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The Happiest Men End Up Marrying Nurses

The Happiest Men End Up Marrying Nurses

Nurses are a special breed of people who know how to be tough and loving. And men who marry nurses end up the happiest.

Actually, guys are attracted to nurses. They are smart, naughty, and tough. Almost everyone wants to talk with a nurse and have some kind of connection with a nurse. Nurses naturally give compassionate care to the people they love.

Old folks say if you marry a nurse, it will be like winning a lottery. Marrying a nurse is like hitting the jackpot.

Here are 10 fantastic reasons why men who marry nurses end up the happiest:

The Happiest Men End Up Marrying Nurses

1. Nurses are tough and sensitive.

Nurses deal with people at the most difficult time and give comfort and support to others at their worst. They listen to the complaints and demands of the sick and understand that fear. They know how scared people can be and don’t judge. Nurses are the best support.

2. Nurses value the important things in life.

They appreciate everything they have. Because they deal with difficult situations every day. They know how difficult is just to watch people who struggle with their health or their family who care for their loved ones. All the things they see give them some perspective to value the important things in life.

3. They are patient.

They are listening to a lot of complaints when they take care of people who are in pain. And they listen respectfully and are able to understand what they are going through. Nurses offer people the support they need. Their husbands will always have someone to ask for advice and to complain about their day. Nurses are great listeners.

4. Nurses are kind.

They make true partners in relationships and keep everything moving forward in their relationships. They know how to keep their eye on the big picture while making sure every detail falls into place on time.

5. Nurses push those they love to be the best that they can be.

They want to ensure their loved one has a better life than they have. They are fixers who love and support their partners. Nurses challenge them to improve and pick up the slack when they need help.

6. Nurses make great moms.

The Happiest Men End Up Marrying Nurses 1

They already have the skill to make sure that children are safe and well cared for. They have lots of love to give to any child they may have. Also, they can actively provide for a great future for any child.

7. Nurses know when to worry.

They know the right time to worry about your health and safety. They know the appropriate time to be worried, with their experience handling different cases of illnesses at work.

8. You will have enough alone time.

Guys like to have a bit of alone time and men who marry nurses will have plenty of it. Because nurses work in shifts. They work long hours that are usually fairly predictable. It will give guys who might be working on some big project the alone time they need without taking away important time from their loved one.

9. Nurses are pros at handling emergency situations.

They can jump into action, get things shifted, and perfected in order to avoid any disaster. They are trained to handle emergencies and they are really good at it.

10. Nurses are not so reckless.

Their career takes dedication and clear thinking and the chances that a nurse is going to risk their career doing something stupid is highly unlikely. So for men who want to settle down, nurses make the best wives.

 The Happiest Men End Up Marrying Nurses

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