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The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

If you want to know how to make your boyfriend miss you, you’ve come to the right place!

Many women ask themselves the same thing. Is there a way to make a guy miss you and think about you when you’re not around?

If you make him miss you, do you stand a higher chance of being the only woman in his life?

When we fall in love, we usually show our partners that we’re there for them 24/7. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just that this can make them take us for granted.

Your boyfriend may think that you’ll be there no matter what, which can make him treat you in ways you don’t deserve.

That’s why women want to be memorable and stuck in their man’s head.

And if you can make him miss you when you’re not around, you’re doing a great job.

You’re paving the path for yourself, and you’re doing it subtly, without manipulating his feelings.

When you make your boyfriend miss you, you’re actually creating a foundation for a long term relationship.

How? Well, when you miss someone, you feel a need to be right next to them.

You long for their touch and to look into their eyes. And when that happens, all you want is more.

More time with them, more fun conversations with them, and generally more days spent together.

That’s why it comes in handy if you know how to make your boyfriend miss you like crazy.

If you still haven’t figured out the right recipe, don’t worry because I’m here to help you.

I’m going to give you a list of simple tips you should use if you want to make your boyfriend miss you and crave your attention.

When you know what you’re doing, it’s not hard to achieve.

DONE! The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

Wondering how to make your boyfriend miss you? Well, the answer lies in the little things that you can easily do.

Men fall for little things. It’s what keeps them attached to their chosen one.

He’ll love you more and realize that he needs you in his life, no matter what.

Once you know what you should give him, you can be sure that your boyfriend will miss you madly when you’re not around.

This can easily work if you’re in a long-distance relationship, trying to get your ex-boyfriend to come back to you, or simply want to make your current relationship stronger and secure your place in your man’s heart.

I’m no relationship expert, but I can tell you from experience that these simple ways really do work.

Your boyfriend will miss you no time!

1. Don’t call and text him all the time

DONE! The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

Calling and texting your boyfriend all the time can only make your man start losing interest in you.

Trust me, he can’t miss you if he’s always on the phone with you.

You think that constant conversation is a recipe for making your partner miss you, but it’s actually doing the exact opposite.

How can he miss you when he knows every step you take? You call him all the time, or if you know that he’s busy, you make sure to send him a message.

He can’t go an hour without being in touch with you because you keep initiating conversation all the time.

In your head, it might seem like a good thing to do, but to him, it gets more annoying with time.

He feels pressured and controlled, and trust me, no man likes that.

But if you stop being the first one to call and text all the time, you’ll see a change in his behavior. 

Now, he’ll be the one who calls because he’ll be wondering what’s going on with you.

He hasn’t heard your voice the whole day and he’s starting to miss it.

Your boyfriend can miss you only if you give him a chance to go on with his own life.

At the end of the day, he’ll just have to call you to see how you’re doing.

He might even come running to you to spend some time with you because he misses your presence.

2. Don’t return his phone calls or texts immediately

DONE The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You 3

Once you stop texting him or calling him all the time, take it a step further.

When your boyfriend texts you, don’t reply immediately. When he tries to call you, return the call a bit later.

I know that it goes against the fact that you really like him and want to spend every moment of your day talking to him. 

But if you do that, chances are that he’ll start losing interest in you.

Why? Because men tend to realize that they miss a woman only once she’s away from them.

So, if you want to learn properly how to make your boyfriend miss you then follow this step.

You won’t be gone forever. You’ll just take a little longer than usual to reply to his text or call.

And you don’t have to do this all the time because that would be too much. It would send him a wrong signal – the one that means “I don’t like you.”

But the considerate amount of letting him wait from time to time should seal the deal. It’ll make him wonder what’s going on in your life.

So, you’re giving him just enough so he misses you, while not being manipulative with him.

3. Use social media to your advantage

DONE! The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

It’s hard to stop uploading posts to your social media in today’s world. But if you want to make your boyfriend miss you, you’ll have to find a way. 

If you keep posting things all the time, your boyfriend will feel as if you’re right next to him.

So, how can you expect him to get to the stage of missing you in the first place when he sees your posts every time he logs in?

It’s the easier way for him to see what’s going on in your life. But the second you stop posting pictures of everything you do, he’ll start to miss you.

He’ll wonder what you’re doing and where you are because he hasn’t seen anything on your social media profile.

Even though you’re not explicitly sharing messages, social media is a great way of getting information.

But when you stop giving him that chance, he’ll start thinking about you more.

Make him miss you and wish to be next to you.

It’s way better than letting him see everything that’s going on in your life, without even having a conversation with you.

4. Be the one who ends the conversation first

DONE The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You 5

I know that you’d keep talking to him the whole night if you could. But if you want to make your boyfriend miss you, you should start doing this.

Instead of being the last one on the line, hang up the call before him.

Or, if you’ve been texting, be the one who ends the chat first. Tell him that you’re busy and you have to go. 

By doing this, you’ll be on his mind and leave him wanting more. Trust me, he’ll be excited to hear from you the next day.

Still, you shouldn’t do this all the time because it can send him the wrong message.

He could get confused and think that you’ve gotten bored with him.

That means that he could stop talking with you altogether, and that’s not what you want.

You want to make him miss you, and not pull away from you.

So, be moderate and end the conversation first from time to time. But never overdo it.

5. Find a scent that will remind him of you

DONE! The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

We all know that scents are a great way of creating memories. You smell something familiar and you’re instantly taken back in time to that memory.

That’s why it’ll work in your favor to find the right scent that will always remind your boyfriend of you.

That way, even if you aren’t around and he smells something similar, it’ll immediately make him miss you.

You can even make him sense you every time he catches the scent, without being close to him. That’s how influential the power of smell is.

To make him associate you with a certain fragrance, you need to find one that you like and you need to wear it every time you go out with him.

Don’t bath yourself in it because he might get turned off by the strong scent.

Instead, wear just enough of it so he can smell it while he’s standing in your close proximity.

Make your new guy create a strong connection between you and your scent.

Trust me, he’ll go crazy for you. He’ll miss you when you aren’t around and he won’t be able to stop thinking of you.

6. Don’t open up to him completely

DONE The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You 7

When you meet a guy who you like a lot, all you want is to share everything with him. Your fears, dreams, and wishes.

But if you do that, you’ll be making a huge mistake.

Why? Because once you open up yourself to a guy completely, you give him nothing to look forward to.

He knows everything about you, so there’s nothing that keeps him wanting more.

Instead of learning something new about you every day, he’ll only be listening to the same things over and over again.

And we all know that this gets boring. It feels like listening to the same song on repeat. At first, you like it.

But as time passes, you feel sick when you hear it the hundredth time.

Do you want him to feel this way about you? Do you want him to lose interest in you just because you already told him everything there was to be told?

As a consequence, he won’t miss you because he can predict every step you’re going to take.

So, make a man miss you by being mysterious with him. Keep him guessing and wanting more.

Don’t be an open book on the very first date. Let him fight for you in order to get to know everything.

Men love a bit of chase. That’s what you should give him.

7. Leave some of your things in his place

DONE! The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

If you want to make your boyfriend miss you, another good way is to accidentally leave things in his place or in his care. 

It’s a great way to make him think of you.

He’ll walk past his table and notice your favorite hairband.

What happens next? He thinks of you – of your long hair and the way you always keep losing your headbands.

After that?

Then, he realizes that he misses you and that he wants you next to him. He wants to hold you in his arms and never let go of you.

Another scenario. He puts his hand in his pocket, and guess what’s there?

A photo of the two of you that you sneaked into his pocket when he wasn’t looking.

Every time he finds something of yours, he’ll think of you and it’ll make him miss you.

8. Give yourself a makeover from time to time

DONE The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You 9

Let’s face it, guys are visual creatures. If they like what they see, they’ll go after it.

So, in order to make him think of you, and in order to feel better about yourself, treat yourself to a makeover from time to time.

You can do your hair or buy a new piece of clothing that you’ve been wanting for a long time.

Anything that would make you feel better about yourself.

When you add to it the fact that he’ll be speechless and not be able to stop looking at you, call yourself a winner.

This also works if you want to win your ex-boyfriend back.

Dress nicely with a change in your appearance and go to a place where you know you’ll find him.

When he sees you, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you. He’ll miss the time you used to be his.

9. Have your own space 

DONE! The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

Spending time on your own, without keeping in touch with your boyfriend, can help you make him miss you.

How? Because if you’re always there with him, he has no chance to think about you.

You’re right next to him and there’s no time to realize that he misses you.

But once you have time for yourself, your hobbies, and your best friends with whom you can spend your free time, chances are you’ll make your boyfriend think of you.

You’ll make him realize that he misses you when you aren’t around – and that’s what we’re aiming for, right?

So, even if it means that you’ll spend a few nights on your own, do it if it’ll make your boyfriend miss you.

Sometimes, too much time spent together brings more harm than good. It ruins every opportunity of leading your own lives.

Plus, it makes it hard to miss someone who’s right next to you. Every day, month, or year.

Sometimes, you need time for yourself to realize that what you have with someone is really special.

10. Let him do his own thing

DONE The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You 11

It’s not only you who has to have her own life. You need to let him have it too.

If you keep pressuring him about certain things, you’ll only make things worse for yourself. He’ll feel caged and will probably run away from you.

But, if you let him do his own thing, you’ll be amazed at what will happen. When you let a man be free, he comes running back into your arms.

Yes, he’ll spend some time with his friends, go out with them, or go play a sport he loves.

But once he’s done with it, he’ll realize that he misses you and he’ll come back to you.

Give them enough space to feel free – men appreciate it more than you think. And who can blame them?

Would you rather do something freely, without anyone watching you, than to have someone monitoring every step you take?

I think I know what your answer is!

So, if you want to make your boyfriend miss you, give him some space and let him live his life. You’ll thank me later!

11. Show him that you’re an independent woman

DONE! The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

A real man loves an independent woman.

Once he sees that you can live your life without calling him for every little thing, he falls in love with you even more.

So, if you want your boyfriend to miss you, you should show him that you’re able to live your life on your own, without his help.

This especially works if you want to get your ex back. He’ll be amazed at how good you’re doing without him and want you back.

12. Be flirty and make him wish for more

DONE! The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

Another great way to make your boyfriend miss you is to be flirty with him but to leave him wanting more.

It’s already known that men don’t like women who are like open books. They would rather fight for you and chase after you.

If you give him everything he wants at the very beginning, he won’t have anything to be excited for.

Play a little hard to get and you’ll have him running after you.

Text him something flirty and then disappear; send him a cute photo of you and don’t immediately continue the conversation after he replies.

Let him desire you while not giving him everything he wants.

This will make your boyfriend miss you like crazy. He’ll feel as if he’s lost his mind by how much he’s thinking of you.

13. Don’t try hard to impress him

DONE The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You 14

Whatever you choose out of all these options, don’t ever show a guy that you’re trying hard to impress him.

If he sees that, not only will you succeed in not making him miss you, but you’ll also make him walk away from you.

Men are drawn to women who’re not putting on their best show when they’re around their guys. They want to feel that you’re natural and relaxed.

And trying hard to impress him is far from that.

So, if you want to make your boyfriend miss you, don’t ever show him that you’re doing things only to impress him.

Sooner or later, he’ll find out the truth and you won’t be as happy as you used to be.

So, be the way you are and don’t do anything just for the sake of getting his attention.

14. Don’t show all your cards

DONE! The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

If you tell him everything about yourself from the very beginning, you’re not letting him be excited about the future.

And if you want to make your boyfriend miss you, that’s an important step.

So, instead of being completely open with him, save something for later. It may sound backward, but trust me, it works every time.

15. Make him see that you’re special

DONE! The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

If you show him that you’re a girl worth keeping, he’ll miss you every time you aren’t around.

The image of you will be stuck in his head and he won’t be able to make it go away.

But to show him how special you are, you first need to believe in it yourself.

You can’t expect him to treat you right if you don’t have respect for yourself. 

Why would he miss you if you don’t think that you’re worth being missed?

So, build your confidence and finally realize your worth. Once you achieve that, he’ll be mesmerized by the energy that radiates out of you.

That’s why every time you aren’t around, he’ll miss you more than ever.

He’ll look for you in a crowd of people and wish to see your smile – the one that lights up the whole room.

I hope that you’ll be able to make your boyfriend miss you by successfully following these steps.

Choose the ones that work for you and let him go crazy for you.

You deserve it!

The 15 Easiest Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

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