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11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful

11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful

People keep telling you that it’s vital to know when it’s time to pull the brakes and give your relationship a pause. They keep telling you that you’ve got to recognize when it’s time to stop putting in the effort, but you still can’t seem to understand why walking away is powerful.

A lot of women have applied this rule into their relationships once they figured out they weren’t happy with the direction they were headed. They made a decision to pull away before it was too late.

As a result, many of them managed to turn their unhealthy relationships into healthy ones, or chose to end that chapter of their lives by focusing on other things that made them happier.

Still, you can’t seem to see the real secret behind walking away. Can it really help to make your relationship better – one you actually enjoy instead of stress about?

Let’s find out the power of walking away from a man and showing him what he can lose if he doesn’t decide to act.

Why is walking away so powerful?

Walking away is supposed to make a positive change in both your relationship and your life. It either makes your partner realize what he can lose, or makes you see clearly that he’s not the one for you.

So, when you decide to show your guy everything he’s missing out on once you’re out of his life, you actually take control into your own hands. Here’s why walking away is so powerful in how it affects your relationship and your partner’s behavior.

1. Men love to chase

11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful

The first reason walking away is powerful may sound old-fashioned and stereotypical but it carries the truth.

Men naturally love to chase. They love to fight for everything they set their eyes on. And women aren’t an exception.

When falling in love with a guy and being in a relationship with him, you’ve probably been the one who put in more effort. You cared about him, cherished him, and constantly showed him how much he means to you.

As a result, he thought that he’d always have you by his side, which made him lose interest in you.

I know that there’s nothing normal in his way of thinking, but it’s what happens when guys realize that they have you, regardless of how they act around you.

He knows that you’ll still love him even if he stops being affectionate the way he used to. He knows that you’ll still care about him even though it’s been months since the last time he took you on a date night.

Since you keep showing him that you still care about him even after he reduces his effort, he then stops fighting for you altogether.

But it all changes once you decide to walk away. When you step on the breaks, turn around and keep walking in the opposite direction, he then changes the way he treats you.

He sees that he’ll now have to chase after you if he wants to have you in his life. And that’s something that inspires him to alter his behavior and do something before he loses you completely.

He knows that this is his last call. He must start doing things differently or he’ll end up without you.

2. Men love the challenge

DONE 11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful 2

Besides feeling their best when they have to chase a woman, men also love the challenge this puts in front of them.

A guy knows that he must put in his best efforts to win you over and show you he’s worth your time. He knows he’ll have to outshine others to convince you that he’s the one who deserves your love. And that’s a challenge he’s up for.

The harder it is for him to prove his love, the harder he’ll keep fighting to achieve his final goal. It’s a somewhat backward game men love to play because it gives them proof that they’re still capable of getting whatever they want.

When you show him that he can have everything on a silver platter, he steps aside because he doesn’t need to fight for you.

But when you show him you’re not easy to get and he’ll have to put his best efforts to win you over, then you inspire him to reach for the stars.

That’s why walking away is powerful as it shows a guy that you’re no easy prize for the taking. He’ll either have to fight for you or you’re out of his life. There’s no third option.

3. Walking away makes him miss you

11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful

When you give all of your love to your man, he gets used to the feeling that he’s your whole world. But instead of reciprocating it, a guy may decide to act cold and stop showing you love.

Then, once you decide to walk away from him, he realizes how much he misses all of the attention and appreciation.

He misses your calls to see how he’s doing and your messages of support. He misses hearing your good night and good morning wishes each day.

But he only realized that once you walked away from him and showed him you’re not here to play games.

When you cut him off and turn your back to him, he then starts to miss you because he sees how much you cared about him.

He realizes that no one can ever love him the way you do and that’s when the light bulb goes on in his head.

Your absence from his life makes him see how much better things are when you’re next to him. He misses every single detail about you and he puts his best effort into getting you back.

4. Walking away makes him realize how much you mean to him

DONE 11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful 4

Besides realizing how much he misses you, walking away is powerful in that it also makes him realize just how much you mean to him.

Maybe all this time he was hiding his feelings for any of the stupid reasons guys tend to have. Maybe he was afraid of being vulnerable or he didn’t want to lose his freedom by fully committing to you.

As a result, you suffered in silence, craving the affection that you weren’t getting, no matter how hard you tried.

But once you decided you had enough and walked away, he then realized that he shouldn’t keep the same tempo as he used to. He realized that you’re one of the best things that ever happened to him and he can’t afford to lose you.

Walking away from him made him realize that you mean the world to him, even though he never told you that. His inability to share his feelings with you made you pull away from him, but now, he’s eager to change himself.

All this time he thought that he could live without you but once you finally put your foot down and decided to walk away from him, he realized he can’t keep playing with you.

After this, he’ll change his behavior and start showing you how much you mean to him. Finally, he’ll speak out about his feelings and cherish every moment he gets to spend with you.

And that’s also one of the reasons why walking away is powerful – not only does it let him recognize his feelings for you, it makes him change for the better.

5. Your value increases by walking away

11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful

When you decide to walk away, you show your partner that you’re aware of your values and worth. You’re showing him that you’re not willing to let him treat you in a way you don’t deserve.

And then, as he sees you walking away, he realizes that you’re worth more than he initially thought. He realizes that all this time, he treated you badly and you never deserved that sort of treatment.

Instead of appreciating the fact that he had you in his life, he made you feel like you’re replaceable. Instead of showing you how happy he is to have you, he acted as if he could live without you.

But once he saw your back, he realized his life would only get worse if he lets you go. He realized that he can’t afford to lose you because you’re the best thing that ever happened to him.

By walking away, you made him feel how bad it hurts when you find yourself in a position where you can potentially end up without that one person who treated you like you’re their whole world.

He now sees how valuable you are and how bad it feels when you actually decide to walk out of his life. And that’s when he changes the way he treats you because he knows that losing you would be the biggest mistake of his life.

6. Walking away makes him crave you

DONE 11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful 6

We all realize how much we need someone once that person is out of our lives. Especially in relationships, once you lose the one who actually wanted to stay forever.

Walking away is powerful because it finally makes him see that his life will only get harder once you’re out of it. It makes him crave every single thing about you – not only your good sides, but your flaws too.

Even though you’re not perfect, he realizes that you’re just what he needs. A woman who loves him and understands him. The one who’ll always be next to him if he successfully shows her that he wants her to stay.

When you walk away from a guy you love because you can’t afford to let him treat you badly, he actually realizes how amazing of a person you are. And that’s when he starts craving your presence in his life.

So, if you ever find yourself feeling unsatisfied by the way you’ve been treated by that one person who’s supposed to care about you the most, that’s when you should walk away from him.

Seeing you close the door out of his life will show him that you know your value and it will make him crave you stronger than ever. And that fact will change the way he treats you.

7. Walking away shows him that you won’t ignore your standards

11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful

When a guy thinks that you’ll forgive him for all of his mistakes because you love him, he may decide to test your boundaries.

That’s when you can expect him to treat you like a doormat because he’s sure you won’t object to him not treating you right.

But if you show him that you’ll walk away from the moment he treats you badly, it’s a total game-changer. The control shifts to you and he realizes you won’t let anyone push or overstep your boundaries.

This changes the way he sees you and his eyes finally showing looks of admiration.

He realizes that the woman next to him knows her worth. She knows how much she’s willing to take and she won’t let anyone cross that boundary. no matter how deeply in love she is with that person who’s trying to play with her heart.

Even though you’re in love with him, you’re still a high-value woman who knows what she wants.

And a woman like that will never let a guy treat her worse than she deserves. She’ll demand effort and appreciation, no matter how long you’ve been in the relationship.

And once you show him that you’re willing to let go of him if he doesn’t change, your relationship will take a turn for the better.

From a guy who never showed you how much you mean to him, he becomes the one who showers you with love and affection because you impressed him with your high standards.

And that’s why walking away is powerful and can easily turn an unhealthy and mediocre relationship into one where both partners are equals.

8. Walking away makes him realize he doesn’t want to be alone

DONE 11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful 8

When you walk away from a guy, you let him feel how it is to be alone after having had someone who was there for you all the time.

You made him realize that it’s not all fun and games when you have no one to share your happiness and sadness with.

After being in a relationship with you for a long time, he got used to the idea of having someone beside him.

But now that you’ve walked away, he realized that it’s not the easiest thing in the world to live his life all alone just because he wasn’t willing to show you how much you mean to him.

The moment you show him your back, you shine a light on that void in his life. He still has his friends but he doesn’t feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable in front of them.

With you, he felt free to share all his thoughts. From the darkest ones to those that kept him going and looking forward to the future. You were his rock and now that he’s lost you, he feels like he’s stranded on a one-man island.

You triggered his fear of being alone, which makes him wish to have you back in his life. After that, he’ll do his best to change his behavior and do things differently this time.

It will make him chase after you because he now sees how better of a life he had once you were next to him.

9. It gives him space to realize his mistakes

11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful

Guys hate feeling trapped and most also hate admitting to their mistakes. But once you decide to walk away from him, he ends up having the best conditions for figuring out what actually went wrong.

While you were next to him, he wasn’t paying attention to how unhappy you felt. Maybe you kept telling him that he’s not treating you the way you deserve, but he simply ignored your words.

You finally had no more energy to fight, so you had to walk away from him. You had to show him that you can’t take his mistreatment anymore.

By doing that, you did yourself a favor and pulled out of an environment that was doing you no good. But you also gave him enough time and space to reflect on his actions.

You gave him room to figure out what he did wrong and what he can do to fix his mistakes. You let him realize that he wasn’t giving you even the half effort as you were giving him, and now he has an opportunity to change that.

Walking away from a guy is powerful because you let him recognize the mistakes he’s been making and make him want to fix them. After that, you got yourself a changed man – one who’s willing to fight for you harder than before.

10. It makes him act

DONE 11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful 10

One of the reasons why walking away is such a powerful tool is because it doesn’t only let him spot his mistakes, it also makes him act and change them. Where before he wasn’t willing to lift a finger, he’s now determined to run after you.

Now that he’s seen how bad it feels when you lose someone you care about, he doesn’t want to stay in the same spot. He wants you to be next to him and for you to see how much he loves you.

His feelings for you were always there, but they were so suppressed, he failed to show them.

Now that he’s felt the loneliness of spending his nights all alone in the bed that’s made for two, he feels this need to change his behavior. He feels the need to act and do something so he doesn’t lose you forever.

If he truly loves you and respects you as a person, he’ll definitely make you see that through his actions. That guy he once was will be gone and you’ll finally get to see his new, improved side.

The guy who does what’s best for you. The guy who shows you he’ll be there for you all the time, no matter what.

11. It ends the relationship that was never made to last

11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful

Sometimes, things will end up differently than you expected them to. But even though you may not get the results you hoped for, walking away from him still proves to be powerful.

When you show a guy you’re about to pull away from him and take a step back, there are two things that can happen.

Firstly, he might feel many of the above-mentioned things that make him realize he wants you in his life. As a result, he’ll give his best and fight for you until he finally wins you back.

In this scenario, his love for you will only increase, even though you’re apart from each other. It will only make him realize how empty his life is when you’re not in it.

The second scenario is that the guy you walked away from doesn’t do anything to get you back. He makes no moves because he never loved you in the first place.

If that’s the case, then you must remind yourself that he never deserved you whatsoever. Your relationship was never made to last and it was only because of you that it didn’t fall apart earlier.

You were the glue that was holding it together and once you gave up on it, that’s when the truth came to the surface.

In this case, walking away from him turns out to be powerful because it’s made you realize that you shouldn’t waste your time on someone who’s not worth it.

It’s better to leave him right away than to let him walk over you when it’s clear that your relationship wouldn’t ever end up being the real deal.

11 Straightforward Reasons Why Walking Away Is Powerful

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