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How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

Are you wondering how guys text when they like you?

Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore, because we’re here with the signs over texts that he likes you.

These days, we can’t imagine life without texting. It has become the most common way of communication, and it often lets us express things we aren’t ready to say out loud yet.

That is why it’s useful to know all the signs over texts that he likes you.

How do guys text when they like you? If a guy texts you back quickly, it’s one of the signs he likes you.

How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

How often do guys text when they like you? Well, he’ll text you as often as he can if he’s really that into you.

There are other signs over texts that he likes you, so be sure to read this article and find out how he feels about you once and for all.

Are you also wondering what guys text when they like you? You’ll find the answer to this question and more if you just keep reading.

There are various ways of how guys text when they like you, and you’ll be able to see from his messages how into you he really is.

If a guy texts you back quickly, it often means that he has been waiting for your message.

How often guys text when they like you is also something to consider. Basically, the answer to how guys text when they like you is quickly and often.

The answer to what guys text when they like you could be anything but the important thing is in the way he texts you.

So, if you’re looking to find out how guys text when they like you, keep reading, and you’ll find out whether he is really interested in you.

Here are all the signs that will tell you over texts if he likes you.

How guys text when they like you: 20 giveaway signs

1. He responds quickly

How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

Don’t all of us prefer to get a quick response instead of waiting all day to get a text back? If the guy you’re texting is quick to respond, it’s very likely that he really likes you.

Truth be told, guys aren’t into texting as much as we girls are. They are actually lazy, but it changes when they like someone a lot as suddenly, they are into texting as much as we are, and they could also spend the whole day waiting for a message from the girl they like.

If your guy always responds quickly, it could be that he has been waiting by the phone to hear the message beep but even if he wasn’t, responding quickly shows that he respects you and your time.

Love is great, but you also need respect for a relationship to work so if you see that this guy respects you by not making you wait for his response, you should know that he probably likes you as well.

2. He asks questions

When someone wants to prolong a conversation, they ask questions, and the same thing applies to texts.

Is the guy you’re interested in asking questions in his messages to you? He wants to keep the conversation going and make sure that he’ll get a response from you and what better way to achieve that than by asking you questions.

Are those questions often personal? Guys don’t really care about details unless they’re into you so if he asks you a lot of personal questions when you’re texting, it shows that he wants to get to know you better and that’s a sign that he likes you.

He is interested in finding out more about you because he wants to see how much you two have in common.

Don’t be surprised if you see him asking personal questions whenever he gets the chance. He’s actually hinting that he is interested in you.

Asking personal questions is one of the ways of how guys text when they like you.

3. He sends you long texts

How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

Most people don’t really like sending long texts, and that especially applies to guys because they’re lazy when it comes to texting. They’ll use short forms of texting or not respond to a text at all.

Still, that all changes when they like someone a lot so if you get long texts from him, it’s a huge sign that he likes you.

Are his texts full of information in addition to being long? He wants to keep the conversation going, and this is because he cares about you.

You’re probably the only person who gets long texts from him, and if you know his friends, you can check that to make sure. I’m sure his texts to them are short, and he only sends them when it’s necessary.

The reason why he sends long ones to you is that he’s interested in you. After all, that’s how guys text when they like you.

4. He texts you all day, every day

Do you even get sweet good morning and goodnight texts from him? He wants to be the first person you think of when you open your eyes in the morning and the last person you think of when you close them at night.

Do you spend all day texting each other, talking about all sorts of things, and finding out more about each other? Isn’t that exactly what those who like each other always do?

Be careful, though, because texting each other all day, every day could become boring, and you could both lose interest and that is why it’s important to take it slow, be patient with it, and choose your words carefully.

You’ll have a lifetime to text each other if you end up being a couple. Right now, you need to be careful not to start boring each other and not to say too much too soon.

5. He sends you flirty emojis

Does he randomly text you a kiss or heart emoji? Maybe he uses wink or smirk emojis a lot?

Guys aren’t such big fans of emojis because they aren’t that good at using them but when a guy has a crush on you, he’ll try to let you know by using them in a flirty way.

Be happy about getting these emojis from the guy you like, because it shows that he likes you.

Again, you can check whether he does this with his friends, but I bet he doesn’t. Maybe he even doesn’t use emojis that much, but when it comes to you, he can’t resist the urge to show you that he’s interested.

6. He gives you compliments

How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

Random compliments over texts saying that you are cute, smart, and funny are clear signs that he’s into you.

Does your guy send you messages like that? Well, he has a good reason for it since he likes you and wants you to feel good.

What do these compliments mean? Do they sound insincere?

Maybe he doesn’t know to properly give a compliment, but he’s trying, and he wouldn’t if he wasn’t interested in you.

If he is always trying to let you know how amazing he thinks you are, it’s because he wants you to know that he likes you so even if his compliments sound a little insincere, don’t think of this as a bad sign.

He is trying to let you know how you look in his eyes. That’s how guys text when they like you.

7. He texts you more about himself

How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

Does he talk about himself and his interests a lot when you’re texting? He wants you to learn more about him, and maybe even start liking him as much as he likes you.

After all, you texted him a lot about yourself, too, didn’t you?

He likes that you two are exchanging information about each other because he wants you two to get to know each other better.

Maybe you’ll get a random text from him with some new information you didn’t know about him. He likes to share more about himself with you because he wants to get your attention and enjoys your company.

When a guy opens up like that, you know that he means business. He wants to see if you have a lot in common, like he thinks you do.

Share something about yourself as well, and work on getting to know each other a little better. After all, this is what leads to a relationship.

8. He texts you random things

How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

We all know the, “Hey, what’s up?” types of texts, but that’s not the only way to text.

Does he talk about random stuff with you when you’re texting? Expressing opinions is a great way for you two to see how much you have in common.

Maybe he just wants to start a conversation because he misses you. After all, isn’t talking about random stuff more interesting than texting the usual things?

He probably likes you, but he’ll like you even more after you talk about some random things. There’s meaning behind these random texts, and they can lead to much more.

9. He texts you first

Firstly, it’s important to say that guys shouldn’t always be the ones who text first.

It doesn’t really matter who texts who first, and it’s perfectly fine for a girl to be the one who texts first. After all, a guy might think that you’re not that interested in him if you never text him first.

Still, when he texts you first, it means that he’s into you, and he wants to start a conversation.

Keep in mind that guys won’t waste time texting unless they’re interested in the person they’re texting with so if your guy texts you first, you’re lucky, because he’s showing that he’s really into you.

10. He asks you about your plans

How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

Does he like to make plans when you’re texting?

When he wants to know your plans for the weekend, he’s trying to tell you that he wants to be a part of them. He would like to spend time with you and wants to use every opportunity he gets.

This shows that he likes spending time with you and that’s because he likes you.

Tell him about your plans and include him so you can spend more time together and have a great time. Maybe he’ll take you out on a date and finally tell you how he feels about you.

11. He doesn’t double-text you

Maybe he sent a text but forgot to say something… Still, he won’t double-text you because he respects your time and doesn’t want to be annoying.

Double-texting is not that bad, but a guy doesn’t want to look desperate and show exactly how into you he is. He doesn’t want to scare you away.

Still, if your guy does double-text you, don’t worry. There’s no reason for you to be mad, because he’s simply crazy about you.

12. You have inside jokes

A good sense of humor is a great way to connect. Do you two have inside jokes that you often mention when you’re texting?

It’s the most amazing thing when there’s something only the two of you can laugh at because you’re the only ones who understand it.

Don’t worry if your jokes aren’t that good, because you’re the only two people in the world who get them anyway.

You’ll build intimacy because you have something special just between the two of you, and you can laugh together for hours about it.

13. He gives you a cute nickname

How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

Did you get a cute nickname from the guy you’re texting with? The reason why he uses it that much is because he likes you a lot.

Not only is it cute, but it’s also a way of being intimate and getting closer to you.

All of us have nicknames our friends or family members have given us, but when the guy you like gives you a special nickname, it’s valuable. He wants you to feel special, and he’s showing you that he can make you feel that way.

Maybe he calls you by your new nickname, but what he would really like to call you is his girlfriend.

14. He likes to get your advice and opinions

When a guy has doubts about something, he wants opinions on it from the one person he likes best.

Show your support when he has had a tough day at work or has gotten into an argument with someone. He needs you to understand him, support him, and give him pieces of good advice.

Does he ask you for an outfit suggestion when he’s going somewhere? That’s a really good sign, and I’m sure that he appreciates the support that you give him through your advice and honest opinions.

15. He texts things like, “If I was there…”

How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

“If I was there, we would watch that movie together and laugh…”

“If I was there, we would go out and have fun…”

“If I was there, we would play games all night…”

Do you get texts like this from the guy you like? He is showing you his intention to spend more time with you and get even closer to you.

Why would he be doing that unless he liked you? It’s different from making plans, but it shows that he likes spending time with you and he also wishes he is with you instead of where he is.

16. He writes with perfect punctuation and spelling

It might sound weird to you, but correct grammar and spelling show that a man is trying to impress you and it shows he puts effort into these texts.

Don’t all girls prefer to get full sentences instead of short texts? You are worth it to him, and that’s why he puts so much effort into sending you the perfect text.

Does it really matter if he uses perfect grammar? In my opinion, the only thing that really matters is that he’s crazy about you and is trying hard to impress you.

17. He asks you to send him a selfie

How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

He’s not with you, but he wants to enjoy your beauty anyway, so he asks you to send him one of your selfies and after you send it, you get a ton of compliments from him.

He likes you the way you are, so don’t put on a lot of make-up to try to impress him. Guys prefer the natural look, and he wants to know how beautiful you really are under all that make-up.

When you send him your picture, he’ll have it on his phone so he can look at you whenever he wants. He wants to feel your presence with him at all times, and now he will.

Send him a nice selfie and see if you’ll get one in return.

Remember that when a guy wants to keep your picture on his phone, he really likes you a lot.

Maybe you can suggest for the two of you to take a picture together as that way, you’ll have your very first one together, and it will lead to many more once you’re in a relationship.

18. He sends you a text without a reason

Random texts are the best because they show that the person had nothing special to talk about but just thought of you and wanted you to know.

Do you get a random text from him when you least expect it? There is actually a reason for these texts, and it’s in the fact that he’s interested in you.

He was thinking of you and wanted to make sure you would think about him as well. This shows that he likes talking to you and thinks of you a lot.

Maybe he saw something that reminded him of you because lately, everything he sees reminds him of you. He has you on his mind all the time and doesn’t know how to tell you, so he just makes sure he’s on your mind as well.

19. He texts you that he likes you

How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

Maybe the truth will slip out, and he’ll send something like, “I just laughed out loud, you’re so funny, I really like you.”

If he sends you anything that contains the words, “I like you,” be sure that he really means it. He wants to give you a hint without it being too obvious, and this is as obvious as it gets.

Don’t stop texting him after you get a message like this. He really likes you, and if you didn’t like him too, would you be reading this article?

You’re curious about whether he likes you because you like him, so don’t back off once he finally gets the courage to say it.

20. He sends you a drunk but honest text

How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

When people get drunk, they suddenly have the courage to say the things they can’t say sober.

That, “I luke u” text you got from him last night might have been his attempt to say that he likes you.

If he doesn’t make a mistake (like I did in the example), you might get a really clear confession. Still, once he falls asleep, he will forget about his drunken message but what’s the harm in reminding him?

Wait for him to sober up and ask him the next morning how he’s doing.

He’ll surely see the last message he sent you. Will he act like nothing happened or even repeat to you what he said drunk? You’ll never know until it happens.

If there’s one thing you can know right now, it’s that he’s crazy about you and soon, he might be able to say it to you sober.

Till then, let his drunk text be a reminder to you that he really likes you but is trying to get the courage to tell you.

You can always help him out a little by hinting that you like him too.

In any case, if your guy is showing these signs when he texts you, you can be sure that he’s interested in you. Now it’s up to you whether you’ll tell him you like him too or wait for him to finally say it.

How Guys Text When They Like You: 20 Giveaway Signs

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