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11 Sweet And Obvious Signs A Guy Is Infatuated With You

11 Sweet And Obvious Signs A Guy Is Infatuated With You

Are you looking for signs a guy is infatuated with you? It seems like something so simple. Your friends can tell immediately when someone takes a particular interest in you, but you seem to be oblivious.

For that exact reason, I guess that it would be great to have some guidance when it comes to this topic.

Of course, being infatuated isn’t the same thing as being in love. Somehow, people always end up mixing these two up. When you’re in love with someone, those emotions are much stronger, and you’re able to understand the seriousness of the commitment.

However, infatuation is the first glance we take at someone. It’s a very short-lived, but intense emotion, that people experience when they’ve met someone that suits their taste (so to say).

So, you probably know when you’re infatuated with someone. Your heartbeat is erratic, your breathing becomes fast, and you can’t seem to shake off the excitement that you’re feeling.

All of those things happen when you’re interested in getting to know someone, however, you’re already physically attracted to them. You’re even attracted to the energy of that person.

That’s why it’s important to see the signs a guy is infatuated with you, just to make sure that you’re both on the same page.

11 signs a guy is infatuated with you

11 Sweet And Obvious Signs A Guy Is Infatuated With You

1. He praises you all the time

I believe that you know exactly what I’m talking about. Even if you’re not sure if someone’s infatuated with you or not, you’ll be able to read it through the behavior. For example, he’ll continuously compliment your every move.

He’ll tell you how pretty you are, and how interesting you are. He’ll comment on your outfit, and he’ll even say that he’s interested in learning about the things that you’re passionate about. This man will become your biggest fan in a matter of seconds.

Whenever someone comes up to you, he starts talking about how amazing you are and how he’s fascinated with the things you’re doing in life. That’s when you’ll know for sure that he’s infatuated with you.

2. He tells you a lot about himself

If he’s infatuated with you then he’ll be able to talk to you about himself and his life. This means that he’ll take the time to tell you stories about the work he does, about the way he thinks and feels, and possibly about the traumatic experiences that he’s been through.

Of course, he may avoid talking about the negative aspects of his personality. I mean, he wants you to like him. Why would he tell you his faults when they could give you the ick?

3. He always wants to be close to you

When I say that he wants to be close to you, I don’t just mean that he wants to sit at the same table with you. He also wants to stand next to you, he wants to be able to talk to you all the time, and he may even get up close and personal really fast.

Even if you’re standing at the same table, he’ll scoot through the crowd to be able to stand next to you. He doesn’t want to miss out on your energy, and he definitely doesn’t want someone else to catch your eye.

4. You can feel his eyes on you

11 Sweet And Obvious Signs A Guy Is Infatuated With You 2

You know that familiar feeling of being watched? Somehow, even if you’re looking in the opposite direction, you can feel someone’s eyes on you.

That also happens when you start seeing the signs a guy is infatuated with you. He’ll constantly look in your direction to see what you’re doing, and who you’re talking to, or he’ll simply do so to admire how gorgeous you are.

When you look at him, he could either look away sheepishly, or he could continue to stare at you to let you know that he’s watching. From the wrong guy, this could be extremely creepy. However, if you’re also attracted to him, then you’ll want his eyes all over you.

He may even gift you with a smile once you catch him staring at you, that’s when you’ll know that this man is smitten with you.

5. He’ll want to spend time alone with you

Your friends are great, but he’ll try to get you on your own. This is one of the signs a guy is infatuated with you because he’ll want to learn more about you, but he’ll also want to see how far things could go.

He may try to kiss you at this moment, or he’ll simply enjoy your company without any distractions. In this situation, he may ask you to step aside to talk to you, or he could simply walk next to you even though everyone else is a couple of steps in front of you.

6. He’ll want to text all the time

11 Sweet And Obvious Signs A Guy Is Infatuated With You

When you’re looking for signs a guy is infatuated with you, you should simply look at your phone. Is he active on your social media? Is he liking your posts and stories? Does he text you often?

If the answer to those questions is affirmative, then you have your answer. Do you genuinely believe that a guy would spend so much time texting a girl that he’s not interested in? I mean, of course, he could be friendly, but friendly men don’t text you like that.

Actually, if he’s being friendly, then you wouldn’t be getting more than 2 texts from him. However, this man takes his time when it comes to texting. You’re not just texting to talk about your day, you’re sharing some very personal information through texts.

No one would do this unless they were extremely interested in you.

7. He’s trying to insert himself into every conversation

This may not be such an obvious thing to catch. Nonetheless, take your time and think back to the last time you were out with your friends and he was there. Did he try to insert himself into conversations?

I mean, whenever someone comes up to you and sparks up a conversation, he makes sure that he’s also involved. Or, when someone from the other side of the table asks you something, he wants to know what it’s about, and he’ll continue the conversation just so he can be a part of it.

8. He seems possessive

All of the things that he’s doing, actually make him seem a little possessive. When a guy comes up to you, he’s right there talking to him about you, just to let him know where his place is. A man who’s infatuated with you will lead a silent battle with other men who seem to be his competition.

That’s why he inserts himself into conversations, that’s why he’s always standing next to you, and he may even touch you just to get everyone else off your back. He doesn’t want to give space to another guy because he’s scared that this other man could steal you away.

Even if there’s no one around, he may ask you about your exes, or if you’re texting someone he’ll ask you whom you’re texting because he’s possessive. He’s infatuated with you!

9. He includes you in his plans

11 Sweet And Obvious Signs A Guy Is Infatuated With You 4

One of the more obvious signs a guy is infatuated with you is when he includes you in his plans. I’m not saying that he’s planning your wedding, but rather the small outings are planned with you in mind.

If he plans to go to the beach, he’ll invite you to come along. Or if he’s planning to go out with his friends, he’ll make sure to include you in those plans. Even if you don’t have a ride, he’ll be the one to give you a ride.

Either way, he’s thrilled to have you around, so he wants to bring you along.

10. He initiates physical affection

The most obvious sign he’s infatuated with you is when he initiates physical touch. I’m not saying that he’ll immediately go for a kiss, but rather that he’ll start small, and gradually update to a hug.

He wants to make sure that you’re comfortable with it, but he’ll touch your necklace to ask you where it’s from, and he’ll move your hair out of your face. After a while, he’ll put his hand around your shoulders, and then – when he becomes brave enough – he’ll put his hand around your waist.

All of these little touches have a deeper meaning and you shouldn’t ignore them.

11. He talks about a committed relationship

Of course, someone who’s infatuated with you won’t immediately start talking about marriage, but he’ll talk about his past relationships briefly, and he’ll ask you what you’re looking for in a partner. Whenever you say something that he can relate to, he’ll try to show you just how perfect you are for each other.

He’ll try to put that idea into your head because it’s easier than creeping you out by asking you to be his girlfriend right away. He’ll want to test the waters first.

All I can say is that you’re seeing all the signs a guy is infatuated with you.

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