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How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman?

How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman?

Not many women are able to resist the charismatic personality of an alpha male. Usually, they’re enchanted by his presence and it’s possible to even go crazy after meeting a man like that. But how does an alpha male pursue a woman?

How do his charming personality and stunning looks evoke such powerful emotions in a woman? How does he behave when he falls for a woman?

I’m sure that all these questions are keeping you up at night, but don’t worry, I got you covered.

The thing that you need to know about an alpha male is that he’s extremely confident as well as an easygoing man. He avoids coming on too strong when it comes to pursuing a woman. Instead, his primary goal is to make the woman feel comfortable around him, so she doesn’t get the impression that he’s like the rest of the guys.

On top of that, he isn’t afraid of showing his chivalrous and protective side because he knows that’s what it takes to make a woman fall for him.

Furthermore, he seeks admiration from the opposite gender and flirts effortlessly. He doesn’t want anyone else to have control over the situation besides him and it’s pretty obvious that he’s a rather possessive man.

You may think that an alpha male goes all out on a date and performs grand gestures to make the woman fall in love, but that’s not true at all. His approach is actually pretty basic and that’s a secret not many women know about.

But first off, what are the basic traits of an alpha male? What makes him stand out from the rest of the guys? Let’s find out.

Most common traits of an alpha male

He’s always in control of his emotions

How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman

The way we react to certain situations plays a significant role in our lives. If you get dumped or are emotionally insulted by someone, how do you react? Do you back down and let others walk over you? Or do you let your emotions get the better of you and blurt out whatever’s on your mind at the time?

Well, an alpha male knows that he has to keep his emotions in check if he wants others to perceive him as a confident and strong man. In order to achieve that, he takes a series of deep breaths and evaluates what his next move should be.

He doesn’t lash out emotionally nor does he dig himself a grave. He takes a step back and sees things as they really are.

He’s considerate and kind

You may think that alphas are just assertive and confident, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. I mean, almost every woman falls for them, so how do you think they achieve that?

They may be honest and truthful to others, but they’re also considerate. They’ll never use you to boost their ego or take you for granted.

Furthermore, they prioritize themselves in most situations, but not all the time. The truth is they’re great at assessing the situation and knowing when they should lead and when to follow – no wonder alpha males are almost flawless when pursuing a woman.

He’s courageous

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I’m not saying that an alpha male fears nothing. Nobody is one hundred percent fearless. But the way an alpha male deals with his fears is what separates him from an “ordinary” guy.

Truth be told, we all have insecurities and fears that we’re unable to control. But even though an alpha male is afraid that, let’s say, his business may fail, that won’t stop him from trying.

And the same thing happens when he’s searching for a potential girlfriend. So, you may be wondering how an alpha male pursues a woman? Well, he goes all in and isn’t afraid of being rejected by her.

He doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind

Some people refuse to say what’s on their minds because they’re anxious others might get offended. Or they don’t say what they’re really thinking since they feel uncomfortable starting a confrontation.

An alpha male, on the other hand, states his honest opinion despite that fear. You may think that he enjoys fighting with people or gets a kick out of making people feel bad, but that’s rarely the case. He isn’t like those heartless narcissists who don’t care about the other person’s emotions.

He just doesn’t let an awkward interaction stop him from getting what he wants. And he thinks a lot about what he’s going to say to a person before he opens his mouth.

He’s not a people pleaser

How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman

It’s inevitable that people will ask you for some kind of favor in life. And if it’s possible for you to help a person out, then you should definitely do it. But an alpha male isn’t afraid to say no.

He isn’t a people pleaser who’ll let others walk over him. Also, he doesn’t blindly oblige to the requests of others.

An alpha male knows that he’s in control of his own life. For example, if his boss asks him to work overtime, but he’s made plans to go out with you, then he’ll kindly reject him and move on.

He doesn’t feel the need to explain his decisions to anyone besides himself. He’s not a selfish man either. Instead, he’s only looking out for his best interest.

He’s not afraid to make decisions

Most people have this innate fear of making decisions because they’re afraid of the consequences of making the wrong one. But an alpha male is the polar opposite.

Yes, he may take a lot of time thinking about the possible outcomes, but he isn’t afraid to make hard decisions. That’s why you’ll usually see alphas in great leadership roles.

How does an alpha male pursue a woman his way?

DONE How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman 3

It’s understandable that women are rather drawn to alpha males. Their persona is highly captivating and physical appearance breathtaking. And the reason is that he’s really comfortable in his own skin. That’s why it’s not hard to spot an alpha male in a group of “ordinary” men.

His attitude and personality make him different from the rest of the guys and, as we all know, women are visual creatures that notice those differences.

So, how does an alpha male pursue the woman he likes? How does he behave when he’s surrounded by other men? Does he fall back if someone else tries to win his woman? Or does it get him even more hyped up? Here are your answers.

1. He seeks admiration from her

An alpha male never reveals his secrets when it comes to making a woman fall in love with him. But, even he searches for a woman’s admiration and praise.

The thing to remember here is most alpha males work incredibly hard towards achieving their goals. They won’t stop at anything to reach their goal, no matter how much time and effort they need to invest. That’s why an alpha male is often a career-oriented man and it’s pretty easy to spot him.

Because of this drive, he seeks admiration from the woman he’s pursuing.

Mostly, he’ll talk about various aspects of his productive life while he’s on a date with his woman to show her how dedicated he is to achieving his dreams.

At first, he may come across as a bit narcissistic, but that’s not true at all. He talks about his accomplishments because he wants the woman to feel safe with him materialistically.

It’s really important what she thinks of him. In the end, he doesn’t want her to see him as less competent and manly in any way. This is the reason he focuses so much on talking about his career and goals.

2. He makes sure she’s comfortable in his presence

How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman

If you get the chance to go on a date with an alpha male, it won’t take long before he reveals his protective side to you.

You see, an alpha male will go out of his way and do anything in his power to make sure the woman with him feels comfortable and secure. This reflects in his behavior when he’s around you.

He won’t bother you with dozens of messages a day and call you every minute to see what you’re doing and where you’re at, but he’ll check on you periodically. Now and then, he’ll send you a text to see if you’re doing well and if you need him to help you with something.

And when you do get to spend some time with him, then you’ll see what it means to be protected by an alpha male. He’ll always ensure that you’re alright and that you don’t feel threatened by anyone.

And if he sees that some random guy is trying to talk to you, he’ll immediately sweep in and come to save you. This protective drive is an obvious sign that he’s really interested in you and is actively pursuing you.

3. He talks about the future with her

An alpha male is more a man of actions than words. He’ll do whatever he can to prove to you that you hold a special place in his heart. And even if he doesn’t say out loud that he’s really into you, he’ll do other things to show you his true feelings.

So, if he talks about the future with you, then take that as a surefire sign he’s being serious with you. He’s making sure you know he’s there for the long haul and isn’t looking for anything casual. Most alpha males aren’t interested in flings and don’t focus on the quantity but rather quality of relationships.

Be sure that you tell him what your intentions are and don’t be afraid to be honest. He’ll definitely appreciate it and respect you more for it. He’s not the type who keeps you around just to get his ego boosted. He doesn’t need that.

Sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming dealing with an alpha male because he mostly assumes that his thoughts are the right ones. If you don’t agree where your dating is heading, then tell him as early as possible, so both of you don’t waste your precious time.

4. His chivalry really stands out

DONE How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman 5

While most men might play various games with you and take you for granted, an alpha male is the complete opposite of that. He’s a true gentleman in every sense of the word. And if he really intends on pursuing you, then this will be very evident in the way he behaves toward you.

Holding doors for you and accompanying you to your house is nothing strange to him. It’s actually a common trait of an alpha male. He’ll also be there for you when you’re sick, bringing you a hot beverage and whatever else you need to show you how much he cares about you.

That’s why I said earlier that alpha males are usually men of action and not words. He’ll demonstrate his attentiveness through these little acts of service.

It’s a well-known fact that alphas love to be there for you and make your life easier in any way possible. And don’t think that they’re like that with everyone, because they’re not. Only those who are closest to them deserve to be treated that way.

When an alpha male pursues a woman, he offers his help without being asked and he carries her things. And he does this all, not because he thinks that you’re somehow inferior to him, but because he genuinely cares about your well-being.

5. He doesn’t beat around the bush

Most men aren’t that honest about their feelings since they don’t want others to perceive them as weak or not “manly” enough. Truthfully, many of them won’t even pluck up the courage to ask you on a date, let alone tell you what they think about you.

And beating around the bush is a common tactic many “ordinary” men use because their fragile egos can’t handle the possibility of being denied by a woman.

But that’s not how an alpha male reacts when he’s pursuing the woman he’s interested in. Instead, he’ll ask you out on a date without hesitation. He won’t make a big deal out of it.

He’s not nervous that you might reject him. He’s confident enough to know that rejection is part of life. His self-esteem won’t take a hit if you give him a negative answer.

On top of that, don’t expect an alpha male to pose the question via a text message. He’ll want to see your reaction, so that’s why he’d rather do it in person.

It’s his way of demonstrating to you how much you mean to him. You may be shocked at first because other guys haven’t asked you this way, but that’s completely normal. As time passes, and as you get to know each other better, you’ll get used to his honesty.

6. He flirts with her a lot

How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman

An alpha male isn’t lacking in the confidence department, that’s for sure. He doesn’t hesitate to show his flirtatious side either to the woman he’s interested in.

And the way he expresses that side of him is through teasing and being mysterious. While an alpha male is honest about his emotions, he also likes to keep some things under wraps and not reveal too much about himself. Yes, he’ll talk about his achievements, but he’ll give you some room to explore him freely.

Don’t worry, it’ll be obvious that he likes you. After all, he doesn’t have anything to fear.

But at the same time, he’ll flirt with you by emphasizing his dominance and masculinity as well. He uses everything at his disposal, his strength, intelligence, and problem-solving skills to get the attention of the one he likes.

That’s how you know that his feelings for you are genuine and pure.

7. He showcases his possessive side

An alpha male doesn’t shy away from expressing his jealous side if he sees that a woman is worthy of his attention. I mean, every guy displays some level of jealousy, but alpha males don’t see that as a negative trait at all.

They take a different approach to it.

Of course, they’ll feel uncomfortable when you’re talking about your ex. And don’t be surprised if he becomes angry when he finds out that your ex has mistreated you. An alpha recognizes a woman’s worth and will always be against any type of abuse, whether that be emotional or physical.

That’s the reason he makes an actual effort to prove to you that he isn’t like the rest of the guys. He wants you to realize that you’re a special person to him and that he sees in you what others don’t.

Furthermore, when an alpha male pursues a woman, he doesn’t feel threatened by her ex in any way. He’s confident enough to know what he can bring to the table and he presents himself as the best option for her.

8. He puts his arms around you

DONE How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman 7

This is a rather charming way that an alpha male pursues a woman. He puts his arms around her so that she knows that no one can harm her when he’s there.

He’ll do this quite inadvertently and without even being aware of it. You see, your safety and happiness are all that matters to him. Through his actions, he wants you to know that you mean a lot to him. On top of that, it’s also his instinctual way of “marking his territory.”

When he puts his arms around you, he’s saying to the world that he’s the one with you, and that no one should try to gain your attention. This gives a feeling of security and contentment that most women are searching for in a man, and he’s quite aware of that.

9. He helps around the house

When an alpha male pursues a woman, he’ll show his interest in her by doing odd jobs around the house and being helpful in whichever way he can.

This means that he’ll happily change lightbulbs for you, fix a leaking tap, or help you with any other project that you’re working on right now.

10. He’s furious when others upset you

How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman

Whether an alpha male is in a romantic relationship with you or still pursuing you, one thing is clear – he wants to protect the woman he cares about at all costs. And being rude and cruel to others is nothing new for an alpha male.

If he sees that someone has upset you or hurt your feelings, he’ll instantly come to your defense. And even if he can’t confront the person who hurt you, he’ll get angry by the situation.

That anger isn’t directed toward you, but it can make him feel as if he let you down as the main man in your life.

It’s a very sweet and protective reaction, and this is something that most women look for when searching for the right partner.

11. He’s open about his flaws and weaknesses

At first glance, you’ll see how confident an alpha male is and it may come as a surprise to you to see that he also has his share of weaknesses. But what sets him apart from the rest of the guys is that he’s proud of those flaws and scars. This is why many women are so attracted by his confidence.

The special thing about him is that not everyone has the privilege to see that side of an alpha male. This only happens when he is actively pursuing a woman.

Generally, alpha males are born leaders. They’re bound by the pressure to look fearless and strong.

But this alpha male trusts and cares about you enough to reveal his weak side to you. As a result, your feelings for him only intensify because you can see his openness as a sign that you’re special to him.

How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman?

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