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9 Subtle Ways To Win Him Over And Keep Him Interested

9 Subtle Ways To Win Him Over And Keep Him Interested

You may think you know how to win a guy over and make him date you, but you are wrong.

All this time, people have brainwashed you into doing the wrong things that meant you have failed so many times.

Don’t worry, I’m here to give you tips and tricks on how to win over a guy you like and how to keep him interested in you.

Dating someone can be hard. You cannot make someone like you just because you like them.

Also, you cannot hand them your dating resume, hoping they will look at it and date you. It doesn’t work that way.

However, understanding what makes a man tick and what doesn’t might help you have the edge over other women.

There are tips that you can follow and who knows, if you play your cards right, you might score the guy that you have been waiting for.

Sometimes, for men, committing to a relationship seems hard, because they like their space.

Cracking the code and unlocking the mystery of keeping him interested can often seem to be even harder.

I know you hope that he will love you for the rest of your life.

Nevertheless, as you have learned by now, nothing is black and white and there is no set of rules which you can follow to help you win over the guy you have dreamed about.

Well, your life would be boring if they handed everything to you on a silver platter, am I right?

Just as men like to chase women, there are women who like to do the same. The thrill that comes with the chase is exciting.

DONE! 9 Subtle Ways To Win Him Over And Keep Him Interested

You never know whether he is interested in you or not. Maybe he is scared and won’t give off any signals right away.

Maybe he got out of a relationship recently and is afraid to show that he is interested in you.

Whatever the reason might be, the actions that you take could help him decide how to reciprocate.

Be aware that some of the following tips and tricks could harm you, or they could help you in a big way.

Remember to use them smartly and with decency, because you should not be aggressive toward him.

He might be scared and think that you are stalking him.

These are just some ways which you can use to win him over and keep him interested in you:

1. Just show up

DONE! 9 Subtle Ways To Win Him Over And Keep Him Interested

When I say show up, I don’t mean that you stalk him and go wherever he goes or randomly show up.

How many times have you seen a movie, where a girl bumps into a guy in a coffee shop, and they eventually end up dating?

Believe it or not, that actually works.

Yes, you are taking a risk just by showing up or bumping into him, but the thing is, you will eventually become his obsession if he sees you more than a couple of times.

And what is the worst that could happen? He never asks you out, and that is it.

When you bump into him ‘accidentally’ a couple of times, it might prompt him to finally ask you out.

2. Don’t pretend to be someone else

DONE! 9 Subtle Ways To Win Him Over And Keep Him Interested

The quickest and most effective way to win a guy over is to be yourself, and don’t pretend to be someone you are not.

If you know that he likes girls who love hiking, and you don’t, don’t suddenly pretend you’re a skillful hiker just because he likes that type of girl.

Just be yourself and if the guy truly likes you, he will appreciate that and admire you for being courageous.

You need to let go of any negative traits, and just be happy and cheerful.

Show him you know how to enjoy life and you are waiting for someone with whom you can share that happiness with.

You should never exaggerate who you actually are just to win his approval, because eventually, he will get to know your true self, and he might not be happy with what he sees.

3. Be exciting

DONE! 9 Subtle Ways To Win Him Over And Keep Him Interested

Every once in a while, you should act a little crazy because it can be a good thing. It will make him feel awe when he thinks about you.

Don’t exaggerate and go full-on crazy but with the little things that you can control, just let loose a bit.

Do not fear being emotional or acting unpredictably. It is part of your nature and you should be able to freely express your emotions and feelings.

This can actually help the man you like to fall deeper and deeper in love with you.

You need to make him say, “There is just something about that girl that makes me love her so much.”

4. Try to change his opinion about something

DONE! 9 Subtle Ways To Win Him Over And Keep Him Interested

You will make him fall in love with you and at the same time, pique his interest, if you try to change his opinion about something or someone.

It could be a singer, a video game, or a restaurant that he seemed hesitant to try out.

It will leave a great impression on him if you successfully change something. Whatever you change, he will then associate with you. That is the beauty of it.

He might think that he was wrong about that singer all along, now that you have come along and provided him with a much-needed fresh perspective.

5. Accept the people close to him

DONE! 9 Subtle Ways To Win Him Over And Keep Him Interested

You know how you cannot choose who your family are? Well, if you don’t get along with his family, it’s tough for you.

But if you do get along and you like them, then the problem is solved.

They just exist, and you cannot do anything about it.

Accept your fate that you will need to enjoy their presence and that will ease your mind and soul the next time you are with them.

As for his friends, well, you need to know that those friends have been there for him for a long time.

His friends were there before you. You were not in the picture when they met.

So, this tip is more for those women already in a relationship with the guy they like.

I have sometimes seen that women tend to forbid their guy from seeing his friends.

You should never do that. Show him that you can live with the fact that he will hang out with them and make peace with yourself.

If you like them, that is great. Show him that you like his friends.

Don’t push your luck too far though, or he might be jealous of the connection that you have established with his friends.

6. Make him laugh

DONE! 9 Subtle Ways To Win Him Over And Keep Him Interested

You can always tell a stupid joke or make fun of yourself. It will always work and you will make him smile.

Do whatever it takes because just like women, men like a woman with a great sense of humor.

If you keep making him laugh, his mind will connect you with feelings of happiness.

Every time that he laughs, he will think about the time you two enjoyed together.

Laughter is a powerful cure. You will always remember someone who made you smile, am I right?

If you want to win him over, making him laugh will make him feel better and he will crave more.

7. Be open and tell him a secret

DONE! 9 Subtle Ways To Win Him Over And Keep Him Interested

The best way to show a guy you like that you trust him is to be open and tell him something that few people know about you.

By telling him your secret, you are actually putting so much trust in him that he will reciprocate and tell you a secret of his.

You should tell him your private thoughts, no matter how shocking or unbelievable they are.

Gather the courage to pave the way for a trusting relationship, and he will definitely follow.

If you succeed and you two start a relationship, it will be healthy and will have a firm foundation.

8. Make the first move (if you must)

DONE! 9 Subtle Ways To Win Him Over And Keep Him Interested

We all know that men should be those who make the first move, but if you are tired of waiting, gather the strength to make the first move.

If your subtle hints don’t affect him, then go and make a move yourself.

The worst thing that can happen is that he tells you he doesn’t like you and you can move on.

Believe me, a guy will respect a woman who is so confident that she actually makes the first move.

Some guys won’t even notice that you are interested in them until you directly show them.

9. Shift the focus on to him

DONE! 9 Subtle Ways To Win Him Over And Keep Him Interested

Nobody likes a person who constantly brags about themselves.

Yes, you are confident and proud of yourself, but you should always give a man a chance to ask you what he wants before you tell him.

People love attention, and if you shift it toward him, he will realize that you like him. After he notices that you like him, he could even make the first move.

Ask him about his hobbies, his job, what he likes and doesn’t like. You need to make sure he knows that you are interested in his life.

If you are not interested in the things that he does, then you should probably re-evaluate your situation and move on from him because your relationship will certainly not work out.

The thing is, these tips and tricks that I listed here could be seen as just that – tips.

You should know that you cannot change a man and you cannot make him like you or even love you.

You need to know when to move on if a guy doesn’t reciprocate.

If it’s been three or four days since your last interaction and he still doesn’t make the first move or he doesn’t get that you like him, then you should probably move on from that particular guy.

No matter what, be proud of yourself and be confident. Don’t try to be someone else just because you want to win a guy over.

Nobody is worth pretending for. Someday someone will see your true face and appreciate your efforts and the time that you put in.

9 Subtle Ways To Win Him Over And Keep Him Interested

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