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When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too? 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction

When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too? 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction

Whenever you’re around them, you feel sparks flying and you can’t help but wonder whether they notice it as well. When you feel attracted to someone, do they feel it too?

You looked at them across a crowded room, you locked eyes and felt like you’d known one another forever, which is basically the unwritten definition of attraction.

You know that attraction leads to falling in love, right? If the feeling is mutual, then you may be headed for a relationship.

Find out by reading about these signs of mutual attraction which prove that this person feels the same way about you.

When you feel attracted to someone, do they feel it too? 15 signs of mutual attraction

1. They start acting awkward

When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction

When you feel attracted to someone, do they feel it too? If you’re attracted to this person, they can probably sense it and they may well feel the same way about you.

How can you know for sure, though? Well, in most cases, when a person finds you attractive, you can tell.

Their body gives away undeniable signs of attraction but so does their mind. So if you’re attracted to them, they’re probably going to react in some way.

They’ll most likely start being awkward if they feel the same way about you and you’ll notice this in the way they communicate with you and act in your presence.

Some people are better at hiding their feelings than others, though. This person may not react to your emotions at all and this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not into you.

However, they won’t be able to hide it that well, so you need to look for more signs of mutual attraction to know for sure.

2. Their friends act strangely around you

If you’ve had the chance to meet their friends, you should know that they’re a valuable source of information. They probably aren’t going to tell you the truth directly but they’ll surely know how their friend feels about you.

Instead of feeling embarrassed around them, why don’t you use this fact to your advantage? Be on the lookout for signs because their friends are going to give you hints, whether consciously or subconsciously.

If they act weird whenever you’re around, they definitely know that something’s going on. They may whisper to each other while you talk to your crush or even ask you about your love life.

If they know that you like their friend and that this person likes you back, they’ll want to get you to hook up, which means that they’ll try to get you to be alone together or near each other when you’re in a group.

Let’s get back to the question; when you feel attracted to someone, do they feel it too? Well, if you’ve noticed that you somehow always end up next to each other when you’re with friends, they do.

3. Your conversations aren’t the same anymore

When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction

Maybe the two of you have been friends for a while and you suddenly feel attracted to them. Do they feel it too?

Pay attention to whether your conversations have recently changed. Maybe they’re a little too animated now or they feel a bit too forced lately.

When feelings turn from friendly to romantic, things are bound to change in the way you talk, so think about what direction your conversations are taking you both.

If they often lead to joking about being a couple or discussing your love life, the attraction is mutual.

4. Lately, they’ve been paying close attention to you

When you feel attracted to someone, do they feel it too? If they’ve started paying close attention to you lately, then it’s likely that they’re aware of your feelings for them and they feel the same way.

Knowing someone is interested in you romantically sometimes makes you notice them more. It feels like you suddenly see them in a whole new light.

You pay closer attention to them to figure out whether you feel the same way about them or not. Most importantly, you try to decide whether you want to spend more time with them.

If this person wants to spend more time with you as well, they’re probably aware of your feelings. They want to get to know you better and see where it goes.

Perhaps you’ll even notice that they let their guard down when they’re with you, which is a sure sign that they know that you’re attracted to them and most likely feel the same way about you.

5. Their pupils dilate whenever they talk to you

When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction

Eye contact is an easy way to notice mutual attraction, as when someone finds you attractive, their pupils dilate when they talk to you.

This is because they want to take in as much of you as possible and it’s not just about your physical appearance. They want to take in every word you say as well, so pay attention to this person’s pupils when you talk to them.

If you notice that they soak up everything you say, as well as your facial expressions and hand gestures, they like you, so they’ll analyze your conversations long after they’re finished.

Look into the eyes of your crush and they may reveal a secret. Their pupils can give you the clearest body language sign there is.

Similar to pupil dilation, not blinking often is also a sign of attraction. While you’re looking your crush in the eyes to see whether their pupils are dilated, check how often they blink too.

How many times does your crush blink while talking to you? If they don’t blink as often as you’d expect, it’s probably because they’re attracted to you.

As you’ve already learned, a person’s pupils dilate when they want to take in everything about their crush and they’re also going to avoid blinking for a similar reason.

They just don’t want to miss out on anything while they’re with you, which is a clear sign of attraction!

7. They’re curious to discover more about you

When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction

Curiosity and interest go hand in hand. If this person is not curious about you, they most likely aren’t interested either.

The best way to know whether your feelings are reciprocated is by seeing whether they’re curious about you. If they don’t ask questions and just answer yours, it seems that they aren’t.

Think about what they talk about when they’re with you.

Are they interested to learn more about you? Do they remember the tiny details you told them about before?

If this person remembers small things about you, just to mention them in a conversation later, it’s a great sign!

It doesn’t have to be anything huge but if they remember something from your childhood you mentioned one time, they’re certainly interested.

When someone remembers every word you say, they’re likely absorbing everything about you and that’s a clear sign that they’re interested and one of the cutest ones for sure.

If they always try to bring up things that you even forgot you told them, they pay close attention to you and are probably even thinking about finally making it official!

8. They mirror the way you act

When someone’s attracted to you, they’ll start to mimic you.

Maybe it’s the colloquialisms that you use, hand gestures you make, or your accent, and either way, you don’t even notice that you’re doing it until you see them doing it too.

The best way to know the answer to, “When you feel attracted to someone, do they feel it too?” is to watch whether they mirror you.

This is something you can even test by doing a certain thing in front of them for a while. Try playing with your hair or scratching your nose every now and then.

If they start doing the same thing soon after, they’re surely mirroring the way you act, which means they like you!

Mirroring won’t just include the things you do but the things you like as well. Maybe you like a certain singer and your crush will suddenly start liking them too.

Perhaps you like sports or video games and this person’s going to be into it too! Your hobbies may become theirs just because they’re attracted to you that much.

They will like the things you like in order to become closer to you, so to test this, talk to them about something you like.

For example, mention a playlist that you often listen to. If they start listening to the same one, you’re on their mind when you’re not near them.

They’re probably interested in dating you and they may even be deeply in love already!

As you know, couples often start looking a lot like each other after being together for a while, so their attraction may even lead them to dress similarly to you.

9. They always want to touch you

When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that a person who’s attracted to you will want to make physical contact whenever and as much as possible.

Maybe your crush can’t keep their hands off you, which is a clear indication that they’re attracted to you. On the flip side, if they prefer not to engage in physical contact or even flinch when you touch them, they aren’t that into you.

If they are, they will always look for an opportunity to touch you. Maybe they’ll tuck away your hair behind your ear or hold your hand while talking to you.

They may do something more subtle instead but as long as they can’t keep their hands to themselves, it’s clear that they like you.

Don’t keep wondering, “When you feel attracted to someone, do they feel it too?” and see whether they make physical contact. It could be a slight touch but they will definitely touch you if they’re attracted to you.

These touches will happen naturally and randomly, which is a clear sign of their attraction. If they even make eye contact while touching you, it’s the surest sign out there.

10. They seem to be glowing

When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction

A person who’s attracted to someone will have that special glow that can’t go unnoticed.

Maybe it sounds strange but you can clearly see that person’s skin is shiny and you can even see that their face lights up when they see you.

The scientific explanation for this phenomenon is that a person’s pores become more open when they’re attracted to someone. Because of this, their skin creates more oils, which makes it look shinier or, as we say, like it’s ‘glowing’.

In addition, our heart pumps more blood around our body when we feel attraction, which is what causes the plump, rosy cheeks you have when you look at your crush.

If you’ve ever wondered why you look like you’re glowing or your cheeks turn red in the presence of someone you like, now you know. The same will happen to them if they like you back.

This can be harder to notice on a woman due to make-up but if you pay close attention, you may be able to notice what’s hiding underneath it.

11. You feel intense chemistry

When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction

Once you feel intense chemistry, you can’t confuse it with something else; you just know. It’s even deeper than the feeling in your gut and it shows in the way you feel, talk, and act.

Maybe you finish each other’s sentences off and make intense eye contact as well and this is all due to chemistry. It’s the reason you’re constantly in sync because everything aligns when there’s chemistry.

Both of you feel this connection inside but it shows on the outside, whether you know it or not, and people will react either by being freaked out or amazed.

How can you know for sure? Well, there’s no specific way to recognize chemistry, we just sense it somehow; it feels like sparks are flying and you feel on cloud nine while you’re close to each other.

Sometimes, however, there can be sparks without chemistry but without it, the feelings are going to fade soon enough.

If you feel butterflies in your stomach when you’re near this person, though, you’re definitely attracted. Maybe they have to catch their breath whenever you appear and if you feel the same, there are definitely sparks!

12. They care about the way they look more than usual

When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction

Looks are definitely not everything, especially when there are feelings involved. However, those feelings make us care more about the way we look.

If your crush has started to dress better, wears a new scent, or tries to adjust their hair or clothes when you walk into the room, they’re likely doing so to impress you.

A man may also try to show off his muscles, while a woman may put on more lipstick.

When we like someone, we dress up much more often and try to look a lot better to impress them. It’s all a part of the attraction that makes us want to show ourself in the best possible light.

If you feel the same, dress up for them too and keep the spark alive because looking good increases the attraction. After all, that’s the reason they’ve been doing it whenever they’re about to see you.

If they already look great without even trying, it may be hard to notice whether they’ve been putting extra effort into it, so notice how they act when you’re around because they’ll try to keep looking good.

When you feel attracted to someone, do they feel it too? Well, if they pay extra attention to their appearance around you, they sure do!

13. You don’t notice anyone or anything else while you’re around each other

 When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction

When two people fall in love, it’s like everyone else disappears from their sight.

Of course, just because you’re interested in someone, it doesn’t mean that you should cut out everything else in the world.

Sometimes, you simply can’t help it, though, and it’s most often when there are signs of spoken or unspoken attraction.

When you see each other, in private or in public, you have such intense eye contact that you don’t notice anything else. You’re too busy focusing on being so attracted to one another to notice the rest of the world around you.

In addition, time seems to stop whenever you’re together and there never seems to be enough of it. It can even be exhausting, to be honest.

It may sound deep but anyone who has ever felt such an attraction can testify to this.

You miss appointments, miss the bus, or forget about anything else you were planning to do but the fun part is that you don’t even care and just want to laugh about it.

It’s like you exist in your own universe where there’s just the two of you and your desire to get closer.

If you want to know the answer to, “When you feel attracted to someone, do they feel it too?” just notice how forgetful they are around you.

When they’re near you, they’ll forget about everything else. They’ll probably neglect other aspects of their life if they’re always thinking of you.

14. They have open body language

When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction

Some people become clumsy and nervous when they like someone but others feel confident and strong instead. Someone in the latter group may even just come right out and say that they’re into you.

Often, though, even these people hate rejection, and of course, it’s understandable that no one wants to hear that their feelings aren’t reciprocated. This is why even the most confident people sometimes aren’t open about their feelings.

How can you know how they feel about you then? Well, their body language can tell you more than their words do.

A person who’s attracted to you and feels safe around you will have open body language, so just notice the way they stand or sit when they’re near you and you’ll be able to tell.

If they face away from you with their arms folded, they probably aren’t fond of you or aren’t sure how they feel. On the other hand, if they sit facing you, with their arms open, it shows trust and indicates attraction.

When you’re with them in a group of people, see the way they sit or stand while they talk to you. If they seem open, there’s a good chance that they’re attracted to you.

Powerful signs of male attraction actually often include body language signs, so they shouldn’t be neglected.

15. Their voice changes

When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction

When you meet someone new, it’s impossible to tell how their usual tone of voice sounds but you can still tell whether they’re into you. If their voice changes as they speak, it’s one of the signs of attraction.

Studies have shown that people alter their voice to test what the person they like responds to the best. They will change the strength, pitch, and tone of their voice and it comes naturally to do so.

This can be hard to spot, especially if you’re in a bar or at a party where there’s too much noise, and these changes are often quite subtle. If you talk to them in a quiet place or over the phone, though, you’ll notice their voice changing.

We know that, for instance, women are often attracted to a deeper voice. This is why one of the signs a man wants you badly and is incredibly attracted to you is if he talks in a deeper voice when he’s around you.

A woman will try to have a seductive or cute tone of voice instead, since this is what men are said to be attracted to.

One of these days, the person you like may actually use their voice to tell you that they feel attraction to you! Until then, I hope that these signs of attraction have helped you figure out whether your feelings are reciprocated.

When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too? 15 Signs Of Mutual Attraction