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16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

They tell you that you should try everything to save your marriage, so you one day don’t even have to ask yourself about signs your separated wife wants to reconcile.

A marriage doesn’t fall apart overnight.

A married couple will try anything and everything before divorcing each other. 

You’ve probably explored every possible avenue in the hopes of finding your way back to each other. 

You know that you haven’t stopped loving each other. That’s not the reason. There’s so much more to it than that.

If you stopped loving each other, you wouldn’t have cried that much when you separated.

The last you saw of her when she was leaving was that blank expression filled with pain, remorse, and something unreadable.

Something close to regret. 

DONE! 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

You probably couldn’t place the emotion that was etched on her face because you were drowning in an internal debate of whether you’re making a big mistake.

You’re letting her go.

After years of trying to save your marriage, you never thought that it would come to this.

You went to couple’s therapy, you went to marriage counseling. You tried everything, yet it still didn’t work out.

But because you didn’t divorce from a lack of love, you’re still holding on to the glimmer of hope that she might return to you.

You don’t know what you want to achieve by reconciling with her, but you want to try.

If you can’t have your wife back, you might as well ask for your best friend back.

You were more than just lovers, you were best friends and the thought that you might get that back one day is keeping you from giving up on your relationship.

Are there any signs your separated wife wants to reconcile?

DONE 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile 2

​Everyone has marriage problems. No one’s marriage is perfect. 

She made you want to become a better man. How can a woman like that ever leave your mind?

The first time you two talked about divorce, you thought of it as a fever dream – you couldn’t just give up on something you’d been building for years.

That’s why you’re trying to figure out if your current relationship with your ex-wife might lead to reconciliation. 

Reconciliation after separation isn’t the easiest thing in the world. There are so many obstacles that stand in your way.

But if you’re ready to work through these things, you might find yourself having a completely normal relationship with your ex-wife. 

​You might not end up married again, but you could get your best friend and confidant back. 

The reconciliation process doesn’t take a day and then you’re best buddies again.

No! It’s a long and potentially painful one that you both need to work through.

But before you attempt to patch things up, you can’t help wondering: “Are there any signs my separated wife wants to reconcile?”

DONE! 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

You’re scared and terrified, you’re confused by all these feelings that are tugging at your heart. 

That’s why I’m here to help you find out if you’re actually seeing these signs, so that you know if you should really let her go or hold on to her for a little while longer.

1. You two still keep in touch

DONE! 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

Going through divorce took a huge toll on both of you. However, you still keep in touch.

Has she blocked you after the divorce? But then you saw the friend requests and follow requests on all of your social media again.

You still kept her phone number saved and, obviously, she didn’t delete yours either.

Somehow you started texting again and even though it was weird at first, now it’s become a common occurrence.

When you’re messaging each other, it doesn’t seem forced anymore. At first, you could feel her apprehension even through text messages.

Now it’s just normal conversation.

You didn’t want to stop texting her in the first place, but you wanted to give her space.

So when she reached out to you, you were over the moon. 

You don’t have to go looking for signs your separated wife wants to reconcile when you start getting phone calls. Especially if they’re frequent.

2. She asks about your whereabouts

DONE 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile 5

Is this a sign my separated wife wants to reconcile?

It could very well be, and especially if she’s asking about your well-being. 

Someone who’s done with you and doesn’t want to have anything to do with you wouldn’t ask about how you’ve been and what you’re up to. 

If she was over you and wanted to start a life without you, she wouldn’t be trying to figure out if you’re doing fine without her. 

It might not mean that she wants to come back home to you, but at the very least that she’s thinking about you more often than she’d like to admit. 

Asking about your whereabouts isn’t necessarily something that should be seen as a sign your separated wife wants to reconcile, but it is a peace offering. 

3. She’s being way too nice

DONE! 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

If you were an awful husband who mistreated, manipulated, or cheated on her, you shouldn’t even ask yourself if there’s any chance for reconciliation.

However, even if you were kind to her, there were simply enough other problems that made the two of you part ways. 

During the process of divorce, many awful things were said and you weren’t sure if she’d ever forgive you. 

But now here’s a good sign that she’s forgiven you. You can see it in the little things she does and says. 

You can probably confirm that she wasn’t this nice to you while the two of you were married.

She smiles at you, her voice is always gentle, and she doesn’t seem as selfish anymore.

That right there is a woman who’s thinking about mending things with you.

4. If your separated wife is interested in your dating life, she wants to reconcile for sure

DONE 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile 7

Even if it seems like she’s making small talk, a woman who’s interested in your dating life is a woman who’s interested in you.

If you’re asking yourself, “Is this one of the signs my separated wife wants to reconcile?” then let me tell you that it’s a blatantly obvious one.

If she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t be asking.

You might have tried to forget about her completely and even stopped asking your mutual friends about what she’s been up to.

But they tell you that she’s been asking about you and your love life.

It’s really one of the clear signs your ex-wife is trying to reconcile your relationship.

5. She wants to spend time with you

DONE! 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

When a woman wants her ex back, especially her ex-husband, she won’t try little petty moves. She does it in the most obvious way possible. 

When a woman persistently asks you to spend time with her, to meet up with her, she’s obviously interested in you.

Someone who doesn’t care about you wouldn’t go out of her way to spend time with you.

She wouldn’t even make the first move to ask you to meet up if she didn’t want to reconcile your relationship.

Don’t even bother asking yourself about the signs your separated wife wants to reconcile.

When you go out with her, ask her straight up what her intentions are.

If she says something logical, like she wants to go through the divorce papers, then take it at face value. 

But if she always gives you the same feeble excuses like: “Can’t I just feel the need to spend time with you?” then it’s nothing more than her desire to reconcile.

6. She mentions the past quite often

DONE 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile 9

So you’re at a get-together with your friends and family, and your ex-wife shows up.

When you end up in the same circle of friends sharing stories, she automatically starts talking about your ex-marriage.

You’re left to wonder whether she’s reminiscing on your past together because she wants to reconcile. 

You can look at her all you want to try to decipher her intentions, but all you see is a touch of nervousness in her eyes and that’s it.

She might even look at you anxiously for confirmation for her stories.

That right there is a woman who hasn’t moved on properly.

She’s still looking to those memories because she wants to make sure you remember these things too. She might want to bring those old feelings back.

This woman is really trying to reconcile your relationship.

7. She makes it clear that she’s single

DONE! 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

She’s not seeing anyone. It makes you feel like you’re still the only person for her. 

You don’t need relationship advice to realize why your ex-wife has been telling you that she is still single and hasn’t even thought about starting a relationship with someone new.

Women usually do this to send a message to their potential love interest. We make sure the guy knows we’re single and ready to mingle. 

When we say this to our exes, we do so to let them know we’re still not over them.

It might seem absurd to you, but you’d be surprised at how many times it’s actually worked. 

Who knows if it was the right decision to tell you straight up that she’s single or she hasn’t been seeing anyone in a long time. 

But she got her message across. The ball is in your court now. 

8. She’s blatantly flirting with you

DONE 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile 11

Whenever you two are invited to the same gatherings, she always makes the first move to talk to you.

She seems to give off the same vibe she did when you two started dating.

You can see every single sign that confirms your suspicion: she’s flirting with you!

Does she even know that she’s biting her lip while looking at you through those thick, beautiful lashes?

Is she even aware of the impact her slight touches have on you? 

She makes it seem so unintentional, but you know better than to believe that.

Especially when she laughs at every single one of your jokes that make you cringe when you say them aloud.

She smiles, she laughs, and she scans your entire body with her hungry eyes. 

You shouldn’t worry about any other signs your separated wife wants to reconcile.

This woman isn’t even trying to hide the fact that she’s flirting with you.

9. One of the clearest sign your separated wife wants to reconcile is if she calls you when she’s drunk

DONE! 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

“She calls me whenever she’s drunk – is it a sign my separated wife wants to reconcile?”

Drunk words are sober thoughts, that’s the real truth. 

When you get a phone call in the middle of the night, you already know who it is.

The first few times you got worried – you wanted to know if she was alright.

After a few weekends of getting these messages, you know that something is up, but you can’t place your finger on it.

She obviously misses you a lot. Instead of going home with someone else, she opts to call you and express her undying love for you.

There’s no doubt your ex-wife is showing you signs that she wants to reconcile your relationship. 

10. She tries to make you jealous

DONE 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile 13

It’s one of the very petty things women do when they want their ex back, and a very clear sign your separated wife wants to reconcile.

Why else would she so openly flirt with a man right in front of you? 

It’s not like you feel comfortable flirting with other women when your ex-wife is right there in the same room with you.

You know she has her own life, but it’s clearly a scheme to get you back.

She’s trying to make you jealous to see if you still love her. She wants you to see what you lost and to want her back.

On the other hand, if she sees that you don’t care about what she does, she immediately rejects the poor guy.

11. She admits to her mistakes

DONE! 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

This woman was notoriously known for never being able to own up to her own mistakes.

You were always at fault, even when she rationally knew that it wasn’t true. 

Your self-esteem was at an all-time low from all the hurtful words she’d throw your way. 

Even the day you moved out, she still made an effort to make sure you knew that the entire divorce was your fault. 

So why, in the name of everything holy, is she admitting to her mistakes all of a sudden?

I’ll tell you why. She wants you to know that she realized the mistakes she made and how hard it must have been for you. 

If you’re lucky, you might even hear her say that she’s sorry.

If she apologizes to you and says how she understands now how much she hurt you, then you have all the signs you need. 

No other sign that your wife seeks reconciliation is this obvious, believe me. 

12. She does sweet things for you

DONE 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile 15

Now you can stop asking yourself, “Is this actually one of the signs my separated wife wants to reconcile, or am I imagining things?”

Just look at what’s right there in front of you!

Does she do nice things for you? Is she always sending you supportive messages when she knows you have something important going on?

Does she bake you a cake for your birthday? Is she still the one to organize your birthday parties?

What about those gifts she gives you for every special occasion? She even remembers all the important dates. 

This woman is doing her best to show you that she’s still interested in mending your relationship. Please don’t mess this up if you want her, too.

She’s trying to heal those old wounds and if you think she’s worth another chance, go for it. 

13. Whenever she needs help, you’re the one she calls

DONE! 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

Of course, she could call a plumber or electrician, or take her car to a mechanic, but no.

She rather calls you to help her out with all the things she needs.

You’ll help out, mostly because you’re a nice person and you don’t want to leave her hanging.

You might’ve not thought twice about helping her, but it definitely means something.

If you were her first choice, she saw a chance to reconcile with you.

This is something almost every woman does when she wants to make a man like her. She plays the damsel in distress and lets him play the hero. 

And you can be completely sure of her intentions if she invites you to stay for lunch, dinner, or coffee afterward. 

All the signs my separated wife wants to reconcile you were looking for are staring right at you.

14. She gets jealous of every woman that approaches you 

DONE 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile 17

Your ex-wife’s jealousy was probably one of the reasons you two divorced in the first place, and it may be the main reason you’re not thinking about remarriage any time soon.

Her little acts of jealousy really drove you up the wall.

You can see her jealousy in every little thing she does when she sees a woman near you. 

If you find yourself in the same bar and she sees you with another woman, she’ll probably throw a fit or be completely cold toward you.

She might even ignore you and snarl about how you should go to your new girl instead of talking to her. 

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out when a woman is jealous.

Especially if you post a picture with a coworker or female friend and your ex-wife goes out of her way to follow that woman.

She probably follows every woman you follow as well.

15. You’re bumping into her – too often

DONE! 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

It’s a bit creepy when you think of it.

At the very beginning, you thought you were imagining it. 

Over the years you spent married to each other, you gathered the same habits and preferences.

She loves going to the same coffee shop you go to, so it’s fine if you run into her there.

But why are you meeting her at your favorite bar now? She used to despise the place and avoid it like the plague. 

But here she is. She’s like a shadow that follows you wherever you go. 

She’s not even trying to make you believe that it’s a coincidence.

When your friends bring up this weird coincidence, you can’t help but ask whether she wants to get back together.

Your ex-wife is still interested in you and still wants to keep tabs on you.

16. She’s getting touchy

DONE 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile 19

It’s still something very subtle and sometimes you chalk it up to “old habits die hard.

” But how many more times will she touch you until you realize that she’s doing it to send you a message?

She’s trying to show you that she’s interested in you. Women to do that whenever they’re flirting.

The next time you feel her thigh against yours underneath the table, know that it’s one of the signs your separated wife wants to reconcile. 

She’ll probably touch your arm whenever you two are talking or try to readjust something about your outfit. 

Of course, this might seem like a habit to you, but believe me, she knows what she’s doing.


DONE! 16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

You might not be thinking about remarriage at this point in your life because you’ve just gone through a painful experience that’s left you scarred. 

Your ex-wife left you once and you’re simply scared to let her back into your life.

The only thing I can say with absolute certainty is that this decision is totally up to you.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you to take her back when your gut is telling you otherwise.

No amount of marriage advice could show her that there was room for improvement for the both of you.

She even admitted that she was at fault for your divorce, so what does she want now?

Is she just insecure? Does she feel lonely? Has she realized what she had when she lost you? Does she still love you?

All of these questions can only be answered by her. 

If you’re really thinking about signs my separated wife wants to reconcile, then you also have to think about if you want to reconcile what you had in the past. 

You can’t just wait for her to make that decision for you.

If you don’t think it’s a smart move to let her back into your life, then don’t let her come back in. 

It’s all up to you.

16 Subtle Signs My Separated Wife Wants To Reconcile

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