other?

You might have once told him that you love the way purple shirts look on men.

Now he’s walking around in a purple shirt that makes him look stunning. You’ll compliment him on it, of course. But secretly you know that he’s doing it for you.

11 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

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