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17 Tips On How To Give Your Boyfriend Space Without Losing Him

17 Tips On How To Give Your Boyfriend Space Without Losing Him

When your boyfriend needs space, you can give him space to miss you.

If you’re searching to find out how to give your boyfriend space, you’re in the right place. 

I remember when I wondered if I should give my boyfriend space when he said he needed it.

The answer is yes, giving a man space is necessary when that’s what he needs but you can learn how to give him space and make him miss you during that time too.

Make him miss you by sending him a picture of the two of you that you took when you had fun and felt great together.

However, don’t make it obvious that you’re trying to make him miss you so write something like, ‘Look what I found’, so that it isn’t evident that you’re sending him that picture for a reason.

Remember that giving a man space doesn’t mean it’s the end of your relationship.

We’ll discuss how to give him space without breaking up, because the goal is for the two of you to be happy together again.

Just because he needs space, it doesn’t mean that he wants out. He just needs some time for himself and more time for other aspects of his life.

When I wondered if I should give my boyfriend space, I knew that if I didn’t, I’d only end up smothering him. 

It’s important to stay cool about it; after all, you have a life outside of the relationship as well so why not spend some more time with your friends, doing the things you love and keeping yourself busy?

Let’s figure out how to give your boyfriend space without losing him.

1. Know that you need to give him space

17 Tips On How To Give Your Boyfriend Space Without Losing Him 5

Giving him space means backing off. If he’s not contacting you as much as he did before or simply isn’t that interested in spending time with you, you need to do your own thing.

If he didn’t send you a good morning text like he usually does, you need to let it pass.

Maybe he used to make weekend plans like with you, but now he doesn’t suggest anything like that so just go ahead and make plans of your own.

You can always also try casually asking him what he plans to do at the weekend.

What if he says he has no idea or acts like he would like to keep his options open? Tell him that that’s fine.

You can also let him know that you’re going out with your friends on Friday but you are free on Saturday.

Just make sure that there’s no drama and no pressure.

After so many months of consistency, it can be hard to adjust when he all changes the way he behaves all of a sudden. 

If he has always sent you a good morning text every single day since you have been together, and has now stopped, it’s understandable that you’re worried.

However, keep in mind that worrying and freaking out are two different things.

Make an attempt to adapt and be flexible… instead of imagining the worst-case scenario and falling into a panic.

If it doesn’t change for a while and makes you very unhappy, you can tell him that he seems different. 

Let him know that you’ve noticed that he has changed or that it looks like he needs space.

Wait for his response and also make sure he knows that you still have feelings for him, but that you’ll let him figure out whatever he needs.

If he needs some time to do that, you’ll give it to him and it’s important that he knows that you’re not resentful or angry.

Don’t let him think that you are mad at him because it could stress him out and make everything harder for him.

Maybe he even won’t reach out again because of a fear of facing your anger so make sure you’re his source of support, not his source of stress.

That’s how to give him space without breaking up or risking losing him.

2. Avoid contacting him

17 Tips On How To Give Your Boyfriend Space Without Losing Him 4

So, you have decided to give him space to miss you. The most important step now is not to text or call him constantly… or even at all.

Sure, you can tell him that you’re there if he needs anything, but leave him alone afterward.

Stop searching for ways to remind him of your existence, because you’ll do the opposite of letting him have his space. 

He won’t forget all about you and just because you don’t get a text from him, this doesn’t mean that the thought of you hasn’t crossed his mind.

Stop coming up with all sorts of excuses to convince yourself that you must contact him.

You don’t have to show him that picture or tell him that funny story. It will only make you look insecure and needy, and like you don’t have a life of your own.

You don’t have to share every moment of your life with him to be able to enjoy that life and those moments.

Just put the phone down for now and remind yourself how important it is to be patient.

3. Don’t stalk him on social media

So, you’re not contacting him… but are you obsessing over every single thing you see on his social media profiles?

Stop stalking him because it’s not helpful, and it’s unproductive; after all, it could only drive you crazy.

It’s understandable if you only sometimes look at his profiles like you used to and it’s natural if you feel worried about seeing him having fun without you but don’t try to analyze every single thing and don’t overthink it as it won’t get you anywhere.

Just because he isn’t doing what you expect him to, it doesn’t mean he has stopped caring about you.

Going out with his friends doesn’t mean that he isn’t dealing with stuff; in fact, it could be his way of dealing with it.

Don’t you turn to your friends when you’re going through something? Well, he’s probably doing the same thing, just in his own way.

Also, don’t post things on your profiles to make him react. Not only is it petty and immature, but it will make you feel worse, not better.

4. Don’t interrogate him

17 Tips On How To Give Your Boyfriend Space Without Losing Him 3

Why are you acting like this? What happened to us? Why aren’t you texting me? What are you doing?

Don’t interrogate him like that, and don’t beg him to answer you.

He probably doesn’t know what it’s all about either, and that’s exactly why he needs space to figure it all out.

If you must ask him about it, have one conversation with him about the whole situation and tell him that you’ll give him space and then do so.

There’s no need for all those questions as they will only stress him out. 

Don’t forget that you need to be his source of support, not his source of stress.

If you’re looking to find out how to give him space without breaking up, don’t lose him by badgering him.

5. Remember not to chase after him

Maybe it seems logical to chase after him, but don’t forget that those who are chased are often trying to run away.

Not only will it push him away, but it will make you seem desperate, and that’s not attractive.

You don’t want him to feel suffocated, and you won’t like what you’ll turn into if you chase after him.

Don’t do things to get his attention and don’t think that making a romantic gesture will get him to come back and most importantly, don’t threaten, beg, or plead.

Men aren’t fans of drama, and romantic gestures don’t work on them when they need space.

For now, all you can do is leave it alone and focus on yourself. 

If he’s coming back, he’ll do it on his own and at his own pace. You can’t drag him back if he’s not ready to come back.

6. Don’t worry about losing him forever

17 Tips On How To Give Your Boyfriend Space Without Losing Him 2

I know how you feel and that the root of your problems is the fear of losing him, which makes you feel sick. You even think that you can’t live without him.

Maybe it’s over, but maybe it isn’t. Either way, you won’t fix it by worrying. You need to learn to be okay with either outcome. 

Imagine the worst-case scenario, that he leaves you, and tell yourself that you can survive and move on; after all, if he leaves you, was he ever really yours?

If he leaves, it was never meant to be, and it wouldn’t have worked out regardless of what you do.

You need to accept that if it’s over, it’s for the best, and the world isn’t going to stop turning.

Just because you’re worried about losing him forever doesn’t mean that he’s the one for you or the love of your life.

Love doesn’t feel that way; it feels good instead.

True love feels wonderful, secure, and safe.

Your panic isn’t a sign of love but of your insecurities and fears that you now have a chance to work on.

7. Don’t focus on him, focus on yourself instead

You’re spending all that energy and time worrying about what will happen and wondering what’s going on in that head of his when instead, you should be focusing on yourself.

Why do you feel this way? Ask yourself why you’re panicking over the fact that he needs space.

What is the real issue and your greatest fear?

This situation gives you the chance to work on yourself and become the best possible version of yourself.

You can be in a good place both emotionally and mentally.

Stop thinking about losing someone you care about as the worst thing that could happen to you… no matter how much you love them.

8. Keep in mind that you’ll be fine

17 Tips On How To Give Your Boyfriend Space Without Losing Him 7

Ironically, getting him back and staying happy and healthy requires you to do the same thing… to stop thinking you need him to function.

I won’t lie to you, if this is the end of your relationship, it will hurt you.

However, the world won’t stop turning, and it won’t be the worst thing that could happen to you.

It doesn’t matter if you have to do it a thousand times, remind yourself that you’ll be okay.

Keep in mind that you’ll be fine no matter the outcome of this situation.

If it’s hard for you to think about it, write it down. Writing things down has great power, so even if you’re not used to it, give it a try.

Put it all down on paper by writing down your thoughts.

What would you do if he wasn’t a part of your life? You can write that down, too, as well as what would happen if he left you.

Of course, if he does, you’ll find someone else who’ll treat you even better. Remind yourself of that.

9. Have faith that everything will work out for the best

I know it’s hard to believe from the position you’re in right now, but you need to trust that if he doesn’t come back, he’s not the one for you.

Maybe it feels perfect to you, but it doesn’t mean it feels the same way for him. 

You love him, so it will be hard for you to believe that a break-up is for the best but when you move on and meet someone who loves you as much as you love him, you’ll understand.

You’ll then see why this man you’re dating now wasn’t the one for you, and you’ll see how things are supposed to be.

Right now, you won’t be able to see it, but know that one day you will.

He might not leave you right now, but it’s important that you’re fine with a break-up if he does. All of it will eventually make sense.

10. Realize that you can’t control how he feels

17 Tips On How To Give Your Boyfriend Space Without Losing Him 6

You can control how you feel, but you can’t control anyone else’s feelings, so don’t try to.

I know you want to put a love spell on him, but things don’t work that way in real life.

The fact that he needs space may not have anything to do with you; it could be that the relationship just doesn’t feel right for him.

Either way, you need to let him have his space.

There’s no way for you to change his mind, whatever you do, at least not at this moment.

The future is a whole different story, and no one knows what it holds.

Timing is sometimes the most important thing when it comes to relationships.

If the timing isn’t right, you won’t succeed to sync up, no matter how much you love each other.

The timing could be exactly what the main issue is here, so things could work out down the line but nothing will ever work out if you force it. 

You must be willing to leave and have a good life anyway before there could ever be a possibility that things would work out.

11. Figure out what the best relationship for you looks like

Is the reason he wants some space that he’s unsure about being with you?

If that’s the case, you need to figure out what the best relationship for you looks like.

Do you really want someone who isn’t sure about you?

Does he repeatedly want space, so it makes you unhappy all the time or is it only now, but it looks like it will last forever?

Maybe you’re just not compatible. There could be a woman out there who needs space just like he does.

It’s not about judging them or their ways of dealing with things, though; it all comes down to compatibility.

Think about it and figure out if he is the best guy for you. Just imagine what being with a man who’s sure of you would be like… 

He would be crazy about you, he’d do all it takes to be with you and would never question if you’re the right girl for him.

Most importantly, he would never do anything to make you unhappy.

Isn’t that what the best relationship for you would look like?

Now compare it to the one you have with a man who needs space. Perhaps you could do better. 

You come first, and don’t let any man stop you from taking care of yourself or your needs.

12. Find your happiness

17 Tips On How To Give Your Boyfriend Space Without Losing Him 8

Some things used to make you happy before you were in a relationship with him, and you need to remember what they are.

Return to your old sources of happiness.

Did you forget how to be happy without this man? Well, now you have to relearn it.

Do you think that you can’t be happy when you’re on your own? Then you need to ask yourself if that is true happiness.

An absence of depression or anxiety isn’t happiness, and it could be something like that in your case.

You need to remember what true happiness is, and we have an article that will help you with that, so have a read of it to find happiness again.

13. Spend time with your friends and family

You can always reach out to your family and friends, and they’ll be there for you. Spend some time with those who care a lot about you.

Have fun with the people who love you, talk to them, or even use them as shoulders to cry on.

There are so many people who love you even if you’re not sure that your boyfriend still does.

If he is an important part of your life, losing him, even if it’s only temporary, will leave an empty place in your life and in your heart.

Fill that place with those who care about you and make you happy. 

When you feel scared or anxious, they will remind you that you aren’t unlovable.

They love you and will never stop, so don’t forget that you’re lovable. 

If he doesn’t care, that’s about him, not about you.

14. Keep yourself busy

Have you noticed that you fill all your free time with obsessive thoughts regarding this situation and this man? Don’t let yourself do that! 

Keep yourself busy, and don’t let your mind wander. Hit the gym, take some classes, or try volunteering.

Whatever makes you feel like you again is worth doing!

Take care of yourself and do everything that feels good and gets your mind off of him.

15. Look amazing

17 Tips On How To Give Your Boyfriend Space Without Losing Him 9

The trick to how to give him space and make him miss you is to look amazing without him, as it will hurt his ego.

Look the best you possibly can when you run into him.

When you know that you’ll see him, wear his favorite perfume to make him miss you as it will remind him of every time you’ve been together.

Also, when he sees how incredible you look, even just on your social media profiles, he’ll regret not spending time with you.

16. Decide how long you can wait

It isn’t fair that you have to wait around for him, not knowing how long for. You need to know whether you are together or not.

If he keeps delaying and leaving you hanging, he doesn’t respect your time. Either he’s selfish, or he wants you to break up with him.

Give yourself a time limit for how long you can wait for him to make up his mind before you move on.

You don’t have to tell him about it, just wait for that amount of time and once it passes, let him know you’ve waited long enough.

Of course, you can instead tell him that you’ll wait for that long and then you’ll have to move on.

17. See if you can reignite things

So, a few weeks have gone by, and you haven’t contacted each other.

Now’s the time to send him a flirty text message to see if you can get back on track.

If his response is uninterested or dismissive, it’s time for you to move on but if he’s receptive, you can try to go back to where you left off.

If you’ve followed the tips in this article, you’ll be fine either way. Good luck!

17 Tips On How To Give Your Boyfriend Space Without Losing Him

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