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11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

With love, there are no fixed rules which you follow to make your relationship work.

When you experience failure, dark and awful thoughts come to your mind. Maybe you were clingy or too pushy.

Well, in this article I will list the signs of a desperate woman which might help you understand why it didn’t work the first time and how you can improve your worth. 

We have all been there, as all of us try to find love. Experiencing a breakup and losing someone you love is difficult to comprehend and deal with.

While some people deal with a breakup in a healthy and respectful manner, others have trouble starting the healing process. 

Appearing as a desperate person hurts your self-esteem and lowers your self-worth.

You become stuck in a vicious circle of seeking affirmation from men who are ready to take advantage of such a broken girl and treat her poorly. 

The process of healing after a breakup is important because it gives you the opportunity to reflect on what went wrong and to work on yourself and your self-esteem. 

So why are some women desperate?

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

Well, the truth can be difficult to explain sometimes but the signs of a desperate woman are there.

Some women are attention seekers and they want all the focus on them from the first date onward.

You come off as a desperate person, which is a huge red flag for men. 

Maybe some women think that is behavior that men like. They saw it on social media or somewhere else that a man likes a clingy or needy woman.

It’s wrong to think that men don’t like a challenge. Men like the thrill of the chase, and they prefer quality over quantity; well, some men do. 

Some women believe they are missing out on something and act out of fear of being left out, or some women are not capable of being alone and they want a man in their life.

Those types of women are never content with themselves, and they will never fall in love with a man. 

Also, some women are just having a hard time and are going through some stuff in their life, while some want to take their mind off something or someone. 

Whatever the case may be, if a man sees the signs of a desperate woman, it is a definite warning that their relationship won’t work.

It’s a typical example of destructive behavior that most men simply won’t tolerate. 

Some of the best dating advice I have been given is to not come across as desperate or needy.

If you don’t think you know what that means, then the following signs of a needy woman might help you realize whether you are one or not.

The signs of a desperate woman: 

1. Social media is her best friend 

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

Social media is a very powerful tool and it can be very useful if we use it properly.

In today’s world, it is inevitable that we use social media, but as my best friend said, it can be your friend or your enemy.

Social media can help you meet the love of your life or make you seem like a needy and desperate person. 

Most of us see how a person looks for the first time via social media but being a social media queen and constantly clicking like and commenting on your crush’s pictures is a huge turn-off for men. 

A desperate person who has low self-esteem will post dozens of pictures of themselves half-naked and wearing questionable outfits just to show their crush who is the boss. 

If you seek his attention by posting questionable pictures on social media, just stop. Those pictures will forever stay on the Internet and your self-esteem will be shattered.

After all, you will realize at one point what you have done and there is no turning back.

Also, you should not be posting sad or negative pictures just to get his attention because he won’t notice you, believe me.

2. She seeks constant attention 

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

We all know that being clingy and seeking constant affirmation diminishes your self-worth, but why do some women do that?

Well, they believe that if they get dumped, it will crush them. 

Instead of moving on and starting the healing process, they hold on to their man with dear life.

A desperate woman in a relationship wants to stay as close as possible to her man and constantly asks questions such as, “Where were you last night?” or, “Who were you with?” and so on. 

You may even think that always being there will make your man love you more, but it won’t.

Maybe you often stay the night at his place or regularly visit him at work when he has a lunch break.

Yes, it is sweet that you think about your man and surprise him from time to time but being needy or clingy will get you nowhere.

Your man or potential partner will leave you because he will feel like you are suffocating him. 

We’ve all been there and experienced this so I don’t blame you or your behavior.

A woman who wants to have a healthy, long-term relationship wouldn’t do that.

A clingy woman constantly tries to find love but never feels truly satisfied.

It is better to take a step back and be single for a while to clear your head or even ask for professional help to get some self-love and clarity.

3. She is always checking her dating apps

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

As I said before, dating apps have become essential in today’s times and have replaced real-life conversations.

Just like social media, they can be the reason for your downfall or for your success.

I’m not saying you cannot meet your potential partner on a dating app, but if you are constantly swiping and refreshing pages, it is a surefire sign you are a desperate woman.

A desperate woman will constantly refresh her dating profiles and search for a potential partner, even though she could live her life and let fate do the job instead.

God will send you someone, believe me, so don’t keep looking for someone just because you are afraid of being alone. 

You can live your life without a partner.

There is a world out there ready to be explored by you, you don’t need to be so attached to your little screen.

A woman who is desperate will constantly search for a partner and use every second of her free time to swipe either left or right. 

Even after finding a potential partner, she will bombard him with tons of questions that are too intimate because she will rush into things.

Don’t rush things. Take a step back and enjoy the process of learning about the other person.

4. She doesn’t learn from her previous mistakes

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

One of the signs of a desperate woman is when she doesn’t learn from her previous relationship and ends up making the same mistakes as she did with her ex.

You might ask what makes a woman look desperate?

Well, if you have caught yourself getting back together with your ex, even though he treated you poorly, that is one of the signs of a desperate woman. 

You were afraid of being lonely, so you got back together with him and repeated the same mistakes you made the first time.

Or what’s even worse, a desperate woman might at first reject her ex who is truly sorry for breaking up, and then end up calling him a couple of weeks after that.

A desperate woman will call her ex just to make sure she still has a chance at him. 

She wants the attention that he might give her, and she needs to have the security of having a potential second chance with him.

Remember, don’t play games with a guy or treat him like a toy, because he might do the same.

You should not reply or answer every time he calls you out of the blue. 

Not learning from or repeating your mistakes will make you look desperate and you will feel bad afterward.

Your self-esteem will be crushed and you will end up being hurt again. 

5. She’s always fishing for compliments

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

Yes, getting compliments will boost your self-esteem and will make you feel good, but if you are constantly asking him, “How do I look in these jeans” or, “Do I look pretty in this outfit?” it will eventually make you look desperate. 

A desperate woman needs constant affirmation that she is beautiful, charming, and perfect.

She doesn’t give her partner or potential partner the opportunity to express his feelings toward her naturally. 

The poor guy might try to find ways to cheer her up, but isn’t aware that she is actually fishing for compliments.

You are beautiful, but you should give a man the opportunity to say that naturally and not force him to compliment you, especially if he doesn’t mean it.

Desperate women need encouragement and affirmation that they are great and what better way to fish for compliments than to use self-depreciation?

A girl desperate for compliments might say, “Oh, wow. I feel so fat in this dress,” or, “My hair is a mess today, am I right?”

The easiest way to feel better about yourself is to receive compliments, but don’t force a man to compliment you, let them come naturally. 

6. She forces a relationship

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

So, you went on a date, and he seemed great. He said to you that he wants to take things slowly because he was hurt and wants to get to know you first.

A desperate woman will force a man into a relationship anyway. She doesn’t respect his wishes and doesn’t want to just date.

It’s important for her to have that affirmation that she has someone to be with, and that’s that. 

It’s not important that he treats her poorly, or that he is a player or a drunk. A desperate woman doesn’t search for any positive qualities in a man.

As long as it is convenient, she will settle for such a guy and she will proclaim that she is in a relationship even before he gets to talk to her about it.

Entering a relationship with the wrong intentions will lead to a disaster.

Where there is no attraction or love, there is no way for a healthy relationship to develop.

7. She never stops talking

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

A desperate woman will never stop talking about her positive qualities. It’s like she has something to prove to others.

If you don’t stop talking about all the amazing sides of yourself, how do you expect that the guy will stick around and be interested to get to know you? 

Maybe a desperate woman does this because she is afraid he might lose interest if she doesn’t show her funny or smart side.

Men like women who are a little secretive about themselves, women who don’t lay all their cards on the table immediately. 

A guy who is seriously into a woman will stick around and try to find out as much as possible before entering a relationship. 

If you chat non-stop, he will think of you as being a high-maintenance girl and a true drama queen because you never stop talking about yourself.

It’ll seem like just you who’s important and not him. You don’t give him a chance to answer any questions and get to know him. 

A needy woman will not give a guy chance to talk but will rather wait for the opportunity to speak about herself again in an effort to dazzle him. 

Remember, you don’t need to impress anyone. You should ask yourself whether he is good enough for you.

8. She has the wrong image of what love is

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

Maybe you went on a couple of dates, and he got you into his bedroom.

Maybe he even told you that he wasn’t looking for anything serious, but you never listened and just continued.

Eventually, the guy stopped answering your calls and messages, and now you stand there alone and hurt. 

A desperate woman will be confused about what physical intimacy is and what love is.

Whenever a guy showers her with attention and affection, she will think it is love, but maybe it’s just physical attraction and that’s it. 

A desperate woman will have the wrong image of what love is because she just wants attention and someone who will take care of her.

She will ignore all the other signs that say he is just a player who wants to get her into the bedroom and then walk away from her.

Blowing up his phone and social media won’t get you anywhere and neither will stalking him. 

9. She is always available 

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

When a girl is ready to ditch her plans with family and friends for a date with a potential partner, that is a surefire sign that she is desperate.

What’s even worse is when a girl is ready to leave in the middle of a gathering just to see a guy for half an hour because he sends her a text saying, “I was messaging to see if you want to go out with me right now?”

It’s not just a sign of disrespect, but also one of the signs of a desperate woman trying to get the attention she needs.

The guy now knows he has her wrapped around his finger and can treat her however he wants. 

10. She is too focused on past relationships

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

If you are entering a relationship, you should be focused on the present and not the past. Well, that is the right thing to do.

It’s never a good idea to ask your partner about their past relationships, especially if you only started dating recently. 

Dwelling on the past and asking constant questions about his exes is one of the signs of a desperate woman.

A woman who doesn’t know how to enjoy time with a guy she is dating is a woman who isn’t ready for a relationship.

A needy woman will ask him about his past relationships and she might even talk badly about his exes, which is a huge red flag.

11. She blames herself all the time

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

A desperate woman will blame herself every time that a guy doesn’t respond to her texts and then she will send him messages apologizing for things she didn’t do.

If he stops communicating with her, she will try to contact him in any way possible, just to say she is sorry. 

She might sit around and wait for him to reply, not doing anything with her life, and that’s one of the clear signs of a desperate woman.

She will feel like she has done something wrong and it’s her fault he is not responding now, so she will do anything to change his mind about her so that he will contact her. 

Well, if you have found yourself in some of these signs, then don’t worry, as I’m going to talk about how to stop being a desperate woman.

These signs are mostly solvable, the only question is whether you are ready to put in the effort.

So, how do you stop being a desperate woman?

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

You should stop caring about whether he replies to your message or not. 

Be the type of girl who doesn’t even notice that it has been a week since you messaged him and he didn’t reply.

And you didn’t notice because you are living your life (and you don’t even bother texting him back once he eventually replies). 

A guy who has a genuine interest in you will make time for you because he likes you and wants to get to know you. 

Learn to let things go and don’t let your worth depend on someone else’s actions and words.

You should ask yourself whether that is the type of person you want in your life.

Know when it is time to move on and be courageous to walk away if needed. 

Also, take a break if you need. You know, alone time can be beneficial.

You can focus on your best qualities and work on them. Maybe take your time to improve yourself physically.

Pay for a gym membership, read cooking books about eating healthily, or start a movie marathon that you always wanted to watch. 

You have a lot to offer, you just need to put yourself in a safe and relaxing space, so you can enjoy doing the things you like.

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

Take a break from all the negative thoughts in your head. 

Everyone gets tired of all the gloomy self-talk that happens every time someone rejects you or doesn’t seem interested in you. 

No one wants to be around people who are constantly having negative thoughts in their head.

Give yourself a break and maybe try new things, play some music, or go for a hike. Learn how to let go of those bad things and focus on the good ones. 

It takes time to let go. It is quite normal to doubt yourself and have fearful feelings when you start dating again.

However, you need to learn how to embrace it and grasp the opportunity to prove to yourself once more how strong you actually are. 

Don’t fantasize about your future immediately after you start a new relationship. Learn to take baby steps.

Enjoy the process of getting to know each other and simply be happy. Treat this new guy like you would treat a friend.

Ask him to do fun things with you, be respectful of each other, and don’t focus on his or your past relationships. 

Another thing you can do is reset your standards and don’t think everyone you meet will be the love of your life. ​​​​ 

DONE! 11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

You should know that not everyone you meet or date will be the best one yet.

Some of them will bore you, or they might not be interested, and those types of dates happen quite frequently.

The thing to remember though is not to settle for anything less than you deserve.

Just because he said he likes you doesn’t mean you should settle for him. 

Think about your values and what you are looking for in a man.

Does he respect your feelings? Does he treat you well? Is he taking his time getting to know you? 

Remember to have a life outside of social media. If you meet a nice guy, don’t go home and add him on every possible social media platform.

Know when to tone it down and take a step back.

You could spend two hours stalking his social media profiles, but why would you do that?

You could enjoy the time getting to know him in person, rather than stalking him online. 

Make yourself more appealing by learning to live life to the fullest and enjoying some ‘me time’. 

You are a strong and beautiful woman who doesn’t need a man to tell her those things.

Don’t sit and wait to get affirmation from a man who doesn’t appreciate your worth.

Learn to love yourself with all those flaws and work every day to be better.

11 Warning Signs Of A Desperate Woman That Turn Guys Off

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