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12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

You meet this awesome, handsome guy, but your brain is confused. You wonder if he is a friend or wants something more, but you can’t tell. You don’t know if he finds you attractive, so you look for those physical signs he wants to kiss you.

Even though women like to believe that men are really easy to read, that’s not true.

Remember, they’re human beings. They have complex emotions and thoughts that are sometimes hard to decipher. 

Maybe you think that the guy you just went on a first date with wants to get you to the bedroom, but that’s not always the case.

But if you see the obvious signs that he wants to kiss you, then maybe you could be the one to make the first move (if you feel brave enough!) 

And let’s face it, there is no better way to end a perfect date than with a sweet and delectable kiss.

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

That perfect moment where waves of emotions and desire collide and you feel your toes tingling.

For a second, time stands still and everything around you fades away.

At that perfect moment, the only thing that exists is the two of you.

Well, that’s only going to happen if you notice the physical signs he wants to kiss you, so pay attention to his body language. 

Maybe you’re dating a shy guy who isn’t brave enough to make the first move.

And the truth is your man isn’t always going to be upfront and say that he wants to kiss you before the evening ends. 

When a guy wants to kiss you, he’ll give sure signs that he wants to do so.

I get it, you might miss them because you’re so into him, but don’t worry, I’m about to list some telltale signs he wants more than anything to kiss you. 

Why is he afraid to be upfront and just say that he wants to kiss you? Why does he need that extra push so that he can go for that first kiss?

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

Well, maybe your guy is afraid of being rejected and that’s why he’s not making the first move.

Maybe he doesn’t want to come off as too strong or that you might think he’s forcing you to kiss him.

Trust me, a lot is going on in a man’s head before he decides to kiss you.

Most men are very cautious not to overstep your boundaries so you don’t think the only thing they want from you is to get you into the bedroom.

Your guy wants to be romantic, but at the same time, he’s being polite and a gentleman. 

Maybe your crush is waiting for you to give him a signal so that he can muster the courage and take the plunge already. 

You try to give him the sign by maintaining long eye contact.

You might be subtly touching him and giving him compliments on how great he smells or how good-looking he is. But he isn’t aware of those clear signals. 

Then you start to wonder whether or not you should make the first move and be the one who kisses him first. 

Let me tell you straight away, it’s usually not a good idea to make the first move.

Why? Because men want to – and that also includes the dramatic first kiss.

On that note, if you see that he’s a bit shy or unsure of the signals you’re giving him, or maybe too scared to actually make a move, then go for it, kiss him first. 

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

Another option would be to kiss him first and let him take over after a little bit. 

And that’s it – boom, magic happens. You’re in seventh heaven and you don’t have to worry about whether or not he wants to kiss you.

You gave him all the clear signals and he followed them through so that he gets to be that dashing romantic hero, except…

There’s one problem. You shouldn’t make the first move unless you’re absolutely sure your guy clearly wants to kiss you. 

So how do you know if he wants to kiss you or not? You don’t want to break that magical moment, but you’re not sure if he wants to step up his game and make the move.

You’re wondering: Is he really making those facial expressions before going for the kiss? 

The answer is yes, he is. There are several physical signs he wants to kiss you right now, and you might not be aware of them.

Some of them are subtle while others are more obvious. 

1. He’s fidgeting nervously

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

Kissing someone for the first time can be nerve-racking, right? Nonetheless, it’s exciting and satisfying at the same time. 

Gathering up the courage to put yourself out there and share a deep connection with someone who you’ve only known for a couple of days or weeks isn’t for the faint of heart. 

I’m not saying that your guy isn’t going to completely sweep you off your feet, but there are guys out there who are more nervous than others. 

You should totally understand and accept that, since you can’t do much about it.

You can make him feel relaxed and give him certain hints that you want it as much as he does, but at the end of the day, it’s up to him to make that first move. 

Though he may be confident, in situations like these, he’s freaking out for sure.

He may seem nervous and play with his drink while looking at you, or fidget as if he has something else on his mind.

And he does. He wants to kiss you – he’s just waiting for the perfect moment.

Let’s say you’re at the end of your date, and he’s walking you to your front door. You come up to the stairs and he starts playing with his keys.

Why does he do that? Well, he’s nervous of course and he doesn’t know what to do with his hands.  

He’s probably going over a million scenarios in his head on how to make the first move, if you’ll enjoy kissing him, to which side he needs to turn his head, etc. 

He’s mesmerized by you, that’s why he’s lost his focus and confidence. 

2. He can’t take his eyes off your lips

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

An obvious sign he wants to kiss you is when he can’t take his eyes off your mouth.

His focus and attention are drawn to your lips and he feels the urge to kiss you right away.

It’s a pretty common sign that if he’s staring at your lips, then he truly wants to kiss you. 

So, the next time you go on a date with him, notice if he’s keeping his eyes on your mouth the whole time.

He doesn’t keep staring because you have food in your teeth!

He’s absorbing all the chemistry between you and preparing to make the first move. 

Maybe you’ll notice how his focus shifts from your eyes to your lips, back and forth, while you’re talking to him about something.

You know what he’s thinking at that moment, right? 

Don’t think too much of it and make sure he knows you want him to come closer and kiss you. 

Unless you absolutely don’t have any interest in this guy.

In that case, you should text your friends to come and save you from the upcoming disaster.

Trust me, he’s not just a friend if he stares at your lips all the time.  

3. He gets close to you

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

A guy who wants to kiss you needs to get closer to you than he was before, right?

If he “invades” your personal space and start moving closer and closer to you, then you know he’s going to kiss you any moment. 

And when you think about it, distance plays a significant role when kissing someone. If you’re too far, then the magic won’t happen at all.

However, if he moves closer to you, touches your hair, or puts his hand on your waist, then you should prepare for the kiss. 

Maybe the two of you are just walking in a park and his head starts moving closer to yours. It’s a surefire sign he wants to kiss you. 

Believe me, going in for the kiss when you’re ten feet apart is quite scary and virtually impossible.

Dozens of situations are going through his mind at that moment.

But if you see that he’s bridging the gap, then you help that poor guy and don’t move away from him. Instead, stand firm and touch his hand!

4. His pupils start to dilate

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

You can know what his next move will be from the way he looks at you and if his pupils dilate.

He’s really into you if they change and he’s thinking of kissing you. 

Let’s be honest for a second. If you’re close enough to see his pupils dilate, especially if you’re in a dark place, then you’re close enough to be kissed. 

This is a good sign he wants to kiss you right then and there. 

​5. He makes strong eye contact

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

Another physical sign he wants to kiss you is when he gazes at you.

Most of us tend to underestimate the power of eye contact, but you shouldn’t if you trying to figure out whether or not he’s going to kiss you. 

You’ve heard it a dozen times: The eyes are the windows to the soul. And it’s true.

If he gazes at you and makes strong eye contact, then know that at any moment, he’s going close in, lean his head, and kiss you.

If he stares at you, then you know he undoubtedly wants you.

He feels the burning desire to kiss you and wants you to know that from the way he stares at you.

And if he keeps glancing down at your lips, that’s because he wants to feel them against his. 

They might be so beautiful and attractive that he’s incapable of looking away.

The face can give away a lot of information about a guy, so pay attention to his facial expressions.

You know he finds you attractive when he maintains longer eye contact with you. The chances of him kissing you became increasingly higher! 

6. One of the most obvious physical signs he wants to kiss you is if he begins blinking a lot

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

A subtle sign that he wants to kiss you is when he begins blinking frequently.

It suggests that he’s really attracted to you and you’ve got his utmost attention.

I know that many gestures and expressions can have multiple meanings, but if you know that he’s interested in you, always try to look out for a cluster of signs before making your move. 

If his blink rate suddenly increases as you move closer to him, then you know he’s ready to make a move and sweep you off your feet. 

It’s a subtle physical sign he wants to kiss you right now.

7. He “accidentally” touches you

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

Are those touches intentional or rather accidental?

Well, if he gets closer to you and starts touching your hand or your hair, then you know they’re not unintentional!

Shy guys tend to skip this technique because they feel like they’re overstepping your boundaries.

But if you make him feel comfortable around you by showing him you’re okay with him touching you, then he might pluck up enough courage to make the first move.

A guy who finds you attractive will take advantage of any situation to touch you, no matter what.

That might be a gentle push while he’s telling you a funny joke or moving your hair from your face.

A guy who’s brave enough will take the opportunity to put his arm around you.

On that note, most guys won’t do that if you’re on your first date because they’re still figuring out where your boundaries lie. 

Those who are a little braver will put their arm on your back and start pulling you in.

That’s an obvious sign your first kiss is going to happen at any minute. Those little touches are stepping stones toward that first kiss. 

8. He gets quiet 

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

Another physical sign he wants to kiss you is when he gets quiet.

If there’s a short awkward pause in your conversation, then be prepared for him to make a move because he’s probably thinking to kiss you. 

He’s already broken the physical barrier and maybe he’s touched your hand or your hair, and now he pauses for a second and starts leaning in. 

Or maybe the tone of his voice changes and he starts talking in a calm way and whispers something at you every few minutes.

If he does these things, then he really finds you attractive and probably is thinking about kissing you. 

Perhaps he even stops talking. It’s not because he’s run out of things to say to you.

He’s got a lot on his mind for sure, but right now he doesn’t want to talk. He would rather kiss you than you listen to his small-talk.

He’s getting quieter for a reason. He’s dedicating all of his attention to one thing only – finding the right moment to kiss you.

If you want to make it easier for him to kiss you, then don’t fill the silence with chit-chat.

Instead, give him a smile and then wait for him to make a move. 

9. He’s doing mouth maintenance

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

Maybe he’s applying some chapstick on his lips, or he’s licking his lips while looking you straight in your eyes.

Well, guess what? He’s probably preparing himself for a smooch. 

Constant touching of the lips and licking is a telltale sign he feels the urge to kiss you.

He’s excited and wonders how would it be to press his lips against yours for a moment. 

However, lip biting can communicate negative emotions as well. Maybe he’s just nervous and doesn’t know how to calm himself down.

Then you should watch out for another sign such as his level of eye contact. 

Lip biting is usually accompanied by flirty eye contact, so take note of that.

Perhaps he’s using a breath freshener every couple of minutes. Keep in mind not to be offended if he offers you some gum.

If he does that then there’s no room for doubt: He’s going to kiss you.

10. He mimics your gestures and body language

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

It’s not just that he mirrors your movement when you cross your leg or touches you in the same way you touched him.

What he’s actually doing is unconsciously mirroring your own posture and energy. 

He’s trying to match your energy and conversation flow to his.

You may sound happy talking about something, and suddenly he’ll be happy about it too. 

If you want to make sure that he’s doing this, then you can conduct a little experiment.

Try to deliberately change your tone of voice. Maybe you can speak slowly and more calmly and see if he does the same thing.

If he does, then it’s an obvious sign he’s dying to kiss you.

This is a subtle sign that most women tend to overlook.

If you think that the guy is shy, try to recognize these subtle signs as he won’t show those more common ones like biting his lips or touching you. 

Instead, he’ll need a gentle push from you, so don’t be afraid to give him a little nudge. 

11. One of the physical signs he wants to kiss you is if he lingers

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

What does that mean?

Well, if he hugs you and doesn’t quickly pull away from you, then he’s thinking about whether you want him to kiss you or not. 

Maybe he lingers at the doorway before he leaves or maybe he hesitates a little bit before giving you a big hug.

All those things are a sign that he’s ready to sweep you off your feet. 

And if you want to help him a bit, then make sure you reciprocate the lingering movements. He’ll then know that you want it too. 

Also, you’ll see he’s getting closer to you, looking straight into your eyes, and lingering around longer as if he has something else to say to you.

He may not have the courage to say it to your face, but deep down he wants to seize the opportunity and kiss you.

12. He makes another move

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

A guy who’s really into you and finds you incredibly attractive, won’t hold your hand or sneak his arm around you for no reason at all. 

If he likes you, then he’ll want that kiss as badly as you do, trust me. He’ll do whatever it takes to create that perfect moment. 

13. He kisses you elsewhere

DONE! 12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

Certainly, there are different types of kisses, and each of them has a different meaning, but if a guy kisses you on your hand, neck, or cheek, then he’s clearly trying to work up the nerve to get close to your lips.

This is an obvious sign he wants to kiss more than just your cheek, keep that in mind. 

To sum up…

These physical signs can largely help you determine if a guy wants to kiss you or not.

Some guys will be brave enough to say it directly to your face that they want to kiss you, while with others you have to look for these signs. 

The first kiss is important because it’s one of the most exciting experiences you can have with your crush.

If you’re unsure whether or not he wants to kiss you, take note of his body language.

Does he love to be near you? Does he gaze at your beautiful eyes?

Does he linger when he accompanies you to your front door? If so, then he definitely wants to kiss you. 

And if you’re lucky enough that your guy shows any of these signs, then you can be sure he’ll ask you out on a second date as well. 

However, be cautious not to fall into the trap of a womanizer.

If you see that his only intention is to get you into the bedroom and do the deed, then it’s better to stay away from him, no matter how charming and good-looking he is. 

And if he’s a good guy who’s genuinely attracted to you, then try to respond with open body language.

Give him a smile or two when he stares into your eyes.

Those subtle signs will give him enough encouragement to know that it’s time to make the first move and let the sparks fly.

12 Irresistibly Cute Physical Signs He Wants To Kiss You

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