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Are You Overly Attached? 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

Are You Overly Attached? 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

Spending time with your significant other is important, but do you have your own interests outside of the relationship?

You have to have your own life for it to be a healthy relationship. If you don’t, maybe you are a clingy girlfriend.

Your love life should be full of little things that make you happy, not possessiveness and neediness.

Do you neglect your own life and forget about your own interests when you enter a new relationship?

Being a clinger is a bad thing but it’s not the worst thing in the whole world if you are a needy girlfriend who is overly attached.

After all, the perfect girlfriend doesn’t exist, and you can work on your clinginess, like with spending less time with your significant other and having some alone time.

Clingy behavior doesn’t allow for personal space. If you are a guy, trust the vibe you first got from her; it likely wasn’t the vibe of a needy girlfriend.

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

In fact, she is quite nice when her low self-esteem doesn’t take over.

Dealing with a clingy girlfriend won’t always be easy, but like I said, the perfect girlfriend doesn’t exist.

So, being overly attached isn’t the worst thing in the world and it’s not a reason to break up with an attached girlfriend.

After all, being an attached girlfriend means that she cares, but she has to learn to enjoy her alone time.

Maybe she doesn’t allow you to have female friends, or she stalks your social media.

Or maybe she doesn’t respect your personal space, and her love life is the only life she has.

These are just some of the signs of a clingy girlfriend, as clingy behavior shows itself in many ways.

The first time you notice clingy girlfriend signs, you might get scared.

Still, she loves you so much, and her neediness and possessiveness are her ways of showing that.

She is an overprotective girlfriend, and the text messages and phone calls will seem like they’ll never stop.

However, don’t break up with this girl just because she is a clingy girlfriend.

Clingy women just need more love in their life because they always had too little of it.

Are you overly attached? 20 signs of a clingy girlfriend

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

If you suspect that you are one of these clingy women, make sure you read all of the signs of being a clingy girlfriend.

It will help you learn what you’re doing wrong and help you improve.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to date a girl like this, these signs will help you realize what you’re dealing with.

This type of girlfriend can be really loving, but it will take time for her to relax and trust you completely.

Signs of a clingy girlfriend

1. She doesn’t leave him alone

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

One of the clingy girlfriend signs is when she doesn’t give him any space.

Spending time with each other is important in a healthy relationship but on the other hand, not giving him enough personal space is a whole other thing.

Guys consider this to be a very bad thing, and they would prefer to spend less time with a clingy girlfriend.

A clingy partner is always there, listening to your phone calls and watching you as you send text messages.

When she’s not watching you texting, she’s texting you. You can’t have your peace when you’re checking your social media, either.

Love and attention are great, but nobody likes to be suffocated with them.

It’s something that simply isn’t natural. So, don’t let your clinginess cause a man to break up with you. 

If you are a clingy girlfriend, try to realize that he needs some time to get his thoughts together, some time away from you where he can be alone with his thoughts.

The first time you let him do his texting in peace, you’ll already see the difference.

He has to do some little things without you, and the sooner you realize it, the better. This is especially important if you are in a new relationship.

2. She talks a lot

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

Her partner will not like it if she keeps talking for hours on the phone about something that he isn’t really interested in.

If this is you, keep it short and informative instead and don’t be the only one who’s talking.

Sure, you can ask him what’s he been up to, but avoid having a long conversation, especially if you notice that he hasn’t really said a word.

Would you like it if you were in a relationship with someone who talked about themselves nonstop?

Don’t be that clingy partner. Leave these long talks for your friends instead, and talk only about what you know he is interested in.

3. She doesn’t have a life outside of the relationship

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

And she doesn’t like it that he has one.

A clingy girlfriend is someone who wants her man to be fully dedicated to her nonstop but you have to understand that this isn’t possible.

A healthy, happy relationship is one in which both partners have their own lives outside of the relationship.

It doesn’t stop them from enjoying the time they have together; on the contrary, it makes them enjoy it even more.

If you don’t like it when your partner goes out and has fun, you’re definitely a clingy girlfriend. Why don’t you go out and have fun too? It will be good for you.

In fact, girls who know how to have fun on their own are attractive to guys.

Make him see how full of life you really are, and he will love you even more. Those who are happy are always more beautiful, after all.

4. She doesn’t want him to have female friends

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

Clingy women always feel insecure when their man is around other hot women.

They actually believe that he is going to leave as soon as he meets someone more attractive.

The problem is that a clinger type of girl thinks everyone’s better than her.

You have to work on your self-esteem.

Try doing that by flirting with hot guys when your boyfriend is not around, as it will make you feel better and more desirable.

The realization that there are other hot guys might cure your clinginess.

Remember to just look, not touch, and it will boost your confidence.

Have male friends of your own, and you won’t mind so much that your man hangs out with other girls.

5. She doesn’t like it when he goes out with his friends

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

Hanging out with them during the day is no better either; it’s actually her worst nightmare.

This is because a needy girlfriend thinks that his male friends are going to convince him to cheat on her.

One of the signs of a needy woman is when she wants him all to herself.

He won’t be able to have any time with his friends because of her clinginess and that isn’t how a relationship should work.

If you want to keep your man close, you have to let him leave sometimes. He has to have his time with his friends, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

After all, you can’t force him into loving you if he doesn’t feel it. You could actually only make things worse by forcing him to be with you.

6. She is suspicious of every girl in his life

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

The signs of a needy woman include when she is suspicious of every girl in her partner’s life.

Be careful because this suspicion is something your partner senses, and it could drive him away.

As Elvis Presley would say, “We can’t go on together with suspicious minds.”

After all, if he really wants to cheat on you, there’s nothing you can do to stop him from doing so.

Only the fact that he loves you could stop him, so there’s no need for suspicion.

Try to relax. If your partner doesn’t love and respect you, you’re not meant to be together anyway so if he’s wrong for you, let him go, but don’t chase him away by suspecting that he’s going to cheat.

7. She calls him all the time

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

A clingy girlfriend is someone who wants to be in touch pretty much the whole time.

As an overprotective girlfriend, you will have the need to check in on him all the time, which will definitely annoy him.

Are you doing it just to find out whether he is around some other women?

It might flatter him at first, but he will get really irritated as time goes by and you keep calling nonstop.

Make him miss you instead and have fun with your friends. Let him look for you just like you were looking for him.

He should be the one chasing you, not the other way around. Make him miss you and enjoy your life when he isn’t around.

8. She thinks she loves him more than he loves her

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

A clingy girlfriend will always believe that she loves her man more than he loves her.

This untrue idea comes from the fact that she doesn’t see the good things, only the bad ones.

Still, if he is really neglecting you, you shouldn’t be treated that way but in any case, talk openly to your boyfriend.

Maybe he has something to open up about, but he is waiting for you to start the conversation.

9. She insists on getting married right away

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

A clingy girlfriend wants to have her man all to herself and that is why she will insist on marriage even though she might not be ready for it herself.

She is actually convinced that no one will ever love her like her boyfriend, and that’s why she wants him to commit.

We all know that guys really hate this, and it could only push your boyfriend further away from you.

Men usually get cold feet when you bring up the topic of marriage. After all, marriage is something that should come naturally, it shouldn’t be forced.

10. She posts on social media that she has found the one

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

All of us post pictures with our boyfriends and state that we are in love, but she takes it further.

She posts pictures of him saying that he’s the one, and she has found her soulmate. A lot of her friends are tired of her constant posting about him.

If this is you, you like to live in your fairy tale, where things are perfect, but you ignore reality.

Keep your love private, as not everyone has to know about it. You shouldn’t keep creating that made-up world where he is your Prince Charming.

11. She is obsessed with him

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

She is convinced that she has found the love of her life and that nobody else will ever love her the same and that is why she becomes obsessed with her partner.

She tries to keep him close and convince him that he should stay with her even if he doesn’t want to.

If you’re a clingy girlfriend, this is because you think that you would be broken if he ever left.

If he met someone else, your whole world would collapse and that’s why you do all those things that actually lower your self-esteem.

I’m sure that you have a lot to offer, but you are blind with love, and it makes you look desperate.

You have to realize that your life is amazing with or without him. He shouldn’t be the center of your universe.

12. She has low self-esteem

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

This is often the reason why girls become clingy.

If you yourself are clingy, you probably think that you’re not good enough, so you try hard to prove the opposite so you do crazy things and for the wrong reasons.

The truth is, you don’t really believe in yourself.

You don’t believe that you’re beautiful, and you think that you’re easily replaceable and that feeling is ruining your life.

Have a little faith in yourself, and see how things will change. Have courage and stand up for yourself when you need to.

As soon as you change your outlook on life and your priorities, your life will be different.

Maybe the people you’re surrounding yourself with are hurting your self-esteem.

Make sure you surround yourself with only those who are good for you.

13. She always fights with him

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

All of his attention has to be on her, and that is why she will fight with him to get it.

She gets mad when she’s not in the spotlight. When her efforts aren’t reciprocated, she gets disappointed.

If this is you, you are convinced that your partner will get bored with you and leave.

Making up the worst-case scenarios in your mind only feeds your negative thoughts. It isn’t easy living like that, but you can change it.

14. She can’t be calm when he’s not with her

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

This is because she’s always thinking of the worst-case scenarios when he isn’t around.

When he goes out with his buddies, she imagines him cheating on her, which leaves her feeling sad and frustrated.

However, he doesn’t mean to hurt her. She actually invents it all in her head.

All he really wants is some time away from her to have a life outside of the relationship.

Don’t do this in a relationship. Try to be calm when your partner is away.

There’s no point in forcing things, after all. Let him have his peace and try to find your own.

15. She thinks other girls are better than her

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

This type of girl always feels like she’s not good enough. Read our other article to find out what it’s like to love a girl like that.

It makes her think that her partner is going to leave as soon as he meets someone new.

If you think this way, I have to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong.

You don’t really see your full potential, and you should. Don’t doubt yourself so much.

No one is perfect, so don’t be sad that you’re not. You’re unique, and that is what made your boyfriend fall for you in the first place.

Be yourself and learn to love yourself for who you are so that he can too.

16. She likes whatever he likes

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

Do you hate sports, but pretend you’re enjoying watching the game just because you get to be together?

If you are clingy, you will like whatever your boyfriend likes, even though you don’t really like it, so you’ll pretend to be interested in a lot of things that you don’t really care about.

If you intend to marry this guy, do you intend to pretend for the rest of your life?

You have to have your own likes and dislikes. After all, your boyfriend doesn’t want a female version of himself.

He wants to find out what you like, what your interests are.

It’s not important to him if your interests don’t match his, as this is perfectly normal.

You should have interests of your own, and it will give you something to do outside of the relationship, which is healthy and good for both of you.

17. She shares the details of his personal life with her friends

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

Her partner shared things with her, not her friends. Her friends don’t want to hear about it either but she can’t stop talking about her boyfriend to them.

If you’re clingy, it even seems like he is the only topic you’re interested in talking about so you share the stories of your partner’s difficult childhood and his secrets, which is not fair to him or to your friends.

He neither wants his secrets to be shared, and nor do your friends want to hear about them.

The only person who actually wants to talk about that is you and this is because you’re obsessed with your boyfriend.

He is the only thing you can think about, so naturally, he becomes the only thing you can talk about.

That’s not okay, and you should keep your relationship private. What he told you was meant for your ears only.

18. She has different moods, but they are determined by her relationship

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

Does your relationship dictate how you’re feeling?

Maybe your boyfriend makes you mad, and you end up feeling bad the whole day. However, don’t let your relationship determine your mood.

This only happens because you don’t have a life outside of the relationship.

Your boyfriend is the center of your universe, and everything in your life revolves around him and that isn’t healthy.

The next time your boyfriend makes you mad, make an effort to change your mood.

Go watch a movie with your friends, or clean the apartment. Shift your focus onto something else.

19. She invites herself to events

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

When he mentions he’s going somewhere, she responds with, “I’d love to go,” without actually being invited.

She just wants to be by his side at all times but she doesn’t consider how weird it makes him feel when she invites herself.

If this is you, he will soon see that he can’t even mention any event to you because you’ll instantly think you’re invited to go with him.

Maybe he was invited by a friend and had no intention of taking you with him.

Go to events without him, and don’t invite yourself to the events he’s going to.

After all, you’re probably not really interested in them, all you want is to be with him but you have to let the man breathe.

20. She wants to meet his family

Are You Overly Attached 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

As soon as he mentions his parents, she jumps right in with, “I want to meet them.”

She forgets to consider whether he is really ready to introduce her to his family.

This is an important step in a relationship, and most girls look forward to it.

In your case, you have probably already imagined how great you would get along with his family but don’t rush him.

He will introduce you to his family when he is ready, so don’t tell him your wish to meet them as soon as he mentions them.

Try to be a good girlfriend to him and work on having a long-term relationship.

Meeting the family will come when he is ready to introduce you as his girlfriend.

All you’ll get by rushing him is for him to get cold feet and run away. Take things slow and see how it goes.

Are You Overly Attached_ 20 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend

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