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18 Unfortunate Signs You Are Unattractive

18 Unfortunate Signs You Are Unattractive

Feeling unattractive is one of the worst emotions that you can experience. You question your worth and believe that no guy will ever consider you girlfriend material. But, are there signs you are unattractive? 

Is it all inside your head or do you actually have some traits that repel men? Perhaps you’re just in a bad mental state and you can’t think of anything positive about yourself right now, so that’s why you’re feeling unattractive? 

Whether that’s true or not, you’ll find out in this article. The fact is there’s always room for improvement.

If you’re not able to notice areas you need to work on, then you’ll never attract the men you want. Essentially, you’ll be stuck with a negative mindset that will drive those men away from you. 

It’s completely understandable to ask yourself whether you’re really unattractive or if your mind is playing tricks on you. After all, it’s tough to rate ourselves based on some beauty standards that we read in the glossies. 

I mean, there are definitely people who are undeniably beautiful or ugly, but what about your average joes? What are the signs of unattractive people and how can you know whether you’re gorgeous or unlovely? 

Some people feel good about their physical appearance, while others believe they’re the most unattractive person in the world. 

This is why you need to understand the signs you think you are unattractive, even if it’s just that you’re not feeling good about yourself on a particular day. 

There’s no need to seek validation for your emotions or to accept it as truth. But the following signs can help you decipher your feelings, so you can search for ways to make yourself feel attractive again. 

Why do people question their own attractiveness? 

DONE! 18 Unfortunate Signs You Are Unattractive

The truth is that we’re all attractive in our own way, despite what others think about us. And if you say that you possess a quality that’s rather unattractive, chances are that no one else has even noticed it. 

Comparing yourself to someone else will definitely lower your self-esteem and self-confidence. On top of that, it will make you feel worthless and bitter. 

You know it’s true because every time you scroll through social media and see all those people living their best life and looking exquisite, you start to feel awful about yourself. You lie there in your pajamas wondering if that could ever be you. 

We’ve all been there and it’s not a pleasant feeling at all. But what we forget is even those people have their bad days too. 

Back to the point, there are some things that are considered to be generally unattractive about people. Those traits or qualities play a significant role in how others perceive us and whether or not we attract them. The sooner you understand that, the better you’ll feel about yourself. 

Signs you are unattractive

Being self-conscious isn’t a bad quality at all. That means you’re aware of your flaws and that you’ve accepted yourself the way you are. You know what qualities you have to change today in order to look and feel better tomorrow. 

That’s why being unattractive isn’t entirely connected with your physical appearance. It can also be affected by your personality, your attitude toward life, the type of hairstyle you’re rocking, or even your scent. 

1. You’re too stubborn 

DONE! 18 Unfortunate Signs You Are Unattractive

Having an opinion isn’t considered a negative quality if you give others the opportunity to speak and express their own views on a particular matter. People will only be put off if you always think that you’re right and they’re wrong.

That will prove to them you’re not listening to what they have to say and you’re not taking their opinion into consideration at all. In the end, they’ll be forced to agree with you no matter what. 

If people discover that you possess this quality, they’ll immediately pull back. That’s because they don’t want to deal with all the drama surrounding you and, honestly, most of us hate when we’re being told what to do. 

2. You’re irresponsible 

An attractive person is someone who is reliable. People trust them to handle issues with or without their help. 

But that’s not something that applies to irresponsible people. Unreliability is a horrible trait to have and if you’re honest about it, you’ll be aware of it without being told by others. 

A quality like this makes you a bad spouse or business partner since people don’t trust you with keeping your word or making it to any appointments. Irresponsible people have always an ace up their sleeve and are prepared with excuses whenever someone confronts them.

They might reschedule the appointment or say that they completely forgot about the promise they made. If this is something that you’ve heard people say about you, then don’t be surprised if those exact same people call you an ugly person. 

3. You don’t smile 

DONE! 18 Unfortunate Signs You Are Unattractive

Tell me, what is one of the first things that you notice when you meet someone new? Is it the color of their eyes or their body language? Or is it the way they smile? 

A smile can significantly contribute to your level of attractiveness. It can make others feel warm and comfortable when they’re around you and it can also show them that you have a great sense of humor. 

But one of the signs you are unattractive is when you have to put on a fake smile to relate to people or if you simply don’t smile enough. 

Taking everything too seriously and never laughing is a major turn-off for guys. The reason for it is that they feel threatened by your gravitas and think you’ll immediately reject them if they approach you. 

You may think that this is silly and trivial, but it affects how guys perceive you and it can significantly damage your love life. 

4. You can’t control your temper 

Short-tempered people who get angry fairly easily don’t have many friends. That isn’t something they particularly choose, but it’s rather due to the fact that not many people like to deal with them. It scares people when they know you have a short fuse and that something they say may get on your nerves immediately. 

Guys are specifically sensitive to this quality. Most of them want a woman who is laid back and doesn’t get offended quickly. 

On the other hand, men are pretty known for not thinking before they speak. That’s why you’ll hear women say that the person who annoys them the most is their husband or partner. 

So, if you looking for signs you are unattractive, then maybe you should check your temper. Perhaps that is why you don’t have many friends or why they only talk to you when they need something. 

A good-looking person will always try to keep their composure even when everyone and everything is against them. 

5. You’re extremely loud 

DONE! 18 Unfortunate Signs You Are Unattractive

A lot of people will say that it’s very attractive when someone is calm, mature, and only talks when they’re being asked to give an opinion or a suggestion. They only open their mouth if they know they can contribute to the conversation.

On the flip side, being unable to control the tone of your voice or the way you talk to others is something that it’s rather unappealing. Being extremely loud or excessively open about things is a major sign of unattractiveness.  

You don’t have any filter and don’t care how the other person will feel when you say something to them. It also means that you don’t know the right and wrong time to say certain things. 

Almost every loud person turns a disagreement into a full-blown fight because they can’t accept the fact that someone else is talking. They have the need to express their opinion in a rude and disrespectful way. 

6. Awful personal hygiene 

If you’re looking for signs you are unattractive, then the answer may lie in your personal hygiene. 

Let’s be honest here and agree that none of us wants a smelly partner or someone who doesn’t wash their clothes regularly. I mean, there was a time when not many people had access to fresh water or could afford perfume, but that time is long gone. 

You have to take care of your personal hygiene and that includes using deodorant, washing dirty clothes, and everything that goes along with it. If you’re not doing that, then people will most definitely avoid you because they’ll feel disgusted when they come close to you. 

Some will rather keep their mouth shut and not tell you the truth because they think if they say something to you, you may take it the wrong way. 

7. Low self-esteem 

DONE! 18 Unfortunate Signs You Are Unattractive

Low self-esteem and self-confidence will definitely make you feel like you’re an ugly duckling that no guy wants to date. This can significantly damage your mental health and make you question yourself whenever you face a problem. 

In life, you attract what you are, not what you want. So, if you’re a confident person who believes in yourself, then you’ll attract those types of people

Your attractiveness starts from within you. This means you must acknowledge that you’re beautiful and amazing first, and only then will others follow suit. 

You can’t expect a guy to see you as a strong and independent woman if you have zero self-esteem. Instead, he might consider it a weakness that he can use against you. 

8. Bad choice of words 

Saying positive things and complimenting your friends will make them feel happy and valued. They’ll always be around you if you act this way. However, doing the opposite will make them feel unappreciated and disrespected by you. 

This could be the reason some people turn their backs on you or why they say you’re an unattractive woman. The fact remains, nobody wants to be in any kind of relationship with a mean person. 

Your choice of words will affect the quality of connections you have with others. If your words can’t lift them up and they have no motivation after spending some time with you, that will definitely consider you an unattractive person. 

Don’t forget, words have a huge impact on the person you’re talking to. It can uplift and encourage them, or scare them away and hurt them deeply. 

9. You ask for a lot of favors 

DONE! 18 Unfortunate Signs You Are Unattractive

Everybody needs help at one point in their life. And asking for it doesn’t mean you’re weak or incapable of solving the issue by yourself. 

You’ll only make it worse if you need someone’s support but don’t ask for it because you’re too proud. The fact is an attractive person won’t hesitate to seek help when they need it. 

However, you should know your limits and when to stop asking for favors. If you don’t – when you only contact people when you want something from them – they’ll soon figure out your intentions and walk away from you. 

On top of that, calling them only when you need a favor makes you look like you’re a helpless woman or a beggar, and you know that’s not true. 

Also, you have to keep in mind that you owe them once they helped you, and not helping them in return makes you a bad friend or girlfriend. 

10. You’re worried about what people think of you 

Being self-aware is normal, but worrying too much about what other people think of you is exhausting and taxing on your mental health. 

Attractive people simply don’t care what people say about them and they live life the way it comes. They have this positive mindset about themselves and aren’t influenced by any external opinions. 

On the other hand, unattractive people will begin to be conscious of other people’s opinions about what they should wear, how to talk to people, or how should they appear in public. 

It’s impossible to please everyone around you. There’s no point in living a life that’s controlled by others. So watch out for this because it’s definitely a sign that others see you as unattractive. 

11. You stress too much 

DONE! 18 Unfortunate Signs You Are Unattractive

No one’s life is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek happiness and fulfillment. The thing is, you won’t achieve this if you’re stressing way too much about irrelevant stuff. 

Some people work very well under pressure, but most of us are trying not to welcome stress in our lives. Also, stress doesn’t just influence your mind, but also your physical appearance. If you’re exposed to it for long enough, your physical body may change and you’ll look tired overall.

What separates attractive from unattractive people is the fact that they’re adjustable. They seek happiness in every situation and don’t let negativity and stress consume them.

Not enjoying your life to the fullest and not getting enough sleep can certainly make you feel cranky, which in turn will definitely repel men. 

12. You like threatening others 

Ask yourself this. Do others notice you only when you’re bossing them around or rude to them? If yes, that’s one of the signs you are considered unattractive. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend or a member of your family, you should never threaten anyone to force your opinion on them.  It could be that threatening them makes you feel good about yourself and that boosts your ego, but in the end, it makes you appear really unattractive. 

Most of the time when you’re talking with someone, you’re the one controlling the entire situation and that’s annoying. It seems as if you’re showing off. 

A controlling person will have little to no genuine friends and usually suffer from low self-esteem issues. Remember to actively listen to what others have to say and choose your words wisely.

13. You’re not an interesting person 

DONE! 18 Unfortunate Signs You Are Unattractive

If you don’t have anything exciting to share with others, then others will take it as a definite sign you are unattractive – and just plain boring too. 

People will respect and admire you when you add some value to their lives. You must show them that you’re interested in their hobbies and make them feel good whenever you hang out with them. 

Unfortunately, if you don’t offer them anything positive or exciting, they’ll consider you unattractive and will stop contacting you. 

Remember, you can’t make friends and be attractive if you stay separated while others are living it up. You need to get out of your comfort zone and do something fun so that you have material to talk about with others. 

14. You don’t take care of your skin 

Another sign of unattractiveness is when people continuously advise you on your skincare routine. That’s a polite way of telling you that you have bad skin and don’t properly take care of it. 

Perhaps you noticed people not maintaining eye contact with you because they don’t know how to tell you as much, so instead, they send you some pics of different skincare routine types for you. Or maybe some people who honestly love you might even suggest buying you the products and helping you take care of your skin. 

15. You don’t have enough self-confidence 

DONE! 18 Unfortunate Signs You Are Unattractive

People who are confident are more attractive than those who aren’t, and that’s a fact. Also, they’re generally more successful and live happier and more fulfilling lives. If you want to attract men, even if you think you don’t have anything to bring to the table, the least you should have is self-confidence.

A woman who lacks confidence won’t have the strength or courage to stand up for herself if someone confronts or attacks her in any way. Men aren’t attracted to these types of women, so if you’re aware you’re suffering from this, then you need to find a way to improve it. 

Write down on a piece of paper things that you’re most proud of about yourself or ask your friends to do the same for you. 

16. You’re too lazy to change something 

It could be that you broke up recently with your boyfriend and have no motivation to change anything about yourself, and that’s completely acceptable. 

You have to give yourself some time to heal emotionally, but eventually, you’ll have to pick yourself up and move on. 

You can’t be too comfortable with the way you are. Also, you can’t be unmotivated to try new and exciting things. In the end, when you have no desire to look attractive, you end up downplaying yourself and who you are. 

People like these are usually careless and lazy, and aren’t bothered about what others may think about them and what kind of an impression they’ll make. 

17. You lack manners and etiquette 

DONE! 18 Unfortunate Signs You Are Unattractive

Regardless of whether you’re hanging out with friends or at a business meeting, your manners and etiquette truly matter. 

If you lack good manners, people will think you are unattractive and won’t approach you. So, if someone tries to correct you in any way or gives you a piece of advice on something, you should accept it and be thankful for it. 

That means they genuinely care about you and want you to be a better “you.” 

18. You have a bad posture 

Strangely enough, most people don’t find poor posture attractive. Perhaps you didn’t notice, but the way you sit or walk can affect your level of attractiveness and how others perceive you. 

It can also tell others whether or not you’re bold or professional at what you do. Therefore, if you don’t take care of it, it could make you unattractive. 

Posture can say a lot about your personality. For example, it’s unacceptable for a woman to sit with her legs wide open, and it’s odd to see her walking hunched over in defeatist mode. That could make you come across as cold and rude, or even self-loathing, so people will avoid trying to approach you. 

18 Unfortunate Signs You Are Unattractive

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