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Forehead Kiss: Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

Forehead Kiss: Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

There are so many ways to show your appreciation to your loved one. One of the most gentle and charming ways to express your love to the person who means the world to you is with a forehead kiss. But do you wonder what the meaning behind it is?

Well, as you already know, there are different types of kisses and each one has a different meaning. And one of the most romantic and thoughtful kisses out there is the forehead kiss.

But why is that so?

Well, being in a relationship is all about showing your appreciation and respect for your partner. The best way to achieve that is through small acts of kindness. In most relationships, those small things can make or break a couple. 

When you think about it, a forehead kiss can be used by anyone. A son can kiss his mother and a father can kiss his daughter on the forehead. It doesn’t really matter what kind of a relationship is, a forehead kiss carries the meaning of care for a person. 

When you’re in a romantic relationship, kissing takes on an additional meaning, and it often leads to something more. It’s a sign of affection that shows your partner they have a special place in your heart. 

Unlike a french kiss, a forehead kiss means that you two share a deep and meaningful connection. Sometimes, a simple “I love you” can’t express how much your partner means to you. Still, you can send the right message with a kiss on the forehead.

And when a man kisses you on your forehead, it’s a special type of connection. It’s expressive, thoughtful and full of sweet, tender love. 

Before explaining the different meanings of a forehead kiss, let me ask you this: How do you know if a guy wants to kiss you? Maybe you just started dating the guy and you’re wondering whether or not he’ll make the first move and kiss you?

To help you solve that mystery, let’s cover a couple of signs a man wants to kiss you, and then we’ll talk more about the hidden meanings behind a forehead kiss. 

Signs he wants to kiss you

Not knowing whether or not the guy you’ve been dating likes you can be agonizing and nerve-racking. But one way that he’ll show you you’re more than a friend to him is by kissing you. You won’t need to ask him straightforward what he feels about you because everything can be said with a gentle kiss. 

1. “Accidental” touches

DONE! Forehead Kiss Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

Does it seem to you that he’s suddenly acting more clumsy and nervous than usual? Does he try to gently touch you all the time?

Maybe he strokes your hair or tickles you. It doesn’t really matter – all those are signs he wants to kiss you. He uses any excuse he can to establish a physical connection with you first.

Those men who are more courageous will grab your hand and put their arms around you, but it’s not something that’s usually going to happen on your first date.

At the very beginning of dating, everyone is all about finding out what the other person likes and discovering each other’s boundaries. 

2. He seems nervous

Let’s say you’re on a date with this guy and he’s usually very confident around other women, but suddenly he’s not anymore.

What could it mean? Well, one explanation is that something else is on his mind and he may be thinking of a way to kiss you.

He’s probably imagining countless scenarios in his mind where he gently and romantically kisses you. He’s wondering if you’ll turn your head away or if you’ll enjoy his kissing technique.

His confidence flew out the window because he’s mesmerized by your beauty and grace, and the only thing he can think of right now is to get a taste of your lips.

3. Eye contact 

DONE! Forehead Kiss Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

Even if your guy is shy, if he’s locking eyes with you quite often and for longer than what seems normal, then you can be sure that he’s thinking about making his move.

It’s also obvious that he’s enjoying your company and can’t think about anything else at that moment.

Men who aren’t interested in you would be planning their escape route – they definitely wouldn’t be staring into your eyes deeply. Making that connection isn’t something that’s a priority for them. 

4. He compliments you 

You may think that’s pretty common for men to shower women with compliments on a first date, but you’re wrong. 

Guys are usually not that vocal and tend to keep things to themselves. So if a guy compliments you a lot and you can sense that his words are sincere, it could be a sign he wants to kiss you. 

If he notes how your cheeks blush or your lips move in a certain way, that’s a clear indication he’s really interested in you. Believe me when I say this: You’re not just another woman to him. You’re special. 

5. His tone of voice changes

DONE! Forehead Kiss Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

If your guy speaks calmly and gently, and whispers something from time to time, then he likes you more than a friend. 

He may close the gap between you two by whispering something romantic or flirtatious in your ear. That’s when most men will take the opportunity and kiss you on your lips, cheeks, or in this case forehead. 

So, the next time you see him, pay attention to his voice as it can help you solve the mystery of how your date is going to end – with a gentle kiss or an awkward goodbye. 

6. He comes closer

It’s obvious that proximity is important when it comes to the kissing part. If the guy is keeping his distance, then the kiss won’t happen at all. 

If he seems uninterested and avoids touching your hand or face, then don’t expect him to kiss you. 

But if he comes closer and starts touching your shoulder or hand, then you should prepare yourself because he’s most definitely going to kiss you. 

What’s the meaning of a forehead kiss?

Now that you’re familiar with the signs a guy wants to kiss you, it’s also important to know its meaning – especially that of a forehead kiss. Whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been together for a while now, a kiss on the forehead shows that your significant other holds you in high regard and he cares about you a lot. 

1. You share a deep and meaningful connection

DONE! Forehead Kiss Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

All of us search for that special person who’ll show us what true love really means.

If you’re lucky enough to have found that special someone who isn’t just your soulmate but also your best friend, then he’ll most likely express his love through forehead kisses.

Don’t take it to mean that he’s a bad kisser. He simply wants to show you how grateful he is to have you in his life. 

A forehead kiss has something to do with the “third eye.” You might have heard of it, but if you haven’t, read on because I’ll touch on it later in this article.

Basically, it’s a gateway to your soul and when he kisses you on your forehead, he gets to experience all of you and feel the love you two share. 

It may be tough for you to understand this now, but think about it for a second. 

Like any other type of kiss, a kiss on the forehead requires you to be close to each other. So, to kiss you, he has to stand right in front of you. He’s looking deep into your eyes with arms are wrapped around you. 

As he gently kisses you on your forehead, you can feel the emotional connection you two have. Your heart skips a beat and at that moment, you know he genuinely loves you.

That’s why many people say that the forehead kiss is the purest form of affection there is. 

You’ll never have to second-guess his feelings for you if he gives you forehead kisses. They are a subtle way of expressing his utmost love and fondness for you.

2. He thinks you’re adorable

DONE! Forehead Kiss Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

The thing about cuteness is that we can’t get enough of it. All of us have a weak spot for cute and adorable things. 

It’s like when you see your boyfriend petting a kitten or when he wakes up in the morning all sleepy and innocent. There’s no question that cuteness invokes a special kind of affection within us. 

And what better way to show that affection than giving a sweet kiss on the forehead. 

One of the meanings behind a forehead kiss is that, truthfully, your partner can’t resist you. He thinks you’re too adorable for words and can’t seem to get enough of you.

His heart yearns for you and wants to express his emotions, so he leans in to plant a kiss on your forehead. It’s also the perfect opportunity for him to get close to you and smell that perfume he adores so much.

Was your wish to find a partner who is romantic? Someone who’ll buy you flowers every day? A man who’ll surprise you with breakfast in bed?

If your boyfriend is like that, then those forehead kisses will definitely hit your soft spot. It will make your heart melt every time he gets close to you. 

He’s simply overwhelmed by your cuteness. That’s why he just can’t get enough of kissing your entire face, but especially in those extra-sweet moments, your forehead. 

3. He appreciates you

DONE! Forehead Kiss Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

A simple kiss on the forehead can go a long way. That’s especially true if you want to show your partner you appreciate them for making your life better.

If you’re still wondering what a forehead kiss means, another possible explanation could be that your partner simply enjoys being in your company.

A simple “thank you” just wouldn’t be enough. A forehead kiss is a perfect way to express your gratitude toward your partner. 

While you may think that men are pretty cold and reserved regarding their feelings, that’s actually not true. It’s just that they have difficulties expressing them through words.  

To reassure you that he appreciates you, he finds ways to show it through his actions. And one of them is by kissing you on the forehead, the place where two souls connect with each other. 

Perhaps you helped him while he was fixing the sink or brought him a cup of coffee while he was working late, then he’ll express his gratitude by a tender kiss on the forehead. 

4. He’s serious about you 

DONE! Forehead Kiss Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

Let’s say that you went on a trip with your guy friend. He knows everything there is about you and you spend a lot of time together. 

You really seem to enjoy being in each other’s company and you have the opportunity to learn each other’s deepest secrets. 

Often you find yourself thinking and saying the same thing he is, and you can’t help but wonder if you two are meant for each other. 

So, you go out, have the time of your life, and then head to a restaurant to have dinner. The atmosphere is great and you have a deep, beautiful conversation with him. 

He cracks a couple of jokes and you laugh while he’s getting closer to you. Then, all of a sudden, he pulls you in and kisses you on your forehead for the first time.

You both share a smile, you feel wonderful and amazing, but now you’re left wondering what that kiss means? 

Well, one possibility is that your guy friend wants something more than just friendship with you. Maybe his feelings changed over time. He no longer wants to be only friends, but waited for an opportunity to say as much.

The thing you have to ask yourself is whether or not you feel the same about him. If you have romantic feelings for him, then it’s the perfect time to let him know. That way, you can take the relationship to the next level.

Chances are he kissed you to see your reaction and is waiting for you to make your move now. If you want, you can respond with another kiss, maybe a peck on the cheek, and see where it goes. 

5. He respects you 

DONE! Forehead Kiss Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

If you wish to have a successful and healthy relationship, you and your partner have to respect each other, come hell or high water.

Honestly, there’s no better feeling than knowing your partner respects you for who you are and doesn’t wish to change anything about you.

Having someone’s respect can definitely make you feel good about yourself, increase your self-confidence, and bring all-around happiness in the relationship. 

You never know what the future holds for you. Maybe the guy you’ve been casually dating catches you by surprise, and instead of gaslighting you, puts his arms around you and pecks you on the forehead. 

Suddenly, everything changes and you start to contemplate the meaning behind the forehead kiss, whether or not there’s something more between you two.

Once he shows his respect for you in a non-verbal way and proves that he can be a gentleman, your entire perception of him will change.

6. He wants to cheer you up 

DONE! Forehead Kiss Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

No matter how hard you resist it, every one of us has our bad days where all we want is to lock ourselves in a room, pig out on ice cream, and watch movies all day. 

So, while you’re having one of those days, your partner comes in and kisses you on the forehead. Now you wonder what the meaning of it?

It could be that your boyfriend wants to comfort you. He sees that you’re stressed and his wish is to cheer you up a bit with a gentle kiss. 

He knows that it will calm you down a bit, so you can get things off your chest. All he wants is to prove to you that he’ll be there whenever you need him and that he’ll help you take away whatever been troubling you.

Also, he may kiss you after an argument. I know that it’s a bit strange, but hear me out. 

Maybe your boyfriend realizes he messed up big time and wants to reinforce his apology. He might kiss you to comfort you because he’s aware that you’re angry at that moment. 

But, one of the signs your man is definitely a keeper is when he kisses you on the forehead even though he knows you messed up and started the fight.

That only shows he cares more about you than holding a grudge and being unhappy in your relationship. 

7. He values you more than just physically 

DONE! Forehead Kiss Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

The thing about men is that there are real players out there who only want to get you to the bedroom and nothing else.

But you do get good guys who want to share an emotional connection with you. And I promise you, when you find a guy like that, it will be a remarkable experience. 

So, let’s say that your partner loves you for more than just your body. How can he prove that to you? Well, a gentle kiss on the forehead can sometimes tell you everything about his feelings for you.

It can also be a way of making you feel secure in the relationship.

Either way, a forehead kiss shows that he genuinely feels affection for you and that he enjoys being around you. 

8. He protects you 

DONE! Forehead Kiss Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

Let’s say that you and your boyfriend watched a thriller together a couple of days ago and you can’t erase certain scenes of that movie from your mind. 

You’re afraid of being in the dark and your boyfriend sees that and comes and kisses you on the forehead.

But why? What is the meaning of this forehead kiss? Well, he wants to show you he’ll do anything he can to protect you.

Just like when he gives you his jacket when you’re cold or holds the door for you, he wants you to know that you can rely on him.

It certainly warms your heart, doesn’t it? 

But what if a guy friend kisses you on the forehead? Even though you aren’t a couple and haven’t confessed your feelings for each other, that doesn’t stop him from wanting to make you feel safe and secure when he’s around. 

9. He doesn’t find you attractive anymore 

DONE! Forehead Kiss Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

Even though a forehead kiss is a kind of kiss that’s usually associated with something positive, on rare occasions, it can have negative connotations too. 

Maybe you want your partner to kiss you on the lips but he always gives you a forehead kiss instead. Eventually, you start to doubt his feelings for you and don’t know what’s going on.

One possible explanation for this unusual behavior is that he’s not attracted to you anymore and wants to distance himself a bit. 

You must find the root cause of his lack of interest in you. It could just be because he had a stressful day or that some other problems are bothering him. 

Why do forehead kisses feel so great? 

Now that you know the different meanings of a forehead kiss, you might be wondering why they feel so great. 

Forehead kisses feel awesome because we’re used to being kissed at that very spot by our parents, grandparents, or siblings when it’s bedtime or when we’re feeling sick.

It shows that they love us and want to calm us down a bit, and this feeling stays with us into adulthood. 

It also has something to do with the pineal gland. When someone kisses us in the lower center of the forehead, it activates this gland in the brain. As a consequence, it releases hormones like melatonin that can help you fall asleep. 

Also, some cultures and religions consider the pineal gland to be the “third eye” or gateway to the soul. On top of that, a forehead kiss is considered to be the ultimate sign of respect. 

So, the next time your boyfriend kisses you on the forehead, think of it as a way two souls connect to each other more spiritually. 

It’s important to remember that guys enjoy them too, so don’t be afraid to give them back! 

Forehead Kiss: Secret Meanings Behind This Adorable Gesture

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