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15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive

15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive

It looks like there are many reasons why ignoring your ex is powerful.

In the past, I never understood how this would be a power move. I always felt like I was at a loss if I didn’t reach out to my ex. 

I mean, I was the one who was hurting and wanted him back. Wasn’t I supposed to text him? Or at least respond to his texts and answer his calls?

Whenever I’d meet a woman who had the willpower to ignore her ex completely, I’d be in such awe. My only thought was “Teach me your ways, master!”

Now I’m the girl who’s become an expert at this. The amount of times I wanted to talk to him is concerning, but I know that this is the best revenge. 

No text message of his can make me respond to him at this point. It’s too late for him to talk to me – he’s lost me forever. 

Do you want to learn these methods, too? Are you sick and tired of being the girl who’s always available to her ex? 

I know that this is very intimidating. You thought that this person would stay in your life forever, but now things seem so confusing. You’re worried that you may never find anyone like him. 

The good thing is that you’ll find someone even better than him and you’ll be fine. But for now, you need to learn why ignoring your ex is so powerful. 

15 reasons why ignoring your ex is powerful

1. It gives you time to experience every emotion

15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive

When you go through a breakup, you don’t feel like yourself. You’re angry, sad, and disoriented. He was the one person in this world you thought would stay by your side forever. 

Now, he doesn’t want you there anymore. You’re all alone and the tears can’t stop falling. 

Don’t let that fool you into thinking that you’re doing something wrong. Just because you’re crying your eyes out doesn’t mean that you’re not handling this breakup well. 

If anything, you’re experiencing every single emotion you can. That’s why it’s so powerful to ignore your ex. 

If he was still around, you’d swallow your emotions just to replace everything with some miserable hope. That would be the only emotion left in your heart because his presence would make you believe that everything would be okay. 

It definitely won’t. You broke up for a reason. 

It doesn’t matter which one of you made the decision to walk away, there was something that didn’t allow your relationship to stay strong and stable. The fact of the matter is, you’re not together anymore.

So ignore him. It’ll give you the freedom to experience all of your emotions. 

2. You have the space you need to recover

Why is ignoring your ex-boyfriend powerful? Everyone’s telling you that the no-contact rule isn’t that effective at all. 

But did those people stick to the rule or did they just let their emotions get the better of them? Do those people have the self-respect they need to go through with it and not go back on their own word? 

You see, those are very important factors to consider. Most people need the validation of their ex; they want their ex back. No matter what they say, it’s true. 

You don’t need that because you’re stronger than the stupid urge to contact an ex who obviously wasn’t worthy of you. 

The first time he tries to contact you, it’ll be out of the blue, but it’ll make your heart skip a beat. You may feel like all the recovery you did was for nothing. 

However, if you budge the very moment you feel him pulling at your heartstrings, you won’t get anywhere. You need to continue and be very adamant in your decision to ignore him. 

If you don’t, then you’ll be completely thrown back to square one when you’ve already made so much progress. You need the space to recover from this awful experience and see that life is beautiful without him. 

3. It gives you strength and independence

DONE 15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive 2

The last thing you were while in a relationship with him was independent. You were so needy and clingy, so it’s hard for you to think of a life without this man. 

Your ex-boyfriend isn’t someone worthy of giving your independence up for. You need to learn how to take care of yourself again and regain your strength. 

There’s no need for you to depend on anyone for emotional stability and love. You can give yourself that without any trouble – all you need is yourself. 

You shouldn’t check your social media constantly just to see what he posted and if he sent you any texts. Your life will be so much better once you stop being so available to him. 

He sees you as incapable and weak. Prove the entire world wrong, including him. Show everyone that you’re nothing like the girl he met before.

4. It’ll make him respect you more

The main reason ignoring your ex is powerful is that it makes him respect you more. It reminds him of the feelings he once had for you and how much he respected you before. 

He obviously didn’t respect you enough to stay away from you after he broke your heart. He’s still playing with you, thinking that he can do whatever he wants. 

But he can’t. Not anymore. 

The one thing he can do is watch you walk out of his life while giving him the cold shoulder. He has no right to demand your attention after the breakup. 

So, if he was disrespectful before, I can promise you that he’ll respect you more than ever once he understands that you’re paying him no mind at all. 

His phone calls can go to voice mail for now, but then once you block his number completely, you’ll remind him of the woman he lost. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that and it’s finally time to cut off that toxicity from your life.

5. It’ll make him desperate

15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive

If you’re still asking why it’s so powerful to ignore your ex, this one should make you understand everything perfectly. 

When he saw he could have you whenever he wanted and he realized that you’d do everything for him, he considered you desperate. He didn’t see you as a human anymore but as his personal property. 

Your best friend tried to tell you to stop going back to him but you didn’t listen. Now is the perfect time to make him the desperate one here. 

You can do this by completely ignoring him. Ghost him, stop answering him, block him on everything. I can promise you that you won’t be nearly as toxic as he was previously. 

He’ll be so desperate for your attention that you’ll have all the power in your hands. There’s no reason for you to believe that things will end any other way because you know how desperate you got when he was the one ignoring you. 

Your ex feels like he owns you right now. Show him that you only belong to yourself. And each time your ex’s texts make you squeamish, ignore it. 

6. You’ll allow yourself to detach from the whole situation

Sometimes, the only way to move on is to detach yourself emotionally from the entire situation. 

Whenever you’re involved in the life of an ex, you can’t move on emotionally because everything reminds you of the time you spent together. Once you start to ignore him, there’s a much better chance that your heart will continue to beat without him. 

He’s the man you want more than anyone else in your life, but that thought won’t give you the freedom you’re so desperately seeking. You need to be able to cling to your own strength to move on from him. 

I can promise you that ignoring your ex is a powerful thing. You just need to remind yourself that you can’t detach yourself from him and your relationship if you truly don’t break ties. 

Once you start ignoring him, he won’t have the power over you as before. You shouldn’t want your ex-boyfriend back anyways, but this is just one more reason to shut down emotionally. 

7. When he does reach out, you’ll react in a mature way

DONE 15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive 4

Another reason ignoring your ex is so powerful is that you can react maturely to his inquiries. You can be level-headed when you see his phone number pop up on your phone. 

When you’ve been ignoring him for a certain period of time, your body stops having the same reaction to him. You don’t read between the lines or try to see things that aren’t there anymore. 

You analyze everything without your rose-colored glasses – something you weren’t able to do beforehand. I’m no relationship expert, but that’s exactly what you want to achieve, right? 

The last time he reached out to you, you had to consult your mutual friends. However, after a while of ignoring him completely, you know how to properly react to everything and how to be your authentic self. 

You don’t need anyone’s advice anymore because you were able to handle your ex-partner the best way possible. When you ignore him for a long time, there’s no way he’ll be able to come back into your life because you finally know your worth. 

8. It gives your ex everything he’s been asking for

He was the one to break up with you, wasn’t he? He would always fight with you about so many stupid things that you had a feeling this time would come sooner or later. 

Now, he’s gotten everything he was asking for. He wanted some freedom and now he has it all. You’re not going to be on his back about anything anymore.

This is just the reminder you need if you think that you’re being rude to him. First of all, who cares if you’re being rude when he was the one to break your heart? 

Nonetheless, you’re not being rude. He wanted to be single and to get rid of you. Now he’s got all that he asked for. 

If he concludes that his life was better with you in it, then sorry, but he’s too late. You’re already on your path to healing. He can’t come and go however he pleases. He should know that you’re a high-value woman he can’t play his little games with. 

9. You’ll get a fresh perspective on your entire relationship

15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive

Another thing that makes ignoring your ex powerful is that your head is clear enough to be able to gain a fresh perspective on your entire relationship.

You know that you can’t see red flags if they’re facing you right on, but only once you’re looking from the sidelines. I can promise you that you’ll be able to see all those red flags that you didn’t know existed before. 

You can look at your entire relationship and see everything wrong that he did. From the very beginning until the end, he had so many flaws that you chose to ignore because of your feelings for him. 

There’s no need for that anymore. If you need to bring out your journal, then do it. You can even go to therapy and talk to a professional about the feelings that keep popping up inside your chest. 

Either way, you won’t find excuses for him anymore. You’ll know what he did wrong and know not to tolerate that type of behavior anymore. 

10. You’ll realize his flaws

Besides the relationship you went through and the red flags you can see now, you’ll also see his flaws. You’ll see them clearly while also coming to realize he’s not perfect. 

Up until now, he couldn’t do anything wrong in your opinion. He was a saint who you loved and supported in any and every circumstance. There’s was nothing that he could’ve done to make you believe otherwise.

That’s exactly why ignoring your ex is so powerful. You can take a step back and finally see him for the flawed human he is. 

There’s no way you can ignore his receding hairline anymore or the fact that he wasn’t even that tall without those chunky sneakers. Or even that he doesn’t take the time to educate himself on important issues, which just makes him seem ignorant. 

For Pete’s sake, he would even misuse “your” and “you’re.”

If you ask me, those flaws can’t be overseen anymore. He’s a Soundcloud rapper with no hopes and dreams for the future. Why would you even want to be with a guy like that? 

Block him. Ignore him. Ghost him. 

11. He’ll be surprised by your stance

DONE 15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive 6

The first thing I saw when I started to ignore my ex-boyfriend was that he was so surprised by my stance. I’d never stood up to him before, and never made him feel unwanted. I was always available to him. 

He was so taken aback by it that he couldn’t help but text me all the time. That’s why I’m telling you that this does work!

When you’re looking for things to make your ex miss you then this is the perfect thing. You just need to ignore him! Stop putting him on a pedestal and put him in his place – which is on your list of blocked accounts. 

If he thought that you were so compliant and always at his beck and call, then he expects you to be just like that again. He believes he’ll be the person you run to whenever you feel lonely, while he’s out there having drinks with another girl each weekend. 

He’ll be so taken aback by your behavior that he won’t be able to talk to anyone about it. He’ll just hold the anger inside himself. 

This will be the best revenge. 

12. You won’t know if he’s dating someone new

During the no-contact period, you don’t stalk your ex. You know that right? 

You don’t go out of your way to see if your ex keeps dating different girls at the same time. This is when you stop caring about his life as a whole. 

There’s that underlying jealousy that creeps up on you when you know what he’s doing. His love life is none of your concern anymore. 

You feel the need to dig your claws into his new girl, but this is the time to put on your mature woman hat. Stop being desperate for his attention and move on with your life.

The power that comes with being uninformed about your ex’s life is amazing. 

13. You can start dating again

15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive

There’s a very good reason ignoring your ex is powerful and the best decision you’ll ever make. For example, when you spend too much time thinking about your ex, you can’t start dating someone new. 

You’re wondering how people get to the point where their exes come back. You’re thinking to yourself “Why does my ex seem to have things easy?”

That’s not the state of mind you should be in at all. You need to know that you’re his ex gf, you have the full right to move on just as quickly as he has. 

Download all the dating apps that you need to right now, go out on dates with men who’ve been standing in line for ages, and forget about that good-for-nothing douche. 

There’s probably someone out there who’s a much better match for you. You just need to give that someone the opportunity to show you that they can care for you and love you. 

Your ex will pale in comparison to someone who knows that he’s holding a gem in his arms. 

14. You won’t make the mistake of being friends

The best thing about ignoring your ex-boyfriend is that you can’t stay friends afterward. 

As you know, friends don’t ignore each other. They don’t have a romantic past – and whoever says that being friends with an ex is a great idea is outright lying to you. 

He’s familiar to you. That’s exactly why you want your ex to be your friend because you can’t imagine a life without him. He’s been such a huge part of everything you’ve been doing that it seems impossible to continue your life now that he’s not there anymore. 

However, this is the perfect time to become an individual. You can finally focus on your actual friends and the people who truly care for you. He’s not the type of guy who’s going to be a good friend to you – if he wasn’t able to do that before, he sure as heck won’t now. 

Being friends with your ex is a disaster waiting to happen. Don’t fool yourself into believing that he’ll change this time around. He showed you everything he had to offer and it obviously wasn’t enough. 

15. You’ll give yourself the closure you need

DONE 15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive 8

I don’t think that you’ll need more convincing about why ignoring your ex is powerful by the end of this. Simply because ignoring him gives you the opportunity to give yourself the closure you need. 

You don’t need to go to his place in the middle of the night to ask for closure. He’s not going to explain anything to you at 2 a.m. That I promise you. 

He won’t beg for your attention because he knows that he has it, no questions asked. Show another side of yourself and stop replying to him at once. 

There’s nothing to look for in that relationship anymore. It’s toxic and it’ll continue to drain your energy. Rather invest your energy into yourself. 

You’ll never be able to give yourself the closure you need unless you ignore your ex and regain your power.

15 Reasons Why Ignoring Your Ex Is Powerful And Impressive

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