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23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

Every strong woman dreams of having a great relationship with an alpha male, which you can read about in our other article.

Those guys are the real deal. But what if you are involved with a weak man? A guy’s weaknesses don’t show when he cries in front of you.

Crying is a healthy way of expressing emotions; it doesn’t contradict with what strength is.

But if you have a weak man who is just along for the ride, he will show the traits of a weak man.

The definition of a weak man is that it’s someone you carry through life. You have to do all the dirty work for him or not be with him at all.

You should know that a weak man can’t love a strong woman and if he keeps acting the same way, you are going to trade him for an alpha male.

You deserve to live in a healthy way without this guy’s weaknesses.

So, don’t settle for the traits of a weak man and this applies even if he is a nice guy underneath.

Strong women simply can’t deal with weak people and this is because they know that strength is necessary for the survival of human beings.

But maybe your weak man was a strong person before something changed.

Has he been acting the same way since the beginning of your relationship?

Or has he recently started being a weak person?

He is only a human being, so if something has happened that made him a weak person, try to understand him and help him be the real deal once again.

23 signs of a weak man (traits you shouldn’t tolerate)

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

Everyone dreams of having a great relationship with a nice guy but when that nice guy is a weak person, it will create problems from the first time that you see the traits of a weak man.

The truth is, a weak man can’t love a strong woman, so if he was a weak man all along, it might be time for you to end it with him.

Whether he was a weak guy or not says a lot about whether he is capable of loving a woman like you.

Now that you know the definition of a weak man, it’s time to find out all about the signs of a weak man, so that you will know for sure.

Read them all, and you will know whether your boyfriend is a weak man.

What happens next is up to you but remember that you don’t have to settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Signs of a weak man

1. You are the one dealing with problems

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

Strength is, among other things, an ability to deal with problems and this is essential for making a relationship work.

But both partners have to equally put effort into solving problems every single day.

So the first time you have to solve a problem by yourself, ask yourself if you are dating a weak man.

One of the signs of a weak man is if he lets you solve all the problems. He doesn’t want to stress about them and enjoys his life while you struggle.

Do you really want to face problems on your own every single day? Find yourself a strong man who will take care of you, like you deserve.

2. He neglects you but pleases others

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

If your weak guy is satisfying everyone else but neglects you, it’s time that you find a strong man who will never take you for granted like that.

Your weak man cares about what everyone else thinks of him, that is why he pleases everyone but you because when it comes to you, he thinks that you will always be there.

There is no need for you to tolerate that kind of behavior. You don’t deserve to be neglected like that.

The thing is, you should be more important to him than anyone else. Once you find a strong man, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

3. He isn’t there for you when you need him

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

One of the signs of a weak man is that he is never there for you. The interesting thing is that he is there for his friends but not for you.

This is because he thinks that his friends will leave him if he isn’t there for them but he also thinks that you will never leave him so he doesn’t have to be there for you.

Don’t tolerate that kind of behavior.

To have a happy relationship, you have to be with someone who will always be there for you. Strong people will always be by your side when you need them.

4. He is a selfish man

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

Selfishness is a characteristic of a weak man that you can see right from the start of the relationship.

If you see him being selfish in bed or with his money, he is a weak person and not hubby material.

This guy wants everything to be his way and will never care for your thoughts. He will only think about himself and you will suffer because of it.

So, don’t let him take advantage of you. You deserve someone who will love you selflessly.

Read our article about what selfless love really looks like to see what you are missing out on. You deserve to have much more than you do now.

5. He doesn’t get offended and avoids conflict

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

It is impossible to offend a weak person because they will avoid engaging in any conflict if you or others offend them.

So if your guy rather keeps quiet than defend himself, you know that he’s weak.

The reason why he turns his back on all the problems is that he is afraid to lose those people; that is why he can’t say he disagrees with them.

It is one of the worst characteristics of weak men as well as your cue to get away from him.

You don’t want to be stuck with a man who can’t stand up for himself.

6. He never defends you when people talk badly about you

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

The fact that he can’t stand up for himself isn’t the worst thing about weak men; the thing is, he will never stand up for you either.

If your guy keeps quiet when others talk badly of you, what are you doing with him?

A man who truly loves you will tell you that every day and in front of everyone but if your guy chickens out every time someone offends you, this is not a man who will give you the security and protection that you need.

A real man will always defend your honor, no matter how old-fashioned that makes him look.

7. He hides his true feelings

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

A man like this will never show his emotions, which will make it impossible for you to know what’s going on inside his head.

I don’t have to explain to you how many problems that will cause. This guy will never show you what he really thinks of you.

Even when he doesn’t like something about you, he will be passive-aggressive instead of saying it.

You are never going to get the love and affection that you need from such a weak man.

There is also no way that you could be in a healthy relationship with someone who hides his real emotions.

Relationships are about being open and honest with each other, and you deserve to have that.

8. He lets you do all the work

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

You can recognize a weak guy by how lazy he is. He will make you pick up after him and do his dirty work.

Whether it’s his professional or personal life, he will let you do all the work.

He considers you strong enough to manage it all and will never ask if you need help.

Your weak boyfriend will convince you that he is incapable of anything. Who wants to be with a man like that?

He won’t care if you are too tired or can’t do it all on your own; that is just what these kinds of men are like, and you deserve so much better.

9. You have to nag him

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

You never thought that you would become a nag… But ever since you started dating this guy, you have become one.

You are constantly reminding him of what he has to do and like that isn’t enough, you also have to ask him to do things.

It even seems like you are more of a parent to him than a girlfriend. Trust me, girl, that’s not what relationships are supposed to look like.

You two should be equal partners and contribute to your relationship equally.

After all, he is a grown man and you shouldn’t have to remind him of what he should do.

10. You have to clean up after him

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

It’s like you have a child and not a man. He is always leaving his clothes everywhere and you have to clean up after him.

You are probably going to go crazy if you see one more food wrapper on the floor but that is just what dating a weak man looks like.

He is always waiting for you to do things instead of cleaning up after himself.

When there are unpaid bills or something else that needs to be solved, he expects you to do it. It is like being in a relationship with a giant baby.

You deserve to be with a man, not a child.

11. He has never grown up

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

He acts like he is still in high school but just like you don’t want to date a baby, you also don’t want to date a boy in high school.

When he is with his friends, he will abuse drugs and alcohol, get in trouble, and do stupid things.

It is like he has never really grown up. It’s impossible to have a serious conversation with a person like that so why would you even be in a relationship with him?

He isn’t a real man and probably never will be. Why would you want to be in a relationship with a child when you could be with a man?

12. You don’t talk about the future

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

Bringing up the topics of marriage and children will get this guy running like his pants are on fire.

He freaks out as soon as you mention something serious regarding your future together.

You will not get to enjoy coming up with your children’s names with this guy.

After all, if he isn’t able to clean up after himself, how would he clean up after a child?

He is a child himself after all. You don’t need someone like that. Find yourself a man who will enjoy planning the future with you.

You need a man, not a child. This guy you’re dating is never going to grow up, no matter how much you hope that he will.

13. He doesn’t listen to you

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

I’m not saying that a strong partner will always agree with you, but he will definitely listen to you, unlike this guy you’re with who never listens to you talk.

And that is only natural since he has turned you into a nag but what it really means is that he doesn’t respect you.

You deserve to have someone in your life who will pay attention when you speak.

He will listen to your every word and respect your opinion. Even when he doesn’t agree with you, he will respect you and that’s what matters.

But this guy you’re with will never be like that and you have to realize that.

14. You can’t have a serious conversation with him

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

This guy is incapable of having a serious conversation. Even when the conversation isn’t about you two, you won’t be able to talk to him if it’s a serious topic.

When the topic is about you two, it will be even harder because he will pull away especially then.

What can you do with a guy you can’t even have a serious conversation with?

I think that it’s clear that you have to find yourself another man who is grown-up and ready to get serious.

After all, serious topics come up and you will need someone to talk to about them.

15. You are the one making all the plans

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

It’s not that he minds tagging along, but all the planning is up to you.

This type of man will never want to make plans because he wants everyone else to do his work for him.

He isn’t a leader; instead, he is someone who likes to be a follower. He dreams of having someone take care of him.

After all, he isn’t capable of taking care of himself anyway, which is why you are always the one making dinner reservations.

So wouldn’t it be nice to be with someone who takes care of you for a change?

16. He never takes responsibility

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

A lack of responsibility is your cue that this guy isn’t the right one for you.

He never takes responsibility for his actions and never will. Instead, he will always blame others or give you a lame excuse.

The thing is, it’s never his fault.

He will always find a way to point the finger at someone else because he doesn’t want to be the bad guy but he doesn’t want to improve either.

Changing this flaw would demand effort and this type of man doesn’t want to do anything.

You will never be truly happy if you keep putting up with this sort of behavior.

17. He gets furious very fast

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

This is just another thing that this guy has in common with little children.

He is highly irritable and will get mad very rapidly when he has to face any challenge.

It also doesn’t help that he actually considers being furious a manly characteristic.

That isn’t true, because a real man can hold his temper and doesn’t explode so easily.

He is more like a child than a man. How easily he gets upset says enough about him.

He isn’t the right guy for you and you need to be with a man who doesn’t manipulate others into doing what he wants by yelling at them.

18. He always blames others

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

I already mentioned that he doesn’t take responsibility and always points the finger at someone else. It simply never is his fault.

Or so he wants you to believe. When things are good, he won’t mind taking the credit but when things are bad, he will blame everyone else.

It’s that childish behavior again and you don’t need to tolerate it. This is a guy who will never really grow up to become a man.

He will always be an angry little child who screams and points fingers.

You don’t need me to tell you what kind of life you will have if you stay with such a guy.

19. He is very needy

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

This guy wants a woman to take care of him and make him feel special but a real man is independent and considers himself to be a prize.

Your man is not like this. Instead, he needs the attention of a woman to feel like a man. This kind of approach won’t get him anywhere in life.

Once you find a real, mature man, you will see the difference. You need someone who won’t need you so badly.

20. He cares what others think

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

As I already mentioned before, this type of guy always cares about other people’s opinions and he actually depends on them; that is why he will never stand up for himself.

But don’t forget that this means that he will never stand up for you either.

That is not manly behavior, it’s actually really immature.

Mature men don’t give a rat’s ass about what others think; that is what makes them real men after all.

They will always stand up for what they believe in, even if they have to contradict everyone else.

21. He falls in love often

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

A weak man will have a long history of falling in love many, many times.

You will also notice that he isn’t very picky about what kind of women he likes; all he really wants is someone to take care of him.

But you will notice that he has a history with bitchy women. Still, ask yourself if they were bitchy before they started dating him.

Most of the time, he was the one who got dumped and I have a feeling that it’s going to happen this time as well.

What you should also know is that he has a history of stringing girls along too.

22. He avoids conflict at all costs

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

This is the type of man who would rather lie about agreeing with someone than get into a conflict.

Even a friendly debate would be too much for him to handle and conflict generally makes him feel extremely uncomfortable.

When he can’t agree, he will simply keep quiet. It might happen that he says he doesn’t agree but he won’t say anything more than that.

Of course, this is a very unmanly characteristic and it can be a really big turn-off. I don’t need to tell you that real men usually don’t avoid conflicts.

23. He acts like a child

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

All in all, this guy is a man-child and he will never grow up.

Don’t be surprised by how many times you will see him acting like a child and this is because he really is one.

You will never have a healthy relationship with someone like that.

Don’t you think that you deserve to have a real man in your life, a man who will act like a grown-up and take care of you?

Instead of waiting for you to take care of him, he will make you feel secure and provided for.

Your current boyfriend, who is weak, will never be able to do that and you have to realize that fact, and the sooner the better. Good luck!

23 Signs Of A Weak Man (Traits You Shouldn’t Tolerate)

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  1. Janine says:

    This article is so true. Weak men are wrapped in likeability. Easy going, nothing bothers them and when you are making a life for them, they sit back and accept it. No offer of help, no encouragement for your skills, no idea they are being selfish. May be good lovers but that is a web they weave to keep you from finding out who they really are. Heaven forbid there is a crisis or illness, they fall apart and blame others for their inability to cope. They are really the most cunning liars. Trust your gut, if they ain’t there, they ain’t there. Get away as soon as you can because it gets pathological the longer the relationship lasts.

  2. Bujin says:

    I Don’t know how mature the girl* who wrote this was entirely. But As a Man, I would AVOID her at all costs if you had to get offended, be this perfect Alpha, and somehow you aren’t also inadequate if you aren’t the Alpha Female. Grow up sheesh.

  3. Dave says:

    I’m weak if I don’t get offended? Then I’m weak if I care what others think? Thats a huge contradiction.I thought that Not getting offended is a sign of maturity. Keeping your cool and not starting conflict is also a sign of maturity. Seems who ever wrote this, is the type of girl who flirts with guys at the bar so her boyfriend will fight for her. narcissist

  4. Stan says:

    Oh dear, check in every point. I am even too weak to kill myself.

  5. Mike says:

    On second thought, as I read this, it seems to me women dealing with this man, are dealing with another woman not being in her son’s life as a mother and dictating his behavior and possibly his father’s. You are facing up to what feminist philosophy has emasculated men over generations.

  6. Mike says:

    This is written by an absolutely insensitive idiot for a person.

    • John says:

      @Mike, absolutely this person does not think that men have feelings too. This person wants a walking demi-God that worships her and caters for her every need. Women who read this, I truly hope you are rational.

  7. SHANNON says:

    Best article I’ve ever read.