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12 Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him And Wasn’t Just An Accident

12 Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him And Wasn’t Just An Accident

Unexpectedly and completely out of nowhere, your lips touched. And now you’re trying to figure out the signs the kiss meant something to him. You don’t want to get your hopes up if it was just an accident.

You already like this guy, so the fact that he kissed you is thrilling. At the same time, you don’t want to delude yourself and expect something from him that might never happen.

It’s a bit odd, but in today’s modern dating world, people kiss all the time. To most, it’s no big deal.

​But you’re different. They can call you old-fashioned, but you don’t see kissing as something ordinary. To you, it’s a sign of closeness and connection. It’s a sign of chemistry between two people.

So, when this guy kissed you, you instantly started thinking about all these different meanings for it. You’ve been trying to figure out if it was a passionate kiss or just a friendly one.

Your head’s pounding from all of the thoughts you’re dealing with. But no matter what, you can’t figure out if it meant something to him.

This article will help you read your man’s mind and find out if your makeout session has an actual meaning. Who knows, maybe there’s a new relationship on the horizon! But you first need to figure out how this guy feels about it.

Strong signs the kiss meant something to him

12 Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him And Wasn't Just An Accident

To you, the kiss may feel like a sign of physical intimacy. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that this certain guy feels the same way about it.

Maybe he kissed you for fun or simply wanted to see your reaction. You never know what was going through his head the moment he decided to touch your lips with his.

That’s why it’s important to find out what the kiss means to this specific person. Stop assuming that he likes you just because he kissed you. Not everyone is guided by this rule.

If you pay attention to his behavior prior to and after the kiss, you’ll be able to figure out the real meaning behind it. Was he only messing around or is he actually interested in you?

Let’s find out!

1. The kiss was preceded by eye contact

Eye contact and a kiss – it’s the perfect combo that describes intimacy. Together, these two are a clear sign that a guy likes you and isn’t just fooling around.

When a man kisses you for the first time, you’ll probably feel lost. You won’t have any idea what’s going on, especially if you’re not dating and the kiss comes out of the blue.

In that case, it feels even harder to figure out the meaning of it. It’s tough to realize whether he only did it for the fun of it or if he’s so into you that he couldn’t resist touching your lips.

Well, a good sign that the kiss meant something to him is eye contact. If he looks intensely into your eyes and then proceeds to kiss you, then you know it’s a big deal to him.

It may not have been a french kiss filled with passion and infatuation, but it certainly isn’t just a friendly one either. If he looks into your eyes before reaching for your lips, then you know that it means something to him.

Eye contact is an intimate way of getting connected with a person. When you seal that with a kiss, then you know it’s no joke.

2. It was a slow kiss

DONE 12 Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him And Wasnt Just An Accident 2

There are different types of kisses, each with its own meaning.

For example, a butterfly kiss is a sign of connection and closeness. It’s not even a real kiss, as only your eyelashes touch. But it’s clear proof that a man trusts you and feels comfortable around you. To let you know that, he opts for a butterfly kiss as evidence of intimacy.

A forehead kiss could mean many things, depending on the relationship. It can be platonic and a sign of close friendship. However, it can also be proof of unconditional love and a promise from your partner that he’ll always protect you.

But a slow kiss is something unique. It won’t happen unless the person who’s kissing you has actual feelings for you. You must mean something to them in order to be given a kiss like this. Honestly, it’s the actual proof of love.

Time stops and all you can sense is the two of you kissing. There’s no one else, the rest of the world doesn’t exist.

You’re overpowered by your lips touching, absorbing every second of it. A slow kiss is a sure sign that your kisser likes you more than just a friend.

Even though it’s slow, it’s filled with all these emotions that he didn’t know how to turn into words. So, he simply put them into the form of a kiss.

If your guy kissed you this way then there’s your sign that the kiss meant something to him. Trust me, he would never opt for it if he didn’t have feelings for you.

3. During the kiss, he couldn’t keep his hands still

Every guy has his own kissing technique that he uses on certain occasions. If he smooches you without showing any emotions, then it could be that he’s only looking for a hookup.

However, if the kiss involves some other movements such as caressing your cheeks or playing with your hair, then we’re talking serious business here.

When a guy who likes you reaches out for your lips, he won’t be able to control the rest of his body. Instead of simply kissing you, his hands will explore, trying to absorb every detail about you.

He’ll run his fingers through your hair because he can’t let go of you. He’ll stroke your neck, trying to remember your every curve. His hand will end up on your cheek and he’ll caress it gently as if trying to tell you how much he feels for you.

All these movements will be soft and delicate. They’re his attempts to show you he’ll take care of you and protect you no matter what.

This is how you can tell he loves you by his kiss. When he treats you with such tenderness, it’s obvious that his intentions are pure and he’s not out to break your heart.

4. You both went quiet after the kiss

12 Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him And Wasn't Just An Accident

One of the signs the kiss meant something to him is the quietness that follows it. When both of you have no idea what to say, then it’s serious.

He probably surprised you with this unexpected smooch and that’s why you ran out of words. It’s only natural that you don’t know what to say since this wasn’t a part of your plan.

But guys don’t run out of words that easily. They don’t often stay quiet, they almost always know what to say to get themselves out of an awkward situation.

But this time, your man remained silent. After he kissed you, he clearly was at a loss for words.

Observing him as he struggles to form a sentence, you probably felt nervous. It’s nerve-wracking when a guy doesn’t say anything after he’s just kissed you.

But even though you may be afraid of his reaction, you should know this is a good sign. It simply shows he’s trying to process what just happened between the two of you because it was so overwhelming.

He’s probably aware that it was more than a kiss since he didn’t even plan to do that. It just happened – he couldn’t ignore his feelings.

So, the fact that he’s now quietly thinking about it means that his feelings are serious. He’s not simply playing with you but it means something to him.

On the other hand, if he simply picks up where the conversation left off, without even pausing for a second, then you’re wasting your time with him. When he doesn’t see the kiss as anything special, then it won’t affect him in any way.

5. You were smiling after the kiss

Once the kiss was over, think about the reaction of your guy. Was he smiling at you, excited about what just happened? Or did he simply proceed with his night?

If he was grinning, then you’re lucky because the kiss meant something to him. It caught him off guard and he wasn’t ready for what would happen after.

All those feelings inside of him burst into flames and at that moment, the only thing he’s capable of is walking around with a smile plastered on his face. He’s thrilled about what just happened, which is a sign that his intentions are good.

When you catch him smiling after a smooch, you can be sure that he’s not playing with your feelings. Instead, he likes you more than you thought and wants to see what your future holds.

6. He was sober when he kissed you

DONE 12 Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him And Wasnt Just An Accident 4

We all know that our drunk versions have much more courage than the sober ones. So, the real question is if your kisser was intoxicated the moment he went for your lips.

If the answer is no, then there’s a good chance that the kiss meant something to him. It wasn’t the alcohol that made him do it but his irresistible wish to taste your lips.

But if you know he’s had a few too many drinks before giving you a kiss, then there’s a possibility that it’s just a drunk smooch. Unfortunately, the chances are that the following morning, he won’t even remember he kissed you.

Now is the right time to be honest with yourself. If you were out partying, try to recall how many drinks he had (if any). Remember the way he acted around you and try to determine if his behavior felt different than usual.

This will allow you to realize if he simply kissed you as a result of all of the alcohol he consumed that night or if it actually meant something to him. Fingers crossed that the latter is the real reason!

7. He’s become more caring since the kiss

One of the signs the kiss meant something to him is if you notice a significant change in his behavior. It truly feels like he’s a different person now, but in the best way possible.

You probably won’t know how to describe it since you’re not used to seeing him like this. But it’s clear that something has changed.

Maybe he’s more attentive whenever you’re hanging out. Maybe he smiles at you every time he sees you and you can tell from his eyes that he’s looking at you differently.

It could be that your friends have noticed the same and have been asking you questions about him. All in all, it feels as if you’re the only one who gets that kind of treatment from him.

This is a clear sign that the kiss meant something to him. If everything was still the same, his behavior wouldn’t be different. He would still treat you the same way as before.

Right now, though, you feel like the two of you have taken a step forward and don’t treat each other as friends. Even though you haven’t talked about it yet, there’s definitely something more.

Hopefully, one of you will find the courage and address the elephant in the room. That’s the only way for the thing between the two of you to turn into something serious.

8. You feel awkward when hanging out

12 Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him And Wasn't Just An Accident

How did he act the first time you saw each other after the kiss? Was it all like the usual or was there some change in his behavior? Have you noticed him all of a sudden acting all nervous or fidgety whenever he’s around you?

These are all of the signs that the kiss meant something to him. It was more than an accident and it didn’t happen just for the heck of it.

His feelings are there and right now, he realizes that. That’s exactly why he’s been acting all weird whenever you hang out. He’s aware of the unspoken words and doesn’t know what to do about them.

Because of that, you’ll notice an obvious change in his behavior. His body language will become different from what you’re used to. He’ll probably keep looking away, fidget in place, and nervously play with his hands.

This guy is thinking about your kiss and he can’t seem to forget it. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t get you out of his head.

Maybe if you give him the green light, he’ll find some courage to admit his feelings to you. And that way, this whole mystery will finally be solved.

9. You feel it in your gut that the kiss meant something

Instinct is a powerful thing. When you feel it telling you that the kiss meant something to him, then there’s a good chance it isn’t wrong.

You’re probably thinking that you can’t know what he’s feeling since you can’t be objective. You want him to like you the same way you like him, which makes you biased, right? But when your gut feeling is telling you that this guy isn’t playing with you, then you have a good enough reason to think so.

Women usually can gauge someone’s intentions pretty accurately. They can tell if you’re only pretending to like them to get something or if there are sincere feelings involved.

Their instincts can easily make a distinction between a good and a bad guy. In this case, this is a good time to listen to your gut.

If it tried to whisper to you that this guy likes you more than you initially thought, then you should open your eyes and observe his behavior carefully. Is he actually making some effort around you or does he seem indifferent?

After you pay close attention to the way he acts when with you, you’ll be able to realize if your instinct was right. So, what do you think? Was the kiss you shared the real deal or did he do it because it seemed like a cool idea at the time?

10. Neither of you has mentioned the kiss to anyone

DONE 12 Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him And Wasnt Just An Accident 6

The reason neither of you has mentioned the kiss to anyone is that you believe it meant something. Every time you wanted to tell your friends about it, a voice inside of you told you to stop. You couldn’t share the news because it feels like that could ruin the moment.

At the same time, it doesn’t seem like any of his friends know about it either. And that’s a huge deal, trust me.

Men LOVE to brag about women and their accomplishments with them. But it all stops once their feelings get involved.

A guy would tell his pals everything about this girl he’s been with as long as he knows that she’s only a fling and nothing more. But once he starts to feel something more for her, he won’t spread the info anymore. He doesn’t want anyone to get involved in his relationship, so he prefers to keep quiet about it.

In that case, when you notice that none of his buddies know about it, then consider that a huge deal. It’s a sign that the kiss meant something to him, and it’s just a matter of time before he does something about it.

That’s why he’s been quiet about it because he knows how terrible guys can be.

And if you’re wondering how to know that his pals have no idea what happened, then simply look at their behavior whenever you’re around. Do they tease him? Point in your direction? Make jokes with him?

If not, then you can be sure that they’re clueless about it. As long as they act the same way as usual, you can safely assume he hasn’t told them a thing.

11. He told you it meant something to him

When a guy tells you that the kiss meant something to him, then that’s the only sign you need. It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

After your kiss, he probably realized just how much he liked you. He was thinking about the two of you and decided to tell you about his feelings. Even if he was to lose you after that, he simply wanted to know he went all in.

So, unexpectedly, he told you that the kiss meant something to him. He admitted his feelings because he didn’t want to waste his chance with you.

At this point, you shouldn’t even think that he’s playing around. A guy would never tell you he likes you if he doesn’t feel that way about you.

So, no, he’s not trying to get something from you. And no, he’s not playing with your emotions only to break your heart.

If he tells you that the kiss meant something to him, then he’s probably being honest. It took him a ton of courage to admit that in the first place, so there’s no need to question his intentions.

12. He asked you out after the kiss

12 Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him And Wasn't Just An Accident

Maybe he hasn’t felt brave enough to admit to you that the kiss meant something to him, but he instead invited you out. This is also a sign that his intentions are pure.

If he didn’t want to have anything with you, he would leave things as they are. He wouldn’t bother asking you out when he doesn’t care about you.

But the fact that he found the courage to ask you on a date speaks for itself. It shows that he’s definitely not playing with you in any sort of way.

Maybe after the date, he’ll finally feel brave enough to actually tell you that he’s really into you. It could be that he first needs to see how you’re feeling about the whole situation.

So, if you like him and he made an effort to ask you out after you kissed, then this is your chance to find out the truth. Give it a go and see what happens!

I wish you the best of luck and hopefully, things will end the best way possible!

12 Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him And Wasn't Just An Accident

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