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When A Guy Says You Are Amazing, What Does It Mean?

When A Guy Says You Are Amazing, What Does It Mean?

Everyone has a soft spot for flattery and compliments but when a guy says you’re amazing, what does it mean? How do you know whether he’s being sincere or if he’s just trying to get you to the bedroom and nothing else?

These and many more questions are running through your mind while trying to figure out what his intentions are while he’s talking sweet words to you. And truthfully, every woman loves to be showered with compliments.

You definitely enjoy hearing nice words such as, “You’re amazing, beautiful, and gorgeous.” You’ll know you’re appreciated by that guy and it increases your self-esteem.

It shows you that there’s someone out there who genuinely likes you and appreciates you the way you are. It also gives you the confidence boost you secretly long for and empowers you as a woman.

On the other hand, if you paused your love life for a while and haven’t dated in quite some time, then hearing those sweet compliments can actually be harmful to you. That’s especially true if you desire attention and value from other guys.

While you may enjoy being flattered, excessive compliments can give you a false sense of security and appreciation.

As a consequence, you may make a mistake and give your heart to the wrong person. He could be a toxic manipulator who only lured you into his trap to take you for granted and feed his ego.

Keep in mind that not all forms of praise have the same meaning. Not every word that a guy says is sincere.

But on a positive note, those words can reveal much about a guy’s personality and what his intentions are.

If you just met the man recently and he starts showering you with compliments, the chances are that he’s just trying to get you into the bedroom. His motive is to make you feel good about yourself so that you can open up to him and give him the attention that he seeks.

But if you’ve known the guy for a while now and he says that you’re amazing, then he probably has the right reasons for saying so and means you no harm.

It could be that he really enjoys spending time with you and feels good around you. Because of that, he wants you to know he appreciates you by saying that you’re amazing.

When guys are less expressive about their emotions

DONE! When A Guy Says You Are Amazing, What Does It Mean

It’s common for a guy to be less expressive about his emotions if he had a normal childhood; the reason being that society portrays men as being tough and manly.

Also, due to societal rules, they can become less emotionally expressive people.

Instead of being ‘normal’ about their feelings, men are often described as the more confident and stronger gender who need to have everything under their control. And most men obey those rules and want to be perceived that way.

There’s always a reason why a man is emotionally expressive toward you.

Some external factors may have influenced him to grow into an empathic person. But if one’s thing certain, it didn’t happen overnight.

Many guys seek purpose, attention, and recognition from others. They know they can satisfy their emotional needs by giving women compliments.

So, a man may tell you that you’re amazing because he appreciates you and feels comfortable spending time with you.

He wants to boost your confidence so that you feel good about yourself. In return, he’ll feel the same way about himself.

While he’s making you feel good, he’s actually increasing his self-confidence. This also helps him create an emotional bond with you.

So, he’ll have a sense of belonging and his needs will be met.

You may not have thought about it like this but often, when a guy gives you a compliment, he can be more influenced by it than you are. It doesn’t always happen this way but it’s one of the reasons why.

When a guy says you’re amazing, what does it mean?

I understand if you’re feeling confused about what he said to you. You can never know for sure what his intentions are.

There could be many different reasons why a man will call you amazing and I’ll list some of them here. Be careful, however, as some of them can have a negative meaning.

You have to pay attention to his body language as well.

1. His desire is to be your hero

DONE! When A Guy Says You Are Amazing, What Does It Mean

Men have this secret desire to protect those who are close to their heart. It’s a natural feeling, which means they can’t get rid of it.

The hero instinct is a relatively new concept that you may have heard of in the last couple of years. Many relationship experts talk about it, as it’s deeply rooted in male genes.

The thing about the hero instinct is that a man won’t feel attracted to you if he can’t be your hero. It may be strange for you to hear that, however, since you don’t need someone to rescue you.

You’re a strong woman who can handle her own things. But that instinct is deeply embedded in their DNA and that’s why they’ll seek someone who’ll allow them to feel like a hero.

So, if a man tells you that you’re amazing, it could be that he really likes you. As a result of that, he feels the need to step up his game and be your hero.

Ask yourself this: Does he try to protect you from anything or anyone that could harm you? If he does, then he genuinely cares about your well-being.

This man has a huge crush on you and he’s expressing his emotions by saying that you’re amazing.

2. He wants to create a deeper bond with you

Each of us is searching for that one person with whom we can share a deeper bond. But in today’s dating world, it can be tough to find the right one who won’t hurt you or take you for granted.

So, you have to be careful not to fall into a trap by believing every word a guy says to you. But what if you’re dating him and he tells you that you’re amazing?

What could possibly be the reason for him saying that? Well, maybe he means that your inside beauty matches your outside gorgeousness and he can’t stand not telling you how amazing you actually are.

Often, when a guy says something like this, it means that he appreciates you on a deeper level and really admires your personality as well as your physical attractiveness.

You may think that men are just visual creatures but in some cases, that’s not true at all. If he really likes you, then he’ll be interested in getting to know you better.

He won’t be just mesmerized by your physical beauty. Instead, he’ll find your character and behavior to be amazing as well.

3. He’s being spontaneous

DONE! When A Guy Says You Are Amazing, What Does It Mean

When a guy says you’re amazing, what does it mean? Well, the truth is that sometimes he’s simply expressing his admiration for you and those sweet words pop out because he doesn’t know what else to say.

It’s no secret that men are drawn to your visual appearance. Sometimes, they can be so captivated by your beauty that they’ll tell you that you look incredible, gorgeous, or stunning without even hesitating too much.

It’s always flattering to know that you have that kind of effect on a man but you’re secretly wondering whether or not he has an agenda, am I right?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s hitting on you or that he’s a toxic manipulator if he says this. Maybe his intention was to spontaneously remind you of how amazing a person you are and nothing else.

4. He’s genuinely attracted to you

Well, it could be that he’s sincerely attracted to you and wants to see your reaction. It may come as a surprise to you but sometimes a guy can be quite unsure about whether or not you’re interested in him.

However, if he likes you, that means you’ll see other signs of attraction when he’s around you.

This includes giving you his full attention when you’re in a group together, positioning himself near you, being close to you while you’re with other men, sitting more upright when he sees you, or his pupils dilating when he’s with you.

All those are signs showing he’s attracted to you and feels comfortable around you. So, how how do you respond if you like him back?

You can always get close to him. If he’s giving you the signals you want to see, react to them by positioning your body closer to him.

Also, you can make excuses to spend some time alone with him. Having a face-to-face conversation with him can help you solve the mystery of whether or not he likes you and can also help him realize that you’re interested in him.

5. He’s trying to fix a mistake

DONE! When A Guy Says You Are Amazing, What Does It Mean

Let’s say you’re in a relationship with this guy and he tells you that you’re amazing. What does that mean?

If you previously had an argument and he did something wrong, it could be that he’s trying to make amends now. And what better way to do that than by dropping compliments such as this on you.

He realized that he messed up big time and wants to fix his mistake now. He’s aware of the fact that your feelings are hurt and he’s struggling to find a way to get back on your good side.

Saying how amazing you are is definitely a good start but the problem will still be there in your relationship. You have to work on your communication to have a healthy and successful partnership.

Don’t just forget about the issue if he says something nice to you. Accept the compliment and confront him about the problem that caused you to be upset in the first place.

6. He’s thankful for something

Well, let’s say that you helped this man with something. How can he show you that he appreciates your help?

Well, one way to do that is to tell you how incredible you are for something that you did for him.

He may be trying to show you how grateful he is that you lent him a hand and the sentiment could well be true if he says it right after you helped him or you agreed to do so.

However, if he repeats it over and over again, then there’s a possibility that he’s lying to you and wants something from you. If you notice any other signs of a toxic man, you should definitely move away from him.

7. He wants to be more than friends

DONE! When A Guy Says You Are Amazing, What Does It Mean

There’s a possibility that he finally realized that he likes you as more than a friend.

Guys need a lot more time than women to figure out what they feel about a particular person and maybe your friend just started developing some strong feelings for you.

That could be the reason why he’s telling you that you’re amazing (as you’re amazing to him).

But how can you be sure that this is the reason? Well, if he talks to you differently than others, that’s more proof that you should believe he wants to be more than friends.

Maybe he smiles more often and is responsive when you talk to him.

Or if he initiates physical contact every time he says that you’re amazing, then you can be sure that he’s been thinking about changing your friendship into something more serious.

8. He wants to cheer you up

When a guy says you’re amazing, what does he mean? He might have said that you’re amazing because he saw you were sad at that time and he was just trying to cheer you up a bit.

This is more likely if you were showing any signs of being unhappy and if he doesn’t normally give you compliments. Maybe you were talking to him about something that was troubling you and he wanted to make you feel better.

If he simply wants to cheer you up, he’ll probably tell you this when the two of you are alone and not in front of other people.

9. He naturally says it a lot

DONE! When A Guy Says You Are Amazing, What Does It Mean

It could be that the guy has a habit of saying people are amazing a bit too often. This could be true if you notice that he tells other people that they’re amazing too.

On top of that, he’ll show the same body language around them as he does with you.

However, even if he does say it naturally, it can still mean that he’s attracted to you but he will show other signs of attraction when he’s with you that he doesn’t usually exhibit.

Sincere or fake compliments?

Whether or not his compliments are sincere can be really tricky to decipher. Luckily for you, there are a few ways that can help you find out when someone’s flattery is not genuine.

When he compliments you and insults himself at the same time

Maybe the guy who said that you’re amazing doesn’t take himself too seriously and that’s completely fine. But the issue is when he downplays himself at the same time.

You’ll see that his compliments aren’t sincere if he starts comparing himself to you while building you up, saying how awesome and gorgeous you are while tearing himself down.

You may be wondering why he would do that? Well, have you considered that he’s doing it because he wants to draw your attention?

It could be that he really wants you to like him, which is why he gives you all those compliments. Either way, you shouldn’t take his flattery to heart because it isn’t sincere at all.

If he showers you with compliments that it makes you uncomfortable

DONE! When A Guy Says You Are Amazing, What Does It Mean

There’s a possibility that the guy who said you’re amazing is a sweet, good-looking man who enjoys telling you the truth. Or it could be that he’s a bit insecure about himself.

So, in order to boost his confidence, he showers you with sweet words and expects you to repay him with some even if he doesn’t do anything that’s worth praise.

That’s when you know he’s lying to you and his compliments aren’t genuine at all.

Pay attention to how he reacts when he sees you

When a guy says you’re amazing, what does it mean? Are his compliments sincere or fake?

Paying attention to how he reacts when he sees you can definitely help you solve that mystery.

If you notice that his behavior or body language changes in a noticeable way (maybe he adjusted his shirt or fixed his posture as you walked in the room), then it could mean that he said it because he has strong feelings for you.

Look for multiple body language signs at the same time because each of them can have a number of different meanings.

How to respond to his compliment?

Now that you’ve figured out the meaning of his compliment, you may be wondering what the proper way to respond to it is.

If you like the guy, then be cautious about how you react to it because you don’t want to send him the wrong message.

Show him that his compliment meant something to you

DONE! When A Guy Says You Are Amazing, What Does It Mean

What if you’re really into the guy who said that you’re amazing? A simple thank you just wouldn’t suffice.

Your goal is to prove to him that you really appreciate that he noticed you did something awesome or looked good. But how do you achieve that?

Well, an ordinary hug or a peck on the cheek could give him the courage he needs to make the first move and ask you out. He’ll know that you appreciate him and you’ll send him the message that you like him too.

Compliment him back

If you’re attracted to the guy, then don’t be shy about complimenting him back. Don’t just say, “Thank you,” but tell him he looks amazing too!

Being honest about your feelings may be tough but it’s the right way if you want to show him that you care about him. After all, he may be insulted if you just give him a simple answer.

Be grateful

DONE! When A Guy Says You Are Amazing, What Does It Mean

If you’re aware that you receive a lot of compliments regarding your looks or style, you shouldn’t let it get to your head. Accept them, be thankful for them, and make sure you try to get more.

This is especially true if you want a particular guy to notice you. Never say things like, “I don’t believe that’s true,” because it’ll make him feel like you’re being ungrateful.

Be humble

The worst mistake you can make is to act indifferent or unbothered about him complimenting you and telling you how amazing you are. Even if you’re not that confident, you can always respond to it with a sincere smile.

Let him know that you appreciate the fact he admires you. Be humble and don’t say something that could be interpreted as you being arrogant or proud.

Otherwise, eventually, he’ll stop giving you compliments and he’ll distance himself from you.

The typical answer

DONE! When A Guy Says You Are Amazing, What Does It Mean

If he says something sweet to you, think of it as his gift to you. Don’t just stand there looking awkwardly at him.

You should show your appreciation. It could be that you’re insecure about yourself and don’t know how to respond but you should never respond in a way that will make you seem self-centered.

You can always accept his compliment with a genuine smile or a gentle touch and a, “Thank you.” That way, he’ll know you’re grateful for his compliment and he won’t be offended by your response.

In conclusion

Knowing the reason behind his compliment can be tricky because you can’t read a man’s mind.

Men are pretty good at hiding their emotions. They need to feel comfortable around you before expressing their feelings for you.

So, if a guy says you are amazing, as you can see, it can mean several things. It could be that he feels attracted to you and wants to get your attention.

However, it has a different meaning if you’re in a relationship with this man and you previously had a fight. In that case, it could be that he’s aware of the fact that he hurt you and wants to fix his mistake.

Either way, take your time and pay attention to his body language because it can help you decipher the true meaning of his compliment.

When A Guy Says You Are Amazing, What Does It Mean?

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