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Stop Fooling Yourself, He Isn’t Good Enough For You

Stop Fooling Yourself, He Isn’t Good Enough For You

Being in love is one of the most beautiful experiences that you can ever have. And truthfully, all of us are looking for that special someone, who’ll love us unconditionally and be there whenever we need them.

Honestly, however, that doesn’t always come true and instead, we end up being hurt by the person whom we thought would never do us any harm.

I understand that you’re questioning his intentions and that you don’t know whether or not he’s the right one for you. Luckily for you, there are a few signs you should look out for to realize that he isn’t good enough for you, even if you love him deeply.

1. He’s emotionally immature

DONE! Stop Fooling Yourself, He Isn't Good Enough For You

Even though being childish can be adorable, some men take it too far and they don’t know when to stop.

When you decided to start a romantic relationship with your partner, you didn’t ask to be his mother in any way. You shouldn’t be the one to tell him that he has to clean the apartment, pay the bills, or take out the garbage, so he has to know which duties are his and not yours.

Being in a relationship with an immature person can take a toll on your mental health. After all, you’re searching for a man who’ll be your equal and who’ll do his best to push you to be better.

You don’t need a man-child whom you’ll have to raise so stop fooling yourself and see things as they really are. Confront your guy about his behavior and tell him what’s been bothering you.

Don’t hold anything back and suggest to him to step up his game a bit. And if he doesn’t realize what his mistakes are, then you should take the initiative and leave him.

2. He betrays you

True love is all about finding a partner who’ll always choose you above everyone else. Someone who would never betray your trust or make you question their loyalty.

One thing is certain – soulmates don’t cheat on each other, no matter how hard things get. Once trust is gone, there’s no going back and it’s difficult to build it back up.

His unfaithfulness should never be forgiven even if you love him deeply but if you do, you’ll always doubt him. You’ll never believe in his words and you’ll always suspect that he’ll cheat on you again.

Unfortunately, just because he did something terrible to you doesn’t mean you can change how you feel about him that easily. You’ll need to take time for yourself and properly heal before jumping into a new relationship.

3. He never takes the blame

DONE! Stop Fooling Yourself, He Isn't Good Enough For You

A toxic man will always guilt-trip you into believing that you’re the one to blame for anything bad that happens in your relationship and you’ll never hear him say that he’s sorry for his mistakes. Instead, he’ll manipulate every fight and say that he’s the victim and not you.

He doesn’t believe that anything is his fault and he’ll do his best to hide the truth. You’re always going to be the one who does him wrong.

This can be very emotionally draining, not to mention unfair to you. So, if you see any signs you’re dealing with a toxic man, you should stop fooling yourself and walk away from him.

4. He’s not ready to commit

Some men have a difficult time acknowledging and accepting their emotions toward someone. From a young age, they’re often taught that having feelings is a sign of weakness and that you should never express them freely.

On the other hand, many women are more emotional than men and their judgment can be clouded by love and the hope that the future will transform their man into someone he’s not.

So, if he says that he’s not ready to commit, you better believe him. A man like that doesn’t have the courage to start anything serious and you’ll never experience true love with him.

He’ll just string you along until he’s had enough and he’ll then move on to another victim.

5. He takes a long time to reply

DONE! Stop Fooling Yourself, He Isn't Good Enough For You

Does it take a long time for your partner to reply to your messages? Are you anxious or afraid every time you text him that he won’t text you back?

Does he have a habit of ghosting you for hours or even days? If you can relate to this, then you should stop deluding yourself and admit that he isn’t good enough for you.

A man like this will only reply to you when it’s convenient for him or when he needs something from you. He doesn’t think that he has to respond to your messages right away and sadly, he’ll never change this habit.

You’ll always be at the bottom of his priority list.

6. He’s unreliable

If your man cancels your dates and plans at the last minute, then he isn’t good enough for you, no matter how much you love him. He’s unreliable so you find it very hard to believe in his words since he has lied to you so many times before.

The reality is that you can’t trust him and you shouldn’t waste your time or energy on someone like that. A real man will appreciate your time and will always back up his words with actions.

7. He lacks empathy

DONE! Stop Fooling Yourself, He Isn't Good Enough For You

Sometimes, you’re surprised at just how selfish he can be and not think about your emotions at all. He’s inconsiderate and he never sees how his actions affect you.

His happiness and satisfaction are the only things he cares about. He’s not there when you need him and instead, he runs away whenever you have a meltdown, so you can’t rely on him since he’s only there for the good times.

Stop fooling yourself and think that he’ll change because he won’t. He isn’t good enough for you and you need to look for your happiness elsewhere.

Stop Fooling Yourself, He Isn't Good Enough For You

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