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4 Signs He’s Not Worth Your Time And Energy

4 Signs He’s Not Worth Your Time And Energy

When we fall in love, we all tend to ignore the obvious red flags. Then, once reality hits us, we sit back in shock, trying to figure out what just happened.

Something was playing out in front of your eyes, a scene you kept ignoring because deep down, you knew that it could change everything. You knew that by accepting the facts, you’d have to walk away from a person who seemed so perfect in the beginning.

However, it’s better to look the truth directly in the eye and admit that your relationship isn’t going to work. When the person who’s supposed to be your partner shows you signs that he’s not worth your time or energy, you should walk away before it’s too late.

I’m going to give you a reality slap and burst the bubble you currently live in. If your partner does any of the following things then you should end the relationship before it’s too late.

At some point, you’ll figure out that he was wrong for you from the start and it’s always better to do that before you fall for him completely.

1. He shares his friends’ dirty secrets with you

DONE! 4 Signs He's Not Worth Your Time And Energy

Don’t confuse this with trust because it has nothing to do with it. If he keeps talking about his friends behind their backs, even if you never asked him to spill the beans, then there’s something deeply wrong with this guy.

It’s obvious that he doesn’t respect those who mean the most to him, so why then would he respect you?

One day, he’ll go around and trash-talk you as well, revealing all of your secrets to other people and that clearly isn’t something you want from a partner.

I would like to be wrong but I can tell you that this guy will prove to be a waste of time. So you better run before it’s too late.

2. He calls all of his exes ‘crazy’

DONE! 4 Signs He's Not Worth Your Time And Energy

Someone who blames all of the break-up mess on their ex usually ends up being the one responsible for all of the issues. But instead of admitting the truth, they project their own flaws onto their previous partner.

Let’s be honest. We all go through this period when we hate our ex; we don’t want to see them and we clearly don’t want to have anything to do with them.

That usually happens right after the break-up, especially if things ended up way more unpleasant than you expected them to. But once your emotions settle down, you don’t keep on hating your ex.

You don’t call them crazy in front of every new person you meet and instead, you simply let go and move on with your life. That’s what mature people tend to do.

But when you’re dealing with a guy who’s toxic and has a tendency to blame others for all of his problems, then you’ll hear him calling every one of his exes crazy.

It’s possible that he was hurt badly by some of them but to feel such strong emotions for every past partner isn’t normal and is a red flag you should spot right away.

3. No one likes him

DONE! 4 Signs He's Not Worth Your Time And Energy

When you met his ‘friends’ for the first time, you realized that they don’t really treat your partner as if he’s a person who means much to them.

The moment he went to the bathroom, they hijacked you with the question of how you’re able to deal with this guy.

His family also seem quite miserable whenever he hangs out with them. You’ve noticed a huge difference between their behavior when he’s not around and the way they act when he’s with them.

If this is the case, then maybe your guy isn’t as golden as he tries to portray himself. When those who have known him the longest don’t seem to like him at all, then you know the score.

The chances are you’ll soon figure out that you’re wasting your time and energy on him since he’s clearly a weird breed.

4. He disappears on you every time you call him out on something

DONE! 4 Signs He's Not Worth Your Time And Energy

No one likes to be criticized for the mistakes they’ve made but it’s mature to admit that you’re wrong and do something to make up for your faults.

However, every time you try to point out your boyfriend’s bad behavior, he disappears from your life. COMPLETELY.

There are no calls, no messages, nothing. The dude goes MIA and at some point, you even get worried that something happened to him.

But as this pattern repeats every time you try to call him out on something, you realize that it’s his cruel way of ignoring you every time he feels under attack.

It’s obvious that this guy doesn’t want to work on himself, nor does he want to do something for the sake of your relationship. Instead of dealing with the issues, he ghosts you and waits until you forget what was going on before.

In this case, it’s clear that your relationship won’t ever be able to move forward. Whenever you hit an obstacle, you’ll probably end up trying to overcome it on your own.

DONE! 4 Signs He's Not Worth Your Time And Energy

Your so-called partner will keep ignoring you until you find a way toward a solution. That’s when he’ll magically appear in your life again and pretend like nothing ever happened.

If your guy shows any (or most) of these signs, then I’m sorry to say but you’re probably just wasting your time and energy on him. The truth is that he thinks highly of himself and doesn’t see an issue in anything he does.

At first, this may not seem like a reason to break up with him but as time goes by, his behavior will worsen. He’ll keep walking over you because he can’t admit that he’s wrong.

Once you walk away from him, you’ll probably get that famous nickname of a ‘crazy ex-girlfriend’ but at least you’ll have managed to escape from him and his shackles.

4 Signs He's Not Worth Your Time And Energy

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