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Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty

Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty

Getting a compliment from your boyfriend can really boost your self-esteem and show you that he still cares about you. But what if he starts complimenting other girls? What does it mean when your boyfriend says another girl is pretty? 

Does it mean that he wants to break up with you because he found someone who is supposedly better looking than you? Or perhaps he’s just admiring someone else’s beauty and he couldn’t resist saying that another girl is pretty? 

Whatever the reason may be, him complimenting another woman will certainly raise your blood pressure. Even if he says it’s no big deal that he called another girl pretty, still you have a hard time believing him.

But are all men like that? Are they really that superficial? In most cases, that’s true because they’re more visual human beings than women. 

For men, physical appearance plays a huge role in deciding whether or not they’re going to date you. For them, having certain physical attributes is everything and we all know that. 

So, what if your boyfriend starts looking at other women? Does it mean that his feelings for you have changed? Perhaps he doesn’t feel the same way about you anymore and now has his eyes on other women? 

Maybe he said how his co-worker is pretty or you saw that he complimented a girl on his social media profile? Does that mean he’s cheating on you? And is telling someone they’re pretty considered flirting? 

I know that all these questions are bothering you, so I decided to answer most of them, here in this article. 

What does it mean when your boyfriend says another girl is pretty? 

Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty

It’s pretty common to question his intentions and his every “I love you” when he says another girl is pretty. That’s especially true if he hasn’t given you a compliment for a long time and now you hear him saying stuff like this. 

You would think that he only has eyes for you and that he’s totally loyal to you. But most men aren’t like that. As I mentioned earlier, they’re visual creatures and they like to check out other women even though they’re in a relationship with you. 

So, what does it actually mean when your boyfriend says another girl is pretty? Is he trying to tell you something? Are you good enough for him? Or is it just a regular compliment that most men tend to use? 

To better understand the meaning behind his words, it’s important to consider the circumstances when he says that. 

She could be a known person

DONE Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty 2

Frequently, a man will call another girl pretty if she’s a known person or a celebrity. Perhaps the two of them are even friends, or maybe they’re colleagues and they see each other on a daily basis.

But whatever their connection is, it’s sure enough to make you feel uncomfortable and doubt if his love for you is even real.

There are many attractive people around us, so why does he specifically say that she’s pretty? Well, it could be that when talking to you, he unknowingly told you that she’s an attractive woman. 

You need to remember that men are less sensitive about the small things they say. Usually, they don’t pay attention to how their words will resonate and if what they say will hurt you or not. 

I get that you may think of this as a red flag that your romantic relationship is going downhill, but it doesn’t have to mean that at all. 

Perhaps he didn’t realize saying that would offend you in any way. He may have genuinely not known that he would hurt you because he didn’t put himself in your shoes.

He didn’t see things from your perspective before saying the words out loud. And that’s the main problem. 

He feels like he’s being honest with you 

Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty

Complimenting each other is a huge deal if you want to have a healthy relationship. But another thing that’s just as crucial is being honest with each other. 

This depends from person to person, but some people feel the need to be completely honest with their significant other, no matter what. Perhaps he thinks of you as his soulmate and someone he can say whatever he thinks to, without hesitating a bit, because he knows you won’t judge him.

So, before jumping to any conclusions, ask yourself this: Did he express that he loves being honest with you? Did he promise you that he’d tell you his every thought and feeling? 

If so, then most probably he’s just trying to be as honest as possible with you.

Men want to have the freedom to express their thoughts and emotions in their relationships. I know that this is something you won’t hear from him on your first date, but I’m just giving you a heads up. 

Don’t be frustrated when your boyfriend says another girl is pretty because it could be that he’s just verbalizing his opinion and nothing else. 

At the end of the day, he’s expressing himself and has no intention of pursuing that woman whatsoever. Even married men do this, so don’t think that it will ever stop. 

That doesn’t mean he’s attracted to her and wants to go out with her, it’s just an observation at the time. 

So, you shouldn’t be hurt if your man loves being very honest with you. Instead, embrace his honesty and reciprocate. He isn’t being rude to you or expecting any reaction from you. 

He’s telling you what’s on his mind and that’s it. 

He wants to make you jealous 

DONE Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty 4

So, what does it mean when your boyfriend says another girl is pretty? Well, maybe he’s trying to make you jealous and test you to see whether or not you still care about him. 

In that case, your boyfriend knows you pretty well and he’s aware that complimenting other girls will definitely make you feel jealous. That’s why he said that another woman is pretty just to get on your nerves a bit. 

Eventually, his goal is to rile you up so that you fight for him even more. He thinks that by complimenting other women, he’ll make you step up your game and show him that you want to be with him. 

This just shows how insecure he is about himself and the relationship. He seeks reassurance that you won’t leave him and that he’s the only man on your mind. 

I know you think he’s manipulating you and in some way, and while it could be interpreted as such, it’s actually that he doesn’t know how to express himself differently, so that’s why he takes this route. 

Eventually, when he gets a response from you, he feels the reassurance that you adore him. 

Men like that need more time to mature and to realize that’s not the way you get your girlfriend to express your love for you.

He likes her 

Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty

Sometimes, women are guilty of over-complicating matters and fail to see the situation for what it actually is. 

It may be difficult to accept, but it could be that your boyfriend says another girl is pretty and he really likes her. Perhaps his feelings for you have changed and he’s looking for a way out. 

Maybe he’s trying to get you to break up with him so he gives you those sure signs he isn’t interested in you anymore.

You could stay quiet and not say a word the first time you hear him saying this, but if it happens quite often, then you may have a problem. That’s especially true if he says that a particular girl is pretty over and over again.

In those situations, many women make the mistake of trying hard to bring those old emotions back and they start chasing the guy. 

But you need to keep in mind that once his love for you fades, there’s little that you can do to bring him back. Actually, if you keep chasing him, you’ll only cause a countereffect and he’ll pull away further from you.

Let’s say that he told you that one of your friends is pretty. You’ll see whether or not he likes her by paying attention to his body language. If you notice he’s always sitting close to her or that he’s subtly touching her hair or shoulder, then that’s a surefire sign he’s into her.

Together with his flirty compliments, this is without a doubt a big clue that your time together is over.

What to do when your boyfriend says another girl is pretty? 

It’s difficult to know whether your boyfriend’s actions are completely innocent and you’re just overreacting, or there’s something more going on behind the scenes.

Are his compliments about the other woman harmless? Or should you be worried that he’s about to break up with you? 

The way you react in this type of situation can help you convey your message that it’s not alright for him to compliment other women. So, here’s what you should do.

1. Trust your intuition 

DONE Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty 6

Many women tend to neglect their intuition and instead listen to what their hearts have to say. In those situations, it’s tough for you to see the bigger picture because you feel deeply hurt by your boyfriend and you need time to think about your next step. 

It’s important to take your time, though. You should give yourself the opportunity to tune into your intuition. What does it say about those compliments? 

Do you feel in any way threatened when your boyfriend says another girl is pretty? Are you worried that you’re not the only woman for him?

I know that this is a big blow to your self-esteem, that’s why I’m suggesting you trust that intuition of yours. 

Just because your friends are telling you that him complimenting other women is a bad thing and that means your boyfriend is cheating on you, doesn’t mean ut’s true. 

Friends that give you advice like that are usually single and never had a long-term relationship in the first place. They’re just getting pleasure out of seeing yours go wrong. 

The very fact that your boyfriend compliments another woman, whether that be on social media or during a conversation with you, suggests it’s harmless. It’s just him stating the obvious and he probably thinks that you share the same opinion as he does. 

After all, if he were trying to hide something from you, don’t you think that he would cover his tracks better? 

So, if it seems innocent to you, then it likely is. Don’t overthink his words and get yourself worked up for most likely no reason. 

2. See if those compliments keep repeating 

Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty

If you’re a bit too worried about him complimenting another girl, then it might be time for a little stalking on your end. Well, it’s not really stalking if you’re only gathering information that’s right there in front of you, right? 

So, let’s say you found out he commented on a girl’s Insta pic and said that she was pretty. The next thing you should do is to go through her profile and see how many times he’s said something similar. 

If his name keeps popping up, then it might be the right time to face him and tell him everything that’s on your mind. 

The worst thing you could do is jump to any sudden conclusions and not hear his side of the story. After all, he may not even realize he’s doing it. He might be thinking he’s just being nice and nothing else.

If this problem keeps repeating in your relationship and it isn’t a one-time thing, then it’ll definitely help you get to the bottom of it by having an honest conversation with him. 

Hopefully, he becomes aware of his mistake and is all too happy to stop. If not, then there’s always the option to walk away from him.

3. Think about whether it’s a jealousy issue 

DONE Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty 8

There’s always the possibility the compliments your man gives to other women are harmless and innocent. That’s particularly true if they’re one-off comments and he doesn’t say anything along those lines again. 

Then why do you feel jealous when your boyfriend says another girl is pretty? This is likely more connected to you feeling insecure about yourself and your relationship than your boyfriend cheating on you.

Perhaps your jealousy stems from the fact that you aren’t getting enough attention from him and are feeling unsatisfied in your relationship. Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t compliment you as often as you’d like him to and now you’re feeling neglected by him. 

If that’s the issue, then your best option is to confront him about it. 

You don’t even have to bring up how he compliments another girl. Instead, simply let him know how you’re feeling and ask him if he could put more effort into making you special

Tell him that you’re feeling lonely lately and that you wish he’d throw a compliment your way every now and then. 

Most times, men can’t tell what you’re thinking or how you’re feeling, despite your best signals. They’re bad at interpreting cues and more often than not, you need to tell them directly what you need.

4. Avoid pointing fingers 

Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty

It’s completely normal to feel anger and resentment toward your partner when he compliments another girl and says she’s pretty. You shouldn’t reject those feelings because sooner or later they will get the best of you if you don’t face them.  

Or what’s even worse, you might find yourself confronting your partner and accusing him of cheating, even though he isn’t being unfaithful to you at all. 

Just take a deep breath and stop for a second. If his compliments are innocent, then those accusations could easily break the bond you two share and it’ll be tough to repair. And having trust issues in a relationship is a real problem that goes both ways. 

If you’re unsure whether he’s cheating on you, then pay attention to other things that are going on in your relationship.

Does he seem distant and cold to you? Maybe he’s started hiding his phone from you? Have you lost the connection you had when you started your relationship? And has his behavior toward you changed in any way? 

These are all red flags that his feelings for you have changed and it’s better for the both of you if you just sit down and confront the problem. Sweeping it under the rug won’t get you anywhere, and neither will jumping to conclusions. 

5. Don’t bring anyone else into it

DONE Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty 10

Many women think that the best way to solve the problem is to confront the woman your husband has been complimenting and see what happens from there.

But that’s one of the worst mistakes that you can make since your relationship is between you two. There’s no need to bring anyone else into it. 

And confronting her is just going to make things much worse for both your husband and you. You won’t solve anything if you do that.

The only thing that she and your husband will think of you is that you’re the “crazy girlfriend” who stalks her man. Truthfully, you don’t want to be labeled like that, especially if it turns out that his compliments were completely innocent. 

I know that you’re tempted to contact her, particularly when you see him complimenting her on social media, but you need to control yourself.

Don’t let anger govern your actions and listen to your intuition. 

6. Take a closer look at your relationship 

Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty

Now’s a great chance to reflect on your relationship and see where you two stand. If the compliments are making you feel uncomfortable and you can’t stand him telling another girl that she’s pretty, think about why you feel that way. 

Is it because you aren’t quite sure that he’s the right one for you? Or perhaps he hasn’t been home much lately and you think that he has another woman on his mind? Has he been acting weird and not spending as much time with you as he did before? 

If it’s not jealousy that you’re feeling, then work out if there are other problems that need addressing in your relationship.

At the end of the day, you can’t be the only one putting in all the effort. It takes a lot of compromise and commitment to keep a relationship healthy and functional. 

It’s absolutely normal to get off track from time to time. But don’t rush into any decisions, immediately assuming that your boyfriend is cheating on you. 

Instead, sit down and talk it out. If that doesn’t work, then you could ask for professional help and suggest to your boyfriend to go and see a counselor together. 

7. Tell him to stop 

DONE Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty 12

So, what to do when it really bothers you that your boyfriend says another girl is pretty? Well, then it might be time to simply tell him to stop. 

Even if you know he’s not cheating on you and his compliments are harmless, your feelings still matter. If you aren’t happy with the way he treats you, then you need to let him know about it.

Sit down for an open and genuine conversation. If he’s a real man who respects his girlfriend, then he’ll actively listen to what you have to say. You never know, he might even suggest a compromise. 

It’s important that you two work together toward finding a solution and not let the problem escalate into something bigger and more destructive. 

At the end of the day, it’s important that both of you are happy and satisfied in your relationship and that your emotions aren’t neglected in any way. 

Do These 7 Things When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl Is Pretty

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