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Does My Crush Like Me? 19 Signs He’s Really Into You

Does My Crush Like Me? 19 Signs He’s Really Into You

Everyone’s had a crush on someone at some point in time. With those butterflies in the stomach comes the inevitable question: Does my crush like me?

When you find yourself mesmerized by someone’s lips and getting lost in his eyes, you just want to know if he likes you back. Is there a better feeling in the world than finding out your crush feels the same way about you?

I don’t think so, but sadly, that doesn’t always happen.

Sometimes, we like a person we’re not meant to be with. No matter how much that hurts, knowing it helps us move on and find someone else.

If you’re asking yourself whether your crush likes you, be ready for the truth, regardless if it’s what you want to hear or rather not want to know.

Let’s say your crush laughs at your jokes and enjoys your company. If that’s so, you’re about to get really excited because he probably likes you.

But what if he doesn’t show any of the following signs he likes you?

Don’t be sad because, even though it may feel like the end of the world, it’s not. If your crush doesn’t like you, it’s better that you find out sooner rather than later.

Hopefully though, you’re one of the lucky ones whose crush is crazy about you! Are you ready to find out?

Just don’t forget that you can always come right out and say it. If you still have doubts after reading this article, ask your crush out on a date.

If he likes you, he’ll gladly accept your invite – in fact, he’ll be relieved that you made the first move. And if he doesn’t, you’ll finally know for sure so that you can move on and find the right person for you.

Now, with no further delay, let me answer your question.

Does my crush like me? 19 signs he’s into you

1. He wants to know whether you’re single

Does My Crush Like Me 19 Signs He's Into You

What is the first thing you’d want to know when you like someone? Most likely, it’s whether the person is taken or single.

If you’re wondering whether your crush likes you, just think whether he’s been especially curious about your love life. He might even directly ask you whether you’re already involved with someone.

On the other hand, he might for some reason assume that you already have a partner. In that case, he’ll ask weird questions about who you’ve been hanging out with lately.

For instance, if you went to a party, he’ll ask who you went with. This way, he’s trying to find out whether you’re seeing someone, without making it too obvious.

If he’s crazy about you, he might show great interest in your love life as a whole. He’ll ask you about your ideal partner, your past relationships, and maybe even your idea of a perfect date.

2. He knows more about you than you let him know

A classic sign someone has a crush on you is if they already know something about you that you never told them.

You might be surprised when you realize that your crush knows a lot more about you than you thought. This just proves that he’s done his research on you.

He’s probably asked around about you, talked to your friends, and stalked you on social media. In fact, he might have crushed on you before you started liking him!

When he goes the extra mile just to learn more about you, it’s clear that he’s interested.

He’s just afraid that you don’t feel the same way about him. So, he doesn’t ask you things directly, but knows more than you’ve told him about yourself.

3. You catch him staring at you

DONE Does My Crush Like Me 19 Signs Hes Into You 2

This sign is as old as time, but people simply can’t help it… When we like someone, we want to take them in and absorb their beauty with our eyes.

This might sound cute, but in reality, we’re just staring at a person who has no clue about our feelings.

Maybe you’ve caught your crush staring at you a lot more often than what’s considered normal. Most often, this is a clear sign that he’s enjoying the view because he finds you attractive.

If there’s no valid reason for your crush to be staring at you yet he does, take it as proof he’s into you.

He’s probably daydreaming and fantasizing about you, but too afraid to come forward and say it. The next time you catch him staring at you, give a smile and maybe even a wink!

See how he reacts because he’ll either look away and pretend that he wasn’t looking at you, or he’ll smile back. Either way, he probably likes you, but you’ll find out how confident he is about letting you know that.

4. His friends act strange when you’re around

When the two of you are among friends, they act weird because they can sense your attraction. The tension is in the air, and the sparks are flying even if you’re just silently sitting next to each other.

If your crush’s friends always act strange around you or even tease you, the attraction is real.

What’s more, he’s probably talked to them about you. They’re giving you hints that your crush likes you back because they want to make their friend happy.

Your crush might not be ready to tell you that he’s interested. His friends won’t have a problem doing it for him though, so try talking to them. They might not tell you directly, but they’ll try to get the two of you to hook up.

Maybe they’ll always purposely sit somewhere else so that you and your crush can sit next to each other. Or even excuse themselves to give you some alone time.

Ultimately, if these friends start dropping hints, chances are your crush is into you. You won’t have to wonder if your crush likes you for much longer because if he doesn’t do something about it, his friends will.

5. He immediately responds to your texts

Does My Crush Like Me 19 Signs He's Into You

There are only a few things more frustrating than sending someone a text just to get no response whatsoever. The other few things are getting a one-word response or getting one ages (or so it seems) after sending the text.

When a person has a crush on you though, these things don’t happen. A person who instantly responds to your texts definitely doesn’t take you for granted.

Your crush texts back quickly and tries to initiate a conversation. He likes you so much that he always tries to prolong your chats to get to know you better.

He also has no problem with texting you first, and he’s glad to chat whenever you do instead.

If your crush instead takes hours to reply, it might be a sign he doesn’t like you. Granted, he might be doing this on purpose as a way of getting you to be more interested in him.

If it happens almost all the time though, and he sometimes even take days to respond, he’s not interested.

6. He always tries to be near you

Does your crush like you? Well, if he’s always trying to be close to you, he sure does.

Maybe he stands next to you at a party and sits beside you when you’re among friends. Whenever the two of you are together somewhere, he’s always nearby.

Maybe he’s even started going to places you frequently visit, and you see him a lot more often than you’d expect. It’s very unlikely that it’s pure coincidence and much more likely that he’s super interested.

He wants to create a situation where it’d be easy for him to approach you and make his move. Maybe he even approaches you with random questions or for no valid reason.

Why hasn’t he asked you out yet then? Well, he’s probably scared of rejection, so you might want to give him some hints that you like him back.

7. His body language gives away signs he’s interested

DONE Does My Crush Like Me 19 Signs Hes Into You 4

When you want to find out if your crush likes you or not, pay more attention to what he does than what he says. His behavior might let you know a lot more than he’s willing to say aloud.

You’ll notice it in simple things such as maintaining eye contact and touching your shoulders or arm. These small gestures let you know whether or not someone is interested in you.

If your crush has open body language and often touches you, he’s trying to give you subtle hints. Open body language means that his arms will be open and he’ll seem approachable and comfortable around you.

Whenever you’re in doubt about someone’s feelings for you, notice the way he acts around you. It could reveal what he’s too scared to say, so keep an eye on those sparks flying around whenever you’re close to each other.

8. He shares his personal details and secrets with you

Does My Crush Like Me 19 Signs He's Into You

There is a more important question that you should be asking yourself instead of “Does my crush like me?” It’s “Does he open up to me?”

If your crush lets you in on some things about himself that he doesn’t tell anyone, he probably likes you. Maybe he’s told you some embarrassing stories from his past or revealed a secret he’s never told anyone before.

This proves that he trusts you enough to open up, and you’re getting closer to finally being a couple.

Naturally, people are attracted to those they can trust and count on. If your crush feels that way about you, he’s surely interested.

When he reveals a secret to you, show him that you’re listening and that you would never tell it to anyone else.

9. His mood instantly changes when he sees you with someone else

Seeing the person you’re into with someone else is one of the worst feelings in the world. As such, this feeling shows, and you simply can’t hide how jealous you feel.

It’s like your mood immediately darkens, and it’s visible on your face. If this is happening to your crush when he sees you with another possible love interest, he clearly likes you.

How does your crush act when you’re spending time with someone of the opposite gender? If he starts acting strange, it’s probably because he’s jealous.

It’s only natural for humans to need and want attention, especially from someone they like. When that attention is given to someone else instead of us, we get jealous.

This is why your crush acts weird when he sees you with another guy. He doesn’t want anyone to steal you away, but isn’t brave enough to let you know that he wants you.

Give him some hints and help him realize that you’re into him too.

10. He starts mirroring you

DONE Does My Crush Like Me 19 Signs Hes Into You 6

Your crush probably likes you if he suddenly likes the same things you do.

A person who likes you will even start mirroring your behavior, body language, hand gestures, and colloquialisms you use.

For instance, if you have a habit of running your fingers through your hair, you’ll notice that your crush is doing the same thing.

Maybe you instead cross your legs while talking to him, and he at that same moment crosses his too.

The funny thing is, your crush probably isn’t even aware that he’s doing it, which makes it one of the most fascinating signs he likes you.

If your crush notices too at some point, he may start acting weird and quickly change his behavior. You’ll know the truth though, and that’s all that matters.

11. Everything you do makes him laugh

You don’t need me to tell you how attractive funny people can be. When your crush laughs at the things you do, even if you didn’t do or say anything that hysterical, you can be almost certain that he likes you.

We see things differently when we fall in love. Your crush probably thinks that everything you do is hilarious and adorable.

You can easily test this by telling him a lame joke. If he laughs anyway, he’s crazy into you.

12. He wants to help you

Does My Crush Like Me 19 Signs He's Into You

When you like someone, you feel the need to solve all their problems for them. After all, you just want them to be happy.

Maybe you need help with something, and your crush shows up in a flash. Whether it’s helping you with your project, walking your dog, or simply giving some advice, your crush is there.

He wants to get on your good side and for you to know that you can count on him. Whenever you need a helping hand, he wants to be the person you turn to.

If your crush is always there for you when you need him, he’s a keeper. Men have this need to help out women they like, so make sure to check for signs he wants to make you his girlfriend.

13. He remembers details about you and important dates

Your crush likes you if he remembers the little things about you. Those important dates, even if it’s just your dog’s birthday – he cares.

You’re important to him, so the things that matter to you matter to him as well. Your crush remembers what’s important to you because he wants to be important to you too.

He’ll pay attention to every little thing you tell him down to the tiniest details. He may surprise you by mentioning the skirt you wore when you first met him, or show up at your workplace with your favorite coffee.

All these things show that you’re important enough to him to pay attention, and it’s because he likes you.

14. He often touches you

Does My Crush Like Me 19 Signs He's Into You

Your crush wants to be near you, and this also means that he’ll want to touch you. It might be touching your hand during a conversation, brushing your shoulder, or even putting his hand on your knee.

Your legs might touch while you’re sitting next to each other, or he’ll tuck a strand of your hair behind your ears.

The point is, your crush will use every opportunity to make contact with you, and these innocent touches will sometimes seem accidental.

Whether he’s doing it consciously or unconsciously, if it happens often, it means he’s comfortable around you.

Some people are simply the “touchy” type, but if this guy doesn’t act that way with his friends, you’re more than a friend to him. He probably likes you.

You might want to look for signs he wants you in his future to find out whether he’s serious about you.

15. He leans in

When people are engaged in a conversation and truly listening, they naturally move closer or lean in. They aren’t even aware that they’re doing it, but it’s a way of showing interest in the conversation.

This often happens in business meetings when both parties are equally invested and engaged in talks.

You can also notice it in bars when men try to seduce girls because they’ll lean in to show their interest.

If your crush leans in while you talk, he’s most likely into you. But since he might be confused about his feelings for you, checks for signs a guy doesn’t know what he wants. It might be the reason he hasn’t asked you out yet.

16. His blushes around you

DONE! Does My Crush Like Me 19 Signs He's Into You

People often blush when they receive compliments that they didn’t expect. It happens when your crush gives you attention too, and it gets you all flustered.

Perhaps this happens because we feel like we’re admitting our feelings for another and trying to hide them. But our shyness still shows on our cheeks.

If your crush goes red when he’s near you, he clearly has the hots for you. Pay attention to whether he’s like this around other people though. Some people are naturally shy, so they blush more often than others.

17. He’s active on your social media profiles

Does your crush constantly talk to you on social media? This is a clear sign that he enjoys having conversations with you, but does he like you?

If he only gives you one-word answers and doesn’t try to prolong the conversation, he’s probably not interested in anything more than friendship.

But if your crush puts effort into giving you thoughtful responses and often asks you questions instead, he’s probably into you.

This is especially true if he also likes your photos and comments on your posts.

18. He’s self-conscious about the way he looks when he’s around you

Does My Crush Like Me 19 Signs He's Into You

He tries to adjust his clothes, fix his hair, or in any other way improves his appearance. He does this whenever he’s around you because he wants to look good for you.

Your opinion of him matters to him, and he wants to portray himself in the best possible light. Maybe he’s also nervous because he wants to make a good impression.

This is a clear sign that he likes you, especially if he’s always making sure to look his best before meeting you.

19. He’s nervous around you

If your crush likes you, he might act nervous around you.

He’ll have sweaty palms, fidget, or talk faster than usual. If he looks down when you make eye contact or seems awkward around you, he’s probably really interested in you.

So, if you’ve sensed that your crush is nervous around you, you might want to give him a hint you like him back.

Once your crush shows many of these signs, you should definitely ask him out! Don’t be afraid to find out whether he’s interested in you directly from him.

Most likely, you will get a positive answer. And if you don’t, you’ll at least know that you should give up on him and find someone who gets how amazing you are.

Good luck!

Does My Crush Like Me? 19 Signs He's Really Into You

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