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Is He Pulling Away? Ignore A Guy And He’ll Come Running After You

Is He Pulling Away? Ignore A Guy And He’ll Come Running After You

Tell me how many times you’ve been told that the best strategy is to ignore a guy and he’ll come running back? 

Contrary to popular belief, human beings aren’t that complicated, especially in the case of men. Give them something to chase and they’ll come running in no time.

The most difficult part, though, is to partly let go of the person you hold dear to your heart. But, that’s something necessary if you want to get a hold of your own life and get your man back – or at least get his attention.

Maybe you’re in a long-term relationship and you’ve hit a couple of rough patches. You feel like he’s distant and cold, so now you’re trying to regain his attention. 

I’m not going to lie, experiencing this for the first time can be nerve-racking. It feels that your relationship is falling apart, but it’s not. You just have to ignore a guy and he’ll come running back to you.

After all, you’re a strong, independent woman. You don’t need him to boost your self-esteem or make you happy.

You’ve found happiness within you. He’s just a welcome bonus, that’s all.

Perhaps you want your ex back and don’t know why the two of you broke up in the first place. And now you’re trying to find ways to get his attention so that you can rekindle the old flame.

Whatever the reason might be, one thing is certain – ignore him and he’ll come running straight back into your arms.

But why should you ignore a guy?

Well, if you don’t know it by now, guys are very predictable. Give them something to chase and they’ll run.

But the thing is, if you’re too easy to conquer, they’ll pull away. Ignoring them will drive them crazy – in a good way.

They’ll see you as a challenge, and we all know men love challenges! 

You should definitely ignore the guy if he desires power

Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And He'll Come Running After You

Guys have this innate feeling that they have to present themselves as strong and powerful.

They try to prove themselves to everyone around them, so that they aren’t perceived as weak and not manly enough. 

They want to be successful and powerful. And if they see something that is unobtainable, they will stop at nothing to obtain it. 

So if you ignore a guy, you’ll take away that power from him as he won’t be able to win you over (at least, that’s what he’ll think).

It’ll drive him crazy not to have that control in his hands. And no matter how hard he tries, you have to resist the urge to acknowledge him. 

You shouldn’t worry that he’ll quit when it gets hard. He’ll love it. The more you present yourself as unavailable, the more he’ll come running to you. 

A word of caution, however: Watch out that this method doesn’t backfire on you.

Don’t make yourself too unavailable or the next thing you’ll experience is heartbreak. 

By ignoring a guy, you’re proving to him that you are special

DONE Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And Hell Come Running After You 2

It is a well-known fact that women are the more emotional gender. And when they fall in love with a guy, they’ll do anything to get their attention.

They’ll be their best friend who watches sports with them and they’ll start working out so that they could be their gym buddy. 

But if you do that, his self-esteem will be through the roof and he won’t think of you as anything special. You run the risk of being friend-zoned. 

On the other hand, if you want to catch his eye, you have to set yourself apart from the rest by ignoring the guy.

If you do that, he’ll think of you as a one-of-a-kind type of girl – one who is distinctive and special.

Ignore a guy and you’ll confuse him to no end. In most cases, the girls that are all over him, he doesn’t want them.

And the one that he does, doesn’t want him. 

But if you ignore a guy, he’ll come running after you because he’ll perceive you as someone special. It will make him crave you. 

If you ignore him, you’ll ignite the “hunter” in him

Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And He'll Come Running After You

Men love to feel the thrill of the chase. They enjoy nothing more than trying to catch something or someone they can’t have. 

If you ignore a guy, you’ll automatically become someone he can’t have.

That’s why he’ll want you even more. It might sound backward, but it’s the truth. 

This is all part of the little game you play to get his attention. And you have to play it wisely.  

The reality is that a guy will always chase the girl he can’t have. 

By ignoring a guy, you’ll make him crave your attention

DONE Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And Hell Come Running After You 4

Guys are pretty simple when you think about it. They crave admiration, attention, and power.

And if you make yourself unavailable to him, that will force him to work overtime just so he can have your attention.

The more you present yourself as unavailable to him, the more obsessive he’ll become.

This is especially true if you’re dealing with a narcissist, so beware.

Most guys love having the attention. So once you play that to your advantage, they will come running after you. 

You can try to ignore him by applying the no-contact rule.

I know it takes a lot of self-control to maintain it, but you have to if you want to get him back or at least get his attention. 

If you ignore a guy, you’ll teach him not to mess with you

Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And He'll Come Running After You

This is for all those women who have a man by their side who doesn’t give them enough attention or has a wandering eye.

Show him that you’re worthy of being loved by ignoring him.

You have to show him what it would feel like if you had to leave him for good.

Shutting him down and ignoring him completely will make him think twice about how valuable you truly are in his life. 

It will also teach him that if he doesn’t pull his act together and get his priorities straight, you won’t have any problem saying goodbye. 

You have to prove to him that he’s replaceable – and also that you are not. 

Ignore a guy to get peace

DONE Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And Hell Come Running After You 6

What does that mean? Well, sometimes you have to ignore a guy to show him you won’t tolerate his bad behavior. 

Many men like to push their girlfriends to their breaking points, especially when they’re in the mood for a little drama.

And if you’re in a relationship with a guy who likes to do that to you, then the only way to deal with him and keep him in line is to ignore him and, trust me, he’ll come running back to you.

That means don’t post anything about him on your social media and don’t text back.

Even though he’s one phone call away, try to resist the urge to contact him every day. 

If he sees that you’re ignoring him and that he can’t get under your skin, he’ll most likely stop doing whatever it is that’s driving you crazy. 

Eventually, you’ll find your long-awaited peace in your romantic relationship. 

Now that you know some great arguments for ignoring a guy, there are certain tips and tricks that you can use to your advantage. 

How to ignore a guy so that he’ll come running after you 

Now that you know some great arguments for ignoring a guy, there are some effective tips and tricks that you can use to get him to run after you. 

Keep in mind that ignoring a guy can backfire on you and he might pull away instead.

That’s why it’s important to remember these tips as you ignore him.

1. Keep your composure and don’t overreact

Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And He'll Come Running After You

Most women jump to conclusions. 

Maybe he didn’t reply to your text right away and now you’re thinking that he’s out there with another girl, while you’re trying to get him back or get his attention. 

So, you send another message hoping that he would reply back, but nothing happens.

Well, first off, you have to keep calm and not overreact.

Don’t try to rack your brain to find reasons why he’s not texting back and don’t make them up on your own.  

Ask yourself this: Is there a reason to worry?

If you complain and nag all the time, he’ll run from you as fast as he can. No one wants a clingy girlfriend, especially if she acts that way for no reason. 

Choose when you’re going to push him a bit. If you really have a problem, then talk to him about it, but make sure you have valid reasons.  

Remember, you have your own dreams and interests. Your time is precious, so don’t obsess about every little thing he does. Focus on the bigger issues. 

And who knows, if you keep calm and not overreact, he might be surprised that you didn’t give him any reaction to the things that would normally get under your skin. 

2. Don’t display any emotional outbursts

DONE Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And Hell Come Running After You 8

Many women fall into this trap because they believe men express their feelings the same way they do. But that’s not how it works. 

Men are scared to display any sort of emotions as they need more time to figure things out for themselves.

They have to be sure of their feelings before sharing them with others.

If you’re being a bit too honest, that might scare him away. My advice is to take it slow because timing is everything. 

Show your emotions only when you’re sure that he’s ready to receive them.

Don’t go all out and tell him everything that you feel. Slow it down to his pace. 

Make sure you and he are on the same page and don’t display your love too soon into the relationship. You’ll come across as desperate and insecure. 

3. Take action and stop ignoring your wishes

Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And He'll Come Running After You

If you don’t know what to do about him anymore, just ignore the guy and he’ll come running after you.

But in the process of doing so, you shouldn’t ignore your wishes and plans. 

Take charge and organize road trips with your friends. Prepare a huge dinner and invite everyone who means anything to you over. 

And if you’re feeling adventurous enough, ask him to join you. Show him that you have a life outside of a love relationship. 

Men are usually the ones making all the arrangements. If you show him that you’re self-sufficient and independent, he’ll come running after you. 

It’s important that he sees you’re okay if he says he doesn’t want to join. Keep it casual and you’ll draw his attention in no time.

4. Arouse his jealousy

DONE Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And Hell Come Running After You 10

If you’re ignoring him to get his attention, I suggest that you spark his jealousy a bit so he doesn’t pull away completely. 

Sometimes you have to play hot-and-cold to keep him interested in you.

Men are naturally very competitive human beings and if they see someone preying on something that’s theirs they’ll become jealous and their hunter instinct will kick in. 

Try to subtly flirt and give others some attention. Talk to other men and smile a lot.

Make sure that the guy can see that you’re talking to others and try not to be distracted by anything else other than who you’re talking to.

Be careful, though. If you don’t dose it properly, you can send the wrong message to the guy you’ve been trying to get. 

Don’t overdo the flirting game to the point that you drive him away. You need a bit of a spark, not a bonfire. 

5. Stop ignoring yourself!  

Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And He'll Come Running After You

Even though you might be in a long-term relationship, it’s never a good idea to completely ignore yourself and your wishes and desires.

Don’t be overly attentive to his needs and jump to grab your phone every time his name pops up on the screen.

Occupy yourself with other things. Ignore a guy a little, and watch how he’ll come running. 

Pay attention to your needs for a change instead of his. Have a life outside of your relationship.

Granted, he’s an important part of it, but he sure isn’t the be-all and end-all. 

If you’re always available to him, he’ll only end up taking you for granted. 

Plan some stuff that will satisfy your needs and don’t try to adjust to his schedule. Let him do that – at least sometimes. 

These are some of the tips and tricks that you can use if you want to ignore a guy to get him running to you.

Just be wise about how you use them as some can boomerang on you. 

But why does it work? What happens in a guys’ mind that he comes running only when you ignore him?

If you start ignoring him, his mind will automatically start to think differently. He’ll become aware that you’re no longer available to him. 

He starts feeling guilty

DONE Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And Hell Come Running After You 12

How many times has a man dumped you only to contact you weeks later after you ignored him?

You might be wondering what goes on in a man’s head that he calls or texts you weeks after dumping you.  

Well, the simple answer is that he gets a guilty conscience. He’s finally figured out what he wants and he knows that he hurt you.

The thing is, no decent human being in their right mind likes to hurt others.

This is especially true if he loved you and now feels guilty for leaving you in the first place.

And if you ignore him, his guilty conscience will kick in and he’ll come running back to you.

He starts worrying about you

Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And He'll Come Running After You

Maybe the guy you’ve been dating isn’t all that bad and he’s actually a good guy.

Perhaps he just needs some time off to figure things out on his own, that’s why he pulled away from you.

But now that you’re ignoring him, he’s wondering how you’ve been and if life is treating you well.

If he worries about you, that means he truly cares for you.

Sometimes men need a time-out to figure out whether or not they’re ready to commit to a woman.

And when you start ignoring him, the fear of losing you increases, so that’s why he’ll come back to you worrying how you’ve been doing without him.

He misses you 

DONE Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And Hell Come Running After You 14

Sometimes a man has to lose a woman to learn how valuable she is to his life.

And once you ignore a guy, he’ll come to realize that something is missing from his life – YOU.

We only miss something once it’s gone from our lives. 

Now that you’re not part of his life anymore and he feels you’re slipping away, he misses you and comes running back to you.

He knows now that no one can take your place, so that’s why he’ll start chasing you all over again.

He’s upset

Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And He'll Come Running After You

If you ignore a guy, he may come running out of anger. This is especially true if you broke up without a fight.

If you start ignoring him now, his anger will slowly rise.

He’ll become mad at you because he can’t believe you’re ignoring him, even though you broke up on good terms. 

That’s why he’ll be upset – not only at you, but himself for losing you in the first place.

He’ll try to find a way to come back to you, so expect him to be rather needy and pushy in giving him another chance. 

There was no closure

DONE Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And Hell Come Running After You 16

Men want to know everything. They are rather curious human beings, so don’t be surprised if he comes running back to you when you ignore him.

He wants to know why you’re freezing him out.

Tell me, the last time you were ghosted, weren’t you curious to find out why the guy did what he did? 

That’s exactly what’s happening when you start ignoring a guy.

The not-knowing is eating at him and he reaches out to you to find out the reason behind it.

He feels the need to complete his story on his terms and not yours. 

He was afraid of neediness  

Guys don’t like to be pushed around or tied down.

Sometimes they jump to all sorts of (wrong) conclusions and then pull away because they think the girl is clingy. 

If you reached out to him regularly, and he pulled away from you, then maybe he’s afraid of commitment.

But once he sees that you’re ignoring him, he’ll come running back because he now realizes you’re not the clingy-needy type. 

He’s attracted to mystery

Is He Pulling Away Ignore A Guy And He'll Come Running After You

Guys love mysterious girls. They enjoy the thrill of the chase and discovering various things about them.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why it’s never good to open up about your feelings on the first date.

Don’t be an open book. Keep some mystery for later. 

If a guy knows everything about you, he won’t be attracted to you anymore. He’ll quickly move on to someone who excites him more.

On the other hand, if you ignore him and focus on yourself and on your life, he’ll see that and it’ll pull him in like a magnet.  

It’s in his nature to chase

Guys crave things that they can’t have. If you ignore him, then he has no access to you.

He’ll become interested in finding out everything there is to know about you.

Maybe he wasn’t keen on talking to you back then, but now that you have taken that access away from him, he is suddenly interested and comes running. 

Is He Pulling Away? Ignore A Guy And He'll Come Running After You

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